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Indian Railways Customer Care

Ministry Of Railways

Rail Bhawan, Raisina Road, DL, India
New Delhi
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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Hi, I am travelling to virar from andheri since last yr in first class. But I have never seen any tc over there during office hours. Now a days lots of beggers, hijras n people having second class pass are traveling in first class. Also if any one is talking to them, then they are always arguing and fighting in the coach. If we are paying for first class pass, then how you people can allow them?? if we r complaining to station tc, they says we cant go and check in crowded coach. R they takes salary only for nothing.. kindly take the action asap.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    I am registering this complaint on behalf of my sister and mother. They are travelling from Bhagalpur in 12349/BGP NDLS express (date 4/June/2012). This summer due to excessive heat and high temperature, we took 2nd AC ticket. They boarded the train at 5:30 PM. It is 7 PM and till the moment, the AC is not working. Its is like hell. A heated closed compartment with no AC is like furnace. I feel Slipper class was more comfortable as it had open windows atleast for air circulation. My mother is a senior citizen and she is not feeling well due to the extreme hot condition inside the compartment A1.

    My sister talked to TT but no help and the attendant is un-traceable. There is no bed sheet, pillow and other stuff not given so far. It is the worst service ever faced.I have asked my sister to ask for the complaint book, but I am sure they will not provide it to them. I got this site, luckily and hence putting my grievance.

    PNR: - [protected]

    Indian Railways — ac and poor services

    (i) complaint book was not provided even after several requests in patna rajdhani-2310,B-1 on 05.03.2010 and not even on station at patna while train was on halt and i waited for around 20 minutes.
    (ii) AC was not on and was not made functional even after reporting.
    (iii) services were poor by ACC of that coach B-1.
    (iv) IMPORTANTLY MOST - toilets were not supplied with water and there was no trace of cleanliness and safai karamchari.
    this is the status of rajdhani and treatment meted out to a judge . if this is the way they treat a gazetted government official ,how they treat a common ordinary man?ppeople not getting special treatment is ok but train not getting ordinary civil amenities is not something about it.THANKS.
    i am travel in tamilnadu by train.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Booking details:
      PNR No [protected] Train No 12880
      Train Name BBS LTT SF EXP From R
      To LTT ........Date.......... [protected]
      Class 2A
      Boarding Point RAIPUR
      Quota General

      Note… train not started on time..late for more than 5 hours..from Raipur…..pessengers not travelled..
      TDR..filed online on 16.07.2011..IRCTC[protected].

      .refund amount of Rs.1117/ - done on 25.05.2012..instead of Rs.2234/- .
      .request for further refund of Rs.1117/- because if train is late more than 3 hours and passengers not traveled than full refund is to be done.. so please do further refund of Rs.1117/- ........thanks.........................

      Indian Railway — Refund not done

      Dear Sir,

      Still I am waiting for differential amount due to non-availability of 2AC coach and I fill a complaint on 5th Dec, 2008 vide Reference No. ekt[protected]. After filling the request for refund, now reaching 90 days.

      Request you please close the chapter soon.

      Sanjay Gaur
      dear sir,

      This is the 3rd reminder of the mail dated[protected] not replied till now .

      Also required amount is not credited in our account.

      we have cancelled our e ticket due to cancellation of our desired train.

      Also filed tdr with following details

      reference number :ekt[protected]

      TDR Status: TDR Entered

      Reason: Train Cancelled.

      transaction id :[protected]

      pnr no. [protected]

      train no.4512/nauchandi express

      date of journey :[protected]

      from hapur to lucknow

      4 passenger

      pls refund our amount at the earliest .

      yours faithfully
      Arjit Agarwal
      cell :[protected]
      ----- Forwarded Message ----
      From: jay singh <[protected]>
      To: [protected]
      Cc: [protected]; [protected]
      Sent: Wednesday, 12 August, 2009 6:45:35 PM

      Subject: Re: Re: Fwd: Refund Query...Pending from Last 9 Month

      Dear Concern,
      Plz find the trail mail...Plz help, I m crying...with your great support. Plz helpppppppppppp?

      TDR Details
      Transaction Details
      PNR Number [protected] Booked On[protected]
      Transaction ID [protected] Ticket Type eticket
      Class 3A Internet Service Charge Rs 25.00
      Date Of Journey 02/1/2009 Ticket Charge Rs 1972.00
      Bank HDFC Total Rs 1997.00
      Train No 8631 Railway Zone NWR
      From Station VARANASI JN(BSB) IRCTC Zone Chief Commercial Manager Refund, North Western Railways Jaipur
      To Station AJMER JN(AII) Quota General

      Ticket Details
      S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
      1 J P SINGH 31 Male 0000 Booked
      2 SONI SINGH 26 Female 0000 Booked

      Reason For TDR : Ticket Not Confirmed.One Confi
      rmed another was in Waiting l
      TDR Status : CCM Registered
      Reference No : ekt[protected]
      TDR Filing Date : 04-Jan-2009
      Refund Status : Refund under Process
      Refund Date : Not Available
      Refund Amount : Rs.0.00

      Jay Prakash Singh

      From: tdr <[protected]>
      Subject: Re: Fwd: Refund Query...Pending from Last 4 Month
      To: [protected]
      Date: Wednesday, 29 April, 2009, 5:11 PM

      Dear customer,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly note that your refund case of PNR No. [protected] has been forwarded to CCM/North Western Railway, Jaipur on dt.23.01.09. Refund yet not received from concerned railway, so we are sending a reminder with all the papers pertaining to your refund case to concerned railway on dt. 29.04.09 to chase up the cases. As soon as refund, if any, received it will be credited to your card account.


      Shiraj Ahmad
      [protected] <mailto:[protected]>

      Indian Railway — Refund Not Done


      I have file TDR on 24-Nov-2009. But amount not paid till now and the status of TDR process as it is pending for more than 8 months. please look into this. Following ticket details

      PNR Number [protected]
      Booked On [protected]
      Transaction ID [protected]
      Ticket Type eticket
      Class 3A
      Internet Service Charge Rs 25.00
      Date Of Journey 22/11/2009
      Ticket Charge Rs 1456.00
      Bank HDFC
      Total Rs 1481.00
      Train No 4083
      Railway Zone NR
      From Station BEGU SARAI(BGS)
      IRCTC Zone CCM/Refund, Northern Railway New Delhi
      To Station KANPUR CENTRAL(CNB)
      Quota General
      Refund Not Done

      I have file TDR on 24-Jan-2011. But amount not paid till now and the status of TDR process as it is pending for more than 3 months. please look into this. Following ticket details

      PNR Number [protected]
      Booked On 27.11.2010
      Transaction ID [protected]
      Ticket Type eticket
      Class SL
      Internet Service Charge Rs 10.00
      Date Of Journey 09/01/2011
      Ticket Charge Rs 424.00
      Bank SBI
      Total Rs 424.00
      Train No 12723
      Railway Zone NR
      From Station Secunderbad(SC)
      IRCTCIRCTC Zone CCM/Refund, Northern Railway New Delhi
      To Station Gwalior
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        I traveled on[protected] from Suratgarh to Jaipur train no. 09733 Hanumangarh- Kota special with a 3rd AC ticket PNR NO. [protected]. Before boarding in the train on inquiring at Suratgarh railway station it was told that my ticket is Wait list 1. on boarding the train ( Coach B1) and contacting with the Conductor Mr. Arif Siddiqui it was told that i am on Wait list 4 and can`t travel in 3 tier. I came to know that there is some space in A1 Coach( AC 2 tier) so requested him to upgrade the ticket with additional difference payment. He state way refused that there is no space in any class but on the other hand allowed no. of other passengers with higher wait list or ordinary tickets to occupy birth for example : B1 - 64, A1 - 36. This process of issuing birth got continue through out the night and i was not allowed even a seating place up to Jaipur so i have to stand in the toilet area through out the night. On making objection on this i said that it is your mistake that you are having a wait list ticket, if i had an ordinary 2 nd class ticket than he can upgrade my ticket to any class with confirmed birth.

        Was it my mistake that i have wait list ticket ?
        Should we buy an ordinary ticket and offer bribe to the conductor in place to the Railways?
        Conductor has full authority for such harassment to allow more than 4 passengers issuing birth without Confirm/ wait list ticket/ RAC ? We do not have any right to find the actual status.

        Is it possible that no birth got free during this long journey from Suratgarh to Jaipur ?

        I was following him through out the night for a seating place only but he does not have humanity as nothing is possible in the country without bribe for which a govt employee is openly creating the circumstances ?

        RAJENDRA P. SHARMA, JAIPUR , [protected]

        Railway — train availability

        i did reservation 85days back to kanyakumari exp from adoni to katpadi for the day is wl-25 when i reserved,now it is wl-9.actually before 90 days they wil open reservation for a train,within 5 days how it can is everytime happening
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

           kumars 1008
          THROUGH LUGGAGE TICKET( BUILTY NO. B289323) DATED 28.09.2012. I REACHED NEW DELHI ON 30.05.2012

          KUMAR SINGH

          Indian Railways — undue services charges

          I booked a ticket for 2 persons from gurgaon for journey from Bahadurgarh to bhatinda. The actual fare for 2 persons is rs. 290. But i was charged rs.310.On inquiring the railway official told that railways charge rs. 20 per ticket for a ticket booked from a non route station, which means if you book a ticket from a station which is not on the route of the train you will have to pay rs. 20 per ticket extra as service charges. But when all the reservation system is online then, what extra service are they charging for. The printer is same & the ticket is same.

          Indian Railway — undue delay in delivery

          Indian railway consignment NO. [protected]
          I am advised by Railways that they have despached a ticket under the above consignment. It is to be delivered at Calicut ( Kozhikode ). it is urgent that I get it today. I got the information from railways only yesterday. But no one is lifting the phone in your Calicut office. I have no idea about the location of your office or your allied ones. I am in distress. Kindly expedite delivery. Give the location and telephone no. immediately.

          Dr. K N Kurup,
          M26, A70, KSHB Colony,
          Kozhikode- 673009
          cell [protected]

          Pl. trat the matter very very urgent

          shadra station (delhi) pay junral ticket daney say mana kar rahay hai unohney khaha kal ana lakin 200 kilomiter say upar ka ticket 2 din phelay milta hai mujhay delhi to dhabangha bihar jo 1172 kilomiter dur hai bholanath nager may bejh diya hai jo ek private shop hai mujhay shak hai kee us employ ka us shop waley kay sath comisan kay sath custumer ko pareyshan kartey hai
          sir plz iss samsya kaa samadhan kijiya
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Indian Railways — Indian Railways cheating passengers with fraudulent waitlisting system

             Praveen Sarma
            Waiting list system itself is a fraud. I will explain the modus operandi here:

            IR permits 300 tickets to be...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (5)Complaint category Railways

            Following was one of my experiences about Indian Railway. On 01.06.12 I was traveling by 12871 UP Ispat Express from Kharagpur to Rajgangpur. Before reaching Rajgangpur the train stopped at the outside of the platform. Usually all up trains arrive in platform number - 1 at Rajgangpur. After 15 min. it again started and arrived in the middle line in which through train usually passes. There was a train standing in platform number-1, it would be better if 12871 UP Ispat Express would be arrived in platform number - 2 or 3 as there was no train. All aged, ladies and children passenger were in great trouble to get down from the train on the line in between two trains, walking with their heavy luggage along with the line and climbing the platform with their heavy luggage. Moreover it was very difficult to get down to line with heavy luggage from the train as stair case is usually short and inside. Accident may also occur if any train would come in down line or through line. It would be better if this train was signaled after departure of the train in platform-1. As there are many accidents happening in India due to poor signaling, this type of carelessness of railway may cause another fatal accident. Railway authority and administration should take care after such cases so that there will be no repeat of such incident.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Subject: Grievance and complaint on Misbehavior of TC, Shri. R.S. Prajapati (working at Bombay Central Station, Chief Ticket Inspector Office, under Senior DCM, Railway Phone No.[protected] on Mumbai Rajdhani, Train No: 12952, PNR.No.[protected] on 25th May, 2012 for beating, pushing, giving bad words/slangs and snatching mobile of my son aged 19 years.
              Dear Sir/Madam,
              My son( Aditya Hiremath) boarded at Delhi railway station on Mumbai Rajdhani train, Train No: 12952. PNR No: [protected] on 25th May, 2012 with a Waiting list E-ticket. He was not aware that travelling with W/L e- ticket is treated as travelling without ticket. He was travelling alone and was under impression that the ticket will be confirmed and he thought he had a valid ticket.
              The train had already left Delhi, when Shri. R.S. Prajapati, T.C. in the aforesaid train misbehaved with my son. Shri. R.S. Prajapati beat him, pushed him and snatched his mobile and kept his mobile in his custody for nearly three hours. This can be checked with the service provider -Vodafone which will show none of the call has been received till the mobile was in the custody of the ticket collector. He neither picked up the phone inspite o[censored]s calling nor did he give the mobile to my son. Some co-passenger (Co –Passengers Cell No: [protected]) gave his mobile to my son to make call as my son was continuously crying and pleading not to beat him. Shri. R.S. Prajapati has played with emotions of my son and not allowed him to contact his near and dear ones during his suffering/hardship. While T.C. was beating my son, my son was on call and talking to a station master from Daund and he has heard the cries of my son requesting and asking the reason behind T.C. manhandling him. The station master name is KASHINATH SINGH (CELL No: [protected])
              Shri. R.S. Prajapati fined my son with Rs2990/- ( Receipt No:692085 from Delhi NCR to Kota) and I have no complaint for charging fine. He handed over my son to Chief Ticket Inspector at Kota. My son did not have the money, and as it was night no money transfer could be done, but my family friend gave the money and he was relieved and he took a ticket for Paschim Express and reached Mumbai. We don’t have any complaint reading the fine as the T.C. must have done it as per the norms of railways. The grievance and complaint is he should have fined my son and asked him to get down in the next station, but he has beat him, pushed him, given bad words in the name of my son and his parents and snatched his mobile. Moreover when my son made call and requested him to speak with his near and dear ones he denied.
              My son has psychologically, mentally and physically suffered for more than 20 hours without food and any doctor’s treatment. He was suffering with pain due to the push, slapping and beating by Shri. R.S. Prajapati. We have taken him to doctor on his arrival to Mumbai.
              It is my request to take stringent action against Shri. R.S. Prajapati. If nothing is done, I will be forced to take action for dishonor (Manhani) and maligning the reputation of my son in public. Please don’t give me the opportunity to do so. I will provide his medical treatment details and any other valid documents, if required. I will co-operate fully with the investigation.
              Please take action.
              Dr. Saroj Hiremath,

              Indian Railway — Misbehaviour in Rajdhani

              Dear Sir / Madam,

              I feel very sad when we see that our army is misbehaving with ladies (Female) in Rajdhani (3Ac, become helpless on that moment.
              How we can say that Rajdhani (3ac)is safe for ladies.

              Our government must take a look on that.
              Army soldiers are authorized in Rajdhani (3ac) for their convenience, not for other passenger inconvenience.
              Government must put a barrier on the same.

              Warm regards,

              S. S. Sancheti
              PNR : [protected]
              Date of Journey : 28 Feb 2011
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Indian Railway Parcel Department — Refuse to book Bike from Durg to Latur/Nanded

                Dear Sir,
                Yesterday I approached to Durg Railway station Parcel Department to book my Hero Honda in Train...
                Complaint category Railways

                Indian Railways — parking fees

                At Ernakulam Junction, the contractor is charging excess parking fees. he had deployed goons and thugs who doesnt...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (9)Complaint category Railways


                On 27th April, 12, I traveled from Nizamuddin (Delhi) to Ernakulam by Swarna Jayanti (Train No. 12644) in IInd Class Sleeper Coach S-1. Passenger amenities provided in the coach were very very poor. Some of the irregularities observed are as under:
                - My journey was 48 hours i.e. from Nizamuddun to Ernakuolam and there was no water in the compartment neither in wash basin nor in toilets after 24 hours till the end of our journey.
                - Almost all the seats of the compartment were torn
                - The wash basin was leaking as a result spreading of water in and around door and entrance of the compartment

                - The toilets were not at all clean
                While returning from Ernakulam to Nizamuddun by Mangla Express (Train No. 12617) in Coach No. S-9 on 11th May, 2012, the train was such a scrap that when it was raining outside, the rain water was coming from the roof and most of the glasses in the compartment, in my life I have never been through this sort of journey where no one is to help you, when I asked the TT, he said "it is happening all the compartment and you can give your complaint in the suggestion book.
                More over rain water made my birth wet, my clothes and bedding got wet from water coming from the Roof, whole night I was sitting in the corner of my seat which was a bit dry, no one to help, same night I was caught in fever and cough as well.
                This is very disappointing and ridiculous; if this is the condition of india's best train, then what is the situation in local trains?
                I take the opportunity to request the competent railway authorities to please look into it and see that passenger amenities are to be provided in a good manner.

                With kind regards

                R K Pillai
                179-A, Pocket A-3,
                Mayur Vihar Phase – III
                Delhi – 110 096
                Mobile: [protected]
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  My PNR no. [protected] and I was travelling from Mumbai CST to Howrah, boarded on 17.05.2012, train no. 12809.

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                     Kunal Patil
                    Why there is PQWL while booking rail tickets. I think its better to have only one waiting list and that should be served only on first come first serve basis. I think it is better for normal public and for Indian railways as well. Anyways tickets booked against PQWL very rarely gets confirmed. So I dont see any use of this quota for normal public.
                    I think rather than making system more complicated, Indian railway should work on improving online ticket service. (There are lot more better things to do, than complicating system and making fool out of public)
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                      My name is suji babu ,i have sent my bajaj pulsar 150 cc red colour motor cycle ( Gj6 CE 8307)through indian railway parcel service from vadodara (Gujarat) to Kollam (Kerala) on 11/05/2012 and the reciept number is Z 359640. But even after one week I didn't get my parcel and nobody knows where is the vehicle is gone.
                      So please help me to find out my bike

                      Indian Railway Parcel Service — not delivered at indore

                      I request to you, I had booked a bike{pulsur} noumber CG-11 BC 6923 & bullty number is 804382 with railway parcel ser. from bilaspur to indore at tha date of 24 feb 2011 & today at the date of 07 mar 11 my bike is not reach at indore station sir i am allready compleane to nr sale & they are not giving me any information about my bike, this setutaion is very creticle for me I am so dipration and becouse this dipration iam not able to my stady well please help me argent.

                      Chhatrapal sahu
                      mo. no. [protected]

                      Indian Railway — about service

                      hi, this is vibhash jha, i am travelling with patna rajdovthani on 13 nov 2011 from new delhi to patna. the service of this train is very poor. infect poor hospitality. i am surprised that like this train the govt. is providing this type of facility. i am travelling with AC2 tier coach, but i am very disappointed with service. coach attendant service also not good.
                      Dear Sir.
                      I am Hav. A.K. Singh i had booked my parcels[ 4box+ 3packages + 1drum+1fridge +1bike{RJ07SJ2705, PASSION PRO HERO HONDA}] by me on 08.06.2013 Billite no.- 216763 from lalgarh to siwan in awadh assam Train no.- 15610 but this parcels we didn't get even after one month + 5days and nobody knows where my parcels are gone.
                      Please sir i kindly request to you give me infromation about this parcels.

                      Hav. A.K.SINGH
                      Contact no.- [protected], [protected]
                      Email id.- [protected]
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                        Today on 17th May, 2012, I booked to and fro ticket for Delhi-Jammu dated 25th May, 2012.
                        PNR#[protected], [protected]
                        I wanted to make sure I can have a couple of hours rest at jammu railway station retiring room and freshen up. Since I am going with the family I din't want to take any chances. I got to know on the internet that now advance booking of retiring rooms is possible, hence I called up Railway Enquiry/Call Centre @ 139.
                        At first my call was picked up by the rep Manoj. He asked what is it he can help with. I explained him the above and asked for help on how to proceed with advance booking retiring room at Jammu.
                        Manoj, said he will transfer the call to his supervisor..and I started hearing Railway waiting message..
                        After a wait 5-6 minutes, another guy named Mustafa came online ..and without even telling his name, he asked "what's the issue". I had to ask for his name. I again explained him and requested for any information on the same.
                        He bluntly said, we don't have any such information. you only need to go to the railway station to find out such details. I told him that you guys should at least provide the basic information about it. When I asked him if I go to the Delhi Railway Station, would this be ok..then he said I am not sure you may have to go to Delhi or Jammu Railway station. I told him, that you are the supervisor and you should at least guide the user in the right direction. Now he said, you have to go to Jammu next week, there is no way you can book retiring room now. Why do you want to book it now. You can go to Jammu and book it. This is not possible. I was aghast. I told him that Railways allow to book for a ticket 4 months in advance then of course the user would need to book for the retiring room on the same day on which he is travelling. And how is this not possible. Any way retiring room bookings are fully (like the travel tickets). He was just saying no it's not's first come first serve..I told him that this information is published in the leading newspapers that advance retiring room booking is now possible and you are saying not. Finally I asked him, how can I give my complaint/appreciation about the service you provided me.. he said "you want to complain". I told whatever it is, complaint or appreciation, what's the means to do it.. he said I will transfer your call.. I started hearing a ringing phone ..and nobody picked up for more than 5 minutes..Disgusted, I dropped the phone.
                        Note :
                        i)Why does railway not make sure that his reps are educated enough on the services provided by Railways.
                        ii)Mustafa was very rude and he was questioning me that why would anybody want to book retiring room in advance. He also commented it's not possible. He should have had the right information and he should had tried to at least get the right info. Most importantly He doesn't suit for the Customer Care.
                        iii) He mislead when I asked for how can I give my feedback-complaint/appreciation. My call wasn't transferred properly.
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                          Indian Railway — No Staff in Tatkal Reservation Counters

                          Hello. Today (17/05/2012) I have booked a Tatkal railway ticket from railway booking center at BDA complex, Koramangala, Bangalore...
                          Complaint comments  Comments  (2)Complaint category Railways


                          My Name is Jenson . I travelled from Chennai Central to Howrah Junction(HWH) in FIRST CLASS AC - 12842 - Coramandel Express on May 15 , 2012.

                          PNR No.[protected]

                          I booked my ticket on[protected] at Madurai ( Tamil Nadu).

                          While my journey in the train on May 15 , 2012 , the TICKET CHECKER charged me Rs. 505/- for "AS PER CHART".
                          He stated the reason as the standard ticket charges increased by the Government.

                          I want to know , Do i need to pay extra charges even i have a confirmed ticket ?

                          Kindly advise or else please provide me the mail address where i can make a complaint.

                          Indian Railway — Refund of Excess amount charged

                          Since last six month I am doing follow-up with IRCTC ( [protected] ) & different CSE asked me same information & documents & I did provided many times.Since then they are not given my reason & updates.

                          i have tried to book ticket from NDLS - MMR -NDLS on 10th May'12.
                          after few attampt i was able to book 4 no ticket of 3 AC from NDLS to MMR, but i was trying for return ticket i was denial twice but amount was deducted from my credit card.
                          kindly help me to get my money back.

                          for any clarification / information you may contact me over the given no.
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                             akshai menon
                            Dear sir/madam,
                            Immediate foot over bridge required for Pune railway station to avoid severe stampede and suffocation.
                            it is really a horrible condition for the passengers travelling in the train. I suggest the senior authorities to visit the site and take immediate action needed especially in the peak hours.The crowd is gathered normally at the evening time around 4:30 to 8:00 PM. Please take required action before any severe mishap takes place.

                            yours faithful,
                            Krishnamohan Menon
                            Dear Sir/Madame,

                            I totally agree. Yesterday (26 Aug 2012) my family and I had a really harrowing experience at 6:30PM going from platform 1 to 5. What we experienced was an almost stampede kind of a situation. I had two senior citizens, my father 76 years old and two times heart patient and my father in law 61 year old and one time heart patient and my wife who is 7.5 months pregnant. There was a sudden rush, which I presume to be because of some irresponsible railway officials' last moment platform change of some train on platform 2. We were literally fighting to stay our ground and protect my family from being overrun by the crowd and losing our luggage was the last thing on my mind.

                            I'm really very disappointed with the kind of system we have. All our hard earned money paid as taxes and what use is it if we are not getting any better facilities and our family is at risk at any point in time. I've searched and found that an additional foot bridge was recommended at the Pune Railway station almost a year back, but seems like all those recommendations are falling on deaf ears. Are we waiting for some major mishap to happen? Today I shudder at the very thought of what we had encountered yesterday.

                            With regret and utter disappointment,
                            Vinod Menon ([protected])
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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                              Indian Railways — Unsafe Practice by AC Coach attendant

                              Railway Safety Organisation, Indain Railways

                              I travelled in train no 18606 (Jaynagar- Ranchi Exp) between Darbhabga...
                              Complaint category Railways

                              This is to bring to the notice of the all the responsible authorities regarding the worst condition of the coaches.
                              I am a regular traveller and found that the condition is very bad even in 3rd A/c coaches as the most crowed train Netravati express no 16345&16346 at all season , the coaches are made 20 or more years before the condition neatness and maintenances at all means is worst, hence it is requested that the coaches may be changed and maintained properly because this particular train does not run in lose.
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