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Reliance Life Insurance Customer Care

Reliance Life Insurance Company (RLIC)

9th floor/10th floor, Building No. 2, R-Tech Park, Nirlon Compound, Next to Hub Mall, Behind I- Flex building, Goregaon, (East)
Mumbai City District
India - 400063

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+91 22 3000 2222  

Reliance Life Insurance Company (RLIC) is amongst the leading private sector life insurance companies in terms of new business premium with a market share of 5% of the private sector life insurance industry. The company has over 7 million policy holders with a strong distribution network of close to 1,230 branches with over 124,000 agents as of March 31, 2013. Reliance Life offers life insurance products targeted at individuals and groups, catering to four distinct segments: protection, children, retirement and investment plans.

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H Block, 1st floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India 400710

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So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Reliance Life Insurance — regarding cancellation of reliance insurance policy no. 52561619

 azmat880 on Jul 2, 2018
With reference to above subject, I have complained earlier regarding
Cancellation of the said policy, also I have submitted original policy bond paper on 28.9.2016 in your Hadapsar Pune branch on the basis of SMS received from you. Still I have not received the amount paid by me. The policy was done for installation of tower, but it was false. I cannot continue this policy, because I do not have this much income to continue this policy. I have not paid the premium amount due to insufficient fund.
I kindly request you to look into the matter and release payment at the earliest....
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Reliance Life Insurance — demanding money for issuing noc

 Rajinikanth Nandanaboina on Jun 26, 2018
Dear sir / madam
This is rajinikanth nandanaboina i worked as advisor in reliance life insurance i join on 1st april 2015 and my agency code 21841878 my pan - auppn8084j. After one year i left my job as an agent now i got an opportunity from hdfc as an agent. They asked me for noc from the previous insurer when i reached them they told to submit an application for noc i submitted to them. Now they are demanding money for issuing my noc is their any rule for paying money for noc to the insurer. Please take this complaint and please issue my noc....
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Reliance Life Insurance — fraud agent

 Gaurav1616 on Jun 25, 2018
I received a call from Reliance executive and he introduced "Reliance Nippon" policy, he told me that I will be getting 15% cashback and all the extra charges that I will pay for converting my 51k premium into emi. But now he is not answering my call. When I called company helpline number, they said that they will look into my matter but even they didn't replied, they even didn't gave me the agent id of that person....
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Reliance Life Insurance — loan against policy [Resolved]

 dipparmar on Jun 14, 2018
Reliance life insurance what is going on. Are you playing some kind of games with me. Few days back i received a call from[protected] a lady. She was so polite & she heard each & every details of my concern very carefully after couple of days i received another call from same number & they approved my case & ready to refund my investment amount. Very next day i received a call from another number[protected] & she said they cant refund me my amount.. How can this possible... Why reliance is playing with me.. I want each & every answer from company about this. When it is very clear from the...
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Reliance Life Insurance — unable to death claim (policy no 51632674 and 51619520) [Resolved]

 Rubal Computer on Jun 13, 2018
Dear sir/mam,
Being a customer i am not happy my husband mr. Sat pal was expired 30 oct 2016. They join your reliance life insurance company on may 07, 2014 as per your agent faith they know how to convince people it was all in a hurry we didn't even look policy so deeply we just trusted them what they said, at first look for he also it was a good deal so we take it.
Now your company said that my husband was suffring from diabetes mellitus since 10 yrs, answers is incorrect, so what was the my fault. Is your company agent fault we will pay a huge amount. Other companies birla sun...
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Reliance Life Insurance — reliance nippon money back plan [Resolved]

 Tapan10 on Jun 12, 2018
Have purchased a reliance nippon moneyback policy in march 2018. I have been in contact with a person named mr. Kamal claiming to be holding a managerial position at reliance department.
He advised me to purchase the money back plan and also promised to provide a health insurance plan, which reliance is offering as complimentary with the money back plan and for a limited period of time.
I purchased the money back plan and have the documents available with me now but i have still not received any information/ documents related to the health insurance plan. I was also promised to be...
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Reliance Life Insurance — requesting for policy statement [Resolved]

 Saravananrajamanickam on May 15, 2018
Dear sir/Madam,
I am Saravanan R from Trichy. I have visited your branch for many times.I want to get my Annual policy statement for the year[protected] for certain concerns.I have already given my Mail address.Please check my account and send my Last Annual Year[protected] statement for the following policy numbers,
I also need the annual statement of my wife`s policy Mrs.S Pitchaiammal for the policy number 11167693.
Let me attach my mail address here for your easy concern.
Please send my requested statements to...
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Reliance Life Insurance — closure of policy not done and missguided us. [Resolved]

 Badhai on Apr 28, 2018
I purchased a policy no[protected] in the name of mrs. Sunita gupta client id[protected]. Within 15 days i requested shri shailesh gole manager at o. P road baroda for surrender of the policy. He assured me that it will surrender after 15 days after taking approval of higher authorities. On[protected] i submitted the policy and freelook cancellation request form to m. Sweta shah at o. P. Road baroda center of reliance nippon life insurance. She didn't gave receipt or acknowledgment and misguided me. On that day shri gole also misbehaved and shouted like as i am a culprit. After sometime this policy...
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Reliance Life Insurance — online reliance nippon insurance against loan... [Resolved]

 vinujamner12 on Apr 21, 2018
Puja sharma call me offer to take reliance insurance against loan provied by 4.5 % intrest rate. I paid premium
15675/- than loan sanction letter received
But before loan disburse paid some amts refund with loan. I was 40000/- paid but loan amts cannot disbursed. Again call to paid some amts otherwise before paid amts not refund again i was paid some amts.. Totally i was no chance to reverse i paid near about total 264410/- paid between 7/12/2017 to 21/4/2017...
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Reliance Life Insurance — for matured policy 19944051 [Resolved]

 Shwetashu4322 on Apr 16, 2018
Policy matured on 21.3.18 they send maturity benefit by cheque on present address which is wrong. Not as per my policy paper address. They don't inform me by email. My registered no is closed. After call on 11.4.18 they demanded my whole profs that is id proof address proof pay out form but till 16.4.18 they couldn't resend my maturity benefit. They demanded the same document again. Which i send them on 11.3.18. And they reacted also on 11.3.18 as sending cheque again but today 16.4.18 they refused to get any attention about 11.3.18 documents. Please help me
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Reliance Life Insurance — customer care employees abusive works on calls [Resolved]

 Rekha Gujjari on Apr 9, 2018
this is my complaint against Reliance Life Insurance Customer care employee called today 09th April from +91 [protected], offering insurance on my Airtel mobile #, which i was not interested and i asked her did i said i'm interested but she says first lesion to my offer do not interrupt me and when i said i'm not interested to lesion she started abusing me with in local language when i raised my voice she started all bad works and she cut my phone.

i called her back and some other lady spoke to me and she said what did she said when i'm explaining to her she just dropped...
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Reliance Life Insurance — sub:-complaint and depressed for my policy renewal amount-10352801 [Resolved]

 Mandeep Parihar on Apr 5, 2018
Dear sir,

This is to keep you informed that i, mr. Manjit singh holding policy no.[protected] is really depressed with the service of reliance life insurance.

In the month of nov 2017 i was supposed to goto out of station so i ensured that none of my emis should be pending. My policy number[protected] was supposed to be paid on 29/12/2017, so i went to the office to pay my renewal payment on 17/11/2017. I re-confirmed the agent my renewal amount which was rs.13760 as per her (Ms. Pravin kaur). I paid the entire amount in cash and it was accepted (Receiving receipt...
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Reliance Life Insurance — current status of my plan- connect 2 life gold plan [Resolved]

 pranavsingh on Apr 5, 2018
Dear sir,
I have taken the plan as subjected above. The details are as follows-
Policy name - as subjected above
Policy holder-pranav singh
Date of birth - 08/09/1970
Policy no[protected]
Client id[protected]
Policy period-30.10.2006-30.10.2021
Policy premium-13636/- per annual

As of now i don't remember how much annual premium paid by me and what is the last premium which i have paid. So i request u please tell me the current status of my police. If police has been lapse then what can i do next. What is the process of surrender.
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Reliance Life Insurance — annuity payment problem [Resolved]

 Vinodruparel on Apr 3, 2018
More than 6 months correspondance, through letter, email, toll free and personal visit at br. Problem not solved. Many landline phone not attend, inspite more than 7 calls. Policy no:52740633. The fault by company, they are not setwrite annuity problems and an excess rs.5554/- adjust, without informng myself, thought i agree to repay an excess amount minus quarterly annuity of rs.1892.75....
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Reliance Life Insurance — for renewal receipt [Resolved]

 ravishankar chauhan on Mar 29, 2018
I had paid my renewal charges n i can"t got renewal receipt so i want to my renewal receipt as soon as possible because its very urgent.
Because there are some my important work is left because of my renewal receipt of my policy i requested u sir please send me my policy renewal policy on my email.

My mobile no is [protected]


Thank you sir,
Email id :
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Reliance Life Insurance — salary not provided to your employee [Resolved]

 raja jyrwa on Mar 29, 2018
With due respect to the authority of reliance nippon life insurance.
Coming to the point i am a policy holder of your company and the story is that the employee of your company are facing to get the salary for three months now.
So how can the company assure the customer that we will get our money on time.
So as the consumer of this company i would like to withdraw my insurance as you people are not worth to be trusted.
When you cant provide any good facility to your own employee then you people wont even be able to help us...
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Reliance Life Insurance — fake information provided by brokers [Resolved]

 Nancy2904 on Mar 28, 2018
I have taken reliance nippon life insurance from agent. Agent provided all fake information. He said that of you pay online you will receive cashback of 8000, but 1year has passed and i didn't got that cashback. The contact number provided by broker is also fake. It remains switch my brochure broker name is mentioned as north india finservepvt ltd and code is 21364762. I request to the company to please take severe actions against fake brokers. So that innocent customers dont get cheated. He also provided certain wrong information regarding the policy...
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Reliance Life Insurance — payment receipt june 2017 and uptodate policy statement till date very urgent [Resolved]

 Anurakt williamson on Mar 27, 2018
Very urgent


Dear sir madam

Attention:reliance nippon life

Very urgent
Please help

Sub: kindly send me the payment receipt of june 2017, today and uptodate policy statement or in 24 hours through email or currier post for submission of my tds[protected]

‘reliance life insurance guaranteed money back plan’
Mr. Anurakt williamson
Client id life assured : 86189853
Contract no: 51028535
Dob: 1st june 1967

As my premium is deposited to your company...
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Reliance Life Insurance — cheating with senior citizen a heart patient [Resolved]

 Ankit5121984 on Mar 24, 2018
Complaint against mr pratik ka patel, city name - anand vidhyanagar. This is the man who cheat with my father while i am not here at india he come to my father and give one policy of yearly 50000payment and then after some times he come agen and convines my father for uonther policy so on the way my father ask him that my frist police install ment still going own so how come i take uonther one so mr pratik replays that i manage all don't wary. So my father take uonther policy. It's n it finished yet agen when he come for third time and agen age he convines my father for 3rd policy so we show that...
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Reliance Life Insurance — premium paid receipt required [Resolved]

 Girijesh Kumar Sharma on Mar 22, 2018
Dear sir,

My reliance policy no. 10992872/26.09.2007,
Please arrange to provide premium paid certificate for a. Y. 2017-18 & receipt of paid premiums.

Please also send the premium receipt of my next premium which will be paid on 28.03.2018 by hdfc automatically.

Name of insurer poonam sharma
Name of proposer girijesh kumar sharma
Mobile no. [protected]
Mail id &
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