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 varma_26 on Feb 17, 2012
Dr. Kammela Sridhar, is not the personality that we all know on TV. He is another Vampire doctor who sucks most of your valuable money for no big reason. The Assistant doctor at Kammela Sridhar's clinic is a joke. He is like a foot-path doctor. The nursing staff, receptionists, cleanliness, aminities at that hospital really sucks.
The theft will start with a consultation fee of Rs. 500/- and it will go on forever. The Asst. Dr and Dr. Kammela are least bothered about the problem we've got. They have their own set agenda of tests depending on the apperance of the patient.
Dr Kammela, who is appearing on one or the other TV channels 7 days a week, is just using his appearance on TV to publicize his name and clinic. People who watch him on TV think that Dr. Kammela is their saviour. But once anyone enters his clinic, I'm sure that everyone realizes his dirty tactics and dirty business within 10-15 minutes.
I'm one of the victims of Dr. Kammela and I recommend people to DO NOT CONSULT Dr. Kammela. He is just another doctor who is using all the dirty tactics in the world for his own good but not for the good of innocent patients.
Dr. Kammela's treatment does not worth the money we spend at his clinic. We can easily get a very good corporate treatment with that money.

Another interesting unprofessional factor here at this clinic is - When they have to examine you (say Genitals), both Dr. Kammela and his novice Asst. Dr will simply ask you to open your zipper (Yes, similar to the standing position in which we used to urinate) and from the good 5-6 feet distance they'll recognize all of your problems in one just single look. What an eye these folks has got? They never care to ask you to lie down on the examination table to carefully inspect what is wrong. I hope this one single factor will help you to determine the class of treatment Dr. Kammela is offering.
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In the end, Dr. Kammela prescribed me 2 types of tablets worth around 500 (Yes, you've to buy them at their clinic only) as a remedy to my infection (which I was told that it is regular in men). But do you know how much I spent at Dr. Kammela's Clinic to get to those 2 types of tablets - It is just 16, 000/- (Sixteen Thousand Rupees) only. Am I Lucky?
yes i agree to mr.varma.
I suffered a lot due to this doctor.
he is a big money looter, i have waste more than 20000 rupees and my disease was not treated in an efficient manner. Infact when i consulted another urologist, i recovered very soon with a treatment of less than 5000 rupees.

For every visit he will be charging 500 rupees which is valid for only 15 days. he plans another visit after every 20 days and thus sucks the money from the innocent patients.

His hospital doesnot have proper infrastructure and no one takes personal care of the patients. You can make your disease cured within the one-tenth cost charged by them.

He will make to tell the problems in front if the nurses and creates insult to patients. There will be no personal interaction available with doctor. Only an assistant doctor will take care.
He main motive is to steal money by giving improper medicines like vitamins and all. Each tablet will cost you not more than 250 rupees.

At the first visit it selves he will ask about your background, if you say you are an NRI or software engineer.. you are gone. His crooked ideas will get a boost and implement them all stating that you have a severe problem and charge high medical fees.

guys dont get cheated by looking at tv shows.. they pay money to these channels, to get themselves publicized. This is new kind of traps by the doctors.
Sridhar Kidney & Multi-Specialty
Yes unnecessary and dearly-won medicines are gievn by him.. and there are certain medicines, which are fixed to prescribe to patients like co-vital, coq, and mineral syrups etc.. I think he made a money deal with the pharmacy companies.
He charges 2800 Rs for blood test and the same can be done outside at the cost of around 1200 Rs. Scanning and X-ray test made mandatory to many of the patients who consult the doctor.sorry sorry.. its his junior doctor.

Before getting a prior appointment to Kammela, the victims has to confront another junior doctor, Its a trap to make the patients getting involved to pay for the medicine tests.
Truely an eye opener to all the people for the people who thinks of going to this doctor. Though he has a very good knowledge on the subject he is really money minded and least cares about the patients problems.
I am another victim. The tests falsified wrong testosterone levels in my case. I got my self checked immediately at another facility and they came fine. Unknowingly with falsified testosterone levels I was prescribed lot of Zinc and multivitamin tablets, Tonic, Gels, 2 powerful Injections and a visit back to India after few months FROM USA TO INDIA for money looting checkups. I sensed something wrong in the prescription and got my self checked at QUEST DIAGNOSTICS and KAISER to be sure in USA and realized that I made a big blunder by visiting the Urologist Sreedhar Kammela in India. This falsified reports brought so much disturbance to me and my family members. Please observe that in their reports they print NOT VALID FOR LEGAL PURPOSES.
thank you all for giving your valuable feedback and experience about the doctors cheating. you saved our hard earned money by not visiting the doctor.
non-sense doctor, with no ethics.
He doesnt even have pity towards the patients, who came from other countries as well.
Footpath hospitals give better treatment than Kammela Sridhar

I think his target is to surpass Apollo, Yashoda, medwin hospitals etc...

He projects his medical knowledge only to TV viewers, but not to the patients who are consulting him
Here are the think i found & my experience

HE is the Worst doctor i have met in entire my life
His Hospital looks like Clinic & They charge like super specialty hospitals
There Nurse asks tips after giving injections
Unnecessary tests(6000/- for hormone test (but they do only two hormone tests- testosterone, FSH + not needed blood tests) -- We can do these test 3200/- out side

One (Fake) Test- Penile Doppler Test, this is supposed to be done on erected penis but they do this on normal penis with some old machine

My results were normal(Hormones & blood tests) he prescribed Testosterone, FSH, Multivitamin, Protein supplements ...we have to buy from their medical shop only (with out discount)

i visited this for 4 times(Chennai- HYD) on 4th time he asked me go for RIGISCAN (25000/-) ...and that's it...i stopped visiting this

but later i found a doctor in Chenani & i met him he told me no need to worry about mild bend in penis (and told me surgical correction is optional, ) an i have spent only 1150 /- for this guy (two consultations + one seminal analysis test)

But I Spent close to 16, 000/- + 3 weekends to MR. **LE Kammela,

My sincere suggestion is please ignore him
I'm another victim of MR. Kammela, I came to know about this guys from TV shows i was very impressed with his show and i though i should check my problem with him and i visited Hyd (I'm Chnenai), while i was on the way to Hospital i met one guy he suggested don't visit him and you will end up with no results by spending lot of money, bcz same was happed with one of his his family member. I have consider him but i don't know where else to go so i stepped in to hospital, i would say it's like Clinic, But they charge like super specialty hospital .
First i visited His assistant asked my problem and told i have penile curvature and want to go for marriage in a year, The Actual treatment suppose to check angle of curvature in erection and semen analysis report . But Our Great Doctor suggested Penile Doppler test, Blood Test, some multivitamin, hormone injection, protein powder --These are happed in 3 visits and 4th visit he suggested take RIGISCAN(its to check ED), then i realized he is looting me...and i started looking for options, and i found two in chennai and i met one he checked penis in erection and semen analysis and told me not worry about the mild curvature and surgery is not needed and it's optional

So please ignore this guys and save your time and money

The other option i found is Dega Institute, Dr Narayan Reddy, he is good/best option for Sexology
Yes he is a LOOT! Never ever visit his clinic. Not only will you lose money but also confidence after visiting his clinic. I should have checked his reputation on internet before thinking of visiting his clinic - Sudhakar
Thank God...

Heart full thanks all of the above well wishers.
Actually I planed to visit him in my next vacation from Gulf to Mother Land India.
Thank u very much my brothers & sisters.

Thank God...

Heart full thanks all of the above well wishers.
Actually I planed to visit him in my next vacation from Gulf to Mother Land India.
Thank u very much my brothers & sisters.

He is a M*****F***R.. I spent around 2 lacs for VItamis and Protein tables.. Please don't waste your money and time.. At the you will fell commit suecide..
Hello, He is the worst worst doctor I have ever seen. There are at least 100 instances I can tell you as he is the worst doctor.
He plays with the Psychology of he patient. I have spent lot of amount at his clinic still i was not cured. What ever they charge the patients there is no proper bills, no proper reports also, there is no quality in the reports. At some time I thought to spit on his face while he was suggesting too many scans (already done multiple scans). He is been cheating patients. I would request some good and great people here, think how to control doctors like him. Others should not face problems like us...
He is true..he is a big fraud dr..don't ever trust him.
Better to go for herbel treatment.Its works for me, i have taken the medicine for 3 months course.after 20days from the medicine taken its really working fine.i was suffered for loss of sudden erections and size, girth.after three months course totally i have cured from my preoblems.Better go for Herbel.

Thank you
yes all above mentioned issues are absolutely true, shame to call him as a doctor coz a rmp finds and identifies the problem better than him.shame on him and his staff.plz dont ever visit him to loose money.thank you
There should be a minus rating for this guy.

He is a sucker of money. You need spend double the money for every thing. You don't get the medicines prescribed by him any where else. I was shocked that medicines costed 5K for one month.


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