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Blackberry — Imei block

 pankaj raikwar on Oct 3, 2016
My mobile imei blocked and cnt access my mobile and service center also recjected my mobile and i am going for this option to compatain in this subject please reslove my problem as soon as possible or give me a new mobile phone because i have buy i new mobile from ebay online shopping market and also not inserted the sim now please help me out in this probolem for better option and request to slove as fast as you can...
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Blackberry — Z3 damaged

 vaishalipateria on Aug 22, 2016
My blackberry z3 damaged submitted to thane eternity service centre on 8.7.2016. I received a call to confirm estimation. After confirmation of estimate i have been assured that i would get it within 6/7 working days. Work order no bb/ete02/ci/7/16/0001190. I have personally enquired again i have been assured date 11.8.2016. But till not received any call or handset and on website it shows in progress...
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Blackberry — Whatsapp

 Susmit 100 on Aug 1, 2016
From jan'17 whatsapp will no longer be available in blackberry leap.
Strange!!! I am using blackberry for quite sometimes. But it is a new problem.
I am using bb leap.
As an ardent user of blackberry, i am
Requesting blackberry to see this matter on priority basis.. Otherwise i will have no other option except shifting to some other phone.
Please solve the matter as easy as possible....
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Blackberry — I am complaining about the manager of blackberrys store jabalpur samdareeya mall

 Daniel2016 on Jul 9, 2016
Dear black berry,
We have been a delighted customer of your products till this incident.
Which i regret to bring in your notice, i have recently gone to blackberry to purchase a new suit (samdareeya mall jabalpur m. p) the behavior of the manager (sameer) there in the shop was intolerable. his usage of words and tone was very harsh and not up to the blackberry standards
Not only this but when i sent one of my staff members to pick up the altered suit the behavior of the manager (sameer) there in the shop was intolerable.
He has no respect for the customers who walk...
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Blackberry — Mobile

 Shah Rukh Ali on Jun 15, 2016
I had submitted my blackberry passport on 28th may in sg infotech, borivali, thakkar mall.

my fone is under warranty,
i had over heating, network issue and batery draining problem,
after 10 days they gave me my phone and stilll not repaired,

i am soo disheartened by their service beccause i am a debicated blackberry user, fromm past 7 years,

kindly take my complaint against SG infotech service center, borivali...
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Blackberry — Lack of product quality- cheating

 austin sineshdas on Jun 14, 2016
I am Austin Sinesh Das is a blackberry user for the lat two years. I am using a blackberry phone and its add ons.
I am writing this petition that I bought 3 hand free from blackberry worth of 1000/- . But nothing is showing a proper life in its usage. In the market I get the same product for about its half of range from some other company. But I am using blackberry product because I had a trust on this product and for that only i paid this high amount.
I am sorry to say that the company cheated me by exploiting its name and giving me a bad product.
So I am herewith...
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Blackberry — World wide luck of support

 christian5 on Apr 26, 2016
BlackBerry classic: reset the factory settings= blocked the antithief function.
On internet i can get access, butnot on my device.

Nobody in the world is able to contact BlackBerry in order to deblock my device into the BlackBerry server!!
Collblue Belgium who sold us the device decline all responsibility!

I have an 8 month old BlackBerry classic unusable!!...
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Blackberry — Repair complaint

 sheikhishfaq on Mar 18, 2016
My name is ishfaq and i submitted my blaberry z30 phone at jannkpuri blackberry service center. it has been allmost 10 days that there is no reply from them as this is my official phone and i needed it urgently. they are not entertaining my calls even so please take action against then.
job sheet no.8002019095...
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Blackberry — Very delayed service for bb z30 in coimbatore tamil nadu

 Srikanth Ramesh on Dec 18, 2015
Dear sir, i have bought blackberry z30 on oct 7, 2015 with imei no-356965051300642...within one month of usage its display got blacken...n i took fr reddington service centre in r.s.puram (coimbatore, tamilnadu, India)...they first changed the display and gave me and on d next day itself display was not i went and asked for a replacement...they accepted my request for the replacement...[U]now its been 42 days since i gave for replacement[/U]...still i dint get my mobile...when i asked for it they r sayin that it ll b received within 3 days or tis it went fr 42
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Blackberry — Blazer

 vikas rohaj on Dec 8, 2015
I bought an blazer from Blackberry, Elante Mal, Chandighah. It was not of my size so manager suggested for alteration. The alteration was defective. The manager was not able to agree to the point that the alteration was defective. After long struggle I was able to convince the manager by wearing a new blazer that the alteration was not proper. He called the tailor again and re-altered the blazer which was not proper again. He is not willing to refund the money and I still have the defective item with me. It costs 6000....
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