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D/3136-39, Oberoi Garden Estates,Chandivali, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072.
Tel: +91 22 4077 0500
Fax: +91 22 6692 4319

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Appsdaily — Appsdaily fraud company info

 Nilesh@1234 on May 27, 2017
Hello everyone,
We need to file police complaint against apps daily fraud company. As of now there is no physical evidence of appsdaily office or their Mir road office. All employees has left company. Customer care no has only auto reply option.
I filed my theft claim with apps daily id ATN_130217_197861208 nd paid 4000 processing fee in Jan 2017.
After months of follow up I didn't received any update from appsdaily. So I decided to go and visit their head office. To my surprise they are no longer present and I received the update that company went bankrupt. I have even visited...
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Appsdaily — Claim refund s7 edge

 Global Envirotech Engineers on May 25, 2017
I m Vicky from Delhi,
First mistake is the insurance, never buy any third party insurance.
I am owning S7 Edge, sent it for repair of crack display and back panel, before sending to appsdaily the display if working perfect, first i paid Rs.3700 for claim process fee, after paying appsdaily recieved the payment after 15 days(after my dozens of mails), kit arrives and finally appsdaily receives my phone, but after several mail i have no clue about my phone,
And one day i received a SMS saying that your UNREPAIRED handset has been sent to you.
i received the phone in very...
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Appsdaily — My samsung j7 phone which was submitted for display crack which was in working condition.

 maulesh joshi on May 25, 2017
Hii all,

These is to aware all that appsdaily insurance company is fraud. I had very bad experience. One day i buy new samsung j7 phone along with extended insurance warranty one year of appsdaily. Now my phone got display cracked.
My phone is in working condition. So i claim with appsdaily to replaced my phone with new display. They took around days and meanwhile repairing my device they damaged more to display and new spares were not available. And they submitted my device without display not in working condition and they have mentioned to pay me back rs 3200/- as display...
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Appsdaily — Display

 Sudina vr on May 24, 2017
I am the staff of saletax office in kersla. My adn no.270317197868508. I called appsdaily for several times. Only one answer processing. I send my phone on 03-04-2017 and pay 1000 rupee in your site. I paid insurance amt when i buy this phone. It is too late. Give me my phon imediatly. If u cant send my my phone within 7 days i will complaint to police and then i go to consumer protection act. I know all the rules about it. Because i am working in that section. So reply to my mail
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Appsdaily — Apps daily insurance

 Avinash Dhiman on May 24, 2017
I have done my I Phone's insurance from apps daily. My phone display is not working. After that I intimate to apps daily team that my phone is damaged. My claim intimation number is ADN_250417_197871511. They asked me to submit 1500 rupee in the form of processing fees. I have paid 1500 rupees to them. After that they have dispatched the packing kit to my address. When i packed my phone in there kit and go for schedule pickup and drop off both the options are hidden. I tried to call apps daily team 1000 times but there is no contact with them. I am doing mails to them but there is no reply from...
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Appsdaily — Mobile phone claim not received

 suchetakamra on May 23, 2017
Dear Sir,

After approx two months now you are telling us that our handset can't be repaired, if you are not able to arrange the parts of that mobile then how can we arrange, and what about that charges Rs 1500 we have given to you before sending our phone, you have sent unrepaired mobile phone but I have not received it my unrepaired mobile. As a working women it is not possible for me to go for repairing and then send bills to you and then u will credit amount in my account.I request you to please resolved my issue as soon as possible.

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Appsdaily — Mobile phone repair

 Poornachandra Ganesh on May 23, 2017
Hello sir my lenovo k3 note music edition mobile phone was damaged please sir...
Problems 01. Right side toch not working.
02. Any time any networ sim inserted in not reacheble out off aria to complete as friends
03. Battery low no pack up.
Told this problem so havy problem please solu thes sir or medom
Please my mobile phone repair my request
Thank you......
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Appsdaily — Not working of daily security in my phone

 tivi on May 22, 2017
Daily security, serial no. 7681467 installed in my phone on 02-09-2016 for the period of one year. It was working upto 23rd of Mar-2017.Then up to day it was not working. I have approached merchant shop where it was installed. They told to contact customer care of AppsDaily.I am trying to approach you, but I did not succeed.
Pl tell me what can I do to work of apps daily in my phone. The last date of working of AppsDaily in my phone is 23 rd of March 2017. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. My phone no. 9442502671. My email id ''. Receipt is enclosed for your...
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Appsdaily — Mobile after packing not pickuped

 sudha07 on May 22, 2017
Dear sir

mobile phone claim process registered through online and got link and then paid Rs.1000/-
we got a packing kit then packed mobile then scheduled pick up date but did in not pickuped. that link not working for pickup. claim process no; ADN_250317_197868422
kindly send me a link for fedex pickup link.


sudha ananthi
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Appsdaily — Adn_c_030117_197845585

 Karthik Lakkaraju on May 22, 2017
I have registered my damage claim on 3rd january 2017 and after nearly 2months they called up and said that my phone is under irreparable condition and if i pay 15% of my invoice amount which is around 14, 000 i would receive a replacement amount and i have even paid the amount on march 8th and i was supposed to receive my handset in 7-8 working days. But, even till today there's no clarity on when i would receive my replacement handset. Now my phone is struck with them and my money as well. I have even requested them to return my damaged handset and refund the amount i have paid which is 3600+...
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Appsdaily — Mobile handset insurance non receipt

 Alpesh Shastri on May 22, 2017
I have purchased insurance of the said company for the mobile handset. Then i have claimed the theft of the mobile before 5 months. The company has asked me the certain documents which i have submitted on one go as per the guidlines of the local branch manager. The company has then started demanding the different documents which were not possible to submit. The same has been conveyed them by mail number of time but after few months company has asked for one document which i have submited through courier and mail. The company has asked to deposit the margin money of 5040/- to process the claim which...
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Apps Daily — Adn_c_150217_197861825

 hritu raj on May 22, 2017
Sir app daily company ne mera phone claim ke bhane se liya hai aur return ni kar raha hai aur koi contact no. V ni hai apps daily ka app koi advise do jissemain iska complain court main kar sakun. Mera phone jo kee samsung a7 2016 tha. Phone khridte waqt unlogon ye bol ke becha kee 10 day claim guranty hai bur ajj feb se may ho gya there is no any response. Aur es company koi contact no. Ni app kewal ibr pe hin unki recorded voice sun sakte hai aur koi option hin ni hai itti bari fraud company pe koi legal karwayi kyun ni ho ri hai....
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Apps Daily — Damage insurance policy

 Karan Gumber on May 22, 2017
Claim Intimation Number ADN_010317_197864777

According to their policy they return the phone after debugging all the faults with in one months. I paid Rs 4000 at the time of insurance and Rs 2700 at time of claiming. On March 25, 2017 my phone and documents under CIN ADN_010317_197864777 have been received by them in their centre. Till now they have not returned my phone & even fault is very minor.

I had lodged a complaint of damage on March 1, 2017 and paid INR 2700 on March 4, 2017.
At the time of lodging complaint my hhone cost is approx INR 45k but today...
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Appsdaily — Fraud company

 rohit20tech on May 22, 2017
On 17-jan-17 i purchased new mobile with insurance from apps daily & on 07-apr-17 i registered a complain of screen damaged to apps daily they initail charged 1500 inr for claim registering which i paid. Then courier person took my phone and i received message from apps daily of receiving my handset, after 40 days i received message from apps daily that your phone is dispatched & not repaired.
When i recived my phone back i saw they fully broken my screen & not giving any answer why my phone not repaired.

They are making people fool. I am going to register legal case against...
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Appsdaily — Unethical practices done by app daily

 Latesh Jamwal on May 21, 2017
One of biggest mistake i did that i trust appdaily peoples. I have claimed damage repair with claim no. - adn_050317_197865380 for which i have paid charges for claim and send the phone with proper packing to their office after that i received one massage that my phone is received at their end but after one week i tried many times but no response from their side and their customer care no is totally making cheating with decided massage and further no response for next one month. After losing all hope i contact the retailer from where i got insurance done then after two days i got massage form their...
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Appsdaily — Unrepaired handset send to me why?

 satyajit holkar on May 20, 2017
I have send my broken handset to you with id adn_060417_197869677 and it has been received to you on 02/05/2017 and yesterday i received mail that your unrepaired handset has been returned to you.
Why you have returned my handset unrepaired?
Why you have not repaired it?
What is the problem?
I have removed insurance of my handset to protect it from various damage and you have not repaired it!...
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Appsdaily — Samsung s7 edge claim time exceeded

 Archit Sureka on May 20, 2017
The product has been sent for the claim on 28th march and there is still no progress on the state of my mobile phone. The time period has exceeded all the limits and i am really pissed about it. I want my phone back within one or two days or else i am going ahead and complaining against appsdaily on every platform possible. Do take this compaint very seriously
197867436 are the last nine digits of my cin...
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Appsdaily — Apps daily phone returned unrepaired and damaged

 vk_rohan on May 19, 2017
Appsdaily — phone returned unrepaired and damaged

I own a iphone which was sent to apps daily on 2nd may 2017 as its dammage.
I have just received one email form this company as the phone was received and is under process.
On 19th may 2017 i received my phone.
When i opened the package i found my phone but the sim card tray was missing and one of the steel part came out in between screen and body with pro forma invoice mentioned "repaired mobile handset" total value 4, the package.
Also the email id and contact no. Mentioned in pro forma invoice...
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Appsdaily — Claim intimation number atn_250117_197857101

 thehvc1988 on May 19, 2017
It's been 5 months since I my phone was stolen and I registered my claim.
My phone was stolen on 21/01/2017. And I have completed all the formalities regarding my claim yet no action has been taken and no word of reply is coming from you. Which is unfortunately sad and disappointing. Sir/ madam I have paid a sum of ₹ 16050 on 4th February 2017 and have posted you all the documents required as given in that email.

Sir/ Madam, it is very disappointing to tell you that I am very upset, unhappy and extremely unsatisfied by this and seems to me that I have been...
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Appsdaily — Claim amount

 bipinkhandelwal on May 19, 2017
Hi, i'm bipin khandelwal from vadodara, my cell i had received on approx before two week with same condition. As per appsdaily team the mobile part is not available at in his repair station, his suggest to me repair mobile in locally at your place. As per authorized repair station my cell phone repaired..
My questions is below
Who is pay claim amount and how to claim this cost to appsdaily. As per appsdaily link ( is not available on website, i'm trying last one week. Also already i had sent my one cancelled cheque to appsdaily,...

But still...
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