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Mumbai City District
India - 400013
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Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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HDFC Bank Complaints & Reviews

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Hdfc Bank — edc roll

 afika on Jun 29, 2019
This is afika mujawar from elite ideas retail llp reason behind this mail is to complain u against your bank staff. Actully this is 3rd time i am asking for edc roll no one is responding i badly need edc roll i do not have any single roll to use i bought edc roll from stationary store.
Can u plz arrange some one to send edc roll to me.

Add-t1b domestic airport
Near baba canteen
Near staff gate-400057
Phone no - [protected]...
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Hdfc Bank — negative balance

 Hi Ayemi on Jun 29, 2019
I opened my hdfc as salary account since i was working in private sector so the company opened the account but after i left the job i didn't use the account as i wasn't able to use online banking for any online fund transfer and recently i joined a company and since even the current company i joined also opens salary account which is hdfc so i crossed check my old hdfc account it was in minus -9320 which is a big amount and i'm not happy atleast the bank should have informed me before they decide to put my account or anyone else account into minus....
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Hdfc Bank — harassing 8th month pregnant for loan emi

 lalu mwd on Jun 29, 2019
This is first mail from my wife to rbi, legal services and hdfc all wings.
Hi all,

I had a requirement of loan in 2018. And when hdfc reached out to me they said that opening a saving account is mandatory as the requested loan amount is big (12 lakh). And i was having icici bank account as my salary account. After the confirmation from the bank i have opened hdfc account savings account (A/c num:[protected]) in 2018 & loan amount is credited to the same account. After opening account they have informed me to maintain min balance of 10000 in the account if it is...
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Hdfc Bank — hdfc bank debited amount from my account

 Dhananjay_Kumar on Jun 28, 2019
Yesterday was amount of 1899 debited from my account of hdfc bank in mumbai at cponeassis at 15:35, without any information or without informing me or without sending otp or phone call to me.
And etlis bank have to inform me before the transaction.

I want my money back in my account urgently and information about this why it was debited from my account....
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Hdfc Bank — credit card settlement

 Deepak Dhanwade on Jun 28, 2019
I have been trying to settle my credit card but the hdfc bank and its agents are giving me a cold shoulder for the past 2 months.
Furthermore, the hdfc guys are calling me continuously to pay the minimum dues.

The agent named priya threatened me multiple times that if i don't pay the minimum dues today, she will make sure that it is never settled and i will be blacklisted.

Can a representative from the bank threaten me and boast that i will never be able to go for settlement?

I want to settle the card as my financial situation is worse.
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Hdfc Bank — complaint against dsa

 Advocate738 on Jun 28, 2019
I, ashok yadav, advocate has received a call from your legal cell the caller has not disclosed his name mob no is [protected], and used un - parliamentary language in a threatening tone please initiate action against the caller, i am not a account holder in your bank plz confirm the action initated aganst the caller, i have already made the police complaint to the police oficial at police post sector-10, new delhi, in this regards, thanking you!
(Ashok yadav)
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Hdfc Bank — irritative calls from hdfc credit card agency prime solutions ahmedabad

 Kashyap D Patel on Jun 28, 2019
Today on 28/06/19 i received 4 calls offering me for new life time free hdfc credit card. On first call i told them that i already have hdfc credit card but then also they called me again and asked for information of which banks credit cards u have whats the limit which is the oldest one.
But i dint gave further information as i thought of fraud call.
On last call i scolded they then they started abusing me and gave me threat to hit me. And i came to know that they have all of my details like name, address etc.
So just worried that is hdfc hiring such agency? Who hares and give...
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Hdfc Bank — physical harassment,third party disclosure and fund my account

 rohit2019 on Jun 28, 2019
I was using hdfc jumbo loan **4054 and mr. hridesh([protected]) visit my with one clerk from vikas puri branch and he is said he is a banker and I've doubt on this persons he is a fraud person.

1st visit(21 june)- I've discussed about settlement they denied for settlement and my loan amount disclouser to third party like neighbor.
2nd visit(24-june)- on that time they denied discuss with me and discuss my mother and pressurize and also misbehave for make payment immediately.
after that i'll go police station for f.i.r on that time they denied they didn't visit my home.
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Hdfc Bank — credit card

 [email protected] on Jun 28, 2019
Hi my name is ravish chitalia I have used credit card of HDFC bank from last 8 year I make my payment regularly but suddenly my financial condition has gone down I become bank courapt my business has closed down I don't have job I can't pay dues right now my CIBIL get very low no banks give loan now I request hdfc recovery agent give me sum Time if I get extra money then vl pay dues but hdfc agent calling my family friends for payment now I am no more in social standing also all my friends family know my condition I requested not to call. My family friends and other but then to they called again...
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Hdfc Bank — unauthorised mctf transaction dr

 Prateek K R on Jun 28, 2019
I swiped my debit card at a pos (Anjappar) on 27/10/2018 for 524 rupees and received a debit message confirming the debit. After 20 days, on 17/11/2018 this amount was reversed to me from the same pos (Anjappar).

On the same day (17/11/2018), i was debited 999 rupees that i did not authorize. This transaction was marked as mctf to anjappar.

I have made 8 calls to hdfc's ivr (About an hour on each call) but it has not been resolved. Since the ivr proved useless, i visited my home branch at k r road, bengaluru and the staff did not help me at all.

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Hdfc Bank — hdfc bank reversed transaction not credited

 Sayali Kankate on Jun 28, 2019
Hi had made 2 orders on myntra, it is processed from myntra and i got message from hdfc and phone pay that amount is credited/reversed. This is the second time happened to me.

Below are the messages which i received-

Your refund of amount rs.323.1 has been initiated by myntra. It will be transferred to your original payment mode within 9 working days.

But this amount is also not credited yet

Ur transaction on hdfc bank debit/atm card ending 8087 for rs. 681.38 has been credited/reversed by myntra1291349 on[protected]:20:53:28...
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Hdfc Bank — fraud use of hdfc debit card

 Vasudev Barve on Jun 28, 2019
I am regular customer of HDFC since last 9 years
yesterday i received message on mobile that " you have withdrawn 3000 via debit card and so and so..."
i immediately checked my account statement on mobile and found that message was true as someone had withdrawn 3000 rupees in andheri using my card.
immediately blocked my card. i am surprised how can this be possible as i have my card physically with me.
how to find out this fraud? how to get money back? should i do police complain?...
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Hdfc Bank — staff behaving very rude and un polite speech.

 [email protected] on Jun 27, 2019
Staff behaving very rude and un polite speech. Facing issue with customer care and raised complaint. But no response and no action taken. Playing with my time.. Simply calling and asking for loans..
They are very lazy and not answering my call for few times.. Putting my call in hold for more than 10 mins... Wasted my time customer not even talk to me.
Inaccurate info given and spoken very iimpolite way... In reverse giving warnings to me....
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Hdfc Bank — about change of status of cibil report which is write. it badly affect my cibil score.

 Navjotg6 on Jun 27, 2019
Hello sir,

I was asked to pay hdfc bank credit card payment in full so i have paid it but now I have checked my cibil my credit status for your card is written off which badly effect my credit score please change it to closed account.

I have applied for bank loan and if the cibil didn't get change I will face large sum of loss.

Best Regards

Navjot singh gill
Mobile no [protected]
My card number[protected]...
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Hdfc Bank — cheating with credit card

 Krishan Jha on Jun 27, 2019
Today dated 27.07.2019 we have found call from hdfc issued credit card of my name and card used 1 lac rupess but we have not found card. Caller said me civil will be disturbed
I want to cause on hdfc how it will issued card to without my permission without verification without check my contact no which have in bank my document is licked and bank issued card to another kind person cheating us
Please registerd my complain and enquire who will cheating. We will no pay single rupees to bank....
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Hdfc Bank — complaints regards to ashish securities mandate

 Ramyarami on Jun 27, 2019
Dear sir/madam,

This is ramya. R, i am receiving the below message i am not sure this message is fraud or not. I have not placed any application to process. Kindly check and inform as soon as

Dear customer mandate reference no: hdfc[protected] issued to ashish securities pvt ltd with value rs. 12500.00 and frequency mnth is received today for case of any issue please get in touch with your branch.

Ramya. R...
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Hdfc Bank — cancellation of one assist membership

 Gaurav Bhamre on Jun 27, 2019
I'm Using HDFC Credit card. I found that without any intimation you have activated one assist membership and deducted the amount 1399/- from my credit card without my permission on 25th June 2019.

Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs 1399/- . Please deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount.
This is unacceptable that you deduct amount on name of one assist MFEE without customer's info. If it will happens again then i will cancel my credit card.

Kindly refund in my credit card account.

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Hdfc Bank — torture from hdfc credit card executives

 Nishita Malpani on Jun 27, 2019
Dear sir,

From past 5years your bank executives calling from differert numbers and asking for mr. Amar narayan

I (Nishita malpani) am using this number ([protected]) more than 6 years and i dont know who is amar narayan

Your executives without cross checking customer details first provide credit cards than torture innocent peoples.

And for your kind information i dont have account in your bank

[protected] it's your bangalore branch number, from many days i am getting tortured mentally

If i receive another...
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Hdfc Bank — credit card application processing

 Aazam Koser on Jun 27, 2019
Fraudulent people contacted me and made me file for the platinum card. I agreed but not to be hung around like this. Its been 3 weeks plus since they have started the processing.

The tracker always comes blank. This is very suspicious and embarassing for a private bank to behave in this manner.

When I track on the website it comes up empty. Not even disapproved, just blank. Nobody wants to help on the customer care either.

Ref- 19F[protected]W6...
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Hdfc Bank — lost my food card

 Shailaja Manne on Jun 27, 2019

I had lost my food plus card, i am a tcs associate, could you block the card and issue the new card. And also my old card has balance money in that account.

Could you please transfer the amount in the new card. I am waiting for you response.

The food card number is : [protected]

Please resolve this matter asap.

I need to update my new card number in my company portal to get the new amount to credit in the card....
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