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[Resolved]  Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Connection — SIM CARD DEACTIVATED WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE

On 25th day of September 2010 I have purchased a Vodafone SIM card bearing mobile number [protected] from a local retailer in Purulia. Xerox copy of passport and current electricity bill have been submitted by me for identity proof and address proof respectively.

The application for prepaid connection duly filled up and signed alongwith passport size photograph also submitted to the retailer from whom the SIM card was purchased.

On 3rd October 2010 the said vodafone number has been made inactive without any prior notice. When Vodafone customer care contacted over telephone they say that purchase of their SIM card from local retailer is prohibited and therefore the documents submitted can not be retraced.

Further I wish to state that the said mobile no had been recharged with Rs 350/-. When the retailer was contacted he informed me that your document has been rejected by Vodafone company because your ID proof i.e passport does not contain the details of your address. Even though I tried to convince them by saying that current electricity bill was attached along with the application for this reason, they do not bother to refer the instruction they give to customers.It seems Vodafone staff will not respond positively unless I take the help of consumer forum.

I therefore request you sir to advise me the correct administrative action which can be taken in this case. My mobile number is [protected] and my e-mail id is [protected]
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Prepaid connection — Deactivation of Prepaid Connection without information

I had taken a prepaid Airtel connection for my mobile phone ([protected]) in October 2007 from the Airtel Agent at Colaba. I had also submitted the complete documents with the agent. However, to-day after two and half months suddenly without information my Airtel prepaid connection was deactivated for non-submission of documents. I had tried to contact the call center of Airtel and Mr Sujit was on call. It must be placed on records that Mr Sujit and Mr Shambhu (his supervisor) were extremely arrogant on the call. I had given my number to lot of companies for various business requirements otherwise due the customer care personnel behaviour I would have chucked the card out. Incase the documents of the customer is not received or is misplaced by the Airtel agencies or the Airtel office itself, a customer should not be held responsible. Either the agencies license should be cancelled or the Airtel staff who has misplaced the document or committed the mistake or not informed prior to deactivating the mobile should be penalised.

Irrespective of the above, I had visited the Airtel Office at Fort to-day and filled up the forms to-day evening (8 PM) and submitted with relevant documents with great reluctance (since in the heart of heart I knew that I had submitted similar forms with documents earlier too). To-day also your Airtel staff has confirmed that the document is perfect after taking it for second time. I now hope Airtel does not come up again asking for the documents. Secondly, in advertisement of Airtel they keep mentioning that once you take connection the number is activated within four hours. However, the Airtel staff at Fort Branch intimated me that my number would get activated only after 72 hours even after submission of documents and his verification. The advertisement on prompt service by Airtel thus becomes doubtlful. Its a suggestion from an ordinary customer that you need to pull up your customer service more and non-performing staff needs to be fired as they threaten your very existence amongst the other competetors. I hope this complain of mine is looked into by some responsible authority of Airtel than putting in trash which would be really unfortunate.

Commander Murli Menon

Vodafone Connection — Deactivating the number without informing and without any reason

I have a corporate number, but when I changed my job, i changed my account to an individual account after submission of a no-objection letter from my corporate and providing my address proof which was the requirement of the vodafone.

Inspite of all my submissions, my line has been deactivated twice stating that the company has asked for it and the system still shows that my number is a corporate number.

I don't understand after submission of my papers why is there system not updated about my records. every time you call customer service, i have to narrate my story and my number 'n' number of times with no result. Why such an harassment for owning a vodafone number.
hello sir
i am an vodafone prepaid customer,
recently on 5th july i have activated new message offer which deducted a price of 49rs but it was not activated yet.i have diald to customer care many times, but they have not responding problems,
prevoiusly 2 months ago i have faced problm like this during caller tune activation that time 45rs was deduced but the caller tune was not activated, i have given complaint many times, but they havnt took any action
i was a little bit confused with my sim
so please help me in this sir
thanking u
my number is [protected]
please take the action quick sir
please, , ,
please improve the customer care service sir,
this service line is not connecting even though we dial to this many times,
so please improve our contacts with care so that v can clear our doubts

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Connection — Overcharging in prepaid connection

Vodafone is advertising that STD on Prepaid Connection is now @Rs.1.50 per minutes. But they are charging @Rs.2.65 when any STD call is made till now.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Connection — IVR when call

An IVR come to my cell, when try to make a new call, regarding address profe, i have fulfilled all requirements and talked with 3 customer care executives, but still it is not solved.
complaint no:[protected]
MO no: [protected]

Vodafone SIM Card — about pripaid conection

Dear sir/madam
I am mrs.sonali anil naik, my no is [protected].in Juinagar ( navi mumbai). I have prepaid conection and i have paid the billing amt before 2 days.
Still my outgiong calls are be disconected. so plz reply me on my mail id as soon as fast. plz tell me reason of disconection.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Connection — prepaid service not working

I purchased prepaid Vodaphone mobile No.[protected] at visakhapatnam on 09 Jan 2009 and I submitted photo and driving licence as proof ID. Mobile connection not working. Please activate my mobile

VODAFONE sim card(prepaid connection) — No activation of msg card

I have loaded national sms card of 29 Inr on 26th january, in evening.but this service is not activated till now, while it has gone almost more than 12 hours.
as per ur customer support max activation hours are 4 only.
why it happened with me ??
pls Activate this service immediatly.

Awaiting ur prompt reply
sandhya giri
Dear vendor,

I have campus package scheme (prepaid). last month i revalidated my account and it was revalidated to
life long prepared by retailer of your company. Now i want to revert back to my same previous campus package. if a technology supports changing from campus to life long without changing sim then it is butobivious to revert back again from life long to campus on same number .my cell no is [protected]. I want previous campus package back. please do the needful
Dear vendor,

I have campus package scheme (prepaid). last month i revalidated my account and it was revalidated to
life long prepared by retailer of your company. Now i want to revert back to my same previous campus package. if a technology supports changing from campus to life long without changing sim then it is butobivious to revert back again from life long to campus on same number .my cell no is [protected]. I want previous campus package back. please do the needful

Vodafone — Worst Service-Sim got inactive without notification


M mansi, i was relocated to pune for job purpose. So i have purchased new vodafone sim as vodafone is "considered best" service provider in telecommunication.

i have submitted all my proofs to purchase, and suddenly one day i find that my sim is inactive, without any prior notification from vodafone.

I had made spent around 400 rs for card and other recharges.

now i am told by dealer to go to vodafone store, which is far from where i live. Even person in customer care is also not replying exactly what is problem behind this.

This problem is not just faced by me, it is faced by many of my frds and my colleagues.

Its partly matter of money and inconvenience but rather is matter trust on brands. Vodafone is considered best, thus this problem, so question is where do customer go?
Hi Mansi,

We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at and we’d be happy to help.

Vodafone Customer Care.

Vodafone/Pre-paid SIM CARD — Transferring the number without consent.

404, B/5, Nishigandha Chsl.,
Ashokvan, Borivali (E),
Mumbai-400 066.
Cell : [protected]

Date : 13th July 2010

Customer Care

Ref.: Pre-paid connection no. [protected]

Sub.: - Loss of Sim-Card.
- Complaint for transfer of connection without consent.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, I want to inform you that I was using the above mentioned number for past few years. The number was active till 30th April 2010 and I used it regularly till that date. Since I went to my native soon after, I did not use it for few days. During my visit to my native, I lost my mobile phone. I could not realize that I also lost the above mentioned Sim-Card since I was not using it for quite a few days.

I tried to search the Sim-Card on return but of no avail. I then called the number and found that the number was being used by some lady who then never picked-up my phone.

When I contacted your Vodafone Care, I was surprised to hear that the number was allotted to some Ms. Sangeeta Jadhav under the post-paid connection. I argued knowing that my number can not be transferred to any other person without my consent and that to within such a short period of time.

In consideration of the above, I would request you to stop the services of the above mentioned number with an immediate effect and also let me know the policy under which my number was transferred to some other person without my consent.

In case, no-cognizance is taken of my above communication, the responsibility will rest on your part for misuse of the above mentioned number.

Your earlier action/action will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Vinod R. Kukreti

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Connection — Clarifications and compensation

I have been using a Vodafone prepaid mobile connection since April 2009. My Vodafone mobile number is [protected]. I have recharged my number with a Rs: 52/- special sms pack in the last month but did not receive any email confirmation till date. As usual, some day in this month the validity of the sms pack got over and I was charged for sending national smses at a fixed rate of Rs: 0.50/- after that. Everything looked fine until I was charged for sending local smses as well. The reason for saying this is that I was assured to be able to send at most 100 local smses a day free of cost. For clarifications I called the customer care which in turn charged me Rs: 0.50/- for the call and became unable to show any viable reason for such deductions. Getting disgusted with the service I sent two emails to Vodafone care. The following are those emails:

1) Dear Sir/Madam,
I have not received any email confirmation of my last recharge of Rs:52/- to my number [protected]. Please send me the email confirmation along with the date of recharge.
Thank you,
Punyabrata Dhar.
2) Dear Sir/Madam,
My Vodafone prepaid number is [protected]. I guess, the validity of my last recharge of Rs:52 which should enable me to send unlimited messages throughout the country has ended, yet I am not sure.
Anyways, even if the validity is over I should not be charged for sending local messages as I was assured to send at most 100 local messages a say free of cost. Still I was charged for sending local messages last night at a rate of Rs: 0.50/-. The numbers to which I sent those messages are:
[protected], [protected] and [protected]. All of these are local numbers. I was charged Rs: 2.00/- for that. For clarifications when I called your customer care a STUPID guy received the call. I am writing the conversations below:
Me: Hi, this is Punyabrata Dhar from[protected]. I want to know why I have been charged for sending local smses. When I took the connection, I was assured to send at most 100 local smses a day free of cost. Then why was I charged?
Stupid guy: Sir, you added a zero (0) before the number and that's why you have been charged.
Me: But that was a local number, right?
Stupid guy: Yeah, but the system checks whether there is a zero added in the beginning or not and charges that way.
Me: So if I remove the zero I should not be charged?
Stupid guy: You are right Sir.
Me: Then for the non-local numbers if I remove zero from the beginning I should not be charged for sending national smses. Am I correct?
Stupid guy: Sir, you are charged for the fact that you added a zero before the local number.
Me: Can you please answer my previous question?
Stupid guy: Thank you for calling Vodafone. Have a nice day ahead Sir.
The phone got disconnected after that and I was charged Re:1/- for this stupid call !!!
I would request you to look into the matter. I want my Rs: 3/- back asap. In addition, please provide with necessary clarifications.
Thanks and regards,
Punyabrata Dhar.

I was assured to be acknowledged within two days after I sent the email but unfortunately still now there is no resolution given from their side. In addition I want to say that I recharge my Vodafone number ([protected]) with an average of Rs: 600/- every month. Still such misbehaviour is not what I expect despite being a valued customer.

Vodafone/ prepaid card — unauthorised document

I have submitted the document of the vodafone no [protected] at the time of alloted of this no by the company. Now after 2.5 years of this continue prepaid Mobile no. the vodafone online phone call has been asking about the submission of authorised document.
In this context i have mailed to company some days before because i am continiously receving the call from vodafone. this is my personal no and company has forcing to disconnect the no. if company has informing us that what the document they have, it is unauthorised than why company has calling after 2.5 years, subjecting of question.Company has to show my all submit document.

[protected] is my mobile no of vodafone and myself Mr. Satya sharan sarkar.

Vodafone Prepaid Connection — Sim deactivated

Dear Sir,
I had taken three sims from Vodafone store Shanthinagar.I have submitted all the documents during the time I got the sim from the store both the address proof as well as the identity proof. In the month of November as per the TRAI directive I again submitted the address proof as well as the identity proof as desired by the Vodafone.But now the numbers for which I have given the documents are still deactivated. I am pained by such an experience and would like to severe the good relation that I had with Vodafone service providers. The numbers are as follows [protected],[protected],[protected]. The sim no are[protected],[protected],[protected]. The ladies who are working in the store are not supportive enough and are very much rude in their behavior. Please take action against these employees. I am not at all satisfied with their service.The lady in the store showed me in her system that the document have been sent to the TRAI but till now nothing has been done. I had thirty rupees talk time each in all the sims now that amount is blocked . This is really fraudulent business by vodafone and they must be charged for this.
My name is Shiv Prakash Shenoy and I am the owner of the three sims.

Vodafone/ Prepaid SIM card — Card deactivated without intimation

I had a prepaid Vodafone Sim card connection in Ahmedabad that has been deactivated without my information. I've been using that number for 7 LONG years & it seems I've paid the price for being a loyal customer. I had some 100/- balance also in that card that has been forfeited - & they are not helping at all. I want the same number back alongwith the balance. Please help me.

Manish Rajwani.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Connection — Ignore customer value

I have recently migrate from the tata to vodafhone. But it is my bad Decision. Vodafhone and other telecom service are earning by active some service by default or automatically start and cut the cusomer money. which is happenining with from last two weeks. i have wirte a sms to deactivate the Internet services more than three times and lodge a complaint to deactivate the internet service but still my mobile has this services. Why ??? .. Customer care executive are fully prepare to do this. the solution of this problem not given by them. Ignore by say different statement with different times ......

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