Wish Net Private Limited — Cheated in Broadband Scheme Tariff

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Dear sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, Mr. Tilak Chakroborty had taken wishnet broadband connection from my local cable operator. wishnet broadband is provided by the company

Wish Net Private Limited,
86, Golaghata Road,
Jamuna Apartment, Ground Floor,
Kolkata - 700 048,
West Bengal, India

In their website they showed their Tariffs/Schemes. Based upon the information provided by the company in their website & my personal experience of using Wishnet Broadband in one of my Known persons office i applied for the connection. The cable operator provided me with a 256 Kbps connection which according to the company costs Rs.345 per month but the operator is charging me Rs.550 per month which is the cost of a 512Kbps Connection. When asked upon the matter the operator said that the extra charges are LMC i.e. Line Maintanance Charges. Since they donot have much customers out here they have to impose a heavy LMC upon us. The company never revealed any such charges. I told the operator that, in Moulali Area the service providers are taking the exact charges mentioned in the company's tariff but they paid no heed to the point and told me that if I had a problem regarding the charges they would be more than happy to discontinue my Internet service but wouldnot refund the charges paid (Rs.1500) while installation. When i told them of complaining to consumer complaint cell & TRAI they said, 'We are out of their reach. Try it out.'

I contacted the company on their Customer complain no. and complained about the problem but they replied that they could do nothing about it since charges are dependant upon the operators since they take care of the company's marketing.

I asked them for the phone no. of their Nodal officer which they refused to provide, I also requested them for the Phone no. of the authorised person who i can speak to for which they promptly replied, 'We dont have time for these sort of complains, pls sort it out with the operator.'

Sir/Madam, I feel cheated, humiliated & helpless. I dont have a problem paying Rs.550 provided i get the bandwith the company entitles me to get. pls help me regarding the matter & take strict action against the people concerned.


Tilak Chakroborty

231 Ashokgarh, 1st floor
Aiktaan Bldg
Dunlop Bridge
Kolkata: 700108

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Local operators are charging consumers unneccessarily high prices for lower quality service just on the basis of area specific observations.
These matters should be taken to court proceedings as these service providers are actually commiting frauds.They are not only cheating the public, also the company.

Internet service operator (Local) — Cheating customers by no-service


There is a local internet provider in the Street No. 27, Tughlakabad Extention, Near Kalka Ji, South Delhi. He is openly cheating very large number of people, specially students by charging a huge amount of money and not providing the proper services.

His internet is off almost all the time and even when it works, the connection comes & goes frequently. When we try to complain, either his all cells are always OFF, or he/his boys don't response properly. We all are very frustrated and seeking help from any one out there, who has guts to teach this man a lesson -

His cell/phone numbers are : -


Please Call him and you will find all his numbers OFF, but keep trying at different time, if u wish to help us.. other wise.. we will understand that Delhi is just another city filled with cheaters.. and no help..

Yes! Finally someone took the initiative to teach this man a lesson..

I agree whatever is written above is totally right! Pls someone call him and teach him a lesson... Thanks

Arun Verma
Oh yes! I am the owner of a hostel here, and this internet provider is a total fraud.. pls if someone out there can help these children out.. he is looting their money openly.. and denying it since poor kids cant prove anything..

Someone pls guide me how to file a police FIR against that provide... he is ******

what is the actul download speed I will get in bronge and silver packeg?
same here better move to allince
i've had worse problems with wishnet after trying to get 1Mbps connection. their infrastructure cannot handle anything beyond 0.3Mbps and they charge insane amounts for their connection. their connection is also highly unstable. when i called repeatedly they were unable to do anything about it. finally, when i canceled after a month and signed with Airtel they refused to give me back my Rs. 1000 security deposit and sent their gundas to cut my airtel wire from outside my house!! Yes - they are such vandals. Don't do business with them - you'll be stuck with a third rate operation and third class service. Stick to the Tatas and Airtels of the world - they're far better.
I am using there service since last year and I have no problem with the connection and speed is very good.I suggest to all who are looking for internet connection to take Wishnet Broadband.
With due respect I would like to inform you that I am using the internet connection of WISHNET from the last 5 years.My user id is debdattab_jk .But from the last month I am facing tremendous problem in the line. Upon complaining this issue to my local service provider (JACKVISION) the executive (Sudipto Ghar) behaved very roughlywith me as well as my mother who is senior to him .He also instigated us to go for a 2nd option and quit the Wishnet service. Moreover he deliberately doesnot attend my call as the number has become familiar to him.
I still donot have my line whereas my neighbors have it. I took this line solely for Educational Purposes but every day at night when I turn off my P.C I have my net connection but surprisingly when I switch it on in the morning I donot get my net connection .
As per my payment record is concerned, I never miss or bargain a payment. I have a good reputation about this.Inspite of all this I have to face this problem.
Now my question lies with you that why I have to face this issue day after day? After complaining it takes 4-6 hrs to restore my line.

This is my last and final letter to you..

According to the Consumer Act, you are bound to provide me the uninterrupted connection as I am paying the entire subscription amount without any bargaining by the first week of the each month.

Hence I am claiming back the INSTALLATION amount as well..

I am expecting a feed back from you within 2 working days failing to which I will be bound to complaint this issue to the CONSUMER FORUM as well as to DEPARTMENT OF TELECOM (DOT).

I was used your connection but the operator did not allow me quality service they have connect with the help of electricity hooking from nearby electric pole, they do not arrange their own electricity line resulting disconnect my line almost 15 to 20 time in a day. Name of the operator is Joydeb Shyamnagar. north 24 parganas.


I require a new connection of wishnet.so that i has been told by your customer services that we need to do some setting for that.Can you please inform me about your local cable service provider in New town, kolkata-700156.So I will able to take a new connection.please contact me on my mail id: vitthalkasbe@gmail.com
Thanks and regards,
Vitthal kasbe
I require a new connection of wishnet.so that i has been told by your customer services that we need to do some setting for that.Can you please inform me about your local cable service provider in New town, kolkata-700156.So I will able to take a new connection.
Thanks and regards,
Vitthal kasbe
mob no:[protected]
WISHNET the BULL !!! Don't go for WISHNET ever

They are totally fake regarding their commitment & tariffs. I am paying INR 550/- each month(2MB/s unlimited plan) in lieu of that they provide 10kbps speed sometimes totally disconnected. I had called in their tollfree no many times either booked ticket against my complain, and sent resolved status without visiting or they told me 'technician will call u shortly' with improper behaviour. The best broadband i think ALLIANCE but unfortunately in my area ALLIANCE is not available
Dear Sir/Ma’am,
I have been using your net connection since a very long time under the user name manasc_dd.
In the past 2 months the service provider “S.S. CABLE LINK- 1/24, Baishnabghata Patuli Township, Kolkata-700094” has been causing a huge number of problems.
Since the past 2months the owner/provider has not being supplying proper internet connection, every time a complaint is logged they send people to check the box, net gets connected but then again within 24hrs the same problem repeats itself. Thus we were not able to use the net and the owner kept on blaming us that our computer is at fault and also said it is the wishnet’s fault. No matter how many times we checked, the computer was all working fine. Realising this he changed the lan wire and after that we have been getting proper net.
Today 31st October 2015 we installed a router for which the wire had to be shifted from one room to the adjacent room for which he charged Rs.300, when asked for a receipt he fumbled and said that will cost extra. He also stated that he “didn’t charge for the change of lan wire” which was actually their responsibility, he further said that he changed the wire only because it had some “minor” problems, the problems for which we were debarred from using the net for 2months for which we paid.
We did not ask for a refund for the 2months of bad service, but this was not called for. Rudely he insulted the family name in front of his workers and kept blaming “wishnet” and our “computer” for the bad service. He also said there won’t be any use writing a complaint to WISHNET as there are no “WITNESSES” to the event. Is this the type of response and service we PAY FOR?
Finally, it saddens me to say that WISHNET is providing service through such a dishonest businessman.

Dear sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I, Mr. Dipankar Sarkhel had taken wishnet broadband connection from my local cable operator.
I have used this connection since last 3 years. But whenenver i have a problem with conection no one recieve the call from your customer service side. Even they dont know how to behave with customers, they dont know how to solve the problems. Specially the girls. From last two days i am facing the problem but still now no one can solve this and everytime i called your customer care but no one can recieve the call yet. If this type of service ia going on i will inform the management team of wishnet.

Thank You,
Dipankar Sarkhel
Judging from the complaints received, it is better to opt for new service provider.
Fraud totally... pls... donot take this connection.

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    Wish Net Private Limited - Cheated in Broadband Scheme Tariff