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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Nykaa.com — product wrongly delivered to someone else

 Gits223 on Sep 21, 2019
My order no NYK[protected] has been wrongly delivered to some one else. Initially my product couldn't be delivered stating wrong address. Now I've been informed it has delivered, that to the wrong person. I had paid 2780 on the products. Both nykaa and the courier company are responsible for this. Humble request you to take action on this. - Geeta...
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Nykaa.com — I'm complaining about delayed shipment.

 Asino on Sep 20, 2019
I've ordered some cosmetics from nykaa on sept 12th and it was supposed to be delivered by sept 17th as per nykaa. It's sept 20th today and yet, there is still no tracking information, the only info i am provided with is that it has been delayed. I need it urgently and i'm running out of patience. I'd like to hear why it is taking too long for the delivery and i'd want it to be shipped at the earliest possible time....
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Nykaa.com — refund not initiated

 Anjali_652 on Sep 17, 2019
I have ordered few products from nyka but couldn’t get it and they also dint refunded me back even though its being around 15 days since i ordered the products and waiting for my refund. All of there executives are saying there different statement regarding this they are also not connecting me to the management. They are also not ensuring me the exact time for refund....
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Nykaa.com — poor delivery service by nykaa

 Shima16 on Sep 16, 2019
I had made an order with nykaa on 2nd september for an amount of rs. 4915 via order no. Nyk[protected] items). Delivery was mentioned for these products in 5-6 days.

On 7th september, it was updated in their order tracking that the items are at a location near mine that is irinjalakuda..

Since then there is no update on status... I have been trying to reach through telephone, emails and facebook. Every time their customer care replies that, they have escalated the matter and will be delivered soon. But the date they are not mentioning..

I am...
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Nykaa.com — luring customers with free offers and not sending the free products

 Paroma Deb on Sep 14, 2019
I had placed an order on nykaa for a cgg serum of rs 900. There was an offer on it of a free gel along with it worth 550. But i didn't receive the free item. On contacting customer care, i was replied that the free item was out of stock so they could not deliver it. When i wrote to them that the offers still on and is still showing on the product page, they replied that they will remove the offer. This is not expected from nykaa. How can you just put any offer on your site to sell your products....
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Nykaa — refund for cancelled order

 Jagdish Vekariya on Sep 11, 2019
I had ordered 3 products on 09/09/19 on nykka i cancelld the order after some time on that day i received this message
Order cancelled: your order #nyk[protected] has been cancelled. Refund of inr 1994.0 will be initiated to your account within 2 business days
But i not received refund yet
Payment mode upi
[protected] m. Number
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Nykaa — money deducted from the account, but the site still shows as order not placed

 prachi parab on Sep 9, 2019
I purchased tamanu oil from nykaa.com on 9th september at 9:30 p. M.
I made payment of 450 rupees using upi, the money got deducted from my account but the site still did not show as the order placed.

There is no customer support on this site after 9 p. M.

The site says if there are issues in the payment it is credited to the nykaa wallet after 20 mins. But after 45 mins, still i couldn't see my money reflected in my wallet.

The order is still not placed but my money is debited to nykaa's account (Axis bank account)...
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Nykaa.com — product-delivered [Resolved]

 Doodrey on Sep 7, 2019
I ordered a product on tuesday, sep 3-19, and received message of delivering on 6th sep-19, on 5th sep, i received a "failed delivery", on checking through i got to know, shipment delayed due to local disturbance while tracking, the delivering partner website is not updated for past 2 days, and nykaa is prompting me to wait, i paid earlier, that is my mistake i think. I raised so many concerns, and talked with their customer care, they said sorry for inconvenience, your order will reach you once it is out for delivery. I don't even know who's fault is this, but am sure, its not mine. Should be either...
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Nykaa.com — got fake products

 Tanuja Bisht on Sep 4, 2019
I ordered so much skin care products (14 products) iam not satisfied with any one. Whenever i used those products.. I got skin related problem.. But on other side i purchased same product from shop i didn't face any issue with my skin... I stopped using those products which i ordered from nykaa.in one facial kit they didn't send me scrub.. But on cover of the kit scrub was mentioned. My first time experience with nykaa is horrible. I will never purchase from nykaa in future....
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Nykaa.com — lakme lipsticks

 Akshita Prasad on Sep 1, 2019
I ordered lakme lipsticks from nyka.
According to the deal if we purchase lakme products of minimum amount of 1200 then we will get a free product.
So i purchased 3 lakme liquid lipsticks but the 3 lipsticks seem to be duplicate.
1. Dried tint.
2. Doesn't smell like lakme lipsticks
3. Not same as the colour shown in the site.
4. Weak brush stick.

Kindly take necessary actions again it....
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Nykaa — nykaa lipstick matte collection set

 Butchi on Aug 28, 2019
I have ordered three items on 14th of aug'19 and received on 22nd of aug'19, only two items in a box. I raise a complaint, nykaa is saying that their team investigated and found that all product has been delivered, but i received only two product and third one is missing which is of rs. 5399.
I am calling them again and again they are simply saying sorry and saying we can't provide any resolution.
Previously also i ordered from nykaa, no doubt product is of best quality but before also there was a missing of item and defected item came even they provide resolution also but that was...
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Nykaa.com — fraud or cheapest product quality, don't return product.

 Top breaking amazing video 2017-18 on Aug 24, 2019
Nykaa.com is a very cheapest product. I bought it online app indus vally hair colour men dt 21 aug 2019. I used it 24 aug but product as a herbal mehndi. I make a call customer care no [protected] 24 aug 2019 miss raksha attend my call.
I gave all quality of that product. But she said that we cannot return this product because you have already used it. I said to her maim if i would not use as a try. How can find its good or bed. After that she said we could not return your amount 330. So now i need your help pls return my money and aware everyone it's a false company online store. Canceled...
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Nykaa.com — poor return policy

 Maggi48 on Aug 23, 2019
I had ordered an eyeliner from nykaa and had requested for a return the next day i received the product.. I had not even opened it.. After 4 days they rejected my return request... Worst return policy i have ever seen... Also they do not have have any option for returning an item... We have to go to the help center and then submit a request to return the item... Not at all satisfied with their service.....
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Nykaa.com — order number nyk-29264379-0474005

 Mk911 on Aug 19, 2019
I placed the above order on 7th august, the shipment had reached neb sarai, which is 30 minutes from my house (I live in mehrauli) on 14th august. I got an out for delivery message on 14 from courier partner wow express. I called the executive, who very rudely told me he will not deliver the order, that i have to meet him at some place near my house to collect the order.

I called nykaa, who said they will look into this issue, but sadly they haven't done anything about it. Since then i have raised multiple requests and called them and everytime they say they will deliver the products...
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Nykaa.com — nykaa is attracting customers with fraud cinerewardz movie voucher

 Rashi saran on Aug 16, 2019
I ordered some products from nykaa. I had just bought that product because of that movie voucher. But after receiving my movie voucher i am unable to get my movie ticket through that and it seems that it's totally fraud and company is making us fool. Website's submit button is not working despite trying 10 times and it's totally fake. Please take some action against them. We want freedom from this kind of activities....
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Nykaa.com — refund not reflected into my account

 Spoorthi Hegde on Aug 14, 2019
I had returned 2 makeup kits as the quality was too bad, the order number is nyk[protected] and the amount of refund is ₹340. I had contacted their customer care and the reply is that they had credited the amount on 6th august 2019 but today is 13th august and the amount is not yet reflected to my account and fed up with dealing with these people who takes the amount as soon as they deliver the goods but does not credit the amount as soon as we return it....
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Nykaa.com — 6 missing product in received order [Resolved]

 Sapna9328 on Aug 12, 2019
I was ordered from nykaa on 5 August 2019. I was ordered total 14 products from nykaa and didn't receive 6 product of them. After that i was complaint about this to nykaa support but after mailing all pics details they said that your complain will be resolve in 24 to 48 hours but after taking 4-5 Days they just replayed that your all products are delivered according to weight of courier box. But i was very old customer of nykaa from 2014 when nykaa was not that much popular and spend around 1 lac rup. From my family members phone id as well as mine. But never disappointed. But this time they did...
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Nykaa.com — order not delivered and marked as solved [Resolved]

 Sweta Chakraborty on Aug 12, 2019
I placed an order on my mother's name at nykaa on 7th of august. I was informed that bluedart will be deliviring the products on 10th august but suddenly after the whole day passed nykaa informed that they could not deliver the products due to my absence at provided delivery address but i was at my home full time. Anyways i raised a concern from the app's help centre and selected today's date to make the delivery but now when i am opening the raised tickets of my complains it is showing solved and i need to select delivery date from tommorow again. No one is bothered to solve my problem. They should...
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Nykaa.com — this is regarding the order number nyk-24187429-71922

 Shraddha Parab on Aug 10, 2019
I had place order on nkya worth rupees 904. Also pyament was done online via debit card. I had received the message saying that the order is delivered but however the package is still not delivered to me. I called at the help desk for cancelling the order. However the excutive said that even after cancelling the order i would not get my money back. I need an explanation as in why this is the policy. I have not kept the payment pending from my side. Everything is done from your side. If there is a miscommunication with your delivery partner why should i suffer. Please cancel my order and give my...
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Nykaa.com — one product missing from order

 EldhoG on Aug 8, 2019
I am a regular online shopper and tried nykaa for the first time and am really very disappointed with the horrible service and even worse customer care. I had ordered for 6 items worth 4161 through nykaa but got only 5 and one product worth 737 was missing. Immediately i chatted with the customer care and shared the photos and they said they will look into it.in spite of repeated reminders there was no response from them. I then called up the nykaa personal and she was so rude saying that i was lying and the product was sent by them. This is the first time i’m being cheated on online shopping...
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