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Level 1, Tower C, Global Business Park, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road
Gurgaon District
India - 122002

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Corporate Office
Level 1, Tower C, Global Business Park, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon – 122 002, Haryana, India.
Tel: +91 12 4435 2500
Fax: +91 12 4406 8536

Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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Indigo Airlines — Misbehaviour in Plane with Passenger

 Ankit Goel
Me and my wife boarded Indigo flight no. 6E 282 from Chennai to New Delhi on 24 Feb, 2010.Our PNR was Y245BG. We were sitting...
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Indigo Airlines — Refund of tax collected for "no show"

 Bijoy Bhukania
i had booked a Bangalore-Jaipur flight (flight no. 6E 152, PNR no O2G5LA). Unfortunately, in Bangalore, airport...
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Dear Manager,

I am so disappointed using Indigo Airlines pathetic services. I tried booking a new ticket using the credit given by them against cancellation of a ticket but was not able to do so (there is no option in online booking to use the credit given by them) i called their customer care. Talked to them for half an hour. then they disconnected my phone twice. I am not able to use my own money (indigo credit). this is shameful. Also, refused to file my complaint.

Their representatives say i need to wait for their call. i need to book my ticket now. Who will take care of the price increase in the mean time. Please do he needful and ask them not to pester their customers like that.

Neetu Chhapolia
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

     anshuman singh
    This is the laid back attitude and misbhehaviour by your staff at lucknow airport,i had a flight for lko to mumbai on 3rd of october flight no.6e341 the flight time was 13.00 , and i reaached there at 12.31 (at your counter)exact and on my way to airport i phoned them and informed them to ,pls do a telephonic check inn and they said its fine and when my wife (ragini)went inside the airport at your counter they said boarding is closed ,what is this how can you say that she had a connecting flight from mumbai ,which she missed at unfortunetly wasnt able to meet her old parents after 3 yrs and this made her faint and no body from indigo staff had courtesy to help ,inspite the way they were talking to the customers that is not acceptable at all,i will take issue to the consumer court and will send a letter to aviation ministery ,what kind of mental harresent and depression my wife faced after this whole episode ,and believe me i will esclate this to the higher ups of indigo till MD&chairman ,that this kind of attitude is been given to the customers by private airline like indigo and i will write a blog on consumer site and let make people aware what indigo is doing ,its better to travel by train but not by indigo ,and provide me the email of md and chairman else i will have to go to the honrable court for this .you cant even imagine the pain of my wife ,what she is going through but i wont let this happen to any other customer.i am sending mails but no one is responding ,is this ia the way you treat your mobile no is [protected]
    I have a 19 year old daughter who is a student and her adhar card as well as voter card are yet to come.Since she had to produce a photo identity proof so she called up my city airport (kolkata) and they gave her a indigo helpline no to speak regarding it. When she called up the no [protected] and started telling her problem they replied her "madam this is the indigo dispatch number" and when she said in reply that fine can you give me a helpline number regarding my photo identity problem that man rudely kept on saying the same lines and kept her phone. As a consumer I feel I have full right to be entitled to every information I require and it was the airport authority who gave her this number so even if she had dialled a wrong number then being part of the same company they could have easily given her the correct one instead of misbehaving. The staff of indigo must know how to behave with their consumers or customers especially with a girl of my daughter`s age who never had any flight travel experience before so called up to enquire about it or any other women in my daughter`s place. I am so disappointed that I am expressing my complaint in this letter. I REQUEST YOU PLEASE IF NEXT TIME ANYONE MISTAKENLY DIALLS A WRONG NUMBER OF THIS COMPANY THEN CORRECT HIM OR HER INSTEAD OF BEHAVING OFFENSELY.
    Just review offer of indigo

    Fake add

    I was trying to a flight Today as i got a msg from indigo (offer of 806) as per t and c but not able to book a flight, then i called to customer care and ask about that but she is denying. We don't have any offer, and we don't about 806 inr flight offer .
    She talked rudely.

    Then why are you making us fool.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       Roshan Chand

      I booked ticket from indigo for 23rd Jan 2010 ( PNR- L1N4EB)

      However, due to an emergency we could not fly on agreed date.

      I spoke to customer care and I was told that 750/- per passenger charges are applicable in order to cancel it which is very unfair. I am frequent flyer of Indigo and should take my case in to consideration and do not deduct the cancellation / Change the destination fee for all passengers.

      I asked an agent who was available over to the phone to deduct one passenger cancellation fee i.e. 750/- but he was not agreed.

      I would appreciate if you can look in to this case. i sent them an email but response was not okay.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        I had booked a flight from Lucknow to Ahmedabad by Indigo Airways for 15.1.2010 for my wife Shashi Singh. On 14.1.2010 I was informed by representative of Indigo Airlines that the flight between Lucknow and Ahmedabad will depart late. Hence I could understand immediately that my wife will miss the Mumbai - Ahmedabad sector Indigo flight. I talked to representatives of Indigo maily with Madam Subhshree Shalini & floor representative Mr. Ajay kumar and they apprised me that my wife has no other alternative except to cancel the Mumbai - Ahmedabad Sector ticket and will be charged Rs 750 for cancellation, i.e. Pont No. 1. Secondly i will not be provided with any refund except a credit not valid for one year for the balance amount.
        This tantamount to me buying a new ticket for my wife and getting no refund for earlier ticket though the flight was with the same airline and cancellation is also due to the problem at Airlines end and not the customer end.
        I want to bring to the notice of all the people to take care of this in future as Airlines will not handle any complaint it is just like a train ticket and nothing else. All their advertisement for customer service is false and vague.
        Udai Pratap Singh
        Mobile No [protected]
        Dear Sir,
        I had purchased indigo airline ticket from delhi to nagpur on flight 6E135. My date of journey was on15 may 2009.My PNR no is X1QUCM. due to some problems i had to come early from delhi to nagpur. When i had inquired on 7th may 2009 regarding cancellation of ticket i was informed that i can cancel the ticket and rs750per person would be deducted and rest of money would be with airlines which i can avail within one year. Now when i went to nagpur airport on 12th may for cancellation they informed me that i can not cancel my ticket. also at the time of purchase of ticket i was told that i can cancell the ticket and
        i can travel within one year with necessary deductions. hence the complaint

        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:S1VLDN Date Of Journey:4/6/09
        Departure Delhi to imphal
        it is an urgent
        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:C474LV Date Of Journey:25/8/09
        Departure Chennai toDelhi
        it is an urgent

        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:P4JILW Date Of Journey:26/8/09
        Departure Delhi to Chennai
        it is an urgent
        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:Y412LXDate Of Journey:25/8/09
        Departure Pune toDelhi
        it is an urgent

        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:V52EEM Date Of Journey:26/8/09
        Departure Delhi to Pune
        it is an urgent
        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:Y412LXDate Of Journey:25/8/09
        Departure Pune toDelhi
        it is an urgent

        kindly cancel to this Pnr no:V52EEM Date Of Journey:26/8/09
        Departure Delhi to Pune
        it is an urgent
        please send my cancellation details of pnr x4yylb the following email id : [protected]
        Very bad

        Crew member behaviour very bad

        Respected sir
        I am frequent customer of indigo I have boarded yesterday 3/06/16 and today also 4/06/16 . While taking flight your one of the crew member Nidhi abused us. Also when we left the flight we also Complaint to manager ankit
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

           Himanshu Jain

          I was supposed to travel on a Mumbai jaipur flight tomorrow morning at 6 AM. At about 6 PM today evening, Indigo called me and told that the flight has been cancelled and they have shifted me to a 9:25 AM flight tomorrow morning.

          They did this without even asking me. I have a 9:00 AM meeting tomorrow morning which I will have to miss now.

          They offered a refund of the ticket price which is not good enough because if I book a flight now on any other airline it will cost me almost double of what I had booked the flight on Indigo for.

          I had to request my client in jaipur to reschedule the meeting at this last moment making me and my business look bad.

          This is the most pathetic and irresponsible airline. I will probably never travel by Indigo again.
          i want cancel my ticket

          Refund required for cancellation

          Dear Sir/Ma, am
          I have cancelled my ticket on 26th may 2016 and as per norms indigo will refund the money 7-10 days. and now you are geeting delay.

          please pay asap.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Manish Sharma
          +91 [protected]
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Indigo Airlines — Broken Baggage and insulting behaviour of Indigo Airlines

             Anirudh Mani
            I took an Indigo airlines flight from Mumbai to Lucknow on January 3, 2010 via flight no. 342 which departed from Mumbai at...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (3)Complaint category Airlines

             bikash more
            I booked tickets from indigo airlines however my plans got cancelled and i was unable to fly, i cancelled my tickets and indigo airlines denied reversal of amount despite charging cancellation fees and asked me to book tickets within a year wherein the balance amount will be adjusted in rebooking of ticket. however i was unable to book the tickets in a year and requested them to either extend the time limit or reverse the amount but they denied for both. this kind of service from indigo is causing me mental trauma. I am feeling completely helpless and dont know what to do so that I am able to save my financial loss
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Indigo Airlines — Seat Arrangement

               Ravisankar Gangakumar
              I travelled by this Airline along with my spouse & infant. At the time of booking I was told that I would be provided...
              Complaint category Airlines

               Anirban Shome
              A ticket of Indigo airlines was purchased by me using my own Debit Card. The ticket was for my wife and my child, who is an infant, for travel from Ahmedabad to Kolkata. The date of travel in flight 6E-410 was 14th November, 2009, under the booking reference of A5LNLS.

              Prior to booking of the ticket, a perusal of the terms and conditions as available on Indigo airline's website, revealed that a traveler was allowed upto 20 Kgs. of check-in luggage without any additional costs with respect to the particular type of booking which I was about to make.

              However, every extra kilo over and above this free allowance, would entail a charge of Rs. 100.00 per kilo. Details available on the said airline's website also offered that should a traveler wish to book in advance such extra kilograms for luggage, the same could be had at a 20% discount through online payments at the time of making the booking.

              This arrangement appeared reasonable and cost-effective, keeping in mind that many o[censored]s often have to cram their luggage at the last minute.

              My wife and our daughter, duly checked in well in time at the Indigo counter at Ahmedabad airport on the scheduled date of departure of their flight 6E-410. Their luggage was weighed and was found to be 35 Kgs. in weight. It was at this point of time that confusion and our troubles began.

              Indigo Airlines staff manning the check-in counter failed to notice that aside from the free 20 kilos of luggage, we had already paid Rs. 800.00 for another 10 kilos. Hence, it was only natural that a further charge for 5 kilos should have been levied at a rate of Rs. 100.00 per kilo.

              Instead, they charged for the entire 15 kilos which formed the luggage weight over and above the free limit o[censored]pto 20 kilos.

              My wife informed me of this over telephone straight from the airport as we had anticipated that there could be extra baggage charges involved, as without the benefit of a weighing scale at home, there was no way we could accurately determine the weight of our packed luggage.

              Immediately, I asked her to rush to the airline's check-in counter and inform them of the mistake. This she did, and also put me on the phone with your authorized personnel manning the counter. Regrettably, by the time she had placed the call to me, she had already paid for the excess baggage using her Debit card.

              After carefully going through the bookings and the details of payment made, online, towards extra baggage, Indigo's check-in staff admitted that a mistake indeed had been made. They promised that while charges for 5 kilos of excess baggage shall still apply, the charges levied for the extra 10 kilos will be reversed and that my card, which was used to make the online booking, shall reflect the credit within 3 working days.

              Later on, I called up Indigo's customer care help desk to explain the entire sequence of events and seek reassurances that the amount which had been mistakenly billed and collected by your counter staff, shall be refunded. The customer care help desk, while confirming that the refund as promised by the Ahmedabad airport check-in counter shall be reversed, stated that the amount should reflect in my credit card account within the next 48 hours of the call.

              Ever since then, I have called Indigo's customer care help desk at an interval of 5 days; every time to have the airline promise me that the amount shall be credited within the next 48 hours.
              It is now over a fortnight since I had first taken up this issue with this airline. To my utter astonishment, even to this day no one from this airline has thought of communicating with me on this matter. Nor has the amount, as promised by Indigo, been refunded.

              At this point of time, I feel that the airline has adopted a policy of not correcting its own mistakes even if that puts an emotional and mental strain on its patrons. What is more confounding is the fact that for a measly sum of a thousand Rupees, Indigo is willing to put its goodwill and reputation on the line.

              Time, most will agree, is very precious for all concerned. This makes it all the more distressing for me to use up this resource in order to bare the circumstances of the case before all and sundry with the intention of seeking a swift and expeditious settlement of the matter.

              I trust that Indigo Airlines shall not delay the matter any longer and immediately refund the amount with all speed.

              AIR TICKET — Extra debit in card

              I wsa booked my air ticket by your credit card on 29/01/08 thrue Jetlite airline for Delhi but he told me your credit limit is not avaliable and not given ticket for me after iwas checked my account online that time i understand debited on my account rs 3420 without any ticket after discuss with with jetlite he told me you send Transaction ID no. please send id no for those people

              Refund of Excess Reservation Charges — Excess Reservation Charges

              The CRS,

              I (Shri Kalyan Roy Bardhan) informing you that I purchased two(2) Nos Railway Ticket for Journey from Delhi-Haridwar-Delhi through PNR No.[protected] & [protected] for 5(Five) Nos. Passengers including one(1) Senior Citizen. Actual Reservation Charges for 5 passengers will be Rs. 100.00 @ Rs.20.00 which was confirmed in irctc railway reservation enquiry. I asked to Reservation Clerk at Reservation Counter at Tughlakabad Reservation Centre in Counter No. 245 that why you are charging excess of reservation charges. He asked me that “ Aisai Hota Hai”. Then I returned back. But, he charged Rs. 150.00 for 5 passengers. Which is excess. How I can get it back and from where I can get it back please let me know.
              Thanks - Kalyan

              Indigo — Cheating Flight Delayed confusion, No refund

              The Indigo flight i booked was full of mess. It was about to land kochi airport (17:00)but due to weather condition landed at Trivandrum. And got delayed..
              When customers went to check in counter they rejected, and informed will do it at 20:00. However when passenger went at 20:10 they again, explaining to be late and flight is departed..

              They created full confusion inside passenger. I lost my flight in that way.. Asking for refund, they promise to return... but,till today.... no response..

              Waste airline....

              Best Was jet lite.

              Tickets not issued but funds got charged

              I had done booking for Hyd to B'lor flight . My netbanking account got charged but tickets not issued for Rs.4970/-
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                 PRAGATI RAI
                We were travelling from Patna to Kolkata in an Indigo flight on 30th Oct,2009(6 E-342) and our seat nos. were 28A & 28B. We had our infant son with us who was carrying a small tennis ball with him. The security for handbaggage did not allow it. I asked them to scan it separately in case of any doubt. But they refused it stating it to be a prohibited item in handbaggage.When I asked them to put it in the baggage, they refused to either give me some time to put it in the baggage or to even put it themselves in the baggage. I was left with only two options- either leave the kid's ball for their personal use or miss the flight. I left the ball though my son was playing with it and there was no question of any doubt regarding it turning to be any kind of threat to security.None of the crew of the concerned flight proved of any help either.
                I would like to request you to stop undue harrassment of passengers in name
                of security. If the goods are not in the prohibited list, there is no point to force the passengers to leave the goods for the personal use of airport staff. In my case there was no confusion regarding any security threat and it was just due to malafied intentions.If public cooperates for security check, airport staff should be equally responsible.
                I would like to ask two simple questions to the airport authority and the Indigo crew :

                1. Did the security staff send my kid's ball to the bomb detection squad or just kept it for the personal use?

                2.Why couldn't they load it as a separate baggage in the flight if they could not give me enough time to put it in my loaded baggage if they did not have any malafied intention? I may have had a chance of collecting it at the Kolkata airport.
                It is not a question of the price of the tennis ball but the question arises of the mental agony suffered by us and especially my child.Kindly punish people who are using security check to fill their own pocket and prevent such future untoward incident. Kindly also inform me of the action taken against this complain and measures taken to compensate me for the uninvited mental stress..

                Pragati Rai
                Asst. Audit Officer
                AG( R,W & LBA), West Bengal
                Ph- [protected]

                IndiGo Flight — Regarding Money Refund due to Flight Cancellation

                I had booked a ticket from Bangalore to Nagpur(via Pune) on 17th Oct.. But because of some technical problems in the plane ,the flight was cancelled at Pune where we were offered the money to be refunded. But for the time being we were asked to go by any means and they told us that we will refund your money shortly. I have sent them several mails . They once replied that they will send the cheque very soon. But after that there is no response from them.
                Flt # : 6E136
                Date : 17Oct07
                From : Bangalore (BLR)
                To : Nagpur (NAG)
                Depart: 14:55
                Arrive : 18:00
                Booking Reference : Z7TPER
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                   Maneesh Nayar
                  The Indigo customer service manager Benny Fernandes at mumbai airport wa very rude to all 8 passangers who were denied to board the flight coz we all reached about 28 minutes before departure while the rule is to reach 30 minutes departure. Benny Fernandes was least cooperative and did not help at all. He did not even try to speak to the Captain and wasted crucial 10-15 minutes in arguing with us. He should have realised that with all the traffic on the roads and chaos at Indigo counters at the airport its not a big deal to be late by 2-3 minutes. Indigo should be labelled as "LEAST COOPERATIVE AND CUSTOMER UNFRIENDLY" airlines. By the number of complaints that i am reading now on this website, Indigo deserves the award for Most Customer Complaints Airline of the Year award. I guess the time has come for all o[censored]s to think how much we actually save by using these so called LOW COST CARRIERS.

                  INDIGO AIRLINES — Indigo airlines bad service

                  i booked the indigo flight in 5000 Rs as a round trip for dec23-2012 to jan6-2013 from bangalore to New delhi..And the very next day i vas informed that due to technical error,it was showing 5000rs for round trip but actually it was 10,000..How can such a technical error happen..

                  TRAVEL CERTIFICATE

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                     Nirmalya Dhar
                    Intended to book a ticket from Bangalore to Kolkata for 10th Oct. 2009. Searched Indigo's website for a Bangalore - Kolkata flight on 3rd October 2009 which resulted in giving flight. no. 6E 341 as one of the options.

                    Selected and booked the same. However, the itinerary showed the destination as Lucknow instead of Kolkata. Contacted Indigo helpline immediately. Explained the situation and got the worst solution possible. Though this was due a Indigo website issue, they were unable to help in any way.

                    Finally we had to replace the ticket with a Bangalore - Kolkata ticket for the same 6E 341 flight and ended up paying INR 1500 more for actually travelling less.
                    have a ticket for kol-patna-kol for today ie 8th of October 2009. Since 7.30 am today i have been trying to get in touch with your customer care but to my dismay the lines are engaged for the past 2 and half hours. result i am unable to cancel my tickets. I finally at 8.05 today ie 08.10.2009 left a message with your executive at the calcutta airport on this number[protected]who was kind enough to hear me and record my complaint and request for cancellation. However she refused to give me her name and reference number for my request. I am still trying to get in touch with your customer care at [protected] and tollfree number [protected]. Pl help to cancel the tickets. Otherwise, i shall have to take recourse to legal measures to get my refund from the consumer court. My pnr no is Q5D2AN, FLIGHT NO 6E341 AND 6E342 FOR THE SECTOR KOL-PATNA-KOL.



                    MRS SS BARAH
                    PH NO : [protected].

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                    Dear Forum,

                    As I have booked the Kingfisher air ticket from Bangalore to nagpur on 17th may for the journey date 15th October. but on 14th October i got the call from kingfisher officers telling the flight has been cancelled. this sudden changes has seriously effected my journey plan, as i have already booked one more connecting flight from nagpur. And even they dint arrange me any alternate flight for the cancelled flight.

                    For the cancelled ticket, while refunding the amount they have deducted some insurance amount also. So really it is not at all acceptable. So I need the money back with 5month interest rather than deducting amount.
                    Please give the priority and do the needful at the earliest.

                    Flight Detail:-

                    Flight number IT - 3452

                    Airline PNR Ticket Number INGVLR[protected]

                    Indigo air ticket booking

                    On 10/06/2016 i made ticket booking in indigo airliness from chennai to guwahati for mr V .Thirumaran my friend who is aiso a para miltary force member date of boarding 30/06/2016 on para miltary quota theTXN ID 1ee522bc[protected] ticket booking is not made and the amount was not reversed till
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                      Indigo Airlines — Harassment of pregnant woman

                       Anamika Ray

                      I had booked a flight on Flt# 6E156 from Calcutta to Bangalore on 29th September,2009 (tuesday)....
                      Complaint comments  Comments  (1)

                      I Was supposed to be booked on a return flight from Ahmedabad to Pune on 20th october 2009, but i was wrongly booked on 20 Sep 2009, h had a call from Ahmedabad Air port that i had not borded the flight. at that time i called indigo [protected], and asked for what was wrong, i was given a reply that they will hear to telephonic conversation and will get back to me in 48 hours, since then i have nod recived any call from indigo, i had to call them from my end to find out what was the status and the problem is still not clear wether it was Indigos fault of My fault whjile booking.
                      My flighe details were


                      Mrs Bansari Pandya Mr Brijesh Pandya
                      Chd Het Pandya

                      IndiGo Flight(s)
                      Flt # Date From To Depart Arrive Seat #
                      6E409 20Sep09 Ahmedabad (AMD) Pune (PNQ) 14:25 15:40 20A,20B,20C

                      Please help me out!
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                        To-day I have a bad experience in the Air Tickiting Counter of IndiGo at Mumbai Domestic Terminal . At about 10.15 Pm I was in the IndiGo Counter for Tickiting. I have been Informed that lowest Tickit For 23..09.09 in Flighe 6E403 from Mumbai to Kolkata cost each Tickit Rs 6075/- & I informed by the Staff working Named Mr AJOY that i requered to wait for 10/15 min. as the system not working. accordingly I wait for 10 mnt. and fill-up form for 3 passenger handed over to him. Mr AJOY made 3 persion tickiting and informed me the flight no, dep. time, arrv. time, name of the passenger and the total amount Rs 20,634/-. I gave him Rs 21,000/- cash. after some time I realised that how the fair of 3 persions shall be Rs 20,634/- because Me ajoy informe me the fair of par persion is Rs 6075/-. On being asked I was informed first that 1 persion fair is increased. However I disagree and asked him the segrigated amount of fair. Then Mr Ajoy informed me that the fair of the persion is charged Rs 6878/-. So i inform him in that case I do not want the ticket and I like to Buy Direct flighe as because my Mother 83 years old sall b accompoined with me. He inform me that cancallation charge is Rs 750/- par passenger. I feel very bad as because he inform me wrong fair amount Rs 6075/- par persion and during tickiting he inform me tolal amount and the par persion amount in mischive way. In general passenger do not calculate the multiplied amount of the total fair, but they Know & Trust that the fair of single/one persion. So without applying the mind one is paying the full amount and without realising that the multiplied amount on number of passenger is increased although it is informed the rate of single persion fair. I feel very sad as I requered to traval and the way I have paid the higher fair due to trust on the IndiGo air line and non coparation of Mr Ajoy and thereby not informing the fair on par persion basis before taking the tickiting. Further the return amount of the changed amount should be given alon with the tickit, but He give the ticket first and when asked the balance amount was given. The incidence shows non proffassional atitude, non-systamitic performance, taking the mony of the passenger in inproper form and forwardig the figure in such a way that fellow passenger may not understand that higher rate is being charged while purchasing 2/3 or more ticket by giving the lower rate fair par persion basis and warnted to be canged hand with proffational persion and to give clear position if the fair is being charged at higher rate and hiding the actual position or telling the fair in the way that it may lead confussion and not clear view as explained.

                        Hope the incidence to be noted carefully by the Management of the IndiGo air liner and remadial mearures to be taken accordingly. Pl inform the action.
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                           MOHD A S KHAN
                          Dear Sir ,

                          I have booked a ticket on INDIGO KOLKATA -LUCKNOW for 19 TH Sept on 14 th and today they have reduced the fare by 1200 rupees and not ready to refund.They say it is a promo fare and nothing can be done .Moreover ,I fail to understand that no policy to change in fare happen in hours and it would require considerable planning .I feel cheated as a customer .It makes me feel that one cannot trust .I need your kind help. Is there no way that the concerned airline be challenged for this and i as a consumer expect a fair response ?????Can this be taken up with DCGA ????Is there some authority or watchdog which looks or may look into such issue .Please help
                          Please note that the reference number for the complaint is B4QIBT.I am also forwarding the complaint mailed to customer care of Indigo airlines for better understanding of the issue.REGARDS.

                          A PIQUED &DITCHED CUSTOMER -FARE REDUCED WITHIN ONE DAY AFTER BOOKING .NO REFUND .WHY????????? Reply |akhtar khan to customer.relat.
                          show details 8:38 PM (45 minutes ago)

                          fromakhtar khan <akhtar.[protected]>

                          dateTue, Sep 15, 2009 at 8:38 PM

                          hide details 8:38 PM (45 minutes ago)

                          Dear Indigo Airlines

                          I feel cheated and humiliated after booking a ticket on INDIGO .I have been availing your sevices for quite some time .The cordial approach and professional handling with proper customer care have been the rmotivation for continuous service .

                          After booking the ticktet on 14 TH SEPT for 19 TH SEPT (KOLKATA -LUCKNOW .Boooking reference B4QIBT)the fare has dropped within One day .I feel cheated that if there was such a possibility then it should have been communicated.As informed by your executive that it is a promo fare and nothing can be done.

                          I realise that an individual who is waiting till the last moment and hunting around is laughing all the way by saving almost 1200 rupees .However, being a loyal or ...sorry !!! the foolish customer that i am proved to be, is slapped in the face with such an act .

                          Your executive On phone informs me that nothing can be done .Rather, On the contrary, in case i need to avail the fare i need to shell out 750 rupees for this.No, Logic on earth explains this fact that for a change initiated by you a customer has to shell out extra .Why???.
                          It has to be a refund rather than a penalisation to the customer to avail the same .

                          .It is not just a matter of money, it is a matter of trust, faith and fair dealing .

                          My concern is very simple, If you are reducing the fare within a single day then you should refund the extra fare unconditionally .A policy to frame new fares doesnot happen overnight !!.It is common sense it would require considerable planning.

                          With utmost regard i request you to refund the extra amount unconditionally .My faith as a customer if not completely lost is certainly well shaken.It is hard to put my true colorful feelings in black & white .I have firm faith that you care for your customer and would do the needful .

                          Lastly I am sure you realise that a customer has every right to be treated fairly and should go all the way in ensuring the same .

                          Looking forward for a favourable response .

                          A LOYAL CUSTOMER .
                          MOHD A.S. KHAN
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                            Indigo Airlines — Ticket was refundable but they did not refund me


                            I was travelling to Banglore to mumbai via Indigo Airline. Flight was 1.00 pm but we reached at airport...
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