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 Nisha Smith on Feb 8, 2011
" Empowerment of women is particularly important to me as I believe this leads to the empowerment of the nation" - Hence I am approaching you for help.

I applied for OCI in July 2010 at the Consulate General Office in Houston, TX. Since then, I have had registration USAHI2015010, and 3 months later it showed online Acknowledgement USAH01148610 showing "scanned - Under Process".. Now, 6 months later, when I check online, I am told that "Application with this number not yet Acknowledged or Wrong Passport Number”. What is going on here? Suddenly from “Under Process”, I am being told that this has not even been “Yet acknowledged”? Nobody is answering my phone calls or emails.

I am absolutely fed up with this system and lack of assistance and NO RESPONSE. I am going to take this to the highest authority and the Better Business Bureau. I need someone to call me and explain this method of working, or for better words, “lack of working”.

We are living in the United States of America, and don't expect this lack of communication or couldn't care less attitude. What happened to my money that I submitted along with the application?

I am so disgraced that the Country I die to visit ever so often, is uncaring, unresponsive and so drowned in corruption, that probably till I pay someone a lot of $$$ underhand, this will never happen. Is it possible for someone to give me update status on my application for OCI, which I submitted over 6 months ago?

Nisha Smith
Asstt. Vice President
Citibank NRI Business

Cell: 281-250-5311
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How stupid it is that when physical copy of OCI application is being submitted they insist upon production of foreign passport of the applicant.

Secondly OCI applications are accepted only through Govt. Speed Post and sometimes it is almost impossible to pin point where the OCIapplication is stuck up.

Well our biggest enemy are our own people whose attitude towards work is pathetic and hence we generate lot of frustration towards our Country for no reason because the fault lies with our attitude towards wor and fellow colleagues.

Rohit Dudhela
Company Secretary
Now the consulate has outsourced the OCI process to Travisa. Typically outsourcing implies lower cost, faster turnaround and less bureaucracy. But as one can expect of Indian Babus and India, Travisa is a step back in every respect including.
Here's what the change means to applicants; Its the same application form but submit a new application. Its the same photograph but submit a new size. Its outsourced to an entity located on the next street but pay more in fees and forfeit money if you withdraw. And as you fill in the application, they try to scam you by indicating a higher fee for old passport renunciation even though you don't need to.
Gosh, when will our country ever learn. And which Govt. Babu's brother-in-law runs Travisa? Seriously I cannot think of any plausible reason one can outsource and yet hike the fees and change the process to inconvenience the customer. Is that how all our Indian IT shops in India win business?
I am facing a silly thing while I approached for submission of my OCI application. In 2009, I cancelled my passport along with my families in Ottawa while we recived our Canadian citizenship. Recently, I went to submit the OCI application in Kuwait Indian Embassy where I am currently working. The babu told me that the cutting of my passport is not correct; they should cut it larger portion and the stamp of cancellation is not appropriate. I need a cancellation certificate for submission of OCI. I am lost as my work place is another continent and my all papers are perfect and my passports cancellation stamp is there but still they need a certificate. I approach to Ottawa and the officer send me a link to follow without any help. For visit to our parents we have to face so much hussles. During my last visit to India, the embassy people agian and agian asked if I was a citizen of India. It is really pathetic for us especially for Muslims to get proper justice from Indian officials.
I have submitted my application Birmingham UK on 25th Feb 2013, it's been last 3 months online status showing :-
Document printing -under process

Today is 29 th June 2013, God knows how long it will take.

I have submitted my OCI application Birmingham UK personally on 25th Feb 2013, it's been last 3 months online status showing :-

Document printing -under process -on

(Don't know how big document they are preparing for me)

Calling and emailing to the Indian Government Offices regarding this problem, is just like Bang UR head To a Stone.

Today is 29 th June 2013, God knows how long it will take.

How frustrating ...

i aplay for oci now is on yers finish on taime passport officer say sigineacher problom cancild second time now applay two monthes egow this file Acknowledgment 22-JUL-2013 but twoday is 29/08/2013 this not 30 days indian high commiion rools only Righting
File Acknowledgment Number GBREM0007213
Date Of Acknowledgment 22-JUL-2013
Registration Status at Mission EDINBURGH
OCI- Number
Documents Printing Status UNDER-PROCESS
Note- Ordinarily, OCI Registration Certificate and Visa are available for delivery within 30 days from the date of acknowledgment. If there are any objections regarding Photographs/Signature/Thumb impression etc, the process may get delayed and the same will be communicated to applicant by the concerned Mission/ Office via OCI web site/ SMS/ Email/ Phone etc.

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