Aishwarya Projects/Presidency Projects — Life-savings money lost in Devanahalli land site

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I invested 13.5 lakhs (half the money toward a site that costed 27 lakhs) on a 60x80 site in Devanahalli near the International Airport in Bangalore. This huge amount of money is my entire life-savings and now that the president of the company, Bhaskar Reddy, has fled with all the money, I am literally pauper!

I want this thug and a fraud brought to justice and my money recovered please. I live in U.S. currently but was planning on returning back to India with my family for good and was counting on this investment entirely! I have lost everything I have worked so hard for and I want justice.


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v customers — lost

i have lost my pan card along with pan letter. so i want the assistance for getting a new pan card and to block the old one so no one can missuse it .. plz reply soon ...

thanks & reguards ..
Just to update current status of the Aiswarya projects/Presidency group Fraud by V.Bhaskar Reddy and T.R Reddy. Aiswarya projects office in Bhasaveswara nagar, modi hospita road office has been closed by the Police. The case is handed over to CCB, Bangalore ( near K.R Market). Several consumer court (sheshadripuram court) verdicts already delivered in favour of innocent customers. Arrest warrants issued on V.Bhskar reddy and T.R Reddy. Bhasaveswara nagar police are having arrest warrants with them. V.Bhaskar reddy and their team conduct meeting in Jayanagar 4th block, sukh sagar hotel. They have opened a new office in that area with different name (but with Aiswarya in it). There are several cheque bounce cases pending in court. These two brothers are in the notice of IG and DIG of Bangalore. Now people have to follow up with the CCB office near K.R market, bangalore and expose these peoples fraud and put an end to these fraudesters. If you are lucky, you can catch .V.Bhaskar reddy in his house shresta #1, Kuvempu nagar, Kanakapura road, bangalore. T.R Reddy is in Jayanagar in an apartment. These fraudesters should be put behind bars as they issued cheques that bounced in the bank. They caused so much mental agony to innocent people. These people must be brought to justice and never let these people to do any business in india. Hope police and courts will punish them for what they have done.
Criminal court in Bangalore issued arrest warrant on V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy for failing to apppear in the court for cheque bounce case.

I am Sanjeev and I am also duped. I have paid 4.5L for Aerozona and 4L for Sree Enclave during 2007 year end. Have been struggling and tired of follow ups from past two and half years to get the money back but in vain.

Is there a group formed to fight against Bhaskar Reddy and get our money back ? if so let me know.

Sanjeev Mathad
Mobile : [protected]

My name is Kumar, I have paid around 7 lakhs for the 60*40 site with Aishwarya Presidency group in the year 2007. Very hard earned money. Please get in touch with me if any one coming forward to form a group and find this monster Bhaskar Reddy.

I am Mahesh and have paid 3laks 3 years back with no site given. the government of Karnataka should initiate action against Bhasker reddy as he is nothing but a big criminal on the loose. I dont know why the govt is not doing anything.
Is there a common group ID where we can discuss latest updates of the aishwarya/presidency group?would like to know more about the progress, as we have been cheated of almost 3L by them.
I got cheated by V.Bhaskar reddy for 14 lakhs. He issued cheques which bounced in bank. I put criminal case and given police complaint. Right now, the complaint is now with the CCB (market area), and also complained to commissioner of police We also approached Home minister to take action on V.Bhaskar reddy for cheating several customers. As CCB is very slow and not able to move fast, we are requesting Home minister to move the case to CID and put V.Bhaskar reddy and his partner behind bars. Please go and give complaint to Commissioner of Police, Additional director general of Police and then to the Home minister office. V.Bhaskar reddy issued 70 cheques and several criminal cases pending on him in criminal courts. He is feigning sickness and not attending courts. These Reddy brothers cheating to be exposed fully in Bangalore, so that he can not cheat anymore customers.
Disaapointed by the respected CCB officer's inaction and unimaginative approach in dealing with V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy cheating. It is very unfortunate that repeated complaints to the honorable commissioner of police, Bangalore has not resulted in any action on V.Bhaskar reddy for cheating all of us. Police arrest pickpocketers and small time theives with so much valor, but do not want to take any action on big time criminals like V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R. Reddy. Above that one CCB officer incharge of this case is strongly pushing the already suffering victims to agree for instalement settlement on behalf of V.Bhaskar reddy. The CCB officer's approach is unsatisfactory, it is sounding like giving an option to theives to return the looted money in instalments, instead of punishing them for what they have done to so many innocent customers. If we agree for it, he will give few instalments, then wash off his hands and avoid court cases and do not return our money. Now he is using the instalements strategy, which is another way of cheating customers. CCB officer is advocating this instalment approach(another kind of cheating). we do not understand what is prompting the CCB officer's apathy to innocent victims. we are demanding one time settlement without proloning our suffering. we suffered enough for the past 2 years running around V.Bhaskar reddy's house, office and listening to his false promises. This Criminal V.Bhaskar reddy has dishonored cheques, dishonored court verdicts and using standand methods of feigning sickness to delay court cases. In the meatime, V.Bhaskar reddy left his house in Kanakapura road and gone into hiding. For bouncing 70 cheques and cheating several customers, V.Bhaskar reddy should have been in jail a long time back, if not for the police inaction. we have to demand CID enquiry into V.Bhaskar reddy's cheating. we have to go and report this to ADGP office in Nrupathunga road and Home office to hand over the case to CID.
Even I have booked a plot 5 years back and gave them 2.7Lacks. The directors (Bhaskar reddy and TR Reddy ) are now absconding. I will file a complaint in couple of weeks.

Today, Criminal court issued non bailable warrants on V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy of Aiswary projects/presidency group, in cheque bounce case. These fraudesters do not even attend to courts. Police are inactive and can not prevent criminals like V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy, very disappointed by commissioner of police bangalore for his and his departments inaction and Apathy. Cheaters and fraudesters are not getting arrested by the police, this is the state of our bangalore police under the command of honourable commissioner of police.
please write to CM about the cheating by V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy of aiswarya projects, bangalore. CMs email id is

when I wrote to CM, they have referred the case to Joint commissioner of police crime. Right now, there is also non bailable arrest warrant issued by court on v.bhaskar reddy in cheque bounce case.
Today, on 20th Jan, both V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy of Aiswarya projects/presidency group are present at VIII session court Bangalore, to be heard by the judge in the cheque bounce case. Cheque has been given for 13 lakhs. Last two times, they did not appear before the court and hence court issued non bailable arrest warrants on them. After complaining to the DCP Majestic, and also to the Head of the Karanataka police, and also to DGP at Nrupathunga road, they made sure, these two appear in the court today. Two police from Basaveswara nagar police station are also present. Hope justice will prevail.

I am Yudheer, gave 1.5 lakhs for booking a site in Aerozona. I also want to file a complaint with CCB. Please help me with your suggestions. Lets form a group and start protesting at the commissioner office or CCB office. Also as a group we can see whats the best we can do. I think it will be better if we put together all our efforts/energies.

Please go and complain to DGP, Ajay kumar singh in Nrupathunga road office. Only after we gave complaint to him, V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R reddy were brought to court for attending the cheque bounce case. I do not think it helps to protest to CCB or Commissioner, both proved inactive and not able to deliver justice. Complaint to be given in Home minister office and CM office and follow up with Mr. Ajay kumar singh. If NBW is issued on V.Bhaskar reddy or T.R reddy, you can always bring V.Bhaskarry and T.R reddy to court or get them arrested for sure. Bring the matter to the notice of Mr. Ajay kumar singh.
I am Usha N have invested (along with Mr.Narasimha Murthy N) about Rs.2.7 lakhs in the Aerozonaa project in Aug 2006 for a 60*40 plot. Till today we have done lots of follow-ups with them. Unfortunately, there is no progress. Surprisingly, today we came across all the postings done by you people. It is seems that we are sailing in the same boat.

Now we are planning to take legal initiatives against Aishwarya. I request you to kindly give your valuable inputs to take up this issue legally. Its my opinion that we have to form a group and proceed legally.

Looking forward your valuable suggestions.

Lot of follow up with the Police did not yield any results. This shows how much police are apathatic to the peoples problems in the present government. Now ADGP office is writing to the CID to take charge of the case, as the CCB is not effective in dealing with the case. we persist as it is our hard earned money and never leave V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy without paying for their cheating. Criminal case is going on on both these reddy's. If V.Bhaskar reddy thinks, he can cheat and get away, he is mistaken. No stone will be left unturned, to bring V.Bhaskar reddy to justice. Each one of the victims must fight it out on their own, instead of leaving it to the group.
Yesterday, once again non bailable arrest warrant has been issued on V. bhaskar reddy and T.R reddy in cheque bounce case in criminal court. These two did not appear in the court, as they have no respect for law. These two cheaters misuse public money for their own benefit, out of their selfishness..
A fresh complaint has been lodged to the new police commissioner of Bangalore to arrest V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy of Aiswarya projects/presidency group as per court order. Hope police will respect court order and do their duty. Basaveswara nagar CI is supposed to arrest them. we have to wait and see how the CI will discharge his duties. So far, CI could not arrest these cheaters.
Today, Police commissioner commented that some people are asking him to not arrest V.Bhaskar Reddy and T.R Reddy. However, he would any arrest them soon. There are several arrest warrants right now on these two cheaters.

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