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Bangalore, Karnataka, India
I am interested to file fraud case against vodafone for cheating customers and billing by fraud means. i have also planned to file a case in the consumer forum. if any of you have experienced similar issue and taken some necessary steps to punish such service providers.

The mobile service provider has charged excessively very high on my international roaming data usage. there is no provision for requesting a international data roam separately when you request for activation for international roaming. along with the voice calling and sms.. data also gets activated.

Accidentally my mobile internet download was activated for less than 60 minutes and vodafone has charged approximately inr 26, 000/- only for data usage for 40 mb download. this is a data leakage by accident, the service for international data roam was not requested by me for activation. the total bill amount is rupees 22660.00 plus the applicable taxes which is much over and above my credit limit assigned to my mobile number.

I have requested vodafone to waive-off the charges incurred against international data usage. however vodafone is very adamant and they would like pass on any waiver. i would like to file a case against vodafone for this fraud tricks to charge the customers. kindly assist with necessary details and steps.

I am willing to share additional information if someone can provide some guide

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[Jul 05, 2016] Vodafone India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Hi Team, thanks for sharing with Vodafone customer support team. I am also trying to get connected via different channel such as vodafone corporate team and also working towards filing report at consumer forum. I will share the status and the results of my efforts once I have any additional information available.
Thanks, Abhay Singh B
hi Abhay,

I am curious to know if you have resolved your issue and if so how.

i too have been fraudulently charged for overseas roaming.

Charles Lambrou
Hi Charles,
Thanks for checking this issue. I had been asking Vodafone to give 100% waiver on the fault and exaggerated billing which was billed over and above my credit limit assigned by Vodafone. Vodafone did offer me 50% discount on the fault billing. Due to lack of time to fight the issue and drag Vodafone to court.. I had to give up the fight. Now I have switched to different service provider and decided not to avail services from Vodafone again.
I have a similar case with a ridiculous amount of 181000 INR for 270Mb 2G data which i did use only because Vodafone UK services showed a 23GB of free data on my app. Now I am being threatened by Vodafone lawyers to pay the bill. 270mb will not cost more than 100rs india or 5£ in UK then why are we being charged such insanely high amount? Please count me in and let me know what everyone else is doing to get this resolved.
I have been charged 72, 000 by Vodafone for 3 sessions of automatic download by the hone. I was on the roam pack for a month and as soon as I got their msg of deactivation, I switched my data off. But they have slapped a total bill of 72, 000. I Have refused to pay and they have barred my outgoing calls. How can they charge so much for half a day?? this is equal to 36 months of my regular bill!!How do I get this resolved?
I am in the same boat regarding Vodafone international roaming charges. They have billed me a ridiculous 30, 000 INR for international roaming. After using their international roaming package for a month in the United States, I requested Vodafone to deactivate it. I received an official confirmation from them that my international roaming has been deactivated, and I had actually even switched off my phone after the deactivation. Yet, I receive this email stating that I have incurred such outrageous charges.

I am at a loss to understand how I might have incurred such charges when my phone was not even in use. I spoke with one agent over the phone who provided me with insufficient information and instructed me to write to Vodafone, when I asked her that I would like to speak with her supervisor. Since then I have sent three emails to Vodafone and each time I received different answers from 3 different agents- indicative of no consistency in their understanding of the bill. Not only did they bill me this insane amount with no evidential basis, but it has been incredibly difficult to reach them to resolve this nightmare. On top of that, they have blocked my outgoing calls. I am shocked to see that a fairly reputed service provider ( or so I thought until now) to be so fraudulent and unprofessional in dealing with their loyal customers. Of course, I will switch to a different provider. No doubt about that.
Hello Guys!! it is same for me.Vodafone is charging me heavily for automatic data usage.I was not aware of the automatic data usage and stopped it immediately. Or a mere 9mb I have been charged 6000inr.I requested them for a waiver but no benefit. They are rude and adamant.No point in continuing with this service provider. Please guide me in filing a case against them.
I've been charged with 3, 10, 000 INR for international roaming. I have noticed several anomalies like being charged for 2100 MB while the consumption was 200 MB as per the text messages. I cleared a bill of 11000 against 4 days of International charges but I was surprised when they are charging me 3, 10, 000 INR for the next two days before the services were terminated. And they offered me to settle at 1/3rd amount approximately. I am unable to make them understand that as how logically flawed this bill appears! Plus add the rude and unprofessional behaviour on top of it.

I think all o[censored]s should openly write to National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Collectively, we can make sure that Vodafone understands the gravity of this situation.
I have been charged 70, 000 wrongly & unjustly by Vodafone India. I had subscribed for IROAM500 pack for Singapore & Malaysia as per which I would be charged a flat fee of Rs.500 per day for unlimited incoming & outgoing calls. But they have latched me on to Bermuta AT&T which is a satellite network while I was at sea.

The below questions to Vodafone are not being answered & they have sent me a legal notice:
1. Why were Satellite/Maritime charge exclusion on IROAM pack not informed to me during activation?
2. Why is the call recording of my request not being provided to me after repeated requests?
3. Why was my consent not seeked before latching me on any network which I did not ask to be latched on? (as per TRAI regulation)
4. The Vodafone Customer Care team informed me of my Credit Limit of Rs. 5000/-. Why were my services not suspended after exceeding credit limit?

My lawyers shall be replying to the Vodafone notice & I intend to fight it out in the court.

bitssandesh's reply, Jun 29, 2019
Did you get any resolution around this?
I had an IR pack for travel to Europe for Rs. 3500/- I did not know that the same would not be applicable in Monaco where I visited for 2-3 hours. I used my google maps there and have been slammed with a bill for a whopping Rs. 39800/- Cannot understand how. They even cut off my services there. Why didn"t they cut off my services immediately on my arrival there if my IR pack was not applicable there. Did they need to wait for the bill to soar to this level ?? They're offering me a discount of 20% only and I want them to reverse the entire charges. Horrible experience and I do not recommend anyone activating this pack. Please help

I have been falsely charged (Rs.5823) by Vodafone for International Data Roaming when I have not enabled mobile data on my phone for a single second. Please guide me what to do in such case.
I have also been charged Rs 60000.0 for 40 MB of data while I was in ESTONIA for a fer hours while I had IROAMFREE pack. Can Someone help me with this.
I have bee charged 12000 inr for data roaming despite having switched off mobile data. Again there is no mechanism to switch off mobile data .from Vodafone side and they do not block even after credit limit is exceeded.
My mol I’d is Kartik.[protected]@sap.com
I have been charged 25000 for 39MB data. I wasn't aware of such high charges when I was in roaming. Any way to fight this?
I’m facing similar problems can we get together and address this fraud .
dr uma's reply, Dec 6, 2018

Can we please join to get this resolved?

[email protected]
Have any of you got any resolution from Vodafone. I'm faced with the same situation now and my bill keeps increasing every week for the data charges they are erroneously charging me during roaming
dr uma's reply, Dec 6, 2018
Hi, did you get path to get this resolved? I am in a similar situation
Hi, I am facing a very much a similar situation, vodaphone has chargede 17000 for 1.5 days and are very rude in replying.
Can any one please help me to get this resolved.
My husband and I went to Reunion islands . Since reunion is France and we have got a France visa for the same we selected France roaming option on the app as there was no reunion option. On going there within 24 hours we get a call from Vodafone saying that my bill is now 89, 900/- and my husband’s bill is 64, 000/- and our SIM cards were barred. On returning w shave been calling Vodafone for these absurd charges. Everyday different people speak to us giving us different reasons . One said reunion is not France. Another said pay 50% when we asked send it In mail the person never called or emailed. This went on for 2months and today a person says reunion was a option on the app( it wasn’t they added reunion as an option in January) he said that we have only 1 network partner in reunion you should check on the website and select that’s why you got billed this much. You selected another network to which I said why wasn’t this on your app where I selected. He said the customer is supposed to do the research and find the answers before going . Is that possible? We have a collective bill of 1, 50, 000/- For 48hours .this is absurd How do we waive this off?
Hi, Is anyones complaint get resolved. I am sailing in the same boat. Checking if can file complaint in consumer forum for absurd billing.
Hi, I am also facing similar problem. I was in US for 3 weeks in April 2019, and for the 1st week I had enabled international roaming pack, after it was over i.e. after the end of 1st week I switched off mobile data, but still I have been billed 13, 000 INR in excess saying I have consumed international roaming data outside of any pack.

This is fraudulent and totally un-ethical means of fleecing consumers. I will take this to Consumer Court, if Idea / Vodafone does not revert my excess bill amount. I have spoken to their customer care but they refused to revert the excess charges!

As a footnote, I have never faced such an issue with prior service providers Reliance & Idea for the same number, it's only this time around I'm facing this fraudulent charges issue because Vodafone has partnered with Idea. Anyone having leads to take this consumer court please share info.

My email andrews.[protected]@gmail.com

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