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ICICI Bank Credit Card — Fraud by ICICI bank

I would like to bring to your attention following facts about the unethical and illegal practice of ICICI Credit card division and bank and cheating being done.

A Credit card No - was issued to me on November 2002 which got expired on November 2004 . First The bank charged [debited ] annual fees from my savings bank account towards the annual charges while It was issued a life time free of cost basis and Later this was amount credited to my card account which is still unused and unnecessarily blocked for no fault of mine.

On August 2007 I was shocked to receive a SMS alert informing that Some transaction has been conducted through the card issued to me .Since I had not used this card at all therefore I immediately informed the customer care to block the card and transactions through this card.

I was assured through a telephone call from your customer care division that needful will be done and card has been blocked.

After that my credit card statement issued to me for the period August- September 07 reflected an amount of Rs.17958/ only to be paid to the bank for the transactions supposedly conducted by me . I informed the customer care that these transactions have not been done by me at all and I had already informed customer care about it.

Subsequently a fresh statement reversing the amount of Rs. 17958/ was issued pending enquiry into the matter.

After some time bank issued statement reflecting the amount again which I had not spent through my card.

I had sent many letters and emails to charge back department [ as advised by customer care ]to explain how transactions have been conducted and authorised by the credit card division but no reply on the matter has been sent to me till date about it.

Subsequently I met one of your employee from credit card collection Mr Ankit Goel ( Rohini Delhi Branch )to resolve the issue but he neither resolved nor revert on the case despite of my rigorous follow-up.

Now from January 2008 onward Your recovery agent start to calling me and abusing me for delay payments and on 1 st March 2008 I received an SMS that ICICI bank has transfered an amount of Rs. 20,760.00 from my Saving Bank accountno .This has been done without any information, discussion or knowledge .
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ICICI Bank Credit Card — contact at home at any time

customer service officer

Sir,.. your customer care representative call at my land line number.
i am not living at previous address.
They told to my home your son are not use the credit card
actually i used my credit card at last month.
your customer care representative are not confirm to my account status.
if from icici bank call me again at my home landline
number at that day i will cancel the my credit card
and take another bank credit card. so
don't call me at my landline number.
i had already change my address through icici bank.
Reply me- urgent
so please contact me on my mobile number or through e-mail.

My credit card number- [protected]
HPCL CREDIT CARD NO. - [protected]


Scientist, - BIOLOGICS
S-2 Ground Floor
Syngene International Ltd.
Biocon Park,Plot No.-2&3
Bommasandra IV Phase
Jigani Link Road
Bangalore 560 099
Hi there,
I wish to inform you that I don't have any of the account with your bank nor credit card however I've got an sms in my mibile that some of my payment is due to be cleared on 13 Oct 2007 at [protected] .
Please clearify that and revert me back that as to why you have sent me this message.
Looking forword to hear from you...

Devraj Singh
Assistant Manager
Futurenext services
New Delhi.


Dear sir

Please note that im a user of your credit card bearing card no [protected].

I have already surrendered my card and settled the amount also. As per your notice no 251982 dated 3mmarch 2007 my amount was due for rs 40200/- and i recd a call from your recovery dept in this regards and accordingly i paid a sum of rs 23500/- on[protected] and rs 9000/- on[protected]. the balance amount was rs 7700/-. for that i told the recovery people as they called me for the balance payment i asked them to collect the payment from me and give me the no due letter. they promised me to give the no due letter on 4-10-07. i said them to give the letter and take the balance payment they agreed for that.

But you have blocked my icici saving account and deducted the amount from my saving account without any intimation to me withou providing any intimation. and the amount which you deducted is rs 8700/- were as the amount was rs. 7700 only.

After that you have once again deducted an amount of rs 10000/- from my accouny yesterday without any intimation. My saving account maintained with you is once again blocked and due to that my 3 cheques have been dishonoured for whic icici bank is responsible.

I request you to reverse the payment of rs 19000/- to my saving account as you have deducted this amount without intimation to me and due to that my emi cheques have been bounced.

Kindly revert back to this mail and reverse the funds today otherwise i will be forced to apply to the consumer court as you have deducted excess amount and your recovery people have used very rough language also.

As i want my funds back kindly trf it today to avoide any inconvenience.


Sunil Pathak





ICICI Bank Credit Card — Debited amount from credit card without my consent

As per telephonic talk with your customer srevice dept it has been pormised to me that late paymant charges lieved on me with Aug 2007 statement will be discounted but I am surprise same has not been corrected in Oct 2007 statement. I once again request you to wave off the late payment charges immediately. take a sreious note of this.

cell no [protected]
dear sir

i am vidya sagar working for a automation firm at hyderabad
and i am earning 22000 PM

i want icici life time free credit card immediately

please tell your credit card depatment to contact me immediately

vidya sagar

Axis Bank — debit cards hasn't received

Well i hv applied for salary account of axis bank last month.After one month i hv received only debit card password.But my concern tht i hvnt received my debit card kit..

kindlly resolve this issue.

Shailendra singh
wealth manager
unicon securities

ICICI Bank Gold Credit Cards — ICICI BANK has resorted to frauds

I agree with you gaurav. icici bank has resorted to cheap practices to extort money. in my case, they didnt send any statement by post, none to my email box. thankfully, there was a sms two days before the due date....asking me to clear the dues....otherwise i would have really had it from my father for defaulting on payments.

bharath nahar

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Wrong Demand of money and hareshment

I having Crdit card of ICICI Bank and ABN Amro bank
both has charged me wrong amount and for collecting the same they are sendig recovery agent to my resident place and haresh to my senior paraents and also they having my mobile number with them after that they are call to my resident place and abusing to my senior paraents. also i have made complaint to them but they are no repling for the same.

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Fraud and Cheating

I recently got the ICICI credit card and I was offered 101/- to be used before 29th of November. I used the 100/- on the 29th of Novemeber as per the offer. To my surprise on the 30th of November they simply reversed the 101/- offer and charged me the amount due as 100/-. When I called for the first time to the ICICI customer center, the representative said she had talked to the billing department and you will get the 101/- rs as expected and charges will be reversed. The next day I called again at the call center to confirm and I got the reply that I was eligible for the offer amount and 100/- amount will be reversed. Then I asked do I need to pay 100/- as you might put me late fee as charge in 15 days advance to the paid date. She ensured me that I don't have to pay anything and you have 0 balance as of now. But to my surprise I got the latest statement telling me to pay 493.26 /- where they charged 393.26 as late fees instead of reversing the 100/-. When I again talked to the customer care center, the fellow told me that you have been charged the late fees as you didn't pay the last bill of 100/-. I told entire story but he simply said i have filed complaint again and come back after 3 days.
This is simply a case of cheating to make fool of customers. I had faith in ICICI but now totally lost it as their way of cheating.
Dear Sir
I Request you to kindly send me the proper statement of my cridit card
My card no [protected]
And also the statement come under this name (Udhayasanlar)
But my proper name is S.Udhayasankar
I request you to kindly change in My monthly statement

Do the Needful
Thanks & Regards
You are absolutely correct Gaurav, I too get frequent calls from those numbers and they say anything to force people to accept whatever they are offering. A better approach is to ask them to give their ID and call transaction ID, if they have that option. Or any advt on their website about such scheme.
i opened my account in axis branch kaithal (HARYANA) and i was told that i will get my atm kit within a week but yet now i have not get anything then what should i do

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Amount debited without any instruction

Dear Sir
I am hlodnig of ICICI Bank credit card No.[protected]
they always debited my LIC premium on my credit card and they told this instraction recevied by LIC but I talk with LIC info centre executive told me they not given any instraction for payment to any company.
The debited amount after complaint to ICICI reverse after one or two months.
This same problem done twise within three months.
Please do neeful.
Amit Rochlani

I used to get lot of calls to convert EMI and regrding personal loans. Even sometime the girl in the other line speaks in a flirting slang. She will try to lure people or she insists others to get a new card and by the time when you are about to apply the card they will ask you for some new documents about which they won't reveal it during their 1st call. so beware of things.

Even some one offered me a ICICI EMI card with lot of false promises. i even got the card and after that i crossed checked the same by calling customer care. I found that many things are contradicting, so i canceled the card on the spot. then they asked me to cut the card in to 4 pieces and drop it in any ICICI ATM.

so for you, i would say don't believe in EMI, if you have money then pay it as quick as possible. also even when paying money, preserve the receipts, challans. call the customer care immediately and inform abt your payment along with the receipt numbers.

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Regarding-- Credit card outstanding Amt.

I have a ICICI BANK Credit card No.[protected].The service of credit card was satisfactory upto ending April-2007, after this the service is unsatisfactory, problematic & also painful. In the month of May, 2007 I received a call from ICICI Bank on my mobile (Old) from New Delhi that I have won some prize of Rs. 40, 000 /- out of which they deduct 10, 000 /- for commission out of rest balance Rs. 30, 000 /-. They said me that I have to take a ICICI lombard policy about Rs. 19, 000/- I said that after thinking about this I want one day than I can reply. But ICICI lomward representative press me and said "why think so? Again they told me that the amount of policy will be deducted from won prize balance (Rs. 30, 000/-) I said first sent me Rs 30, 000/- then I will agree your policys.
On 31st May, 2007 for transactions were shown in the statement of 21st June, 2007 i.e. Rs. 110/-, Rs 3250/-, Rs. 2990/- & Rs. 60/-. These transactions were not done by me. When on credit card instructions the signature of card holder should be done and I have follow the rules and signed on back of card, then how the card is missued by others. So I am not a defaulter in this regard. The statement of May, 2007 was received late due to wrong address, so the outstanding amount Rs. 600/- was paid on 3rd, July, 2007 through cheque which cleared on 7th, July 2007 in statement of 21st July 2007.
Out standing amount was Rs. 9108.80 was shown again in the statement of July. In this regard I was made a complaint through call centre that I have not received any policy of ICICI lombard then why they are sending this type of statements.
In August, 2007 statement they credited policy amount Rs. 19, 555/- So that outstanding amount became Rs. 9414.89 Cr. Due amount was Shown Zero. Again I contacted with ICICI bank credit card call centre and said that because I have not received any policy so it may be cancelled. In statement Sept. 2007 Amont is added Rs. 17510.86 & outstanding Amount was shown Rs. 7042.02. After receiving the statement again I made a complaint and faxed to ICICI Bank Ltd. Chargedback Deptt. IInd Floor Empire complex 414 - Senapati Bapat Marg Lower Parel Mumbai- 400013 and after 10 & 15 days again contact through call centre and as suggested I sent my complaint through courier on dated 24.12.07. As said the problem will be solved within 3 & 4 months I have not received any solution of my problem and statements received countiously, when I called again in mid of February 2008 and I was suggested that contact again after 28th Feb. 2008. In March, 2008 A representative of ICICI Bank was contacted me with comments that the outstanding amount is to be deposited. I contacted in Upasana Tower, Jaipur with representative of ICICI Bank credit card, but they were not interested to solve my problem. So Please look into the matter presonally and oblised.
Statements may kindly be stoped in future.

Thanking You

Your's Sincerely
Panna Lal

ICICI Bank Credit Card — BILLING

I have been issued a free life time card in 2006 4xxx 8005 in 2006 but i havent even opened the cover with the sticker intact but i keep getting messages on my mobile saying that my credit card is overdue.
I wasnt even aware of the credit card number as i had not at all used it and raised a cmplaint but there has been no response. The collection department cald me for payment and i even complained to them regarding the same. I have not received one bill so far and do not know what is happening and how an unused credit card can do wonders.

ICICI Credit Card — Exemption of dues

Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you about the untimely sad demise of my friend, who was having a credit card from ICICI Bank. As he was the only earning member of the family and his only son is a studying for Engineering and his wife is a house wife, the balance dues in his credit card cannot be paid back ti the bank. Tharefore I would request you to guide me as to how and to whom they shall apply to cancel the card as well as give them exemption for the dues. Thanks

ICICI Credit Card — Directly debit my Savings Account for false Credit Card charges

The below mentioned mail was sent to ICICI Bank from my personal email on the date mentioned. After that I have send them few other mails, but in vain.

Till date nobody even bothered to contact me. Your guidance on the same is highly solicited.

Date: May 29, 2006
Respected Sir / Madam

This has reference to your letter dated 19th April, 2006, Ref. IB/04/844, which states that my savings account no.[protected] has been debited for Rs. 6, 600.00 on 19th April, 2006.

Whatever the relevant terms and conditions is set out in the Card Member Agreement, I highly abide by it. Actually I was not aware of these Terms and Conditions. While issuing the Credit Card nobody highlights these terms and conditions. Anyway that’s a different story and lets come to the facts.

It all started way back in 3rd Sept 2003. I had issued a Cheque No 517300, for an amount of Rs. 15, 488.68 from my ICICI savings account, Connaught Place Branch, New Delhi. I dropped the Cheque in the Drop Box in Rajouri Garden Branch on the 4th Sept 2003. But the same Cheque was produced in my account on 24th Sept 2003. The problem started from there.

Actually in my Statement dated August 28, 2003, for the period July 29, 2003 – August 28, 2003, for the Card No. [protected], the total amount reflecting was Rs. 16298.68. There was an Annual Charge of Rs. 750.00 and Service Tax Incurred Debit of Rs. 60.00. I deducted this amount of Rs. 810.00 and issued the Cheque.

I just need few explanations from your side. When it was told to me that I would have a Lifetime Free Credit Card, why was I charged for the same? Secondly, when it was chargeable, how was the same waived off in my next statement? This is as far as the charges are concerned.

Above all, the reason why I held up the so-called payments was that when I dropped the Cheque on 4th Sept 2003, why was it produced on the 24th Sept, 2003. When I contacted your Customer Care Executive, they told me that they havn’t received my Cheque. Where was the Cheque in between these days? When I went to your Rajouri Garden Branch, I was told from the records in their Computer, that on 5th Sept 2003, the Collection Boy had collected the Cheque. Who is to be blamed or penalized for the same? I took up the matter to your Customer care Executives (namely Shiela, Padmini & Shalini), but they could not assist me neither I had any idea of how to go about it. Actually, I had no written proof or any authentic seal & stamp from the bank regarding the dates, because it was dropped in the drop box. But I would like to confirm you one thing that your Rajouri Garden Branch people should me the records in their Computer.

From there onwards, I used to make payments for only the amount spend by me and not the other charges. The amount that you lien marked in my savings account is not the amount spent by me on the card. It is only the charges.

Then one fine day, I got the address of your Office in Delhi. Let me clear one thing that whenever I asked your Customer Care Executives about your Office address in Delhi, they used to tell me that they don’t have any in Delhi. I still don’t know why they refused to give me the address. I went to your Office in Videocon Tower, Jhandewalan, New Delhi on the 4th April, 2004. I went to the 9th Floor and met Ms. Adeeba Khan and gave her a request letter for the above-mentioned problem and also handed over my cancelled credit Card No. [protected] and the Add On Card No. [protected]. She promised me to resolve the matter, but promises are made to be broken and nothing was done.

Then on 12th April 2006, my savings account was lien marked for an amount of Rs. 8, 710.58. I was not aware of these facts. I went to your Office in Jhandewalan, 2nd Floor and there I met Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ram on the 13th April 2006. Nothing was done but I got a sort of threatening from him, because he is in the Recovery Division. I requested and pleaded him, but he showed his power and Rs. 6, 600.00. On the 15th again, I met Mr. Vinod and Mr. Tulsi Prasad, both from Recovery, as Mr. Ram was not available.

Now since you have already debited my Savings Account for an amount of Rs. 6, 600.00, I would request you to look into the matter. Firstly, whether the Cheque was collected on the date mentioned i.e. 4th Sept 2003, secondly why was it produced on the 24th Sept 2003?

I am just requesting you to look into the matter because I have already made the payments. It is not only a matter of money; it is a matter of ethics.

If nothing can be done from your side then please guide me that whether I should approach the Reserve Bank of India or Consumer Court.

I shall be highly obliged if you kindly resolve the matter at the earliest and help me out.

Thanking you.

With Regards,

Goutam Biswakarma

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