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Bangalore Hotel — Food what you eat is poison

Whatever hotels now a days are preparing un-hygienic and poisonous toxicated vegetables and chemicals formed and cheap oils which is reflecting the health of bangalorians very badly. Even the same situation in the country. There is good days for the citizens.

Food hotels like adigas, sagar are very un healthy and also costly.

'why it harms even in vegetarian food. Few hotel owners cannot help since the vegetables what they are buying of harmful substances and produced by chemical mixed very dangerous to hour health, hence today people are suffering from heartburns, headahces, stomach pains, liver problems, hbs ag, hiv virusus are coming from this bad food diets only. They serve old food in order to save, expired vegetables and expired rice they use for some food preparations by boiling which some times leads to poison, vomiting, nausea, food infections etc. Though it won't make any different for some on short term but gradually if you are eating one day it kills like slow poison and there is no way to cure once the diseases get stronger.

What they use:
Un-hygienic tap water in the kitchen,
Poiled tamotoes due to high costs
Poiled vegetables which are separated waste from other dishes
Poiled chutney's which were yesterday prepared, put in the freezes and boil it the same next day and serve in the new chutney etc.
Cheap or even if they use branded refined oils but re-used are some harmful and dangerous for the health due to this people are suffering from diabetes.
Alu pallyaas, the masala they spread on dosa is very dangerous. You dont know immediately but slowly you will be knowing that you have disease by even serving those food, if you dont care yourself what you eat or what you should eat.

Hospitals are their co-brothers for making money by medicine rackets and un-necessarily with slow poison by their bad treatments and dosages in fact they are killing people for money

Hotels like moghal durbar, city durbar in jayangar, royal treat in koramangala, biryani rices are so costly in these hotels, the food they server you will go diseased immediately in one or two days to such extent you will diagonsed in hospitals.

Adigas, sagar, upahara, moghal durbar, city durbar and surely 85% of the hotels in the bangalore are dangerous and your life will come down even the god wants to give you an average of 90-100 years of life, due to these hotel looters and hospital looters might come down to 50-60 years of life or younger generation of mid 30-50 years of age dies soon.

Eat 40 rupees rice bath or rice palav which is badly prepared and get ready to pay the doctor looters about 5 to 50 times more or put yourself into danger of life by consuming the poison foods, pay 200/- rupees for the biryani and get the disease worth 1lac or 5lacs or even put yourself in to danger. Like in other countries we don't have food and drug control people.

Most of the people started making only money not the quality now a days, every where hotels and hospitals has become multi dollar business.
Updated by sunshanuji Feb 28, 2017 lots of Students, working professionals who stay in the PG, accommodations also serves the very bad food. May youngers have diagnosed eating their foods.
Any one if you have vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, heart burn if you continue for 1-2 years which will become un-curable diseases and the reason is only this bad food in restaurants, hotels and pgs.
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