[Resolved]  Reliance Digital, Gurgaon — Harrowing experience with Reliance Digital, Gurgaon! Buy at your own risk!!

I purchased a window AC of Videocon make VWR5244 form Reliance Digital’s outlet at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon on 4th May 2008. Ever since I purchased the AC, I have been facing problems of multiple sorts.

1. I was promised that AC will be delivered on 5th May 08. I was eagerly waiting for its delivery till late evening, as it is first AC in my lifetime.

2. When I called up Reliance ResQ number (by the way I seriously suggest that they change the name of the center to “DistressQ” as the persons answering calls nowhere get close to rescuing the caller from problematic situation), after multiple calls, I got connected to an agent who rather said apologetically that AC could not be delivered due to strong winds and rain on 5th May 08 and promised delivery next day. I cursed the wind god for his hyperactivity that day while rest of Delhi was praying for a respite from intense heat through rain.

3. The AC was delivered late in the evening on 6th May 08 by a delivery person

4. The sales person at the time purchase promised that AC will be installed one day after delivery, hence I expected installation on 7th May 08.

5. I was surprised that no one turned up on 7th May 08. May be I was wrong in my expectations and I should have learnt with my day one experience that Reliance is not reliable!

6. After several attempts to call the service center, I got connected again to the service personnel who callously mentioned that AC will be eventually delivered. Reminded me of the great optimism we Indians generally carry.

7. On 8th May morning, I called up the center again just to remind them about the delivery. The blessed AC arrived on 8th May after 3 days of intense anticipation and waiting

8. The installation executives were haughty and displayed the attitude of doing me a favor by installing the AC. After the AC and stabilizer boxes were opened, came out the contents and the frantic search began for the remote. The remote did not show up even after several minutes of search. However, the stabilizer showed up with torn wires.

9. Again the rigmarole of calling the service center began. It looked like I was destined for a long term relationship with Reliance personnel – may be some past karma. The service center person displayed bravado and assured me to go ahead with installation promising that remote will be delivered to me the same day.

10. By this time the drama has become so intense making it difficult for me to handle the climaxes and anti-climaxes. To support me, my husband jumped into the fray leaving behind his hectic job schedule and commitments to phone up un-reliable people (oops I mean Reliance personnel) for next steps

11. The remote was promised on 9th May, it did not show up. Again several calls were made. The delivery date shifted to 10th May.

12. The remote was not delivered in the morning, calls were made and delivery was promised in afternoon. Afternoon passed by, with we missing the afternoon siesta in anticipation of the remote and it has not been delivered in the evening too

I really appreciate the courage of Mr. Harish Thakur (Service Manager), Mr. Praveen Kumar (Service Center Agent) and Mr. Vikas (Service Center Agent) for making repeated false promises about delivery and not showing even an iota of proactive approach and concern to empathize with me. They must have been assured solid job security else it is not possible to display such a stoic attitude. Also, Mr.Harish seem to be more busy with opening new Reliance counters rather than attending to customer issues.

The remote is critical as I bought an AC that functions only with the remote. So, we now have an expensive decorative piece adorning my bed room wall which is supposed to be an AC!

I have chosen to buy the AC from Reliance Digital for following reasons that

1) We will get a deal on the price and service
2) We can avoid dealing with the local electronic storekeepers, some of whom are notorious for providing mis-leading information, bad product and service
3) We will have access to the service center in hour of the need and do not have to run from pillar to post to solve the problem

I am disgusted that I am facing all the problems mentioned above. I failed to realize that while Reliance Digital has emulated the look and feel of large stores abroad they do not implement the international process for customer service.

For instance, DistressQ (ResQ) call center does not even have a basic practice of call wait. It operates just of one telephone number. If you are lucky you will get through else curse yourself for calling it!! There is no single mail id where you can write about your problems. Even today, they expect customers to show up at the showroom for problem resolution.

Also, this is the service they provide repeat customers. Prior to purchasing the AC, I bought a 32 inch Hitachi LCD TV for them. If they had a good customer relationship program, they would have identified my status and certainly not meted this kind of treatment to me!

I hope some responsible person in Reliance Digital is scanning this space for crucial inputs on service and will make necessary corrections.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I have the same experience with Reliance digital Gurgaon.I have bought a videocon split AC on 20.03.08 from Reliance digital, Gurgaon.From the first day AC was not working properly.Reliance digital promise us thatthey would replace the AC.Now they are avoiding us.From Videocon side Mr. Praveen just is making false promise.
I also faced the same kind of trauma/distress from Reliance Digital, Gurgaon. They are hopeless/shameless. Even their managers don't take any responsibility and you have to just curse yourself for choosing this store over other local stores.
I also bought a water RO system from this store just because it was similar to the big stores abroad but I didn't expect such a pathetic, careless service.

If anyone of the customers is reading this space then please think twice before buying from Reliance Digital. I paid extra 500 bucks to these shameless people(Reliance Digital) in the hope that I would getter better service than the local store near my neighbourhood. But I now repent my decision on going to Reliance.
I wanted to buy a laptop advertised by them, so I wanted to know some more details. Accordingly I rang up the tele No of the executives as given in the newspaper advertisement. However after trying about 100 times in about three days I gave up as nobody answers these telephones including mobiles. Can you imagine one of the tele nosof Indirapuram store is temporarily out of order for last one week. One that rings is not answered and if you persist in your attempts it kept off the hook after some time. This is the professional approach and business ethos of reliance digital. by this callous attitude one can gauge the after sales service. Thank god I didnot do business with reliance digital.
reliance digital people are the most UNRELIABLE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

they sold me broken TV for 3 times ...just imagine
I might be in the same situation-having bought a product from Reliance Digital at Ambience Maill Gurgaon last wek.
I have endlessly been trying to call the ResQ number[protected] given, but to no avail. It rings and rings but there is no answer.
Can anyone help with another number??
Well maybe all of you had bad experiences, I will use these malls to take demonstration of products live! and then buy it from a shop near my house, since very very few stores show live demo (I know i am already seen as a cunning person ... coz i'm wasting the mall's resource, dont worry i'm a humanitarian). This store is about 50km away from my house but still i'll go there again; now for this e-store and also coz my gf lives close by, i need a good mobile, but there is no mobile that satisfies my video and non-music needs... man this sucks, no mobile is trust worthy...

Anyway I can suggest you guys one thing, who are looking for a AC buy, buy an assembled AC with "kirloskar compressor", it will cost as much as a branded AC, but its compressor will last 3 to 6 times than the branded ones, let me explain... To keep the cost down, the branded companies fit ACs with "rotary compressors", which have a life span of 3 to 6yrs. Rotary compressors have high RPM to keep electricity consumption down... they merely cut about 200W...

So If you dont have the luxury of costly AC maintainance, say yes to "kirloskar compressors"
In case of any doubts or suggestion, mail me. (No I dont sell assembled ACs, i'm a software guy ;-))

- Luv, Sid
I am agreed that Relaince Digital is worst in service, They are selling thier products only. I bought HCL P.C from Reliance Digital, Ambience Mall on 16th March, 08 with option to pay from Credit card in three interest free equal installments. I told them that i am having ICICI Corporate Card and they told me that it will work. In the meantime my credit card which is generated on 16th of every month next day i got my credit card bill through mail and iwas shocked its showing i have to Rs. 30068/- (which was including printer) in one time. I called Relaince Digital and send them my credit card bill. After 5 days they came with comments that this was not valid for corporate cards. I told them that on that time i told you and answer was sorry. After that i paid all amount in one slot. This was not end in June my P.C started giving problmes. I called ResQ Guy told me for service we are not resposible you need to contact HCL customer care. Many times i tried HCL customer care but unable to contact, finally my call connected to HCL customer care on July 1st. From that day to till date my P.C is sitting ideal and no body from HCL doing worjk on it.

HCL & Relaince all are making fool to us. Its better to buy these things from small vendors. I am feeling light after sharing this to you people.


I have taken a reliance phone from Chakarpur gurgaon on 25th of July'08. When i bought this it was working perfectly ok but after 02 days( on 27th morning) all the incoming and outgoing was stopped.I contacted with Reliance world(sec-14, Gurgaon), & they promised me that it will work perfectly after 8pm (29th of July).but it is 2330hrs night no miracle happen and the problems pertain the same.My cell no is [protected].Please help me out.
We bought aToshiba refrigirator in May which is suppose to be frost free, after every 15 days we see ice formation in the freezer and after that the whole refrigetrator stops cooling !! their engineers visited couple of time without solving the problem, they themselves say This seems to be manufcturing defect !! they havenot done anything yet, looks like they give substandard products on little lesser value than the others. I would also recommend to not to buy from relianece. I wonder if we can change the peice at all!!

Godrej Window Airconditioner — Very bad service, Indifferent attitude, pathetic company


I have a window airconditioner from Godrej bought on 4th oct 2006. I bought it because at that time i trusted your product and brand. But after using it I have realised that Godrej is the worst company and it's products are worthless. I know this mail will make no difference to you, but i thought I should inform you how you make ur customers suffer.

Complaints made by me are as follows:

1) 630970
[protected]/09/08 (still not repaired)

As you can see above, how brilliant your service is, that I need to call your service center every month. And the last complaint, has still not been rectified. Everytime there is a huge bill, and the problem always remains. Complaints 2), 3), 4) and 5) are for the same problem. Fan Motor failure. The remedy I get from your illiterate engineer is that I need to keep the A/c running for atleast 10 mins everyday. I went out of station for 02 days and then when I come back and switch on the A/C, it doest work again. In my opinion, if the a/c would have got rectified on the first complaint, then it wouldnt have completely shut down, as told to me by your engineer. So your people escalated my small problem, till it completely went bust, so that you can bill big amounts from me.

I shall not waste your and my time anymore. If your company has any shame then, kindly repair my airconditioner.

Prateem Ghosh
Haven't you seen Office Office's (The television spoof on corrupt Indian establishments) episode on Reliance complete with a spoof on the moto 'mere papa ka sapna' (i am not sure what the actual Papa dreamt of.. fleecing all indians to make his two sons among the richest 10 people by hook or by crook?).

Moral of the story - stay away from Reliance & Tata. I hate to put it this way however I do wonder if Indian companies have ingrained mentality to take customers for a ride (not that MNCs like Airtel or Vodafone wouldn't as well but there something extra vicious about Indian firms treating customers like even in 21st century). No matter how indica sells it is inferior car to Swift with the same engine and both Tatas and Reliance beat vodafone and airtel hands down in locking in and treating gullible indian mobile connection purchasers like .

By the way, on MALL vs LOCAL shops - my experience of buying from neighbourhood shops is equally bad. i bought Racold water heaters from neighbourhood shop and he sold me a troublesome piece. INspite of repeated complaints he didnt repair or help replace. Finally i did it on my own at my cost.

reliance digital ,gurgaon — bad response

I have purchased philips food processor from relianace digital, ambince mall gurgaon on 02/10/08.The sales represnntative promosied for demostration on next day .from that day I am calling reliance service centre for demstration but every time new persons are there for atteending the call like Mr. Bhim/Mr. Deepak Gupta/Mamta & they are promising to attend the call by today or next day. But next day never came till date.Stills no person come for attending the call till date .

It is the worst exprience with any consumser durable company I have experienced.
I also experienced teh same thing. Stuff did not work properly, was delivered lat, installed even later. The customer service did not pick up the phone anymore when I called (picked up though when I called from a different number). They kept promising me to replace the stuff, but no one ever showed up. MY ADVICE: NEVER BUY THERE!
unfortunately Only after facing the problems I went through this website otherwise I would have never brought any item from relience store. I purchased a washing machine fro there Indrapuram CTC plaza out let on 29th Oct. but even after repeated telephone calls till 2 nd Nov. this has not been delivered. If this is the scenario befor delivery then I can imagin the type of service they are going to provide in future. Horriable!!!
I agree with you all, basic thumb rule is :
- Never buy any electronics item from Reliance

They will suck you mentally, physically and monetarily(phone bills due to repeated reminder calls).

This is because of my personal experiance with them after buying Videocon AC VWR5244.
I also faced a similar situation while purchasing an AC from Reliance . After a day of frantic calling and followup I realised that I am getting nowhere and thru a friend collected reliance's chairman's and sr persons' email ID sent a mail . withing 2 hours everything was resolved . The installaiton guu even turned up late evening and I had to turm him away as I stay in a condo. They again returned early next day morning !!!
These people should publish their chairman's / MD's email ids and contact details as that is the only channel which works
Reliance Digital / ResQ does not even seem to have a website where one can go to collect information about them. Hard to believe in this day and age that this is the case? Especially for a shop that calls itself Reliance 'Digital'.

I exhausted myself googling for it...If anyone has their website please post it.
i totally agree with all these above comments against RD. these people are useless people and cant handle this store . especially one mr. naresh . i bought 2 ACs one window one split .split ac was not working properly from the day one.umlimited calls have been made there customer care and this useless person Naresh ([protected]).they always promise to rectify the problem the next day.BUT THE DAY NEVER COMES.i m just thinking of taking some strict actions against them.
I completely agree. In all I purchased 3 products and faced problems with each of them. Reliance digital seems to have employed veteran and habitual liars who dupe the customers and the customers face immense problems & mental harrassment alongwith torture.
I can empathize with all of you because I myself have faced difficulty dealing with their customer service staff. There is a huge communication gap between its own staff and outsourced staff. On one occassion, I accidentally discovered that the installation guy was overcharging for AC installation whereas I had already paid for the same at their showroom.
I just remembered that my third free AC service was due in March and nobody bothered to call or visit. I have been trying their no. but, as all experienced, no body wants to take the responsibility of answering the phone. I wish, somebody from their leadership, at least checks out for their popularity on the net.
I am not going to buy anything from them in future.
They are black listed in my network.

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