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[Resolved]  Dhanalakshmi College Of Engineering, Manimangalam Village, Tambaram — The money swindling tactics Of Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering

To begin with, I am a kind of person who takes things as it comes. But I’m writing this because I’m deeply anguished and frustrated with the way this engineering college (Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Dr VPR Nagar, Manimangalam, Tambaram, Chennai-601 301) functions. This is a fact about how “Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering” and its officials make money by using various schemes of extortion in the name of providing education. There is no proper standard of education provided to the students as “money” is their only motive. I truly regret for having put my son there for doing his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (EEE). In first place, the fee that is collected every year is a hefty burden on any class of person. Every year the college collects a fees of Rs.1,17,500/- (for which it provides a fee receipt) apart from other fees collected in the name of breakage, stolen books??!, projects etc.. etc.. for which receipts are not given. The following is the breakup of the standard fees collected every year (Receipts attached…indeed name removed..):

Bus Fee : Rs.19000/-
Mess fee : Rs.16500/-
Tution Fee : Rs.62500/-
Book Bank, Study Material, Note book etc.: Rs.19500/- (Fact is they give just 3 note books & the rest goes to the so called “Book Bank”)

They collect money in the name of book bank (Rs.19,500/- per year) and give a book per subject and that too the ones not prescribed in Anna University syllabus. This money is pretty much sufficient to buy the books prescribed by Anna University & own them. For the last two semesters for some subjects books were not given at all. And when enquired about the costly book bank affair, the chairman of the college states, “It is for the good of the students..”. Giving under-rated books, that too the ones not prescribed by Anna University and not giving some books at all… Is it for the “GOOD of the students??? Quite Confusing!!!

Irrespective of the money paid the quality of teaching and the teachers that the institute has is horrible. Teachers who don’t have any communication skills and who find it impossible to say a couple of words in English are the people who hone the students.

Another frustrating thing to mention here is the way the present HOD of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering department (Hon’ble Mr. Harikumar Naidu…indeed a honourable man!!) asked the students to pay money along with the hefty ‘breakage’ paid at the end of each semester (irrespective of whether you have lab component/session or not…) after spinning some story that ‘the books kept for distribution under book bank were stolen by the students and so the students have to pay for the missing books’. When did an institute start producing thiefs?? That too all of them??!! Quite funny proposition…The heights of money swindling??!!

Moreover, if your son is taking leave, remember one hard & fast rule… ‘No matter what the reason may can be damn sure that you are going to pay through your nose’. Rs.50 per day of absence..quite high for me..

Now in the final semester, another important scheme is introduced.. “Pay Rs.17,000/- for The Great Final Semester Project”...for the “greater GOOD” of the students the chairman (Hon’ble Mr. V.P. Ramamurthy…indeed they are all very honourable men!!!) says…but I wonder if it is for the Greater GOOD of the bulging Bank balance… Rs.17,000/- per group (Group of three students) is to be paid, which works out to nearly Rs.6000/- per head. This they say is for the purchase of components, fee for project guidance (Is it really?!..guidance it seems..) etc.. etc.. Too brash a reason isn’t it??! Oh my goodness!!! What on earth happened to the tuition fee paid for the last year??!! And I don’t see any college collecting fee for the so called “Project Guidance”… Is it all part of Anna University Rules & Regulations??!! Nobody has the freedom to do it on their own??! I don’t get answers… Already Rs.10,000/- is collected in the name of project and there is no proof for it…

Not to mention the longstanding legacy the college has maintained for victimising the students & parents alike. You know why I type all this stuff and still won’t give my name?? If you are wondering why…let me tell you… Like all the brave ones who stood up outright, I don’t want to be the one nursing the things they would pay in return…

Hope atleast something would happen…..

Pained & Forced to remain Anonymous,
Just a common man like you…

The money swindling tactics Of Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering
The money swindling tactics Of Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
Updated by gross.mistake Aug 13, 2015
Still getting worse from whatever I am hearing from people... Sum worse people just get worser
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Totally true.!
too much money for little worth. and not to mention the compulsory mess fees regardless u eat here or not!
the attitude towards students is also pathetic.
This college doesnt help you hone your skills, their need is only MONEY!

advanced english book — non receipt of books

Sir> This is to inform that on 20/6/08 PAPA MEDIA, 401, MAHALAKSHMI CHAMBER, 22 B DESAI ROAD, MUMBAI has sent two books to the following address:

283, 12-B CROSS, WCR, 2-STAGE, M.PURAM.P.O, BANGALORE-560086 (ORDER NO:[protected]MOBILE NO: [protected]).
Till date the sme has not been rcd.
Thanking You Your's

DHANALAKSHMI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, manimangalam, tambaram chennai 601301

this is totally true... nowadays everyone should pay fine for everything in our college. i[censored] miss the college bus then u have to pay 100, i[censored] come to college by own vehicle they will seize the vehicle and u have to pay 500, i[censored] go to the class 5 mins late, then u have to pay 50rs and the whole day u will be absent, so next day when u are going to attend the class they wont allow you to enter into the class till u pay the fine amount of 100 to the "ABSENTEES COMMITTEE" ( funny system) because u were absent yesterday. they will make you absent then they will collect money. Like this many way of money making schemes in our college... they are calling this fine amount as "FEE"

all in Rupees

I[censored] ASK ANY DOUBT TO THE LECTURE THEN THEY WILL CONSIDER YOU AS A INTRUDER IN THE CLASS(THAT MEANS U ARE DISTURBING THE CLASS) 200+ (depends upon the lecturer if he/she very close to chairman then u may have to upto 500 otherwise it will be 200 or 250
common breakage 200 for each lab subjects even i[censored] r using the same lab for 3 subject

and etc etc etc...

the above way is a small system a big giant idea is collecting money for BOOKS AND MATERIALS ABOUT 19500 PER YEAR
they are providing only
12 note books and
5 or 6 books(3 per semester) and
4 records

calculate the money as yourself... it wont exceed more than 2000 per year for a student. even they will collect the books for book bank...


IN OUR COLLEGE UPTO NOW[protected] TOTALLY 2 TO 5 COMPANIES ONLY DID ON-CAMPUS DRIVE... but our chairman kept a big banar on the hall of the Humanities and sciences block... that is telling that most of the companies are coming to DCE for placements include "BHEL"... Everyone knows BHEL is a government Industry. It recruit the students based on the gate score only... but our foolish chairman provide it on the board.

THIS YEAR THE GRADUATION DAY ALSO HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Due to to the money... our chairman has told to the other management members that he cant provide food for all parents . so he cancelled the plan too.

in simple wordings...
no water to drink
water is not available for drinking then how for bathing.
warden has worked as a jailor in palayamkottai and puzhal so he is showing the same reaction to the students also
if a student asking more food to eat in canteen then the canteen in-charge will inform to the warden that here one student asks more food, then the warden will come and he will slap the student...

and it is a hindu minority college... there is no holiday for christian functions.


100% true.. i even have evidence for many fine amounts they collect.. but hesitating to lodge a complaint thinking of the one more year that i'm going to spend in that colg..
ivangala la jail la podunga sir and ivungalukalukala cbi ride varatha
I am a passed-out student and I can confirm that the information posted above is authentic. To begin with, The ECE HOD is a rowdy in disguise. The EEE HOD creates an impression as if he is too busy who doesn't even have the time to sign a simple letter. The CSE HOD, (a VIP) is a shameless, thief who is not fit to be a teacher. The VP, urghhh... leaders like him are a curse to the nation.

This is the situation of HODs. You might as well imagine about the other things.
Absolutely true sir...
really our V.P.Ramamurthy has to be punished. EEE Dept is restricted place. ECE Dept is full of rowdyism staff and hod.CSE is always without HOD. and IT is always free. Their main aim is to punish students for their mistakes. They will never give space to students to correct their mistakes instead of that they will immediately collect fine 4m us. now i am 2013 passed out student with 82% but still now i didn't get job. I am telling from bottom of my heart that definitely V.P.R death is only in DCE STUDENTS HAND.
The astonishing fact is that being from a education background, you would expect least of humanity and passion for teaching. This institution always wants to hear jingles of money in their wallet. If money makes him smile why start a college in the disguise of an educationalist, man up and say you are yet another rowdy who can go to the extent of threatening your own students and forcing the best to suck their wallets off. VPR you never were a good human, nor will you be respected in this society. At the least at the other colleges with their rowdy attitude they manage to have quality education and better placement, You call yourself top runner among the pack, SHAME ON YOU FOR CLASSIFYING YOURSELF A HUMAN. You are a retarded, pathetic soul who needs to understand when you RIP your head would be covered with spit and curse of all the students who have burnt their hope, dreams and destiny. All these statements would make no difference to you except the fact that these golden inscriptions are being translated by the super being as SINS and the worst is waiting for you. Change your attitude, and respect the profession, rethink your past. You were a professor and not a pathetic money minded mule. After all the years you have showed us how not to be disrespected by the society. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A PILE OF DIRT WHO IS A COMPLETE LOSER AT THE END OF THE DAY.MAN UP AND SAVE YOUR AND THE COLLEGES REPUTATION.
All the information provided above by Mr. Anonymous is totally, absolutely and honestly true... :(
Look at the spelling of the college in the photo... It's wrong... think yourself now, how the quality of the college will be...
If you want to spoil your son's/daughter's future and if you want to waste around 6 lakhs of your hard earned cash, then the only college I would recommend for you is, DHANALAKSHMI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, MANIMANGALAM, NEAR TAMBARAM, CHENNAI, COLLEGE CODE 1405... PLEASE think of your child future and make wise decisions... Do not regret and suffer like us...

All points mentioned are very true. Please do not admit your sons/daughters in this instituition. I appreciate the anonymous writer for his action. I remember V.P.R addressing students in so called auditorium saying "i sarted this college for FUN" ...
lunch our la kuda corrider la nikka kudathu..., ,
100 mbps WIFI campus acessable to students..., l??????but even in lab there is no power and internet
they show as if they have AC all over..but hardly used once or twice in a student's 4 year history...
even fans are not available... interesting point is that, there will be a great war among the STAFFS for the 1 or 2 available fans...
they have canteen where students are not allowed even during the break hour...
there wont be financial support from the management for conducting college programs...
spectators should not dance or shout in the college cultural event, (idhu cultural event uh?) but CHAIRMAN dance with the STAFF for KOLAVERI song on stage...

Please dont join this college if you want to succeed in you life and enjoy studying

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