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 Anand Srivastava
I have booked one tatkal ticket from Banaras to Bhopal to day( 5.6.09)96ib7 by Kamayani Express . The ticket was booked and money was realised from the account. But the ticket has not been issued.The reference no of transaction is (reference no.[protected]).
Would railway minister who is said to be a person from common man see why the ticket has not been issued when money has been realised. Or every body has to be dependent on the "Railway Ticket Dalals" for getting the railway tickets.

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[Sep 27, 2013] Minister Indian Railway customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Please send reply to the following complaint at : [protected]

I, along with my colleague, traveled in Garib Rath Train as per following details:-

1. Mumbai-Delhi by Train No.12909, Dt.21.04.2011, PNR No. [protected]
2. Delhi-Mumbai by Train No.12910, Dt.24.04.2011, PNR No. [protected]

We booked our ticket well in time. During our journey we experienced lot of inconvenience due to -

1.Lots of waitlisted passengers were there in the coach. TTE did not stop them in spite of our repeated request. These extra passengers were found sleeping on the floor of the coach by occupying every inch available space and causing avoidable inconvenience to other passengers who had confirmed tickets. On enquiry from one of the waitlisted passengers, we were told that each passenger has paid Rs.700/- to Rs.1200/- per passenger in cash extra to TTE and they cannot be denied to travel in the coach.

2.No sweeper attendant was available to clean coach / toilet and causing inconvenience to passengers. You are requested to please take appropriate action to ensure–
a)Waitlisted passengers are not allowed to enter the coach.
b)TTE is not allowed to collect extra money and to promote corruption.
c)Ensure sweeper service within the coach and toilet.

I await your immediate action.

Bharat Sajjan

Indian Railways — not yet received my bike at ahmedabad station ,booked on 29/4/11

hi , sir even i m fed up with this procedure followed by railways ... i had booked my bike on 29/4/2011 from pune to ahmedabad with lt no. b254178... even with the continous follow up with the procedure ,it has not yet reached ahmedabad.. when my friends go for an enquiry they simply say that it has been loaded, bt they dont clarify it .. what to do , private agencies would have done it in low cost as compared to this.... and the damage they do to it is still not calculated by me... it is hero honda karizma r ,with no. mh 12 fh 2304.... kindly help me out with this ....
yogendra singh bhati
email [protected]
Madam railway minister,
IRCTC and railway booking office, agents are earning lot of money by corruption.It is surprising agents are able to book tickets from anywhere. Surprisingly, tatkal seat 160 are booked in 10 minutes.You should encourage e tickets at least 50% of taykal can people are placing forms and going home one day before and 80% of those forms are from agents.railway security and booking employee and involved.Your employees are not working honestly.You are running this dept worst than your sucesser Mr. lalooo.wake up.Think of big and serve honestly.
What a disgusting procedure is there in Indian Railways. People who book ticket before two months are not able to get the confirm ticket & people who book in tatkal are able to get the tickets. Is is justified.

Also if rule is their that E-Ticket passenger with Wating list should not travel. Then why there is no automatic refund of complete money? Why there is ridiculous procedure of TDR that also 50% is refunded. Is railway so interested in earning money from people who are not even travelling?

This is the sure injustice done
many of the railway officials should improve their behaviour with passengers. they should realise that they are public servers. corruptions should stop at all levels. they are paid handsome salary & allowances (if any).
public should also behave in a proper way with respect with the railway staff.
As per railway's rules Tatkal ticket can be earliest booked only two days before the date of journey. So, on 01-06-11 one can't book tatkal ticket for 04-06-11. Kindly see below the status of the available berths in tatkal kota for 04-06-11.

Accommodation Availability Enquiry

You Queried ForWarning: No one is authorised to make any type of commercial usage like putting web advertisements or SMS service and Reproducing/Transmitting/Storing in its database, any content of website, without prior written permission from Indian Railways. Violators will be severely prosecuted.

Train Number Train Name Date
(DD-MM-YYYY) Source Station Destination Station Quota Code

S.No. Date (DD-MM-YYYY) Class - 3A Class -SL
1 3- 6-2011 REGRET/WL 1 REGRET/WL 1

2 4- 6-2011 AVAILABLE 7 AVAILABLE 57

3 [protected] AVAILABLE 32 AVAILABLE 194

4 [protected] AVAILABLE 32 AVAILABLE 194

5 [protected] AVAILABLE 32 AVAILABLE 194

6 [protected] AVAILABLE 32 AVAILABLE 194

May I know how the berths reserved under Tatkal kota for 04-06-11 of 3rd AC and Sleeper classes have been booked three days earlier.

Mobile no.- [protected], E-mail ID- [protected]
respected mamtha mam
mam i booked ticket IRCTC from secundrabad to bhadrak on[protected]my PNR No [protected])and my journey date is on[protected] till its not comformed i am reporting to you because it has happen so many times to me and i have reported regarding to IRCTC customer care people they did not respond in proper way so please kindly request u mam to refer to them regarding this issue this time two lady passengers are traveling from secundrabad to bhadrak i request you kindly to do so
thanking u mam

yours sincerly
Honorable Union Minister,
Ministry of Railway,
Govt of India,
New Delhi

Dear Sir/ma'am

Public is taken as donkey. Too much of corruption in railway. Think for everyone. Its irritating and we know you wont even check all this what people are writing but as concern its what we are expressing. Booking a ticket has become like climbing Mount Everest. Through agent or through net a normal public can never book a ticket for himself/herself these days. All blocked.

Thanking you

Pragyan Behera
Bhubaneswar, India
I wish to request you to give stoppage of some important trains like Puri Ahmedabad Exp, Mumbai Ajmer Express at Anand Juction in Gujarat Pls do needful into this matter and take some action to get the stoppage of important train at anand Station
for not buying platform ticket, railway employee charges excess fine. that is for 3 Rs ticket the fine is Rs 320. they dont give a proper receipt too. the receipt says it is for excess fare and luggage charge. this happened in coimbatore junction. and after reading all complaints i come to know that this type of fraud takes place everywhere.
my daugther ku.damini hoomane is going to Bhopal from Maundsaur who attended the guide camp under KVS nagpur. she could not got reservation. can you help her
Resp.Trivedi sir,

My daughter Ku.Damini Hoomane s going from Maundsaur to Bhopal who attended th guide camp under kendriya vidyalaya VN Nagpur she could not got the reservation on 21.10.2011. can you help her.PNR NO. is[protected]
Mobile No.[protected]
Railway Minister,

Respected Sir,
Sir, I am doctor and assistant professor, my wife also.Today, my wife is going to bangalore from bhopal. She has e-ticket and waiting 4 while she has booked ticket 3 months before & chart has not been prepared 10 minutes before the departure of train. I saw chart after reparture of train, it was not present on notice board. Many passengers are walking to and fro to get the chart status. There was no senior officer in office eg. YADAV JI. all staff were tell to get status from room 1 to 6-8. What is this sir? I think that there was many dalals on station like TTE who don't want to paste chart on notice board so they earn money from passengers. Please get knowledge about chart preparation for Karnataka sampark kranti 12650 from Bhopal railway station on[protected]today).

Please take action against such dalals on railway satitions BHOPAL.
I am frequent traveler of Indian Railways. Hence I have few concern against the railways system which I fill it should bring it to railways authority notice by knowing or unknowingly.
· Now TATKAL Ticket Facility not for general public, it’s completely amenities for Broker or Agent, At 8:01 getting ticket WL10/20, Same time if I give to any Agent will get confirm ticket at 12noon. Why these?

· Bangalore Kolkata needs few more regular train services, since in Bangalore more than 10 Lakes Bengali and 4 Lakes Biharies live here and travel to Kolkata time to time.

· For others existing all Trains need to add few more bogies during season or rush time, Also no TATKAL bogies available now a days too. No proper process or system going on.

· Now a days the compartment not cleaning properly nor maintain properly. Rats and cockroaches jumping everywhere is side the compartments. Many sleeper beds are so old, not able to sleep sometime.

· My last but not least question is why railways giving ticket TATKAL WL up 100 or more? Why so? Is this for railways revenue generation for taking 20 rupees from each passenger. Railway clearly mentaion WL passenger not entair to any reserve bogies etc. Why all these?

As an Indian I have civil rights to ask these questions. WHY so much problem passenger suffer every day? WHEN these action items will get effective? I think railways authority can fix these issues immediately, please use proper process to make this service better.


Sougata Saha
respected sir myself naveen kumar rt nw travelling from mehindergarh to rewari the train jaipur hissar sadulpur passenger is standing at outer signal from last 35 minutes although the 4platforms are empty at this movememt as per my friend call. May i know what the employs are doing under ur kind control. I think its the wrost condition of railway.

The best way to travel long distance in India is Indian Railway. But due to corruptions going on ticketing life has become very uncomfortable with railway. If you want to buy ticket from ticket window one hardly get's it. My father bought reservation ticket after trying for 4 days that too waiting. Matter of fact is the waiting no. was 387 when he had the ticket. On 16th DEC at 2 pm the waiting was 350, on 17th DEC 01:00 pm it was 287 and on the same day at 03:00 pm the ticket was confirmed just before 2 hrs of journey. What i want to point is that due you think sir that these many people would have cancelled their journey? This is a huge racket of dumping tickets by agents. Booking station- Deoria sadar (UP), Train name Tapti Ganga exp. Specially Gorakhpur, Deaoria Sadar, is very very hard to get reservation tickets.

Do we have some force that looks after these plz.
i read all the above complaints but what the redressal. i think all these are unnoticed, -. raokommoju

Indian Railway — bike not yet received

i booked my motorcycle ( MP 18 MA 4789 ) through Railway Parcel from shahdol to Indore in train no.18234 on 20th of dec .parcel receipt no. A919802 . it has not yet received yet . and railway parcel authorities did not give any satisfactory response . i want to knw how much time they will take to deliver my bike ..
Dear sir,
I have no other option to file the TDR in the last hour bearing Reference no.ekt[protected] and its PNR [protected] booked no 13/09/2011 and journey date was fixed on.16/09/2011.After a gape of four and a half months, the Railways authority disallowed to refund the amount.Though the e-ticket was booked on online.I do not know the reason why the Railway Authority has rejected my legitimate demand under Railway norms.I want the refund our hard earned money.They should have understood it.I want their full hearted co-operation that I may get the refund.
Respected Sir,
When we started at 8am to book Tatkal tickets through internet at home, always comes error, and did not open the page. This shows that server is kept down intentionally so that tickets are sold in black.World is moving forward but we are going from bad to worse.I want to tell the hon'ble railway
minister and railway authorites to close down this service as we feel humiliated by this.We neither
are able to get the tickets at railways stations as tickets are already sold neither through internet
service.I hope our menas public grevience will be looked into and problem solved and people will be able to get the tickets through net.

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