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[Resolved]  Himagiri group — Himagiri Meadows - Builder cheating buyers

We have been living in Himagiri Meadows, Gottigere, Bangalore.

The builder, Poornachandra Reddy has collected life time maintenace money from owners.
He has stopped maintaining the layout and not returning the money. He has collected huge sums to install generator and he bought a refurbished low capacity generator set that fails very often. Recently BBMP has served notices to this builder for illegal construction and has demolished certain villas . He has given so many promises but not fullfilled any of them

So, beware of this builder. he is a genuine cheat.

- Residents of Himagiri Meadows
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Builder PC Reddy & Ramesh Reddy are cheats do not buy property at Himagiri Meadows. The construction quality is pathetic. They’re not even god fearing. The engineers are low paid employees with no civil background. After taking payment we’re left on to streets begging for move in dates. Any amout of words is hard to describe how bad they're.
Yes this is a cheating company. Himagiri group owners Ramesh reddy and Poornachandra reddy ran away from Himagiri Meadows without handing over the maintenance to residents. They also did not clear any dues with KEB. They did not get the Sweage treatment plant approval from pollution control board. BBMP had identified encroachment of raja kaluve by himagiri group in himagiri meadows. BBMP demolished around five houses in himagiri meadows due to encroachment.

As per sale agreement, poornachandra reddy was to build aover head tank which he has not done, He has not returned maintenance money to residents which he collected. There are few illegal buildings in himagiri meadows too. All these are evidences to say Himagiri group and Ramesh reddy / PC reddy duo are chats.
Purna Chandra Reddy and ramesh reddy have done the same in Himagiri meadows what they did in in CVRaman Project and JP nagar Projec-----Absconding.
The owners have to face a plenty of legal and financial liabilities.
Their new projects in Electronic City and Hosur are alread running into problems.
By the time they manage to sell every plot/ apartment they would create enough problems and abscond.
So Buyers beware.
Ramesh Reddy and PC Reddy have not given all the paper work after hand over of villa at Himagiri Meadows. This cheats make villa owners to BEG for approved plan. Without this it’s not possible to sell the villas. You’re left at their mercy amazing this is happening in 21st century fear of living under fear from the builder. The construction quality is worst. They’ve closed their office and absconding. They started project at Electronic City - beware. Any one gets into their project will go thru. night mare and oppression. Not sure when we’ll get our paper work stuck with this folks. Biggest mistake buying villa from these guys. They don't pick up their phone.
Ramesh Reddy & PCR poornachandra reddy (Himagiri Meadows) cheats are not handing over the common facilities like gym, common area and other amenities to himagiri association. They’ve constructed walls occupying any leftover common areas. They’ve acquired 1000 Acers of land in HOSUR, TN close to Bangalore. Amassed illegal wealth by cheating home owners in using cheap quality of constructions material. They’ve absconded Himagiri Meadows with work to be done to complete the project in common areas. Ramesh Reddy has serious attitude issues not feeling like buffalo with no emotions. They’ve cheated to numerous home owners at Himagiri Meadows. They’ve cheated every himagiri villa owner in some way share or form. They’ve hired engineer who is with electrical diploma and pay Rs 3000/- salary as project engineer now imagine the quality of construction. Most of the employees at Himagiri Meadows are corrupt I don’t blame them as they’re working with low salary.
All these are baseless allegations on the Builder. If these were to be believed to be true, then where are the pending cases against the builder in any Govt Forums or courts? this is nothing but the results of the infighting among the residents in the society. This is the same Owners Association which had forced the Builder to move out of the Complex and pestered him over 2 years (with Nasty posters and prosessions..etc) to surrender the maintenance work to the association...But what happened yourself can see that the association is NOT even able to provide the basic amenities...let alone the Infightings among the Residents on the POOR level of service.

1. Himagiri Meadows has been maintained by the Owners Association for the past 1.5 years.
2. The construction of the Villas happened as per the Specifications..using good quality material.
3. Maintenance Fund was returned back to the residents.
4. All the Papers/docs were given to the Banks on behalf of the residents for their Loans. How do you think that Banks would issue Loans without all the documents/papers? if a resident keep hopping to different Banks for Loan Transfer, then which builder will keep on providing Copies of the Documents..much after the Villas were handed over to the residents?

It is much easy to blame the builder for every petty the Washbasin is broken ..that too after 2 years of possession, Generator broke down because of age or poor maintenance (of the Association), etc..

There are about 300 Villa owners in the Himagiri meadows...and just because 4 or 5 disgruntled owners spit venom on the builder, it only shows the ill-intents of these folks.
I am a proud owner of a villa in Himagiri Meadows and am hurt with this false complaint. The builder had been maintaining the layout for almost seven years before handing it over to us and I think he did a great job. He has returned all our maintainance deposits and some o[censored]s are still in dept to him. Maintaining the layout is now completely our responsibility and it is best not to drag the builder into this. As long as he was responsible for it, he did a great job.
I am one of the first custormers to have purchased a villa in Himagiri Meadows and have bought this villa at a very reasonable price and today my property value has increased four folds. C'mon, we have a swimming pool, club house, garden and what not and they are exclusive to only the residents. Where else can we find such benefits for such reasonable prices? This is not just my view, it is almost every residents here and I plead you to stop criticizing our layout.
Himagiri Meadows is something I call my home and it is yours too. It deserves our respect. It deeply hurts me when people like you post such ugly comments.
I am looking for a 3bhk house for rental any idea what is the rental in Himagari Meadows
What non-sense!! This is a false alligation! I googled himagiri group to find out about the new investment I can do with himagiri group and the second on google search list I see is this absolutely untrue complaint!!

I have purchased a villa in Himagiri Meadows in 2006. The current market value of my villa is 3 times the price I bought it for. I am very happy with the project and the builder Mr. PC Reddy who has provided what was promised to me when I booked the house, Including a free of cost modification(though small).

I am deeply saddened because it is my dream home which is being humiliated with such rubbish and unreal complaints. Had the builder really cheated you, why isn't there any legal action taken against him? why have so many residents repeatedly bought other properties from himagiri group? Though there are over 1000 families who have bought properties for himagiri group, why are only few people complaining?

while the builder was maintaining himagiri meadows for seven years, many residents refused to pay him for the maintenance which was Rs. 1200 P/M listening to some anti-social elements in the layout. Though he has maintained the layout beautifully burning his own pockets. After taking over from Mr. Reddy, the layout was maintained by HMOWA or shortly the "owners association". The layout looked like it was down with yellow fever (yellow grass in common areas) getting treated in a multi-specialty hospital (Rs. 2000 P/M maintenance charges). Thank God, Prop care have learnt to maintain the layout and its lovely to see green grass again!!

How correct are we? I feel sorry for protesting against the builder last time with ugly banners. When my relatives came home during that period, I could not answer them why I had been protesting even though I was happy with my home and the project.

No land is perfect, same in the case of himagiri meadows. Because of listening to four residents I went against the builder.I later realized that it was a big mistake!! Beware of some residents who are acting like anti-social elements from a daily serial on star plus!!

I urge all the proud residents of himagiri meadows to pull their socks up and have their own thinking and not just get manipulated by few people.
the complaints againest builder is baseless.I am ready to buy a villa in himagiri.Any body can sell.Iam trying to buy a villa in himagiri from past three body is willing to sell the villa.IT is very beautyful projects.
This is rubbish ...:( why would you blame the builder and the buildings? The construction of property was done properly, we live in united states and invested here after talking to most prominent people around, its a fantastic investment till date. And we have been to the property many times and we believe in what we saw and what we saw was "FANTASTIC." If hoa is unable to maintain the property please give it back to the builder who have done a fantastic job before.

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