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+91 92 2220 1010  [Customer Care]

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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Nykaa — return

 Manasi Mittal Chhabra on Apr 17, 2019
I am disappointed with nykaa so much that i am never purchasing anything from it again. I have been nykaa's loyal customer and a very easy going customer at that, to the point that i hardly returned anything. I believe that the easiness to return purchases is what keeps the online industry thriving as sometimes you do not get the complete picture online and once you actually see the product and do not like it then you can easily return it. I recently placed an order on nykaa for hair extensions and colorbar lip liner and when i received it it didn't fit me on my head and the lip liner was of a different...
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Nykaa.com — products not received

 Gki on Apr 16, 2019
This is rediculous I ordered products from nykaa have not received all the products ...sent email and customer consultant she asked me for receipt box and products I received I sent her...
Now bloody I m getting email from nykaa no resolution

what u guys mean sent partial order and take full amount from customer for nothing
What u think we have money from trees to give it you guys
I need my products or my money
Badest customer experience

I want to give her -0 rating
I have not got my products I paid the money for nothing
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Nykaa.com — order not delivered since 1 month money deducted

 Kimmiq on Apr 13, 2019
I am really fed up from nykaa.com
I ordered 3products costing 695rs on 17march, 19. Money is deducted from my account.

Now it's approx 1month i am not receiving my products or money.

They mention on their site that delivery takes 3-4days, but see i am here with no product in hand.

I have called them day and evening talking to different representative but they say we can't do anything. We will raise high priority request and then next day they change the status to out for delivery and very same evening change it to failed delivery.

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Nykaa.com — nykaa store at kochi

 BinduThomas2202 on Apr 11, 2019
I never usually care about how people treat me but i really had to talk about this. I love nykaa and always order from their website (Almost every month)
I was so happy when i came to know that a nykaa store is opening in kochi because i thought it would be a great opportunity to get my exact shades.
I have been to the store 4 times now but i'm never going there again. The staff don't care about who comes and goes. The first time i went they were busy putting make-up on each other and the other times i noticed that they all stick with a particular customer (Usually a foreigner or someone...
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Nykaa.com — misleading offers on the app

 Zahbi Usmani on Apr 11, 2019
Hi as per the offer on nykaa my order qualifies for the free mamaearth hair tonic which is not given

Kindly send the sameorder number nyk[protected]

Dear zahbi,

Thank you for sharing the screenshot, this is with reference to your order number nyk[protected].

We would like to inform you that this offer is going on our website on 25/03/2019 and you place an order on 07/04/2019. Might be site is not updated at that time that's why it is showing on our website. But offer is not valid on 07/04/2019.

Hope this information...
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Nykaa.com — order not placed and amount got debited from bank account

 kaur1088 on Apr 10, 2019
I was placing an order on nykaa at 3:20 am today 10th april for biotique products worth rs 2309 however it did not get placed and amount got debited from my yes bank netbanking. I have reference for payment as well.. Kindly look into this matter and refund my money or place the order. I have raised few concerns on nykaa earlier as well however did not get resolved yet..

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Nykaa.com — I haven't received refund [Resolved]

 Poornima Hegde on Apr 7, 2019
Order # nyk[protected]

For the above order, i paid online. Because of the website problem, it got paid twice. There was a duplicate order and when i called customer care, they asked me tk return the products.

I had to return the products that i received because of the duplication. I returned the products 2 months back and i'm yet to receive my refund. I've called customer care multiple times and they are not initiating the refund request.

Please help....
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Nykaa.com — l. a girl foundation missing

 Lizu Tuku on Apr 6, 2019
On 19th march i have placed order for 3 product, out of 3 product i have received only 2 product, i have informed them, immediately i have taken photosnap n sent it to nyka, after that i connected to costumer care to complain this. Everytime they require 48 hours... To investigate it. They cheated my higher price foundation has missed. After 6 days they are replying me that they have sent 3 product..
Every day was following what is the status they dont want refund n delivery any item.
Dont buy anything from nyka, such a bad experience i had from nyka,

Nyka should close......
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Nykaa.com — I have received a used old other brand hair dryer in the box of the product I had ordered.

 Bhazi on Apr 6, 2019
I have received a used old other brand hair dryer in the box of the product i had ordered! It was miss placed by someone in Nykaa.. and i had reported this from the day I received the product but Nykaa has rejected my return request for no reason. I feel cheated . I had ordered a Nova hair dryer but got an other brand old used product in Nova’s new packing. And they are rejecting to resolve this issue saying that there no fault from there side....
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Nykaa.com — false promises and discrimination of profession

 sachin gupte on Apr 5, 2019
Dear sir /madam
Nykaa company has now resorted to cheap tactic for not selling their discounted products. I had ordered products from their website on a discount after they send me several sms and mails informing about the ongoing discount i feel that this is their modus operandi where first they will lure you by sending sms and emails about discounted products and then when you order these products the reason they give for not fulfilling your order is that they are unable to send the goods since the consumer
Is a shopkeeper and one has to buy again with original price sit the question...
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Nykaa — fake used products

 Arindam1393 on Apr 5, 2019
I had ordered a huda beauty matte lipstick from nykaa, they didn't even provide luxury box, and there was no polythene coated sheath, the packed was so much scratched and the lipstick was also, didn't feel anything like new, it felt old dirty and used, the bottom of the item has a sticker which has information about the item which looks nothing like the original, the lip symbol (Which is supposed to be as originally) is missing instead there is something else, very clever nykaa buglers selling cheap duplicate items and not even helping on return, my 1650 rs gone in waste, but i will not leave you...
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Nykaa.com — not received refund for damaged product

 MPriyab on Apr 5, 2019
Order no. Nyk[protected]

Hello team,

I had recieved a damaged product from nykaa and i raised a concern with nykaa. They rejected the return and told to contact the brand, when i contacted the brand for refund, they redirected to nykaa to provide the refund and since then i have been following up with nykaa to raise a return request and process my refund. But they are just tireing me out so that i give up and forget about my money. They are only making false promises and nobody is helping.

Can somebody please look into this, i have been raising...
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Nykaa.com — loreal sensi balance

 Namrata Roy Banerjee on Apr 4, 2019
I ordered loreal sensibalance worth rs635 and received an old, ugly, damaged and dirty bottle worth rs. 575. Where as i paid 635 for this bottle. Dont cheat your customers with fake products.
I want a refund so that i can place another order or replacement.
I raised return request with resolution yet. And pausing the sla stating i haven't provided docs. I have sent all relevant documents. I am going impatient and pissed off...
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Nykaa.com — loreal infallible foundation

 Sahithi Venna on Mar 31, 2019
I am purchasing loreal foundation in sale.after complete the sale Nykaa cancel my order.they said they refund my money 499/-.not 500/- and they don't respond properly.see how cheap Nykaa is.They stole my product from my cart.Its actual price is 1200/-.I want my product or 1200/-.Please help me.i want justice.middle class people waiting for sale and buy.but this Nykaa stole my product, cheats the poor customers.Because they didn't cancel the rich persons orders.Please I want 1200/- or product.Need JUSTICE...
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Nykaa.com — loreal infallible foundation

 Sahithi Venna on Mar 31, 2019
29th March flat 500 sale running in loreal.i ordered.but two days nykaa doesn't react on my order.after two days they cancel my order.they said sorry the stock is out.then why are they take my money.they doesn't respond properly.i bought it for 500.actual price is 1200/-.they loss 700/- because only they stole my product from me.DISGUSTING nykaa cheats the poor customers undoubtedly....
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Nykaa.com — regarding recent purchase from nykaa of bronson facial cleanser

 Megha2409 on Mar 31, 2019
I have recently purchased Bronson facial cleanser from nykaa which is not working and so I complained to nykaa about it. And they refused to exchange or refund the amount and had asked to call and report to Bronson customer care which I did but there was no response from their end.
When I informed this to nykaa executive she refused to take any action against them.worst site fooling customers...
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Nykaa.com — jockey capri ordered on 25/03/2019

 neha takkar on Mar 30, 2019
I have order a jockey capri on 25/03/2019. The product didn’t fit me and am asking to exchange the product but they are denying for the same. I want the refund now. I don't want any exchange now. Kindly refund asap. On the nyka page there was nowhere mentioned that these products are not returnable. I want my money back.
Kindly find the attached screenshots no where mentioned that these products are non returnable. I need immediate solution....
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Nykaa.com — my order is not delivered yet and now i see the status has returned. i want my products

 nandini ha on Mar 30, 2019
My order number# nyk[protected]

I have placed an order for the above mentioned order number on march 14th and i still have not received my order.

I sent an e mail to [email protected] and i always get disgusting automated mail.

Yesterday i had called customer care number and they informed that by 24 hours my product will be delivered but now i see the status has product returned.

When i have not received the product, how can i even return.

Nykaa is such a disgusting and horrible and you never care for your customers....
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Nykaa — nykaa mattelicious jade rose

 Rakshri6 on Mar 29, 2019
The product i tried at the nykaa store felt rich and the product didn't smudge or move even after 8 hours, the package was sturdier too. The one i received is cheap plastic and colour smudged in just 1/2 an hour which is a shame considering we pay such a hefty sum of 700 rs for a lipstick, the least we expect from the brand is atleast providing good products from their brand atleast. This is so disappointing, i never believed when i saw videos and people telling me nykaa deals with fake products, but now i am completely convinced of their malicious company. Very bad from a reputable company like...
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Nykaa.com — cheating customers with incorrect price

 Ruchika Saini on Mar 29, 2019
I have bought the loreal paris superliner black lacquer for rs 675 after the discounted price on nykaa, original product price was shown rs 900. Now i have checked other websites and on nykaa too, the original product price is rs 600 only. They are cheating their customers with incorrect price of the item. Don't go for their sale trap for customers, they first show the higher incorrect price and show the discounted more than actual price of the product. Please don't do shopping from nykaa, they are not genuine....
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