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[Resolved]  Wallsys Technologies — Cheated by a company

I have a similar experience in a company called wallsys,it is in BTM 2nd stage.They have cheated me and 3 others.They haven't paid a single penny as salary.we have worked there for 2months. then we resigned from there.Now i came to know that in this way that MD has cheated more than 7 guys.Some of them have worked there for more than 5 months.The MD's name is Subrat Parida.He is giving fake experience certificate to people buy collecting 2500 rupees.He has created 3 company websites for reference.Mentioned that they have more than 4 branches,in US & UK Normally if we get any interview call from a company means we will search in Google for that company's website.Here we can view 3 websites !!!.We will be thinking like Oh..! This is a genuine company.Friend's this a new way of cheating people.And one more thing is there, I got an offer letter signed their HR,it was a lady's name.Till my resignation i didn't find any HR person in that company.I have asked about that he told like she went our Bhubneshwar branch.The company was not having any registration number or Company board.It was a rented house in 1st floor.Friends!!! Beware of such companies.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I agree my dear but i can't able to find your name.. even i am working here and we have developed this company and achieved a lot of thing here. My name is Mr. Syed Fahim, Team Leader of the development & Designing.

Only one person due to his vulgar and non-sense behavior removed from the company. The team member has rejected that person named Dinesh Panda. That fellow was having very non-sense attitude.

My friends this company is a very well developed company somebody particularly that fellow trying to blame. My honor request non of the company should requite this type of employee.

Don't believe this type of person, even those are not ready to mention their name. they will always attack from behind of your face.

It has the registered board and it has it's own CIN number. If any doubt come to our office or visit once you will get the better picture.

Mr. Syed Fahim
Mr.Syed Fahim
I know very well that this message was created by the MD of the company and got posted in the name of an employee like you.You may be compelled to put such a declaration.
My request is if you guys(job seekers) wants to try for a chance you go ahead, you can learn from your mistakes.Syed told that you have a registered board and CIN number, now you may or may not have, thats not my headache.Guys you go and check in cases.
I am talking about the past days, we have worked in wallsys technologies for 2, 3 months MD hasn't paid a single penny to us.I am representing a group of seven who has been cheated by the company.In English there is a saying " It is difficult to forget the things we learned in our child hood".So even if the time changes, the MD s cheating mind will not change.
May be the company has changed from it's fake behavior well and good.But the truth is always the truth.Whatever the things happened is happened.We can not change our mind as we got cheated.This is from our heart.
Hi There
My name is SYED FAHIM AHMED i just want to say that i am not the one who wrote that Letter ( I agree my dear but i can't able to find your name.. ... TO visit once you will get the better picture...) some body used my name to reply that letter. About the Company i would like to say as he/she says visit once you will get the better picture.
ha ha ha... what bloody work this so called MD has.. Bloody cheater he is one ..sorry a beggar would be a appropriate word for him. he himself does not have a single penny and what will he pay others. He can't even speak proper English and call himself a MD. Ask him if he knows the meaning of it. ..Yes it is true that he sells experience letters to the candidates. All above is 100% correct. Fahim : tell your boss to learn how to speak. You are a biggest "bechara" .
Dear People, this is Mr. Kumar who has bought this above said company. Now i am not aware about the behavior of your previous MD.

So My honest request to you people, kindly remove the posts entered by you for which i shall be thankful.

Wallsys technology kindly pay the arrears to the employee. You can't hold employee salary like this. You saw Reddy, brothers, Amer singh also couldn't sustain for the fraud and cheating. So please take care of the employee before any situation arises.
Don't scan read it.

My name is Nabin, I have taken many number of hours to know the fact. One of my brothers was working there (I dont want to mention his name, as my brother was telling the owner Subrat Parida has threaten him for his career). He had joined few months back. Last month suddenly he been called and said he is no more required there, though all the formalities has been cleared. My brother had less experience, he was like a fresher, its very difficult for him to get a job in the market. He was very much frustrated and sad. So I talked to him one day and wanted to know many things about the company and the person running the firm. I could know many things about Subrat and his work too.

So lets go reverse direction.

As I have seen him recently in front of his office.
On may 31st somebody has posted named Kumar has bought the company, but as far my brother was telling that he had spoken to Subrat when(last month) he left the company and he did all the formalities. Then where is kumar and Who is he? that means its a fake person ID created by Subrat again. Subrat - THE CHEAT

On Nov 1 one person has written in the name of Syed Fahim and again on Feb 25 one more Syed Fahim has written, somebody has used his name/ID. But i can see the both IDs are different. I don't know which one is right person, but I can easily make out which one is genuine.

Anybody can make out that the person who has written on Feb 25 has not mentioned his name at the end in the comment and he has not mentioned So called "Mr." in front of his name. I feel its again Subrat, who has used Syed's name to defend himself. Whoever has written a comment saying "Don't believe this type of person, even those are not ready to mention their name. they will always attack from behind of your face." As if he is used of his own ID. Bloody chie[censored] oops sorry cheap personality. M***[censored]

One more story I heard from my brother. One day a person came from a company and shouted in front of the company like mad. Later my brother could know the matter that Subrat didn't have money to pay and the payment was pending from long time.

He has asked two more people to go on the same day and cheque he has given to them is still bouncing. It may be big trouble for him in very near future.

Over all I found Subrat so called CEO is a Immatured Businessman, Company owner having no sence, Non-sence speaking creature, No money, No order.

I am still digging the facts. If I get something more it will be posted.
Dear folks,

Please do not post such type of irrelevant comments on such a good growing company. I was working over there for past 3 years. It is a great company to work with. I boosted up my career with this great organization.
My request is do not blame an organization until and unless you have worked with it.

All the best saikrishna, Still you are working with the company

For surely the company will have a tough time in the near future.
You are talking about the great company which never gives money to the security guard itself. Just wait and watch what and all are happening.
Hi, My name is Riyaz Ahmed.
I'm forced to make my comments here.This man, Subrat Parida whom i have given orders to make my website etc, had initially done the job-which was just ok!

He came back to me for more business and i was obligated since i had even attended his marriage-alone with my family.
Now after taking Rs.50, 000 he has made umpteen number of promises and now does not even answer my calls, which earlier he did with a lot of reluctance.
i Don't know what's his aim in life as he seems to have hit a roadblock after conning so many people, .
I would be grateful if someone could advice me as to how to recover my hard earned money.
He looks like an ideal candidate for CRIME PATROL!

Hello Everybody,
My name is Riyaz and I'm finding it very hard to recover my money as well>
The so called MD Subrat doesnt care to answer my calls or reply to my mails.

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