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 Anand Srivastava
I have booked one tatkal ticket from Banaras to Bhopal to day( 5.6.09)96ib7 by Kamayani Express . The ticket was booked and money was realised from the account. But the ticket has not been issued.The reference no of transaction is (reference no.[protected]).
Would railway minister who is said to be a person from common man see why the ticket has not been issued when money has been realised. Or every body has to be dependent on the "Railway Ticket Dalals" for getting the railway tickets.

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[Sep 27, 2013] Minister Indian Railway customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Hello Railway Minister,
Ever since the outgoing railway minister absorbed all the coolies in the regular work force in the railways,
the stations are virtually cooliless.
I[censored] only fill up these vaccancies or allott licences to coollies, u will give employment to millions of
able bodied persons with a stroke o[censored]r pen and difficulties of travelling public will be lessened.
These days it is very hard to find a licencesed coollie on the platforms whether in east, west or north or south of india
With due respect I place my grievance to your kind knowledge.
I belong to Malda (WB) and by profession an Engineer. Presently I am working with UNO. Prior joinning UNO I was working with IRCON. In September 2002, IRCON sent me to United Nations Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) as a skilled manpower to undertake different airfield work. I worked 7 months in MONUC and thereafter, detached myself from IRCON in 2003 April. Though IRCON paid my salary and other detachment allowances but did not pay my Mission Subsstance Allowance (MSA) which is almost $ 30000/- ( IN INR approximately 15 lakhs). On many occassions I visited IRCON MDs but they all promised but without any result. I could have taken the case to UNO but being Indian I did not want to defame my country at international level. The case was taken to Delhi Hogh Court but it is only getting delayed and my hard money being spent on advocate fees.

I shall remain grateful to you if my hard earned money which is held for more than 6 years is paid to me with legitimate interest.
didi, apnake pronam, bohudiner pitaktya hoye thaka jangipur /ba farakka theke kolkata jouar sakale kono train aj parjonta keu kareni apnio korlenne, amra asha karechilam je ebar apni karben.sakale GARIB RATH jangipure stopege nai fale namta ki manai? ami dirgha din larai karechi ei bisoye kintu parlem na. ami protibandhi sangothon chalai. State Sect. parthoda, madanda ra amake valo vabei chenen.relway malda division er ek comitt, te chilam. ekhon nai bad deoua hoyeche.janina member korben ki na tobu train ter bisoye pl.dekhben. Ar ekti bisoy je JANGIPUR e resarvision counter e matra ekjon Staff fole bele 2 tar par ar konorup Tiketg ba Cancel Hoyna, Sunday te bandho thake.. jadi daya kare ei bisoy gulo solv karen tabe amra kritgya thakbo. apnar sathe achi thakbo.valo thakben asa kari PUJO te notun Train amra pabo. BIMAN CHATTERJEE. RAGHUNATHGANJ. MURSHIDABAD. Pin 742225 W.B. MOB No .[protected]
Honorable Union Minister,
Ministry of Railway,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Sub: Request for ensuring honorable behaviour towards the passanger

Respected Madam,

I Anindya Ghosh from Auckland, New Zealand like to write this letter to you requesting for ensuring a honorable and graceful behaviour towards the railway passenger. Indian railway is the largest railway system around the world and it have its glorified histroy. People expect a good service and a honorable behaviour from the railway authority and the staffs. But unfortunately this expectation badly hurt sometimes ( very often !!! ) by the dishonorable and shameless behaviour of the staffs of railway daepartment.In this context the recent news of the SHAMELESS BEHAVIOUR OF A TTE TOWARDS A WOMAN PASSENGER IN KOLKATA can be used for a live example.This TTE DARE TO UNDRESS THE WOMAN PASSENGER AND THEN STRIPESS HER IN THE OFFICE IN SEALDHA RAILWAY STATION.

You are one of the leading personality not only in India also in the world representing the woman dignity and woman power. We all respect you for your great movement and struggle for democracy, peace, corruption and crime free society, improvement of socio-economical situation of the nation and to establish a equality to woman. In this context I like to ask you HOW WILL THE RAILWAY AUTHORITY AND YOU AS A RAILWAY MINISTER REACT WITH THIS SHAMEFULL INCIDENT ? If the passanger did any punishable offence then she would be punished according to the Railway rules and regulation. But how could a staff behave in this way to a passenger. While THREE WOMEN PERSONALITES ARE CHAIRED THE ESTEEM POSITIONS OF INDIA AND WORLD ( Her Majesty, Pratibha Patil is the Hon. President of the largest democartic country of world, India; Hon. Sonia Gandhi is the President of largest political party of the world, Indian National Congress and you yourself is the Hon. Railway Minister of the largest railway system of the world, Indian Railway).

I was a social and political worker in India for more than one and half decades before came to New Zealand. I was a Chhatra Parishad leader and was a Member of West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee before joined to the Trinamool Congress and a form a political family while one of my relative is a eminent Congress leader, former legendry student leader and was a former Union Minister of I& B. I also had my bitter kind of these experience while I was in India. So obviously this kind of incident not only hurt us but also raise a question to us, HOW COULD BE A NATION WILL STEP FORWARD WHILE A CITIZEN CAN NOT HONOUR OTHER FELLOW CITIZEN ?

I therefore request you to take examplenary action towards these incidents as these kinds of incidents should not be happened in the future.
Thanking you.

Best Regards
Anindya Ghosh
95/2 Farmhouse Lane, St. John
Auckland, New Zealand
Sir, Am booking e-ticket through inter net for myself and my family members, bun while bording at SALEM RLY STATION IN TAMILNADU for getting a plat form ticket, for a persons who is accompning the passenger is required more then 2 to 3 hrs for getting plotform ticket in the ticket que.
this is very impartent for time delay.
Pl make alternate arrangement for getting platform ticket.

thanking you
We are senior citizen, aged 65 and 69 yrs, implanted with space-maker, attempted several times to book our e-Tickets yesterday in 2313 Sealdah Rajdhani Exp. in 3AC from Sealdah to New Delhi requsting atleast one lower berth out of 158 available accommodation then. We were shocked to note that ticket-amount was approved and paid every instant from SBI-Card but ticket booking failed on technical reasons. Curiously, when no choice NONE was preferred we were allotted UPPER BERTHS out of said available 158 AC-3Tier berths. We at this old-age with high BP and Space-maker implanted are not expected to climb to Upper Berths, particularly at nature-calls in the night. We also made an attempt to book Lower Berth in Ladies Quota but sarcastically money was debited without booking ticket. Our Transaction ID.[protected], PNR No.[protected]. May we request you to look into the matter of Internet Reservation with choice of berth for LADIES as well as SENIOR and/or AGED Passengers. A line of confirmation is highly solicited.
Honorable Union Minister,
Ministry of Railway,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Sub: Request for ensuring honorable behaviour towards the senior citizen in Metro Medical unit, Tollygunj

Respected Madam,
I'm a software personnel and working in IT sector for more than 10 years. I would like to say honestly, that based on your idiology I'm a big fan of you. I'm very much respect you. But after taking the Railway Ministry, some of Metro Railway employee (who used your name and try to show, they are not dare anybody, coz they are in your Union) in Tollygunj Medical Unit became rude, try to always insult or dis-respect to the Retrd. employee / Senior Citizen, which is very hurtful to me. While senior citizen visit to medical unit to take the medicine they try to harrased them. They are proud to behave such way.
I'm surprised to see this event. Some days ago such event was happened in front of me, while I went to Tollygunj Medical Unit with my friend to take regular medicine of his parents who were serviced in railway for more than 30 years, and I was surprised to hear due to such rudeness, his parents stop to come collect medicine from Medical unit. That day I also faced such event, one of present employee (latter on I knew from other person abt him) rudely behaved with a Senior Citizen and Retrd Employee while he(Retrd Person) told them to do hurry, coz he was ill. Then tht employee try to assault him and gave thread.
As a human being I would like to say, pls you look after to that medical Unit. Tht event was very hurtful. I think, if such events are occured in regular basis, the Retrd Employees are stopped to take such previledge. Hope, that was not the aim of Railway Ministry. I know, you and your management never allow such rude employees who are not able to give respect to their seniors (in respect of age and service).
So, I request you, pls look after such matter, and assured us, in future such event not be happened.
We have lots of faith to your justice, hope you will take care in such event.

Thanking You,
Deb Chatterjee

On[protected] e-ticket booked (for 5 students )PNR- [protected] to
board on[protected] from VSKP to DURG in train no. 8518 Link
exp.They were alloted confirmed berths in S8
coach(no.33, 34, 36, 39, 40)

On[protected] students found one coach marked S5/S8 and boarded in
that, there were no other coach marked with either S5 or S8 in the
train.Subsequently TTE came for checking the tickets and told the
students that the coach is S5 and he has chart for S5 which does
not have their names.TTE also not clarified regarding existance of
S8 coach or adjustment of passengers of S8 coach in other reserved
coaches, instead he thretended that" your tickets may be cancelled
if you want to be in S5/S8 coach I will give berth to all with the
payment of Rs. 250 per head or i will impose the penality for
all, other wise all of you get down from the coach on next stop".

On next stop students got down from S5/S8 and enquired in other
coaches including in A.C. coaches for auto upgradation but to the
surprise none of the TTE's responded to help the young students in
positive manner, then students boarded in general coach.

This raises some serious issues about functioning of railways, its
behavioural aspects and integral functioning-

1.If S8 coach was not in the train how confirmed tickets were booked.

2.If S8 coach was removed for some reasons why berths were not adjusted
in other coaches with information to all TTE's of the train.

3.WHY a coach was marked with S5/S8 if the TTE is having only list for
S5 coach with no. of vacant berths to adjust with Rs. 250 per head.

4. With the confirmed reservation students had suffered whole night
please enquire the matter and give justice to the sufferers.

5.Lack of information to the TTE's regarding reservation, reservation
status, reserved coaches, adjustments if any then who else will help in
the running train to the needy passengers.

6.Young innocent students were not guided properly but instead asked
for money and threatended to penalise as without ticket.

Kindly let us know why the proper berths were not alloted with
respect to the above information. Awaiting for your early response.


Honorable Union Minister,
Ministry of Railway,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Dear Sir/ma'am

iam a serving military officer my name is LIEUTENANT COMMANDER SUKRITY DAS posted at Mumbai. I was travelling by Amarkantak express (train no.2854) from Jabalpur to Raipur vide PNR no.[protected] on 25 sep 09 by coach A1/Class 2AC. At around 6 a.m on 26 sep 09 i discovered that by RED COLOUR TROLLEY BAG (SKY BAG) with a small lock MISSING from seat no. 17/18 (SL/SU BERTH). All my belongings were lost. I must reiterate that public has tremendous faith on railway authorities especially on the ticket Controller and the coach attendents, but after this incident i feel there is a nexus between the railways personnel deputed on trains and the thugs. Dear sir as i lost all my personal belongings i was deeply agitated mentally and just because iam a armed forces personnel i drove myself to complain and lodge an FIR with CONDUCTOR and GRP Raipur much against their resistance.

I lodged my complaint with the ticket controller Mr. NBS Narayana, Conductor, Durg (Mobile no. [protected]) vide complaint no. 096716 dated 26 Sep 09 and FIR No. 0/65/09 dated 26 Sep 09 with GRP, RAIPUR. May i request the authorities to quickly react, rather act to take stern action against those responsible for such callous and slack attitude. I would also like to appeal to the railway authority to find my luggage and compensate me for the mental agaony i underwent for the same. I would like to follow up my complaint on weekly basis, if no action is taken within a fortnight i would complaint to Railway minister against the authorities responsible for the same. My phone no is [protected],[protected] e-mail: [protected]
My name is Rakesh dwivedi, i saty in mumbai but i am from Rewa i Visist Rewa in Madhya pardesh aftyer every 3 months but there is no reail service till rewa but there are Railway Trackes whicj is used only for Passenger trains (general Trains)
Every tiem when ever we travel from Mumbai to Satna, Ita my humble request to please extend the Garibh rath of Jabal pur till Rewa so that we people of Rewa can easily travel from Mumbai to Rewa and Rewa to Jabal pur
Rewa is hardly 200 KM from Jabalpur, there are many local type trains from Jabal pur to Rewa and there is alos an Express train from Mumbai to Jabalpur and jabalpur to Mumbai (Garibh Rath) but no express trains from Rewa to Mumbai and Mumbai to rewa)
Request from all the people of Rewa please do the needful

Rakesh dwivedi
they have to work alot on behavioural part of their employee. Railway employee doesn't know how to talk with their customers.
Respected Madam,
We are from Kubakonam, Thanjavur District. The train between Kumbakonam and Chennai is stopped due to upgradation of meter gauge into Broad gauge from Nov.2004. They told that it will be functioned from Sep.2009. But no steps are taken to function the from Kumbakonam to Chennai. Our lions club of Kumbakonam has also sent a letter requesting for early action.
WE will be grateful if it will functio befor Jan2010.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Honorable Union Minister,
Ministry of Railway,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Dear Sir/ma'am

I have confirm ticket of train No:-2476, PNR No:-[protected] of date 3/11/2009,

At Sawimadhopur in our booked coach B4 No Attainter is available to open the door,

We req. one passenger to open the door, When we get in Our Booked Seats occupied by some other passenger, OUR Seat NO are 48, 56, 64.

Your Staff is Highly Corrupted Plz. Advice To Maintain Some Rules At Lest
Dear Madam

With due respect, I take the liberty to interrupt upon your valuable time, in connection with the train from Ranchi to Guwahati and back.

We been reading in the news papare about this train with great expectations since the days when Mr Lalu Prasad ji was the rail minister. That the present train plying between Ranchi to Alipurduar and back will be extended upto Kamakhya.
When Madam you MS Mamata Banerjee became the new Rly minister, after the new lokasabha was constituted, then also there was news that the refered train will start working upto Kamakhya from the month of november 09. However the month of November 09, came and about to leave us now. Yet the train is with no news.

Notwithstanding above issues can we request you to kindly do something about this train, and if possible kindly get the train inogurated by local state minister, if that is at all required. Alternatively rail officials of Maligaon or even Aam Janta with your grace, can inogurate and extend the facilty to general people.

We shall be extremely grateful for your this kind gesture.

With best wishes
The Honorable Railway Minister

I have booked a ticket on 17.9.2009 from Baroda To New Jalpaiguri dated 20.11.2009. The day I have booked the ticket was on waiting List no.1 & still today its still on the same status. Whats the use of booking the ticket so early when after even 2 months we are not greeting the ticket confirmed? Please look in to the matter seriously. My PNR No. is [protected]. Its very urgent for me to travel on the very same day.
Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect I hereby inform you that I am a frequent traveler of Indian Railways and I need to travel a lot but on todays experience I really shocked. I was traveling by 2351 UP HWH – DNP Exp from Howrah to Patna on 23rd November 2009. PNR No: [protected] by AC Three Tier Coach No: AB-1 Berth No: 07, at around 4:15 Hrs on 24th November 2009 suddenly I wake up on shouting of some passengers in my coach and I found that some Passengers has caught an unknown person who was not a valid / authorized person to travel on same coach in red hand when he was trying to thief some goods of the passengers and at the same time there was no COACH ATTANDENT as well as TTI or Security Officials. After hitting that unknown person he said he get up into the train on the way where some passengers came down. After some time the TTI Mr. R N Prasad came and asked about the incident and we told him all the things then the Coach Attendant Mr. Bivash Kumar came and when we asked him where was he? He said he was on another coach and there was no Security till that time. After 45 minutes when train stopped in a small station 3 Security Personals (A Das was the In-Charge as he said) came and we informed then all as we asked to them where they were they said they were in Sleeper Class and also said they knocked many times to the doors but no one open the door. Now question is if the Security Persons are not be able to enter into AC Coach how the thief came inside the Coach in the middle of journey? If Security Personals really knocked the door where was the Coach Attendant? What is the Function of TTI in Train? I had already launched a complain (Sl No: 008806) against all and the incident and again I request you to kindly take this issue in a serious way to prevent such types of incident. We need to travel a lot in every time due to our nature of jobs if it happens we should have to avoid Trains as a result Indian Railway will face some critical situation on it. I request you kindly take action of the professionals whose name has been taken in above to obey their duty.

Thanks & Regards,

Sadhan K Sarkar
38, Purba Phoolbagan
Flat No:1B (1st Floor)
Near Sahid Bedi
Kolkata - 700086
Phone: +91-[protected]

Ministry of Railway — Online Reservation

I require explanation, why the website goes hanging while advance booking either for 90 days or tatkal ? But at the same time railway agents can do booking online, but not we citizen. So it seems that railway blocks the site for normal people & the site works with agents. Then what the use of online booking ? Its just waste .
Reply expected.

Railways — train reservation n details not available

I m trying to book my ticket from new delhi to bareilly from SHRAMJEVI EXP. through internet...but the status of the train is not available..n the booking is not permitted,,,,,WHAT TO DO???
hounrable madam

the above complains are very true even we face the same problem while travelling misbehaviour of railway staff
Hello (if someone spares few minutes to read the lines below),

I am using for booking Railway tickets for last few years and was very satisfied with the service. I must agree IRCTC made life more easier if ticket booking is considered.

Surprisingly from last few months it is become impossible to login to IRCTC in first 30 minute, which is the prime time to book TATKAL tickets. Every thing turns back normal just after 30 minute to 45 minute but by then all tickets are booked. I repeated the same thing with different broadband connection, even at from a 2MBPS connection from my office (YES I reached office at 7:30 to experiment the same) but story is same. I strongly disagree that IRCTC servers are connected to a poor internet pipe so that it can’t handle so many simultaneous connections. But I strongly agree some other story behind the fact. I don’t know whether this is a right forum to bring it in attention, but I will not stop here. It is not only me who is facing the problem, I spoke to number of people working around me and my office (IT Sector, Kolkata), and all of they are having the same issue. We are meeting Ms Mamata Banerjee (some day in 8 AM in morning) with few high speed and low speed broadband enable Laptops to demonstrate what is happening. I am sure if it is publicized that day Server will be very fast, but we are proceeding accordingly. We are quite sure to get a ton of cooperation from Ms Banerjee ( As we here about her in media), and will be able to demonstrate the real case.

Kaushik Bose

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