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Customer satisfaction rating
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HDFC Bank Complaints & Reviews

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Hdfc Bank — charges in salary account

 Jazzz05 on Jul 9, 2019
I have an hdfc salary account no. [protected].

After leaving my previous job in november 2018, there was no salary credit in that account and now after a few months they have charged me ₹1416 for non maintenance without any warning or intimation.

I should have been informed to maintain a minimum balance or close the account atleast.

Please close this account and remove the charges which were incurred incorrectly without any prior warning....
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Hdfc Bank — unauthorized deduction

 Hi Ayemi on Jul 9, 2019
Dear hdfc,

I'm really happy for reversing my minus account to 0.00 on july and i was using this for account for salary but now i get it after my salary got credited on 5th july you normally charged 600 for non maintaince every month but since i started using you stared to recover my old minus account by first charging me 750 for the month of may and then i tried to closed the account but they nearest hdfc branch vasant square mall vasant kunj new delhi charged me 354 to closed my account but they said they can't as i have to closed my hdfc credit card which is linked with my account...
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Hdfc Bank — I am not getting otp for net banking to my registered mobile number. [Resolved]

 Madhura Shanti on Jul 9, 2019
I haven't been receiving the otp on my registered mobile number for the past few months. I have tried reaching out the relationship manager, but didnt get any response from him/her. Could you please help to get this resolved on priority. I am unable to access my net-banking because of this otp issue.

Without this i cannot make any payments which are must required. Can someone help me with this. I am not getting any bank updates and this is really scary, not sure what is happening with my transactions....
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Hdfc Bank — deduction from the account

 Lubna Ahmed on Jul 9, 2019
I no longer wish to have an account in hdfc bank. I am facing issues reguarding the deduction of money from my account. I had 2500/- my account which got deducted and now i have -9000/-. I haven’t used my account in months and i no longer wish to maintain an account in hdfc bank.
I kindly request you to revert back as soon as possible

Afnan ahmed
Ph no: [protected]...
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Hdfc Bank — amb charges deducted without informing/permission

 Anjana_789 on Jul 9, 2019
On 8th july 2019, hdfc bank has deducted amb charges without intimating twice for the month of june and may for non-maintainance of minimum balance
Despite the strict guidelines, hdfc is taking my money without informing the reason. No one can tolerate such an attitude. They should have at least send me sms regarding non-maintenance of minimum balance.
Rbi urges banks to inform their customers about the non-maintenance of minimum balance prior to levy penalty....
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Hdfc Bank — customer helpline number

 loving.anmol on Jul 9, 2019
The number provide by hdfc bank for helping the customer solve problem on call is not working i was trying 7 days alrady and many time attempt but it does not connect i just want to know transaction detail throughh refrence no but not helping by bank it suggest for helpline no [protected] but does't connect bad service by hdfc bank now i just approch on consumer complaint for helping me
Daily i was attempt calling ion this no 50 times but it does not coonect why hdfc bank provide good service with quick response calling no i hope this complaint is nhelpful for me......
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Hdfc Bank — denial of loose cheque

 siddhartchhabra1999 on Jul 9, 2019
I have applied for cheque book and obviously it will take some time, so i had to perform rtgs urgently for registry of my new plot, and they denied us of loose cheque not because our papers were incomplete but instead i got denied hy "hdfc doesn't issue loose cheques". Seriously? Since when this happened? This is some deep # of hdfc, moreover now i have to pay the extra tax for delay of my registry. Who to blame now? Good work hdfc....
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Hdfc Bank — salary account blocked

 Javed Rather on Jul 9, 2019
Hi my account is blocked and when i visited my nearest branch there they said u have to visit home branch which is # far from my home. It will take 3 hours to reach there and i do night shifts i literally don't have time to go thre. Then i tell them j need to close the account they said we can't. It throws some # error while doing that. I need my amount back and i dont what the hell is going on between rbi and hdfc. It seems that hdfc have give away so many accounts to fraudsters as rbi fines them for not following kyc norms. I want my money back and close the account....
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Hdfc Bank — late fee and interest to be waived off

 rgandhi02 on Jul 9, 2019

I am ridhima gandhi a privileged customer of hdfc bank from past 4 years. I have a major concern regarding my credit card bill payments. My card expired back in 07/17 and till date i am not using it. Back in 2017 there has been some pending amount which was due on my card of which i was not aware of so unable to pay at that time because of which the late fees and interest charges got accumulated on the card and are quite a lot as of now.
From the past 5-6 months i am getting reminders and calls to pay off the bill but currently i am not in financial condition to pay the...
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Hdfc Bank — deduction of amb chrg incl gst for may 2019

 ramkhairnar on Jul 9, 2019
Hi, I don't know what the hdfc bank is doing with my account this is second time when bank deducted 345 rupees two times (Total=619) this "amb chrg incl gst for may2019-mir[protected]" i dont know why they are having problem with my account. I am totally fed up with this.
I want my money back. This is second time when bank deducted amount from my account without providing any information to me. This deduction is made on 8 JULY 2019 and 8 JULY 2019 (TWO times) and MY CUSTOMER ID IS[[protected]]....
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Hdfc Bank — fastag not received - complaint not solved more than 90 days

 arunandsurya on Jul 9, 2019
This is arunkumar r from coimbatore, tamilnadu. I have applied for fast tag card on 12 - april - 2019. Three months over, till now i have not received the fast tag card.

Ref no - hfr1177303.

While check with fast tag helpline number they gave me a dtdc courier tracking id (Track id for your reference - z[protected]. The status is appearing as it returned to their courier head office.

I am very disappointed to mention you, this issue is not resolved for 3 months by either fastag or hdfc bank.
Take an immediate action on this issue and...
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Hdfc Bank — fastag

 rajanveer20 on Jul 9, 2019
Applied for fastag via hdfc fastag on 23/04 paid rs. 500. Got confirmation message on 05/05 paid another rs.300.
Riase a compaint with fastag customer service around 25/05 as i never ecieved the fastag, guy provided me with a tracking no. And upon tracking there was no onformation watsoever. So shared this with him and he also couldn't track it.. Promised me that someone senior will call me back within 24 hrs. Nobody called. Rraised this issue again around 10/06, same promise again.. Asked them to give me a complain no. Refused both time point blank that they don't log complaints.
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Hdfc Bank — harassed and threatened by hdfc collection agent

 Varma Rock on Jul 8, 2019
Hi team,

My mom has taken the loan from hdfc bank of bike emi.. I have been harrased by one of hdfc agent.. The way he has spoken to me is very bad.. He is every time calling me and harrasing me.. Please take action against the agent by name : manjunath reddy.. His number is[protected].. And his whatsapp number is +[protected].. He is using abusive words every time.. My mom is now unwell and been admitted to hospital because of his abusive words.. I need help from voxya very badly.. Thank u regards

My email is varma. [protected]

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Hdfc Bank — for holding amount of rs 685.53/-

 VishBond007 on Jul 8, 2019
Mirevenue hold through gefu held by hdfc bank
Of amount rs 685.53

I had received the amount of 500 and the balance is - 185.53

So i'm facing problem in transferring amount to any other person or any payment options...

Account number : ending with 5149
As on date : 8 july 2019
Amount held by
Hdfc bank (For mirevenue hold through gefu): ₹685.53/-...
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Hdfc Bank — amount debited

 Parvind Negi on Jul 8, 2019
Hi myself parvind negi account no. Is [protected]
And my account balance is debited by 700rs as

Amb chrg incl gst for jun2019-mir[protected]

I have already changed my account to salary account then why my account is debited by 700rs this is not a small amount every month hdfc bank debits my account, why you charge so much every month i will close my account and give bad feedback if my problem not solved

Negi13. [protected]
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Hdfc Bank — credit card settlement letter

 karthick2685 on Jul 8, 2019
Dear sir/madam,

i used hdfc credit card ([protected]) in 2014 and have done settlement with hdfc card department on 2015, it is showing as settled in cibil, even they not given me the settlement letter.

Now i am moving for a hosuind loan with some other bank i am in need of that settlement letter for that i am continously following this with hdfc customer care and throughmail for nearly 2 month but no one has yet replied to me.

All i want is just a settlement letter. Kindly provide the settlement letter...
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Hdfc Bank — large amount of money deducted amb chrg incl gst and 3rd party cash txn inc gst

 BNeharika on Jul 8, 2019
There are multiple amount deductions from my account under this narration every month and i would like to know the reason behind it. You cannot do that without informing. The amount deducted is always 300 above and upto 800. I would not accept any unsatisfactory reason and would like to have the money back. Also there are deductions under the narration amb chrg incl gst for may2019-mir[protected] and amb chrg incl gst for may2019-mir[protected].
Both these are done for the same month. This is very unfortunate and if i do not get any valid reason for this then i will discontinue using...
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Hdfc Bank — credit card has been blocked without any reason giving to customer

 jagadish dachepalli on Jul 8, 2019
My credit card has been blocked, i dont know the reason too. I went to bank they said to call 24*7 customer care, but when im calling it is asking for my credit card number, and when im giving my credit card number then it is saying that "this service is not available on your card". I dont know what the hell is this. I am using hdfc diners club rewardz credit card....
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Hdfc Bank — credit card transaction dispute

 Anoopkr05 on Jul 8, 2019
Hdfc is the worst credit card provider which can't revert a transaction which was not authorized by me. The customer care is crap and even after sending many mails with proof o[censored]nauthorized transactions reported by many user by this merchant, they are asking me to send a mail to the merchant who have charged the credit card to initiate the refund. The merchant company is not replying to any mails and hence i called and they agreed to refund the amount in 48 hours, but not yet refunded even after 1 week. I am using 4 other credit cards and only hdfc has this # attitude. Its not at all a customer...
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Hdfc Bank — hdfc one assist mfee activated without my consent

 Abi5dante on Jul 8, 2019
Dear sir,

I'm using hdfc credit card end with 9141 and i found that without any intimation you have deducted the amount of 1399 from my credit card on 06th july 2019 towards one assist plan.

Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of rs:1399. Pleases deactivate one assist membership & refund me all the deducted amount. This is unacceptable that you deduct amount on name of one assist mfee without customer's info. If it happens again i will cancel my credit card.

As i am requesting this membership cancellation with 30days of "force...
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