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Reliance Retail Ltd
Customer satisfaction rating: 2%
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Reliance Fresh Customer Care

Reliance Retail Ltd

Makers Chambers - IV, Nariman Point
Mumbai City District
India - 400 021

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

Reliance Fresh Complaints & Reviews

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 Amit Dutta ..
Last Sunday I bought 10 kg Packed Reliance Brand AATA But today when I open The Packet I found white Earthworm type pest inside also some worms are in colour black, during purchase I even saw the packed date and it was not older than 45 days. I am using this Aata from a long time but when I found worm inside it, I am very disappointed...
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Reliance Fresh, Irc Village, Bhubaneswar - 751015 — Misleading Consumers

     pratap keshari naik
    Sir, on 08.06.2012, there was advertisement from Reliance Fresh in SAMAJ ( Oriya Daily ) showing discounted price of many...
    Complaint category Department Stores

     Khan Imran
    subject- A unknown person (without any ID card of reliance or dress code of reliance fresh) has checked me fully without any reason.

    my self imran , a customer of reliance fresh ( master canteen Reliance fresh,bhubaneswar) .after a purchased a aquafina mineral water from reliance fresh then i proceed to my exit with proper receipt. then a security guard checked the proper bill then i proceed to exit of reliance fresh. but at that time a unknown person without having proper ID of reliance fresh or he doesn't have any dress code. then he checked me fully without any reason , then he told me..ok its fine ..u go now .i asked to that person .who r u ? to search me without any reason.then i take him to manager sell of reliance fresh again , i told him about this problem to manager sells. he told me that he is the security guard of reliance fresh . i told to that manager that why u not given proper ID card or dress code and . manager told me .we dont follow rule and regulation then the security guard is now relaxed as his manager supported him. he is now got permission to check fully anyone without any proper ID or dress code.

    customer is king. u people dont know how to behave a person . they are just hiring (uneducated peoples to reliance fresh).

    so i request you to take my case seriously against security guard and manager sells of relaince fresh master canteen bhubaneswar

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       Toshendra Singh
      Please resolve my issue as yesterday morning i went to Reliance Fresh Store (#3 Bhawani Singh Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur) and i bought several products. Bill Number for same is C4821 #0037 (Time 8:56:35 & Dated 10the June'12). I bought an Itch Guard Cream(15Gram; Batch Number - B0207; Mfg Date - 02/12 and MRP - 38/-) now which as per the Terms & Conditions first of all cannot be exchanged or refunded being a skin care product has been sold to me for Rs.44/- which is Rs.6/- more thean thee Maximum Retail Price(MRP). Can we charge customer more thean thee MRP??? Don't expect theis from a reputed brand like RIL is. Kindly revert and raise my issue to RIL.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


        I've the worst infrastructure in Reliance Fresh , Sector 17-A, Gurgaon. It's actually a centralized AC Departmental showroom, however in the basemet as well as on the top floor the AC's are not working. The worst experience, which has ruined it's image in my mind is missing of free items with the products. My father purchased Peposdent Germi Check 200g toothpaste from your departmental store. It has a scheme stating Free Complete Clean Tooth Brush worth Rs. 23/-. My father being aged brought the product hoping that the tooth brush will be inside the toothpaste box as it was sealed, however when he opened, the brush was missing. Not only this, yesterday i went to buy some products, however again few free items were missing.

        I would appreciate if strict action can be taken or for that matter do a surprise check. you'll see the clear picture..

        Moloy Kumar Choudhury
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          This is to register a complaint against your reliance fresh outlet at morabadi,ranchi,jharkhand.Today I purchassed 26 cans of cold drinks & few other things from the said reliance fresh store.The MRP was rs 20/-each.your biller charged rs 22/-each.On being confronted over it,he refused to correct the bill. bill no C1139 #0065 10:34:33 31 may 2012. I showed the bill and cans price at your customer care counter CCTV. Your store manager apologised for it but refused to take any action or correct the bill. This is unacceptable from a brand as reputed as Reliance.
          I expect a prompt action taken in this regard from your end, to keep consumer’s faith intact & to avoid any such incidence in future.

          Piush Kumar
          Ranchi Jharkhand
          mob: [protected]
          email: [protected]

          Reliance Fresh — high price

          this is to register a complaint against your reliance fresh outlet at morabadi,ranchi, i purchasse 26 cans of cold drinks and etc from the said reliance fresh store.the MRP was rs 20/-each.your biller charged rs 22/-each.on being confronted over it,he refused to correct the bill.bill no C1139 #0065 10:34:33 31 may 2012.I showed the bill and cans price at your customer care counter CCTV.
          your store manager apologised for it but refused to take any action.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

             Ankita Agrawal
            I have visited Reliance fresh at Kalyan Murbad road. On billing desk, the representative - Ms Ujwala Hirawle had swipeed my Card twice inspite of notifying her that its her second time. Still she said its the procedure to swipe card twice. I Have received message from my Bank that the card has been swiped twice. I said her that the bill is debited twice from my account but she was instead arguing with me. I had to visit my bank atm branch to get the transaction details and give a proof to her. On showing her the receipt she was laughing at the instance and making fun of me.

            I believe she swipes card almost twice of every customer and then if in case got caught transfers the mistake as a system issue!!!!

            Strict action should be taken against her as she swiping card twice!!

            Ankita Agrawal

            Vijaya bank, Bangalore — Disgracefull behaviour


            I am a temporary resident of Bangalore. Today(16th Oct)i had to visit the Vijaya Bank(New Thippasandra Branch, Bangalore)for getting a Demand Draft for 9,000 Rs.

            The board at the entrance of the bank says that they "thrive on customer satisfaction", and it also included a line saying "get your DD within just 5 mins."

            I reached the bank at 10:55 AM, filled the form for DD and then paid the amount to get the receipt. I was told to give this reciept to another lady staff for proccessing the DD. i stood there, for nearly 10 mins only to be told by another staff that the the Lady who is supposed to give the DD is busy and asked me to be seated for another 10 i kept the Form at her desk and sat there.
            At the same time i could see the same lady walking around the Bank and talking in her mobile and chatting with her colleuges.

            It was only 11:50 am that she got time to reach her seat!!. then then to process the DD.
            i got the DD at 12:00 noon.

            "I took me more than 1 hr to get the DD, against their their claim that they give DD within 5 mins"

            I went to the Bank Manager's room and told him my concern very politely. But to my surprise he shouted back at me saying that " It usually takes 45 - 60 mins to get the DD and there is nothing to argue about." i turned his attention towards the board kept outside which read "to get DD within 5 mins". He was taken aback and then again shouted back at me saying that he is not bothered about whatever is written there. he also told that in order to get a DD quickley i will have to have an account in the very same bank and started abusing me badly and later asked me to get out of his room!!!!!!

            can anyone please help me out in teaching those staffs a lesson, so that they will never behave in the same manner to any of their costumers in future.

            Waiting for your reply,

            Your's faithfully,
            B.krishna Chandran

            Reliance Fresh — incompetent management

            i m a local resident of ranjeet avenue amritsar and next door neighbour of ranjeet avenue reliance fresh out let and we take a good amout of things from the outlet being the neighbours it is convenient for us, our whole office staff does so, but I am sorry to say that the condition of the store is deteriorating day by day.

            First of there is always shortage of stocks in the store and if the things r there they r not kept properly or thrown away here and there.
            Secondly many of the things on the offers r there which r meant for the customers, does not come to the shelf rather they r sold to the local vendors for which the local supervisors must be having some personal interests. Knorr soups never came to the shelf they were sold to the vendors directly from the truck, I can tell u this because all this happened in front o[censored]s as we pass by the store almost 20 times a day, when asked the supervisor about that he gave some rude answer. there r umptene number of example which can be given.
            the area covering the store is always filled with dirteness, bits of papers, wrappers, wrotten vegetables are lying here and there and the management does not give a about that, when told to get it cleaned they always give the answer that we r not responsible for any thing lying on roads, but mind you what impression u r giving to the customers entering in.
            the supervisor and the senior management r always found fighing with the customers, using rude language, only last week one of the supervisor even slaped one of the customer for what ever reasons I dont know but I think that's not right.

            well I wrote all this because it is not expected out of a multinational company and that too in this world of competition, well to take it seriously or not is your headache, the customers will find another store to buy goods already none of from our office visit the store after the last insident.
            Sir ,
            My self Hanwant singh , on 24/03/2010 at 9.15 pm i went to you reliance fresh shop for purchasing some goods but your employee behavior is very rudely for me he shouted on me and some other unaccepted word. please take an action against him .his name MR. Pradip jangir.
            work at reliance fresh mansarovar vijay path circle ,jaipur-302020

            Hanwant singh
            We are regular customer of reliance fresh. However the bad customer service and arrogant nature of supervisor has made us forced to think of not dealing with it. Its utter mismanagement at the store. For eg. staff busy in movement of goods and not responding to customers, less billing counters in service when peak customer flow, issue of asking for change despite not needed etc. The store supervisor is incompetent and needs training in management and how to deal with customer. We hope senior management is listening to this and will take action to protect reliance goodwill. Anand ([protected]
            Dear Sir/Madam,

            I m Rajiv from Delhi. I visited ur Relaiance Fresh Store in Chandralok, in Pitampura today. I was looking for Salad Patta (Salad Leaves) & could not find them. I asked one person standing there named Phool Singh about it & he replied that they don't have it.

            As I was about to leave the store, I asked another gentleman about the same & was surprised to know that the product required by me was present there in ample quantity. I went to Phool Singh & asked him as to why he refused to me having the same product.

            I really feel very sorry to inform u that his behaviour was not less than a 'GUNDA' & the language used by him towards me was not acceptable ( like 'Aap Bakwaas Kar rahe hain' etc.)

            I don't know what to say & how to react but thought it wise to put it on as complaint so that it may reach the concerned authorities in Reliance so that something can be done as these type of people can only bring disgrace & bad name to the Brand like Reliance.

            I don't understand what r the criteria during the selection of candidates. How a company like reliance can select any such candidates who r not less than a STREET ROG or a GUNDA & bring nothing but shame & disgrace to the Brand like Reliance.

            I would only like to say it's really a shame for you people to have treated your permanant customers in a thorough unprofessional & unethical mannerless way.

            Kindly take it as a feedback & not as a complaint as all this is not coming out of an anger but out of respect which I carry for Reliance as I m associated with this Brand by other means like Mobile connections, finances etc.

            Sorry for the inconvinience & hope u will look into this matter seriously at the earliest so that this may not happen to any of your other customers.



            # [protected]
            yesterday i went to newtown reliance fresh and i had a bad experience with sales person and manager.they don't care about customer problems and behave very rudley.

            i took some beans and asked sales person to weight is 70 gms.he is telling that we don't give vegetables below 100 gms and i asked the manages anout the same,he allowed to give 70 gms.but sales person is behaved very rudely with me and went of store with out weighing my other vegetables.i written a complaint in theru compliants books.but i think it is useless

            be carefull while you people going to reliance fresh.i alos found below things in this store

            1.they will sell rotten vegetables
            2.they will pulses in high price compare to market.once i found cost of 1/2 kilo ground nut is 60 rs.but outside 1 kilo cost is 80 rs
            3.they will do wrong billing item
            for example,if cocunut cost is shown as 23 on barcode which is displayed on its cover.they will swipe it as 27.

            4.once i bought butter cookies.after opening ,i can see that all are broken into pieces.later i went to store to ask the same.they told that you opened it ouside of the store and we are not responsible for this.
            Strongly agreed
            Kolkata New Town Reliance fresh is fine example of bad behavior, I Purchased for nearly 2000 rs, the overall weight comes around nearly 15 - 20 kg when we are asking about home delivery they refused. The they refused to provide trolly for new by apartment. They the unwritten policy they think they will do home delivery or they will provide trolly.

            Even at peak hours or rush hours they will operate only 2 billing counter they never care for customer who are standing in long queue.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              I have been noticing rude and careless behaviour from the reliance fresh staff over some time now . Today (14.5.12) i had been to reliance and there were following concerns -
              1- there is no staff available to counter customer enquires .
              2- when i asked about the offer price of oil i was being told an incorrect rate , ie 100 rs higher than mrp , when i questioned the staff member named askhay .. he rudely asked me to go elsewhere and enquire about it and went away . I have made a written complaints but due to past experiences i know that is nt sufficient .

              I hope that this complaint will be looked into if not I will be taking further actions.

              Prerna Jain
              I Subhashis Sengupta, a regular customer of Reliance Fresh, NIT-5, Faridabad, Haryana had issued my Reliance membership card which promised me to give a free gift voucher when the points on the card turned out to be 25 or above.After my points became 25, I went there to redeem my voucher and when they scanned the card number the details of the card came except my name.They told me that I could not redeem my voucher till the name comes and they gave me many excuses that they will email it to the manager.But nothing happened till now.I want a quick solution of my problem.
              Am a regular customer of Reliance fresh situated in k.k.nagar, Madurai. I purchased vegetables and some other items and went for billing, but the staff in the billing section told me to bill on another counter, i too went there, but he too told to go for another billing section. both these guys were free on that time. i got angry and told them anyone of you put bill, the first person started abusing me in bad words, complained to the supervisor but he too fought with me and abused me. I never go to that shop again and am having lot of shops to purchase, but you are loosing your consumers day-by-day. But am feeling for that issue whenever i cross Reliance fresh. i want you to take action.

              My name is Sudheer and I had a bad experience from one of your Reliance Fresh outlet. I went their with my brother in law to buy some clothings and I took two T-shirts and one of your staff informed me that if I buy one T-Shirt I will get one free.

              I took two T-Shirts (Duko) and some other dresses and I made payments for that I came out of the shop. When I reach home I checked the bag and I came to know that I forget to take one among the T-Shirts and I called up the shop and the Customer Service executive informed me to come with the bill to collect the item.

              I went to the shop and shown my bill and informed that I brought two T-Shirts from your shop and I forgot to collect one among that. The supervisor checked the bill and told me it is not possible to give you that T-shirt because it is not showing in the bill. Actually in the bill only one T-shirt amount is showing. I told him ok I understand that but the reason why I took these T-shirts only because of the offer and I want that T-shirt. But the supervisor was very adamant and he was not ready to give that T-shirt. As per the offer I should get one T-shirt free, but I didn't get that.

              I tried my level best to make him understand that I need that T-shirt which I should get as per the offer. But he was not ready to listen to me.

              This is a very pathetic customer service, and I never had such kind of bad experience from any other shops. These workers will spoil the "goodwill" of Reliance. Please make sure that this kind of things will not happen in the future.

              If you people want to give any response for these comments you can reach me at [protected].


              I was really impressed by visiting (manytimes) rel. fresh, bodakdev branch. Nicely set-up. OK price. However, i want to know rate of oil-dibba. Hence, 1) I have contacted just dial to take phone no of rel fresh bodakdev. 2) I call at given no. and I was shocked by receiving very rude and un-professional reply from office. The person who had given the rude answer, gaved another number by saying "This is office number & Iwill not go out-side, you take this another no." 3) I phoned on the another / second number for information of rate of Ankur 15 ltr oil-dibba. I have not received any answer for 2 minutes and my phone bill was going on. As my phone-meter was going on, i cut the phone and again try on the same number. 4) Finally, i received rate Rs. 2099/- (as on 1 April 2012, 6:30 pm) of 15 ltr ankur ground nut oil. Kindly give training regarding customer-support to all employees at bodakdev branch including higher post because manager is responsible for such poor system of the store.
              I am standing in the store located in AKASH TOWER, DIMNA ROAD MANGO( LOCALITY ).
              This store works through two billing counters.Problem arises that they are short on space and only one door,which is used both as an entrance and exit.The counter space is near to 5 feets,and in the peek hours,its too difficult to follow the koise.There are no air conditioners.Things are not at all organised.The counter staff are the local boys and are not even in uniform sometimes. A verbal conversation is appriciated.
              Jagjeet Singh Wariach | Wariach Industrial Chemicals LTD. | Jamshedpur
              Email: jagjeet.[protected]
              Ph: [protected]
              Dear Sir

              I wish to bring to your kind notice the very poor service standards and lack of customer interest exhibited by the staff at your Reliance Fresh Outlet situated on Aundh Road,Pune. It seems that there is no managerial supervision of the staff at the outlet and, in fact, we have not seen any responsible person overseeing things at this outlet. The result is that the staff do whatever they please and keep chatting and laughing among'st themselves or talking on their cell phones while neglecting the needs of the customers who sometimes have to stand around and wait for their lordships to attend to them. Often only one billing machine is being operated and on inquiring whether another one can be manned one or the other staff will reply that only one machine out of four is in working order. This when a large number of the staff are milling around doing nothing but horsing around!

              The premises of the of the outlet is usually untidy and the floor strewn with rubbish with no cleaning being carried out. The goods are handled roughly causing damage to a lot of items. Fresh items like fruit and vegetables are badly damaged due to poor handling, causing a loss to the organisation itself. Often when customers visit the place in the afternoons the staff is busy moving around large cartons of items causing inconvenience to customers. Since the spaces are very narrow the customers have difficulty in being able to navigate their way around. However the staff remain unconcerned and couldn't care less about the the discomfort caused to the customers. The impression one gets is that the staff feel that they are a privileged lot and that customers are not their concern. Their attitude is one of "Take it or leave it".

              The overall impression one gets is that Reliance Fresh is a badly managed customer unfriendly operation where it is the bad luck of a person to land up to buy items of daily consumption. If there was a More Outlet in the vicinity you can bet that I would not venture within a mile of this particular R F outlet. We have seen R F outlets in Hyderabad and we find the staff much more co-operative and friendly there. The stores are also much better managed and are reasonably clean.

              I would request someone in a position of authority to visit this particular store unobtrusively and unannounced and see for himself what the state of things are. May be then things will improve. In the army we used to have a standard procedure laid down and that was that a task had to be supervised if it was to be completed successfully. The same goes for your stores!


              Lt. Col. R.K. Addy(Retd)
              Flat A-1, 208, MontVert Pristine,
              Near Khadki Rly Stn
              Pune 411020
              Dear sir

              I am a regular customer of your dept stores at Govind Puri, Gwalior (MP). They do not even drop the cartons till the parking area, we sometimes face lots of challenges due to which we have decided not to buy anything from Reliance Fresh now.My card no: [protected] in the name of Kartikey Chaubey ([protected]). Please look into the matter asap so as to save your customers.

              Thank You
              Kartikey Chaubey
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Hi there,

                My brother had purchased "Bikaji tana tan a loo bhujia" from "reliance fresh".
                It was in offer and priced was slashed by more than 50%. But they have added "Reliance Fresh" sticker by changing the packaged date for "Dec 2011" to "26/4/2012".

                The packaging date should not be changed. Let customer see the original expiry date and take their decision whether to purchase it or not.

                If any one will see that packaged date is of recent month then he/she may not finish it up early assuming that there are more days to get it expired.

                Vikas Jalan

                Fake manufacture Date
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                   KULBHUSHAN KUMAR
                  Dear Sir,

                  I had purchased groceries from Reliance Fresh East Park Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi vide invoice No. 00908 113 for Rs.1200/-

                  However, while making payment by credit Card I gave two different credit cards by mistake, The counter man Mr, Anant Negi swapped both
                  cards. As such I have been charged twice for the same invoice. details of credit cards are below:-

                  HDFC BANK [protected]

                  ICICI BANK [protected]

                  Therefore, kindly refund me the duplicate payment a the earliest.

                  Thanking you

                  Kulbhushan Kumar
                  3962 gali Ahiran,
                  Pahari Dhiraj
                  tel: 23525226
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    Reliance Fresh Milk — quality

                    Last week I bought Reliance fresh Milk D-Life 500 ml two bags. ( @ Rs 14.50/ bag). The milk bag was opened within an hour...
                    Complaint category Food

                    I have a complaint against a Reliance Fresh outlet at Chander Nagar, Delhi-51. My complaint is that this store is acting as a "Middleman" and is doing the hoarding of the entities sold by the store. Actually this store brings a large amount of stock of all the entities like vegetables, milk products, soft drinks etc. and then sold them to the local shopkeepers and the local vegetable vendors and not to the local residents/consumers. Like for an instance, there cold drinks were available at a cheap rate, so one of the local shopkeeper purchased 150 units of those cold drinks from there and non were left for the local consumers so they have to purchased to cold drinks at the normal price ( not discounted as available on RF).
                    Also if vegetables are available at a cheaper price then they are also got purchased by a local vegetable vendor. For an instance once a person ( who is a local vegetable vendor) purchased 25 Kgs of onion from the store at once, leaving nothing for the end user, and later selling it on a quite higher price. There are a lot of similar incidences which occur daily at this store. What i wanted to say from all this is that, this all is adding to black marketing and hoarding of the items by the store which is directly affecting the end consumers, which shouldn't happen. In the end rather than getting the things at a cheaper price the end consumer is forced to buy the things at normal or a higher price (in case of vegetables) which totally defy the whole existence of such retail outlets.
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                       Madhava K
                      I had purchased some home need Items / products from Reliance fresh, Viswalakshimi Aecade, Dharwad and bill No. is S02523 dated 08/04/2012 at 14:15. After reaching the home I had verified the product with bill and found some items are charged more than MRP rate. I went to the shop and ask the problem with Shop Manager / In-charge at 19:19 on same day and he told that "it not our mistake and it mistake the of the company we can not solve". Kindly look in to matter and needful action, which is helful not only for me also all costumers.
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                        Reliance Fresh — Poor quality of milk

                        I purchased 4-500ml aavin milk packets from reliance fresh at 322 Hemraj Palace GST road on 07/04/2012 at 11.30 AM my bill...
                        Complaint comments  Comments  (1)Complaint category Food

                         r sareen

                        I use to do the purchase from your stores but the items on which the offers are given by the company kept in your stores are not supplied to the end users like me it has been dump by your store staff & the same has sold by them to they knowns or reletaives or the near by shopkeers on the higher rate, today i have visited your Jawahar nagar store in which cold drink on which the offer are there are dumped by your store staff & is been sold to the shopkeepers on the offer rate & this has also happen with other items if the same has to be done then no offer advertisment to given by the co as on going there we donot found the items as it has already been dumped by your store staff

                        Requesting you to look into the matter as it is effecting your market image in the eyes of end use like me

                        R sareen
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                           Sandeep Gupta
                          This is to bring to your notice that i visited yesterday i.e 6th of April 2012 at Malviya Nagar Reliance Fresh outlet to buy Coca Cola and Pepse scheme. I found that in front of me a local shop keepers took the whole stock of Coke and pepsi from the store leaving behind not a single piece for the rest of the customers. when i complaint to the billing section i got the reply that we can't help it. Staff there is very rude. Usually the items on the scheme is not available as the whole stock is taken away by the local shopkeepers. Products available are expired. Store Manager is not available to listen to your complaint. horrible service
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                            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                            Reliance Fresh Ltd has a departmental store on Pokhran Road - 2, Thane (West ).They are selling packaged product of sugarless cookies "SUGBLIS CHOC COK 200G " ( code no[protected] for Rs 129.00 though the printed price in the package is Rs 126.00 for Maharastra. When pointed out they were ready to refund the excess amount. But they did not change the price even after informing them that this in contradiction to the weights and measurement Act. I purchased one package on 31st March, 12 for which they charged Rs 129 instead of Rs 126. This amounts to cheating the consumer who is ignorant of law or is not very careful while making purchases.
                            Complaints to the company has not yielded any result.

                            G G Joshi.

                            Packed products — printed price

                            Please require printed prices to be shown in large font. It is difficult to read the price, and the date of expiry of product.
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                              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                              I purchased items worth Rs 1230/-from Reliance Fresh Store,Saraidhela Dhanbad.I wanted to make payments through my SBI debit Card but was informed the system was not working .I am a aregular customer of the store and I face this problem repeatedly.At other times at least the staff were polite but today a new staff was at the billing counter and no one was present to take my complaint.The new staff called somebody from inside and he was very rude to me. Finally I returned the items purchased though I could have brought the money from a nearby ATM.I have written my complain in the complaint register,but this would be of no use as it is never attended to.
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                                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                                Reliance Fresh Ambala City — non availability of debit card payment

                                I went to Reliance Fresh outlet at Ambala City on 25 Mar 2012. When I went to the billing counter, the attendant informed...
                                Complaint category Products & Services

                                Dear readers, I would like to bring it to your notice about what has happened yesterday night at Reliance fresh, near widia school , Bangalore. When entering the store, it is the responsibility of reliance store watch men' to check the hand bags along with other bags that u carry inside the store. When I entered the store, no body checked my handbag., I have done some grocery shopping and with the bill & the groceries I bought, I stepped out of the store., there were 2 watch men standing outside the showroom, I cameout and they checked my handbag and found a face cream which I was using from the past 1 month . They were arguing with me that I have stolen it and kept it in my handbag. I gave the cream for checking the barcode., after their checking is done, they found that the barcode doesnot belong to their store, they have exchanged my cream with new unopened one and they were telling that I have stolen their new facecream and they hided my already opened cream inside themselves. They acted really cheap and wasted my 45 mins time infront of the reliance store. At last when I argued that I have bought the product from so & so shop and so & so date, then they gave me my used cream back and asked simple sorry. The maintenance and the way they behaved was really disappointing and so very disgusting. In my life, I have never faced any situation like this n I dont want any one to waste their time unnecessarily.
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                                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

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                                  Worst infrastructure ever
                                  (1 hours 18 minutes ago)
                                  Money taken and cake not delivered
                                  (1 hours 19 minutes ago)
                                  Some one is uploaded my number and pic
                                  (1 hours 28 minutes ago)
                                  Ibibo Group / Goibibo
                                  Full refund for flight ticket

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