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108 Ambulance — executive

 Prashant Dudyal on Apr 8, 2019
As i called 108 on 08/04|/2019 to book an ambulance.. The executive response was not so good.. As mother was ill as she was bp and sugar patient.. She was ill.. So called 108 she was asking what happen to her. Told she is bp and sugar patient.. So what's happening with her was asking unnecessary questions.. If i had knew what happened with her there was no necessity of calling 108.. Called from koppal around 4.25 am on 08/04/2019...
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108 Ambulance — my father met an accident and died, 108 did not came for more than 25 minutes

 shreya.guptaa on Mar 6, 2019
The below complaint was registered on 07/02/2019 at https://cmogujarat.gov.in/en/write-to-cmo/ as well as have sent an email on [email protected] and have sent a hard copy to cmo office too which was delivered on 11/02/2019

My father met with a fatal accident on the 29th of january 2019 around 7:00 pm near the chandkheda zundal brts road. My father was an advocate who was driving back home on his two-wheeler (Suzuki access). As soon as he approached the chandkheda zundal brts stop, a stray cow jumped the fence of the bus stop onto the road and into the ongoing traffic. Sadly, my father's...
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108 Ambulance — absolutely undependable service from 108 - pathetic

 Jasmine c on Feb 25, 2019
We reside at parel tank road, mumbai. Last week, on thursday, 21st february in the evening we had an emergency as our old neighbour (Aged 89 years) was not responding. We decided to call the cardiac ambulance on helpline 108.
We made the following calls and spoke to different people :
A) 1st call at 8.37 pm. The guy asked us all the details re. Patient’s name, age, problem, detailed address (Which we gave). He said we would receive an sms which he never received.
B) 2nd call after 20 minutes again same questions. We answered all again.
C) between our first call i. E....
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108 Ambulance — poor facility of civil hospital and ambulance

 Berjinder Singh Raghuvansh on Feb 15, 2019
My grandfather is in serious condition, and doctor refer him to chandigarh and when we ask for ambulance they said it will be here in 5 mins and after 1 hr they are saying ambulance provided by govt is in fault i asked them for another ambulance they said all are in fault.. What the hell reply they are giving.. Congress govt is good for nothing.. Very shameful act.. These govt facilities are good for nothing.. Bull # people...
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108 Ambulance — ambulance not received in emergency time

 Vinod Varade on Feb 12, 2019
I had called for amulance on[protected]at 11..00 pm, but after several call to 108, and ambulance driver they are giving some minor reasons, ambulance driver said dr is not receiving call and drs no is not reachable, there fore i have decided to take patient in auto to hospital.
Ambulance driver no is. [protected]
I request to take some action on this....
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108 Ambulance — deficiency poor service

 shivangi2390 on Feb 6, 2019
On 22nd July, 2018 around 11:30 am., my father was complaining about chest pain and I called 108 ambulance and requested the lady who received my call to send an ambulance urgently. The lady casually said that no ambulance is available in your area. I am residing in Ambavadi area which is a central location. Despite which i did not receive help from 108 Ambulance and i lost my father.

Shame on the poor services provided by the Government...
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108 Ambulance — irresponsible help desk in a life saving service.

 Soujii D Cool Maestro on Jan 29, 2019
To whomever it is concerned.

108 Service is the first thing that strikes anybody in an emergency.

Yesterday at 12.20 AM, on our way back home, me and my husband found a group of people trying to perform CPR on a middle aged person who was in a pool of blood and an younger one with a bleeding face and a head injury. Worried, We ran to them and checked that the elder one was unconscious with a very mild pulse and the younger one heavily injured.
In this regards, I called 108. The callee answered the call in no time, however failed to do her job. She...
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108 Ambulance — I am bruhashpati trivedi son relation of patient

 Bruhashpati on Jan 19, 2019
From kalol
Pin 382721

I call emergency services 108 ambulance and receive patient for critical condition but your person has miss behaviour of patient and relatives
For critical condition hospitality shift matter. He is not give good response
Patient name bhagwati ben trivedi

For request to go apollo hospital
But your emri person is excuses me don't go apollo hospital this ambulance is not go to this hospital
And after we are taken other ambulance
And go to apollo hospital.
I am very requested him but he can't listen.
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108 Ambulance — serious bpl patient did not get 108 ambulance and hired for scb cuttack

 Bdas1 on Jan 16, 2019
After getting confirmation from the JAJPUR town headquarter hospital doctor. We have called 108 ambulance multiple times. Unfortunately …108 ambulance did not help to take the patient to SCB Cuttack hospital…Unfortunately a BPL family hired the ambulance and took the serious patient to Cuttack … I am attaching all the bill along with prescription … [email protected]
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108 Ambulance — no proper response of staff (heeru parmar)

 kinjal b patel on Oct 16, 2018
15/10/2018. Bharat bhai s patel..
Gj 18 g 9334

The staff member is not taking proper care of patient at the time when needed. No proper response in duty in case of emergency.
They are not taking proper care of doctor advise to help patient. As bharat bhai was suffering from hemophilia & at that time blooding was flowing continue so they didn't help for that matter also....
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