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Airtel — Poor Service

I am Neeraj.
Today i went to Airtel outlet,Rajouri garden regarding the MNP from vodafone to airtel.
I Provide them all the documents,but later they said to get the photostate of these documents
Its around 10:30 Am and no shops were open by this time and i wasted my 30 mins in searching for the shop.
This is the first outlet which i seen without the scanner.I have visited Vodafone store and Aircel outlet and they are well versed with all these basic things.
Are Airtel outlet are so poor that they wont afford a scanner/photostate machine or they have but they dont want to use for their consumers.I Am a regular airtel consumer and has around 5 airtel connections with 1 broadband connection.
My complaint is that please give them a photostate machine(comes with all hp printer) so that no other people would waste their time for such small things.
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To whomsoever it may concern


With great regret I Abhaya Ku. Swain, a customer of Airtel would like to state that the services provided by your organisation is highly unsatisfactory. I had lost my cell and SIM card on 13 Oct 07 and had filed a request to deactivate the services on my SIM CARD No- +91 [protected] at around 12.15 PM, 14 Oct 07. I was initially told that the same would be done in an hour's time. On reconfirmation after an hour it was told it would be done in 4 hours which to our regret was not done till 8.00am in the morning (14 Oct 07). Again I was promised that it would be done in the next 4 hours. It was finally done at 11.00am.

Furthermore on asking for assistance for a duplicate SIM we were directed to visit to your outlets at Dwarka & Uttam Nagar which I did only to find a renovation work being done there and no service is provided. I was further asked to visit the same at Uttam Nagar outlet on Wednesday, 17 Oct 07 for the same. On calling up your customer care at 121 at 9.30am, 17 Oct 07 we were informed that SIM Card would be delivered at my residence in 6 working hours ( Request Number[protected]. It was reconfirmed on repeated followups at 12.00noon, 4.30pm and 5.30pm , but to no result. At 8.00pm on calling up at 121 we were informed to go and collect the SIM from the Airtel Outlet. This action has not only wasted my whole day, cancelled some prescheduled assignments and further to that I had to forego on my day's salary & leave. I could have as well taken the service from some other service provider from day-one itself rather than to take the services of AIRTEL.

I hope that the concerned authority understands that a customer is NOT spared for a minute's delay in payment of bills. But to my regret AIRTEL has failed to provide me service promised and caused both monetary & mental stress.

On a complaint against the grievance done I was not provided any assistance and was further told to pay my oustanding bill and disconnect the service (Refere to discussions with Mr Pankaj Kumar Sinha -Floor Manager)

I would look forward to your immediate action failing which I would take a legal assistance onthe same


Abhaya Kumar Swain
To Whomever it may concern

I’am KJ.Balamurugan,one of the Airtel customer.I would like to bring some issues regarding the poor service provided by your Customer care Centre.I have been using the Airtel connection for past 5 years.I have 4 Airtel numbers including the land line number.The bill amount I’am paying is more than 20,000 per month. The numbers I’am using are [protected],[protected],[protected] and landline number is 42616675.The first two numbers i.e [protected] and [protected],I’am using these numbers for international Roaming.I’am a Marine Engineer so I use these numbers in European Countries(Italy,Belgium,Turkey,Greece,Spain and also in UK).Now the problem is I couldn’t able to access the Airtel live from there.In the year 2005 I was able to access it.But now it’s not accessing.I have given a complaint to your customer service center so many times.But no action has been taken till now.I donno whether I can continue my connection with Airtel or not.
It’s not only enough to cover the customers by giving Advertisement in Media and Newspaper.You should also provide a good customer support for them.People who works in your customer care knows only to speak in English,but they donno how to handle the customers.Anybody can speak in English if we train them,but giving solution for the customers problem is more important.I think you are very poor in that.It’s not only me giving the accusement about your service.Many of my friends are telling the same.If this problem is going to be continued on your side then I’am sure that you will be missing your valuable customers.So I want you to take immediate effects on my issue and make my Airtel live to be accessed for this two numbers([protected] and [protected]).I also request you to kindly improve your Customer Service center to avoid these kind of issues.
Dear Service provider,

With utter frustration and disappointment I want to submit my problems which have not been attended to in the correct manner. I am currently in Lucknow and I took an airtel connection about a week back. My no is [protected]. I submitted my license photocopy as my address proof and photo proof. Here I would like to mention that I am an army officer and I keep moving from one place to another.However I keep frequenting Lucknow so I took the connection with one years validity. After submitting all these documents my services have been barred. I spoke one of the customer care executives on 05 feb at around 3 pm and told him about the entire case and when he was not able to understand me and solve my problem I asked him to let me speak to his superiors. This employee however refused point blank which I suppose is completely against the ethics of such a reputed company. The executive asked me to submit an electricity or water bill which I will not be able to furnish as I am in the army and I don’t pay any such bills . I have however given my permanent address proff in the form of license photocopy.

I am completely dissatisfied with the standard of services being provided at the Lucknow branch . the customer care executives are below par and and have a very poor knowledge on how to deal with the customers. I would like to say that this entire episode has frustrated me and put the company as such in a very poor light, which I had always held in high esteem.

I would like to submit that if my services are not activated by today that is 06 feb 08 I will surrender this connection and take some other companies connection. This was the worst interaction I have ever had with any telecom company and I wont mince my words when I talk about it.

Thanking you and hoping that I get an early response and solution to this problem.

Ravi Tripathi
Airtel signal is very poor in our area, Cheruvickel village, about 1 km from Sreekaryam, trivandrum. We cannot use airtel as the signal is very weak. On the other hand other providers such as BSNL have no problems. Airtel must do something to improve the situation. We have made complaints in the past but with no results.
These days my calls are getting dropped more offen than before.
In the evening time, need to try multiple times before getting connected to any dialed number due to network error.
Airtel's automated helpdesk systems most of the functions does not work properly and serve customer with intended services.
Airtel's support people does not know or not able to resolve issues.
Well not to mention but corss calls... looks like Airtel is running conference services.
After reading this, do you think Airtel provides value for money service?

i am airtel broadband customer, my last month bill paid on time but my connection disconnet 02.04.2008 to till date,
My complaint is which one still pending and airtel saying that your problem will be resolve with in 24 hour. But it is totally different!

if today is not solve my problum iam going to court for ligal process..

my no[protected]
address - 1/26 lalita park, delhi -92
i have this airtel no now more than 1 year [protected] and airtel has activated some service pack for rs200 everymonth without my consent n from the last 5 days i've been on roaming n my no has been disconnected after making the payments also its not getting activated. Every time i call airtel the sevice executive tells me that my no would be activated in another 1 hour but still dere's no solution.This is the last complaint i'm making i want all the money back charged without my permission back to my account and my no activated within 24 hours otherwise i'll make sure anybody i know dont use airtel network as this is a corporate connection so i think it would make quite a effect for sure...

Airtel Mobile Services — Poor service & response

My number was given for changing from post paid to prepaid
but for the past one month I have been running after them at the reach communications annanagar office at chennai tamilnadu
india the change has not yet taken place and am being billed for the post paid connection.
i have been a postpaid customer for more than a year ...for which i had paid 500 rs. as a security deposit to thae company due to some issues .(billing)..i converted from post paid to prepaid its been a year ..inspite of complaining so many times i have not recieved the security amount i have visited their relation ship centre at civil lines(allahabad) ..but to my surprise ..the lady shikha (incharge ) and shikha ...talked veryrudely and misbehaved ...every time they changed their sentense ...on asking who should i contact regarding this issue ...she told we are the person .who will resolve your issue ..and u have to wait for more time ...ther way of treating was shameful ...plz resolve my issue ..
I have been using Airtel postpaid connection from last 2 years. From last 4-5 months, I am facing a Problem of network failure, for more than 3-4hours without any intimation. Due to this I was lost alot.
I am using Aitrel prepaid connection from past 1 year. Its the second time in this year that hello tunes has been installed automatically and my money is deducted. Does Airtel feels happy to disturb their costumers? But this time, i will not let me down and I will surely tale legal action on them. My cell numner is: 0091-[protected]
My incoming message system had been blocked by some staff members when i had threatened to complain to their higher authority about their rude behaviour a year back and after the recent fire incident that broke out my out going message service as well as my call reception has also failed.The customer care number also appears to have failed.Same problems are faced by my mother who also uses Airtel.Should both o[censored]s discontinue using Airtel?
i had recharged with Rs. 395 and got the message of recharged. When i subscribed the mobile office Internet service, i got that my internet service was not active. I have call 9 to 10 times in Airtel Customer Care. All Excutives say, sir "Your problem will be solved in 24 hours but there was not results yet. I am suffering with this problem from 2 weeks. I think all the Excutives of the Airtel Customer Care has been dead. Plz solve this problem as soon as possible. My Phone No. [protected].
We have booked the FCT Connections with the Airtel on April, 2008 the airtel person name is Mr. Darmesh mobile no.[protected] came from Okhla office with the following detail

The Deposited amount detail is Cheque no. 736644 The Kangra Co-operative Bank Ltd., Janak Puri Branch of Rs.500.00 as a security amount. Which cleared from my account on[protected]

Application No. 2474622.

They allotted the no. [protected] vide SIM No.[protected]

We Received the confirmation Letter from their Customer Service Delivery on 13 May, 2008 the letter signed by Sarabjeet Kaur (Vice President).

From the day one we are requested to Aitel Service Centre on 121 that we have not received the FCT Equipment from the Airtel and we are not able to avail the facility of FCT Connections

And from June 3, 2008 they send us the bill for the connection which we have not able to use it. Again we are requested to 121 service that we have not received the FCT connection so why the bill has been generated they again promises us that the amount will be reduced or refunded on the next bill and we will delivered the equipment within 48 HRS.

Now in august month the bill is coming regular but still we have not received the FCT equipment.

We again complaining to customer care but still we id not find any solution from the Airtel.
my no [protected] is of airtel kerela, and i am in delhi right now.i am trying to call one no in pune and itrs saying no dosnot exist.whereas m able to send sms to that no.

AirTel — poor service

No network in the house from 13.08.08 at Greater Noida I contact regularly to 121 but the problem is still now. I have contacted airtell office at greater Noida in personally. I had received the sms from airtell to resolve the problem up to 27.08.08 .but the problem are still.If the problem will not be resolved otherwise .i will disconet the conection.([protected] )
i'm your 1year old costmor. my mobil no. is [protected]. i have not recived hard copy of my bills . this complaint done three times to your costmor care center no. 198. but i have not get any solution from your side. i'm very disopointed from your sirves . now my out going coll r stoped . i'm waiting for solution . do needful.
prem hans
My Airtel Mobile No. [protected]. Service at Khadakpada Kalyan (W), Dist: Thane, Maharashtra is very poor. I got activated GPRS service on 29.07.08. I asked for settings for my mobile set Motorazor V3. Received message that settings are being sent very shortly but till today did not get. Contacted customer care at 121 for manual settings, attempt went in vain. Did not enjoy service for a single moment but paid heavily for just activation of service. Today asked for deactivation. Messages sent and reply received "Remote Application timed out, try after some time". Four messages sent, received same reply. Customer care executives very irresponsible in replies. Did not care for the customers.

Airtel — Bad Customer Service - Thane


the customer care ppl sitting in the big big outlets are simply dumb.. no knowledge of their product nor how to handle the customers calmly & resolve their issues


Airtel Landline/ Broadband — Compromising client's security

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I had a landline and broadban connection with Airtel in Bangalore. I recently moved to Mumbai and requested Airtel to cancel my connection in Bangalore. However to my absolute horror I found that Airtel has still not cancelled my connection (this is almost 1.5 months after I asked for removal of connection).

In the meantime the phone and internet connection may have been used by other people, which I am not aware of. In recent times I have read a lot of stories about how anti-national elements have used other people's phone and internet connection to perpetrate terror in the country. The police has been warning citizens that they should make their internet/ phone connections secure. However, because of Airtel's callous behaviour, my number and internet connection has been compromised. I do not know who lives in the house I used to reside in, who all have used the phone number and internet connection and for what purpose.

Besides, I have also been billed for the last 1.5 months during which I have not used my number.

In this day and age, I think this is a grave error on part of airtel.

Thanks and regards

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