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The Public Grievances Cell, State Bank Of India, Parliament Street New Delhi — PAYMENT OF INTEREST TOWARDS DELAY CREDITING OF PENSION AMOUNT

It refers my application ID No MD/PP/03 dated 12 Jan 2010 handed over in the above mentioned office on 12 Jan 2010.
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State Bank of India — State bank of india. does not give the interest

sir i am pankaj kumar using account number [protected] of SBI. On dated[protected] i withdrawl Rs.18000/- from state bank of patiala's ATM but SBP ATM machine which is situated at court road distt. moga (Punjab)does not dispense any amount but show the deduction slip of Rs.18000/-.After giving the complaint, SBI refund my money on dated[protected].i am college student so i was great need of this money.From dated[protected] college administrative charged me Rs.50/-per day.and i paid the Rs.2250/-extra fine from college fees due to the fault of bank but SBI Bank does not clamed my fine.i dont know which bank is responsible for my fine but i have great need of my fine that is done due to the bank.why SBI not claimed my fine?and also the SBI did not pay the intrest of this money why? Even that i gave the written to bank that the college administrative charged me Rs.50/-per day yet they does not give any amount.i am father less and fianancelly weak person please clame my Rs.2250/-

SBI Gold Visa Credit Card — Poor service, non delivery of bills, non attendence of complaints.


I own a SBI Gold visa card which I have been using for many years and have had no problems of any kinds. My record will clearly show I have always been making full payments in due time. My record shows i have not recieved a bill for August,2007. In my Sept/2007 bill Rs. 36,122.39 has been shown as outstanding, i wonder why but not noticing that i hadnot recieved the August bill, i make a payment of Rs. 25000/- in any case expecting to recieve details..which I had asked the agent who informed me of the billing which never came.

I dont again recieve the October,2007 bill and i get called by various agents of the SBI till today atleast 4-5 times. They tell me the outstanding against me is about Rs.76 thousand something( i cant hear distinctly) and that the minimum paybable is Rs.6,253/-. I am assured a statement every time. but which hasnt come to my yet. I cant get registerd into the Website to access my account. I have no knowlege, about what my August bill was like, or whatmy Oct. bill is and how this large an amount accrued to me. I aint paying till i get to know the details. Why is SBI denying me duplicate bills/ statements. Is there no feedback from the agents who keep calling me again and again and to whom iam asking for bills / statements. Why doesnt SBI ensure bill clearance / bill delivery. Seems services have deteriorated.

Ravinder Singh

State Bank of India — Refund of insurance charges

My card no: [protected]. There was a protect plus insurance levied in my account by force since Auguest 2005 till May 2007 amounting to Rs.1610.96. As i overburdened to remit this amount i therefore asked the bank to stop it vide my letter dated 25 05 2007. Accordingly it was stoped. And then i asked the bank to refund the above amount. But inspite of my repeated letters ie..27 06 007, 26 07 007 and a registered letter to Mr.Ajay Bharti of customer severcice at New Delhi and phone calls were found to be futile. Sir, i am a retired EB pensioner and i request you to look in to this matter and refund the above amounnt early.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
A. Christopher Rajkumar.



University of North Bengal — transfer of bank account

I have applied for the transfer of my savings bank account in SBI (Malda) [0129] to SBI (S.F.Road, Siliguri) [4789] on 12.12.2008 but the account is not yet transferred. As per the information of the SBI [4789] authority the account has actually been transferred to another branch of Siliguri [0184]. being accordingly informed i applied in SBI [0184] for the desired transfer but the solution is still awaited. i dont know what is to be done.
common people like me has to suffer from this type of problem every day, every hour. if there is no one to attend our problems then whats the utility of this site???????????????

to hell with the office administration.

Fixed Deposits of State Bank of India — State Bank - Wrong deduction of tax at source

Dear Sir,

I am a senior citizen, widow and have a SB a/c no. [protected] with your PBB, Main branch, Parliament Street, New Delhi.

I had placed six and three deposits of Rs.1 lakh each at SBI, Fatehpuri branch, Delhi 110006 (Branch Code 1271), respectively on[protected] and[protected]. Despite having submitted the requisite Form 15G/H (in duplicate) for FY[protected], the branch has not taken cognizance of the same and has deducted tax at source from maturity proceeds.

Since the tax has been deducted on Jan 31, 2009 itself, I request the Bank to immediately arrange to refund the same by credit to my SB account.

Request you to pl. arrange to intimate the action taken.

Thanking you

Sharda Gupta

The Presidency Club — non receipt of bill

we are not received bill for April ( March 20th to April 19th ), Kindly email me a copy for early payment.


State Bank of India — delay in delivery of f. d. reciept

given to sbi doranda branch ranchi for f.d renewal for senior citizen of RS 1000000 daeling person decline to give on same day ask me to come after 15 days after 15 days he gave the reciept which had interest rate printed as 0% i ask him to correct again he ask me to come after 15 days again i went to him he did not corrected that fd i sent him reg post no. 2077 dtd 31/3/2009 to trf my ac to bailey road patna as i m senior cotizen i shifted to patna it is not possible to go ranchi frequently nothing has been done



I have been informed by the telephone authority(BSNL) that they have not received any payment against their bills from March 09 onwards and as a result of that they have disconnected my telephone[protected]. As you know that payment of all telephone bills were being made through ECS against A/C no [protected] of SBI SOUTH SINTHEE Br till FEB 09. I do not understand why no payment has been made from March onwards which resulted great inconvenience to me and my family.
I am requesting you to let me know what prevented you for making this payment. I am soliciting your early reply so that I can take further steps on this issue.

Thanking you
dear sir,

i am no optional about download FD form please arrange the FD form through my mail

SBI — i cant open atm in sbi of 15 year old

i cant open atm in sbi of 15 year old why ...???????????????????
iwant sbi savings account & atm (visa)
Sir, i am holding an account in SBI Bank, vaniyambadi, vellore, tamilnadu- 635751, with Account No:[protected] and ATM No.[protected] went for transaction on 10th of Aug 09 for an amnt of 200 from maharastra ATM & Indusind ATM, Nungambakkam, chennai, .Due to some technical error, i couldn't receive the same amnt and the money was deducted from my account.I have given the complaint letter to SBI, vaniyambadi, They are not accepting complaint letter.Kindly take an action against this complaint and help me in this regrad to get my money back.
Waiting for reply on urgent basis.

SBI Bank, Parliament St,New Delhi — Non clearance of cheque

I have received refund from Income Tax Dept. of amounts to Rs.4,130/- bearing cheque no.731581 dt.12/05/2009 (SBI Mehrauli Rd,Gurgaon) and the same has been deposited in the Central Bank of India,Mullahera,Gurgaon on 2nd July 2009 but the same has not yet been credited in my account No.[protected]. I have enquired the same in the Central Bank, and the manager told that the said cheque has been misplaced at SBI Bank end.

you are requested to take necessary action on the above matter and resolve it on priority basis and credit the amount in my account no. [protected] of Central Bank of India.

Thanking your intervention in the above matter.

Sonu Kumar Dixit

I fully agree with this complaint as I have a similar complaint for which I got a ticket registered with online network but no action has been fixed deposit A/C no is[protected].Income tax was wrongly deducted at source.hence the amount deducted may be immediately transferred to my S/F A/C no[protected].

PENSION IRREGULARITIES — Pesion Areara and non payment of pension

In the month of july, 2009 Rs211596 were credited to my acct. no [protected] at your brach code 2358 at new delhi, under pension[protected]. I have no idea what is the breakdown of this amt. and nor the branch manager had any comment on it. The BM told me to go to Chandni Chowk branch to confirm it.
It looks that they are the arears of pension from 1.1.06 to 30.6.09. If that is so then there seems to be some calculation mistake because the arears amt to aprox.Rs.220000/-. Surprisingly my pesion for the month has not been credited which amts. to Rs.31354/-
Third thing which I can presume is That the amt.Rs.211596/- is the total sum of arears and monthly pension.If that be so in that case there is definetly a drastic mistake in caculations on the part of the branch.
It is difficult too reconcile with the figures mentioned in the pass book in abscence of staement/caculation sheet/specific details of the entries made in the pass book.
It is requested that the discrepency mentioned above may please be rectified/resolved/explained to me.
Regards and have anice day.

State Bank of India — refusal to take two children fee under one token

Respected Sir,
My son went to pay his and her sister's school fee at SBI,WEST GUWAHATI BRANCH,A.T.ROAD,GUWAHATI,ASSAM, on 01.10.09 with one token bearing no 228. After waiting for an hour when he reached the window he was told to have two tokens to pay two persons fee. Only one fee was accepted and other refused, without a fresh token. This means that if one goes to bank with more than one transaction at one counter than one must have those many tokens. And then one may be questioned for why having so many tokens. I don't think that one person to have more than one token to deal at one counter. If such are the rules than the same should be displayed in bold letters.Because every body has its own valuable time. Or if the employee is not capable of handling the customer, he/she must not be allowed to deal the customers.

SBI Savings A/c. Opening — Complaint for harassment in opening a new account

I had opened a savings account on dated 1st October 2009 in SBI, Rishra Branch, and Branch Code: 1771. My account number is [protected]. I had visited to the above mentioned branch of the bank at least 7 days either personally or my authorized representative and meet the officer Mr. Pranab Mondal. I am extremely sorry to say that the behavior and attitude of Mr. Mondal and some other staff are extremely bad and having lack of work ability. I also open a PPF account on the same date without any problem. I have submitted necessary document required to open the new account also. May I know, how many days required for opening a new account? Is it the work culture of State Bank of India. As an Academician I expect it should be completely stop in future.

SBI Parliament street New Delhi - PPF a/c — Passbook of the a/c after transfer

I had transferred my a/c from ICICI Bank, New Delhi Connaught PLace to SBI Main Branch Parliament street but the passbook of the a/c has not been issued even after lapse of 5 months.

state bank of india spm hoshangabad — internet banking

Dear sir,
with reference to above subject i had taken internet banking from the branch but i can't access the a/c by userid and password and sir i can do complaints but no reponse form bank yet. so sir what i have to do

LIC OF INDIA — delayed interest on SB

sir, I have to get a sb due from my policy no.[protected] on 14/02/2006
but I get this on 30/05/2009 without intrest.

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