[Resolved]  TV 9 ,Bangalore — Money making channel


This is regarding about TV 9 channel

this is a blackmailing channel ,Because I have worked withis company
1.It blackmail rich people for the sake of money
2.giving wrong information (Superstituous - heegu unte)
for the sake of publicity.
3.Even actors,actress make publicity in this channel eg- Andrita rai slapping by nagathahalli chandreshekar)
4.Even anchors do no to speak kannada
5.In filmy funda,they show only Telugu movie because its head quarter is in hyderabad biriyani.
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Aug 13, 2020
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TV9 is the worst channel. It doesnt seem to be a news channel it shows more of horrible and sexual scenes.

Every time they use sexy, 0 size, kissing etc. words. You cannot even watch this stupid cannel with family.

Worst channel.
I do agree with your review, This channel is worst every where not only in Bangalore but also in Telugu and in INDIA. TV9 is one of the stupidest media news maker.
Channels like TV9 must be banned and government of india should take stern action on this channel... The guys who runs this channel are GOONDAS and ROWDIES. These guys will do anything in the name of media . This TV9 KANNADA is the disgusting channel in the world, . They only publish sex scandal, harrasements. They have links with Mafias in Bangalore . POLICE in Bangalore should bring them to the books for joing hands with rowdy sheeters...

This channel will do any thing for MONEY and PUBLICITY...


They will even create stories ARTIFICIALLY AND PUBLISH FOR THE SKE OF TRP...

TV SHOW — worst programmes

please ban all the telugu entertainment channels. We just can't watch the programmes. They are telecasting the programmes in the name of reality shows. But they are not reality shows rather they are drama shows. Please kick off 'Mr. Omkar' from tv channels.
I Agree with you.TV9 and channel like this should be banned.Todays media only concered with TRP and money.They are not concered with society.People who are jobless don't have any work are becoming hero in this Channel.If you listen the tv9 programs like heegu unte mislead people.They are not showing the truth.These storys are created by TV9.One of friend visited all most all place shown in TV9 heegu unte he says the information shown in that program is complete wrong.People making money using these channel.Poorvajamma and other programs are one of the example.If the guru is really worried about people they won't charge so much.

Down Down TV9
Negative message channel TV9
I feel that only NDTV 24*7 channel is gud if you compare with all the news channel.
Please stop watching TV9 and reduce the TRP rating of TV9.

ibn7 news channel — telangana

hi sir.
i mohdsalar from warangal telangana region in andra pradesh.
sir in ur news channel y din'nt u show about seperate telangana movement.y u did not have news reporter. for seperate state telangana in andra pradesh nearly 2000 peoples & 500 students lost der lives.IN afternoon in u r channel u show nearly 2 hours of entertainment show.y didnot show about telangana movement.please show the movement of telangana.it ur duty.please...............
If the channel is really creating problem with society for the sake of TRP, please file a case with lokayukta. They will investiage and bring out the truth.
I agree. These days it seems like the news is only about celebrities and what people want to watch. It is like watching an entertainment channel. People dying are not news unless there is a celebrity who wants to go and help them! But atleast we have social media that keeps the spirit of the people. Take the case of the Radia tapes scandal, it was Twitter that kept it in the news!
TV9 a Parody Channel..

TV9 copies programs from English channels like AXN, Discovery.. Ex: Braking Magician's Code from AXN and many more..

We are fed up with TV9's "parody shows" programs... Produce some original programs..

Former TV9 Viewer
TV9 should be banned, It is the worst channel and it is here for making money and TRP not for the good society.

Govt Should take strict action this channel. It should be banned.It should be banned.It should be banned.It should be banned.It should be banned.It should be banned.It should be banned.It should be banned.
I agree with you. The channel is breaching copyrights of some other channels. they use videos of international channels/organisation and post it in TV9Kan.

Though its made a good impact on corruption, i dont like the channel itself to be corrupt. It should stop showing copied videos and should have originality in News.
I Would love this channel if it stops showing copied news and videos. I heard that one company has lodged complaint about illicit use of its information. True/False?
@banning the channel ... govnt cant take action on media, because media is mighty.
in your news one person thaet now how to speak kannada name shivaprasadtr
. piz remou theam becose
I LOVE tv9karanataka
I feel and suspect it is money oriented channel rather than people oriented channel. I called them for an interview of parents whose minor girl child was kidnapped. They recorded the program and said the programme will be aired tomorrow.But tomorrow did not come. When I called up ot ask him, the correspondent said that, their are lot of news more vital than this. Becuas e of this reason, we are not telecasting it.

Now a days medias are becoming money oriented rather than people oriented
I dont know about all others but there is a corruption goingon in the bangalore KSRTC bus stand. and the higher position peoples are not in the position to take a look in to that.that to in the clock room ! they charge very high but why the medeya is blind? and what the other consen peoples are doing? why i mension only clock room is because i hade very bad insident when i went to keep my bag in clock room that is on 9th and i saw the bord the rate was mensioned that for 12 hours 5 rupes and i went in and kept my bag they started asking me 40rs i asked them why so much they answered me very roodly and sed since from 8 years i am running this clock room and no one got the guts to ask me then who are u to ask me and they pushed me out side when i went to complent to control room even they neglated my words. is that not very bade?
tv9 is a money making channel.it is not for better sociaty.it is for corrupting the socity. this is kavitha from A.P.
the sting stories lanched from tv9 are not own made. this vishual are purchasing from another persons. ex: in tv9 the sting head vz geetha she purchases the stories. but i don't told the source name. it's 100% true.
I totally agree with you. I feel the CEO of TV9 Ravi Prakash is very much neutral and does very much for the poor like anti corruption and anti caste programs. But the sub editors, some senior anchors are strictly one sided and run for TRPs. Same case is there in TV9 telugu also, where input editors are strictly against Telangana. And mostly run behind controversial people like Ram gopal verma, etc. Put lots of programs against Satya sai but never show his philanthropic side as one of the trust member did not give him a byte.
my complaint is not about tv9 but i would like to tell something to the reporters that in karimnagar district some of the private schools are being maintained by the wives of GOVT employees,
if husbands are govt teachers and wives are maintaining private schools, then what about unemployees trained teachers

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