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 RWA Express Garden
We, the Residents of Express Garden, Indirapuram intends to complain against Express Builders Limited and Star Management Company. Find below the facilities committed since its first possession in 2007 and not been provided as of yet.
1. Since 3+ years of Possession, no Club facilities have been commenced.
2. None of the Parks within respective Block are maintained and no plantations and its its maintenance been taken care ever..
3. Builder and SMC have never ever emphasized on mainting any hiegene and cleanliness within blocks and infront of flats
4. Security is always a trouble and many thefts have occoured
5. Maintenance Charges are debited automatically within Prepaid Meters @ 1500.00 there is no receipt provided. SMC and Builder never hears residents on the maintenance and never bother their concerns and Residents are helpless as the maintenance charges can not be stopped due to prepaid meters.
6. Parkings have been converted in to 2 Bedrooms Flats and the actual layout is disturbed from its original.
7. Overall Its MESS and Builder is absolutely unprofesssional and always shows in non-commital attitude.

There is no one either Directors, Employees or the Maintenance Team (SMC) hear out Residents problems. The Email/Phones and even registered letters are never responded.

We have few pictures to proove but can not be attached due to its large size.

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The Express Group is a renowned developer of residential property in Noida, Sonepat, Indrapuram. Express Builders Ltd. deals in the development of residential and commercial projects. Run by a team of thorough professionals, the Group has an impressive track record in the real estate market of Delhi NCR.
I fully agree with the above commets. More over builder is trying dvide and rule in society. Shame Shame Goyal Brothers. (Owner Express Group)
I agree too.
They sold me a flat and after I had given initial amount they demanded additional charge 4% of property cost. what a shame... zabardasti bheek maangne ke baraber.
Monica (who is at 810, Surya Kiran Building, 19 Kasturba Gandhi Marg) and Mr Gupta are to gundas of Express Builders.

Is there a Resident Welfare Association in Express Gardens, Indirapuram ?

Many Thanks
I agree one Gupta is a gunda and he is a very rude person. The building construction is very poor and water leaks from toilet and kitchen.

Poor maintainance.
- Builder has constructed Flats in place of Stilt Parking and which is against the approved MAP from GDA.
This could land him in Jail with Heavy penalty, Also all this projects will be on HOLD till he clear all his dues.

RWA need to take Legal Route for everyone's benefit.

- They are controlling SMS maintenance just to keep control of the property so giving WORST Services in Indirapuram.
i was thinking to buy the flat in their EXPRESS ZENITH, Sector-77 and found that this EXPRESS BUILDER's reputation is too bad. The directors of express builders are behaving like villains in our bollywood cinema to get the residents arrested against the FIRs launched by this builder with local police for asking to handover the Express garden, Indirapuram to the RWA. It is really a shocking news. It seems that this express builder has no ethics and this builder has earned crores of rupees in selling the poor constructed flats with all false promises like club, swimming pool etc., it is more than 5 years that the residents started living in express garden, but still now, nothing of these things are available. Above all, this builder had constructed the flats on the ground floor, which is supposed to be used for club, stilt parking etc., And i came to know that this builder has promoted his own company with the name of STAR MANAGEMENT COMPANY in express garden to collect all the maintenance and electricity charges in the name of cleanliness, security etc., so that he can earn lacs of rupees every month without providing any services like proper cleanliness, proper security etc. If any resident asks the builder/star management company for these poor facilities, then the resident will be threatened with FIR and police arrests etc., by this builder.

Now, it is impossible for me to buy the flat at EXPRESS ZENITH or any other apartment/socieity of EXPRESS BUILDERS.
Poor Facilities, Poor Maintenance by Express Builders Ltd
Express Builders Ltd / Express Projects Pvt Ltd are the reputed builders in India. Their plan is to make fast and huge money by selling their built-up flats/shops to the innocents.

After collecting all the payments, this builder is making all their customers a serious victims.

Express Builders claim that they are providing luxury apartments, for which they are charging exhorbitant prices from the poor customers.

Once the customers pay 100% payment, then this express builder is giving possession of flats in incomplete condition.

This builder intelligently prepared all the agreements in their favour and gets signed by the customers, so that the customers can not go to consumer court or any other external agency for any sort of complaining against the builder.

Already express builders made many people victims with their managed strategies by selling their flats mentioning that they provide many many facilities. Once the customer takes the possession of the flat after 100% payment, then the builder do not even provide minimum facilities like water, electricity, fresh air, lift facility, neat surroundings, covered parking etc., for which the customer had already paid extra money to the builder.

If any customer/resident asks the builder for these basic facilities, then the builder shows his muscle power to the customer, so that they can never raise their voice. And he cuts off all the basic facilities to the customer, so that the customer will suffer permanently or leave his own premises. Express builders already made the lives of their customers to a very miserable condition.

The directors of this exress builders are always with the body guards, so that no body can harm them. But they send goondas to the flat owners, if they ask the builder for improving the basic amenities and basic facilities.

The directors of express builders feel that they have lot of money, so that they can do any thing against their customers, who have become already the victims.

The people, who want to buy the property from the premises constructed by this express builders pvt ltd like Express Garden Indirapuram, Express City Sonepat, Express Residency Bangalore, Express Market Indirapuram, Express Mall Indirapuram, Express Plus Vasundhara, Express New City Bangalore etc., please meet the victims, who had already purchased from this builder as they are suffering very very badly with their poor services and exorbitant maintenance and other charges.

Please meet the flat owners (victims of express projects pvt ltd) to understand the condition of facilities being provided in Express Garden, 6 Vaibhav Khand (near shipra mall), Indirapuram, before purchasing any flat in these apartments or other properties of this builder.

This builder charges around Rs. 11+ for Generator back up for each 1KWH consumption, so this builder supplies Generator power to the flats, so that they can make money with high profits, even if the electricity from electricity board is available.

All the customers of this express builders have already become victims by purchasing the property from this builder, as they can not go any where now.

All the residents staying in these apartments are unable to understand how to improve the situation, so that they can stay in these apartments.

Incase, new buyers want to buy the flat from this Express builder, then please prepare yourselves to stay with the below condition of the flats and then go ahead in purchasing the same from this builder:

For example, in Express Garden apartments Every day status is like this: there is no water, all the lifts are not in place, the lift does not work, covered car parking is not provided, the park is not in place, no greenery, the surroundings are too dirty, the premises are not neat, poor condition of swimming pool.

We request corresponding authorities to take the note of the above complaint against this Express Projects Builder and take stringent action on this builder, so that they do not treat their customers so badly and provide the facilities being promised or shown in their brochures/catalogues, for which this builder is charging from his customers exorbitantly.
I want to Buy the Express Homes - Kundli Sonepat from Express builders,
in this is the position of the builder, what care to be taken
Saini S.K. JNU New Delhi 110067
I am a tenent at Express Garden. Such a worst place to live at. As on may 2011, the electricity condition like this: When I come home at 8:30 PM, electricity is already on power back up mode and it goes same up to 2AM or 3AM in d morning. Such a hell to live here. regretting living in this society. There are uncountable more complaints which are addition to the things already written above but i don't think anybody is concerned about it. just hope that my comments will be useful for someone to take a wise decision!!!
Chor hain sare goyal bros & co. Pankaj Goel who manages Sonepat(Kundli) project is a big crrok. Small time builders who think of fleecing their customers any any give opportnity...unfortunately the customers have nowhere to go except running from pillar to post. This gorup should be banned & Goyals shot dead!
I am fully agree with this people. The express builder made a number of charges against the EGRWA. I would like to request all the Express garden resident please come together & ask the builder to hand over the the society maintenance to RWA. without the resident help EWA can't do anything.
please can any one tell me that is there any RWA formed there .
I am sad to know all of these things about express garden, I was attracted towards this property due to its location, lay out and floor plan...but after reading the complaints..i wont buy here in any case
I have already gone with booking of Express builders "zenith" Noida Sector-77, but i have some time to return back my money, so please advice me, Is this builder is so worst ? What should I DO? please suggest! Should I withdraw our booking with Express Zenith, Sec-77, Noida.

I am looking to but a property in Express City Sonepat. Can you guys please suggest me that weather should I proceed or not. Please Email me your kind and valuable comment @
I got good feedback for Express Builders Lrd. while researching residential project at Noida. It is the best investment option available in Delhi NCR.
Yesterday I was at noida project site, nice to see construction in full swing.
The homes build by Express Builders have amazing ventilation. The house is four-sided open and sunlight fills each room. Many balconies are provided which makes the house airy.
I am also residing at Express Garden, Indirapuram and i am not facing any such problem now. At the beginning i was facing some problem but i am happy as to how the society is being maintained. There is good cleanliness and hygiene maintained.

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