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Johnson Lifts Customer Care

Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.

1, East Main Road, Anna Nagar Western Extn
Chennai District
Tamil Nadu
India - 600101

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+91 44 2615 1614  

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Factory - Chennai
Tel: +91 44 2649 0444, +91 44 2649 0980
Fax: +91 44 2627 2026

Factory - Chennai (Escalator)
Tel: +91 44 3718 3771, +91 44 3718 3774
Fax: +91 44 3718 3770

Factory - Nagpur
Tel: +91 71 0432 6971
Fax: +91 71 0426 5277

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Johnson Lifts — complaining about worst service provider you r company as per my last 3 months experience

 Noor Chd on Apr 18, 2018
Actually i am from tricity and residing in 8 storey building, our society have johnson lifts and on every floor they mentioned their service contact numbers. But whenever we face some problem like lift goes stuck somewhere and we contact the service person we always get response pls ask your chairperson or pradhan of your society when he complaint about the lift or ask them for repair only then the service person will come and check the problem.

I just want to tell these hi fi named company service provider that lifts are for general person of that societies not only for chairpersons...
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Johnson Lifts — complaint against commissioning work

 Dinesh Kumar Bajpai on Apr 17, 2018
We purchase with erection two nos of lift at the name of shubhlabh associates, risali, bhilai (Chhattisgarh) pin-490006 to our project shubhkamna apartment, phase-2
We already paid you full and final payment, last balance payment transgere to your ac on dated 05/04/2018 vide utr. No. Hdfcn097180575022366179000 amount 179000/- (One lac seventy nine thousand only). Your honarable staff in marketing mr. Devdhar verma says that commissioning will be done after receiving full & final amount and that is on about 3 to 4 days but till date we have no possetive answer from your good staff.
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Johnson Lifts — I am complaining about elevator

 CINEMA FOR YOU on Mar 27, 2018
This is inform to you that, we are facing issue with elevator which is not working properly. many times its stuck and stop working automatically and also not taking right command. concern engineer not providing us any satisfactory solutions, again & again its happening on daily basis. please provide us a complete solution as soon as possible. we are waiting for your reply as earliest....
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Johnson Lifts — overloading

 Sidharath Bardhan on Mar 18, 2018
Overloading in lift is not working properly. Your clients are coming to set the plate in lift that is for the no. Of counted peoples are there in lift. If lift showing overload than they can automatically go the 0 floor wheather button can press at 2 floor and any other floor. But this system can not be implemented properly by your clients many times they came but not doing their work properly so its a humble request to solve this problem and this problem is in the chandigarh university mohali punjab neckchand tower 3...
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Johnson Lifts — noise from passenger lift in the society

 premvaishali on Nov 24, 2017
I am resident of civitech florencia, ramprastha greens, vaishali sector-7 ghaziabad facing hammering noise from lift installed and maitained by johson. When lift is moving up or down and stopping at any floor generating hammering noise coming in my flat. On 22/11/2017 i tried to made a complaing to johnson regional office in noida but hey refuse to entertain saying complaint should come from society rwa and their designated maintainance staff. On my request maintainance staff also inform jonhson maintenance staff but no actiong is taken. This is a serious complaint creating health issue to me and...
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Johnson Lifts — johnson lift amc

 ryansapts on Nov 16, 2017

We bringing into your kind attention that, we are located at 3b/15 ryans apts west mada street, srinagar colony, saidapet chennai 600015. We have already requested amc for our johnson lift to your representative mr. Balaji [protected], he also confirmed to send their representative for lift inspection and to collect amc cheque. However till date nobody has come yet and whenever we call they confirm to send their representative but not.

Please look into this and rectify the issue at the earliest

Ryans apt
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Johnson Lifts — sai tirumala apartment customer care refuge to provide repair of jhonson lg9501 lift as society not taken amc

 vivekn10 on Nov 3, 2017
Lift #lg9501 has some display board issue. As we have small apartment we have not taken lift purchase form and contract there is no term and condition that without amc company will not provide any repair or part replacement. As amc is something customer choice if he will be able to accommodate that cost or he will be fine with expenses when it come for any repair.
I called customer service and they are giving excuse without amc no repair.
None of the product in market can say without amc will not repair as amc is customer choice.
As we are ready to pay...
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Johnson Lifts — complaint on your amc services at ceo building, basheerbagh, hyderabad.

 aeehcesd7 on Oct 18, 2017
(Kind attention shri. Swaminathan, service head, johnson lifts, hyderabad.)

It is to bring to your notice that 4nos. Lifts are under maintenance of johnson lifts. The agreement was ready and amc service department is not taking any initiative for submission of pg from your end, though every thing is made ready from our end. Unless pg is submitted from your end, a new agreement can not be drawn and unless the new agreement is drawn, the old agreement can not be closed and final bill paid for the old agreement. The complaints on these lifts are not attended stating that amc is not renewed.
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Johnson Lifts — monthly maintenance not done as per agreement

 Prashant Kadhi on Aug 5, 2017
I have purchased johnson lift from local dealer at raipur chattisgarh... Initially their approach from salesperson was good enough that made me purchase this lift but since then every time i regret my decision. Since installation of lift at every point they have tested my patience and even installation team members saying that they haven't undergone any training for this model of lift and they r trying there best to understand circuits!!!
Now after many issues during one year they pursued me for yearly maintenance contract and even after one and half month of starting agreement still they...
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Johnson Lifts — not attending service team in time whenever required

 Pratista Mallela on Aug 4, 2017
We have a renewal agreement of annual maintenance with your company from dt.01/06/2017 to dt.31/05/2018 vide customer id: c22723. Our building is located at hariharapuram colony, vanasthalipuram, hyderabad. Since last 4 years, your quality of service is pathetic, highly irregular and unsatisfying. There are countless instances when our children, women and senior citizens have virtually fainted and lost hope due to late response from your maintenance team.

Even though, the jhonsons’s company is charging advance payment on yearly basis, but disowning accountability. While taking amc,...
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Johnson Lifts — urn no. for pf settlement

 Palmanju on Aug 3, 2017
Dear sir,

This is manju devi, i worked with johnson lifts pvt ltd at noida as a service coordinator through ikya. Sir i have taken resign from that company from 27/06/2017. Now i want to settle my pf. So i am in need of my urn no. For pf settalment. Kindly provide me my urn no. As soon as possible.
Name-manju devi
Desig-service coordinator
Emp id-a259405
Pf no. - kn/46370/173975
Email address -
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Johnson Lifts — misbehaviour of your service staff

 malav.kshirsagar on Jul 21, 2017
I would like to share a complaint regarding your service staff for lift installations in our building e at nakshatra view, palanpore canal road, surat. Your service staff throws garbage in my house when they come for service work. They were instructed not to do this previously as well but this has been repeated again. If this continues, i will be constrained to report this matter to police and file a case of public nuisance and involve your employees in this act.

I am requesting you to initiate necessary actions in this regard to resolve this issue.

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Johnson Lifts — Deteriorated conditions

 Bharat Goel on Jul 5, 2017
Bharat goel
Plz take the matter of lift seriously...
Many time's my family got stuck in this lifts...
2day i got stuck...
Who will be responsible for any mishapening...
Mantiance is zero..
Many times we complainted on tdi helpline no n to you aswell... Problem still remains the same...
Take this matter seriously...
Its their matter or resident s safety......
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Johnson Lifts — Lift L-H3835 not working

 srinivasan pr on Jul 2, 2017
The lift has not been working since thursday and we have received a bad treatment from the company. The company did not make the lift working with a spare mother board to keep the lift working. This is the basic service any customer requires from a reputed company. The response is pathetic. Outsourcing of the amc does not absolve the co. From ensuring service....
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Johnson Lifts — Li2425 - service spare part replacement [Resolved]

 Jayachandra konduru on Jun 12, 2017

This is regarding service of lift li2425 for replacing one of the spare part. Now currently lift is not functioning and elders are facing lot of problem.

I'm following-up with customer folks from last 2 weeks, they don't have any info and no one from bangalore support team updating the status.

As i know jhonsons lift pvt ltd is major contributor in the industry, but i'm experiencing very bad experience now.

I frustrated a lot and response from your team is very poor and 0% worried about customer satisfaction.

1st june...
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Johnson Lifts — Lift no. LI3346

 jambulaiah salla on May 26, 2017
Dear sir,

Our johnson lift located at madinaguda hyderabad in our apartment tristar homes lift no. Li 3346 after doing servicing also lift is getting so many problems why?

Whether your company is doing in free of cost, otherwise do you think customer doesn't know anything we can earn money by cheating.

Our problem is when we use the lift continuously after some time lift is announcing that 'please close the door ' even lift doors are closed.

After that your technician will come and he will tell that in panel board
Some switch...
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Johnson Lifts — Johnson lifts poor response from service persons

 mahendra jichkar on May 17, 2017
Ever since we installed Johnson Lift at my house, we are facing issues with it every week. The lift was installed last year only.

They have provided sub standard product and even after regular follow up the issues are not resolved completely.

Many times my family members were stuck inside the lift even after installation of Automatic Rescue Device (ARD). No cognizance is taken my any of the higher officers also.

Johnson staff never responds to the calls made. Emergency number is also never responds in evening hours.

They are interested...
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Johnson Lifts — Maintenance of lifts in greenwood apartment, (Block-a, b, k), gomti nagar extension, lucknow

 greenwood on May 9, 2017
We have an agreement of annual maintenance with ur company from oct 2016 to sept 2017,
During the last two quarter the quality of service is pathatic, highly irregular and unsatisfying. There are countless instances when our children, womes, senior ctizens have virtually fainted and lost hope due to late response from maintenance team.
Although johnson company is charging advance payments on quareterly basis, but disowning accountabilty.
Its unprofessional and against the terms and conditon of agreement, since this is related to lives of hundreds of residents. This kind of...
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Johnson Lifts — Refuse for amc of johnson make lift nagpur office dealer.

 Atul.P.Bhalerao on Dec 30, 2016
Sinc last 15 days we have contacted to jonsons laxmi nagar nagpur for amc.As per my request amc engineer visited at my house for inspection & amc. Yearly rs14000/ for amc (For spares extra charges will pay) and rs.1500/- immediate inspection charges.Mean i have request to maint.Manual of lift.Your engineer very angry on me & call mr.Gaivad for the maint.Manual.Mr.Gaivad also refuse the same & inform us we will not give any amc service as wel as inspection of lift if you demanded maint.Manual. I have request engineer kindly inspect lift and we are ready to pay service charges immediate and amc but...
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Johnson Lifts — Elevator (Lift)

 Sai Ansh CHS on Dec 18, 2016

I regret to inform that, despite of signing up the AMC, we are still having many problems with the lift which are not attended. Please ensure these are taken care at the earliest, or else we may have to escalate to higher level.

1. The lift buttons are still not working smoothly.There is some improvement, however we need to press button multiple times and press it hard. This needs to be attended immediately.
2. The music is still not working
3. The door opening and closing is not smooth. This is not only inconvenient, but harmful and unsafe.
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