[Resolved]  Maruti Swift Dzire — Maruti Suzuki Dzire Booking Problems

I have been trying to book a Maruti Swift Dezire VXI from the last few days, and am going through the a harrowing experience with the Dealers. I first went to Pratham Motors at Outer Ring Road to book the car. They refused to take a booking and told me that Maruti has stopped taking booking of Swift Dezire cars. When I put pressure on them they told me that they can take the booking but the delivery would take 9 months. They had 2 weeks back told me that the delivery would take 3 months, which was also long, but I was ready to accept it. But last week they told me that they would be able to deliver in 9 months. I was also surprised by their behavior.

I then called up the Maruti call center and spoke to Jiten, He told me that there was no stop from Maruti’s end on booking for Dezire and the delivery period was much earlier than 3 months. He took my mobile no. and promised me that somebody would be calling me at the earliest. But till now there is no call.

After that I spoke to multiple other dealers in Bangalore for the booking but every body was mentioning that the delivery would take 4 to 6 months. When I spoke to Mr. Anil from RNS Motors, Yesthwantapur. He told me that they could deliver the vehicle in 3 months time, I was relived and asked him to send a person to take the booking immediately. But nobody came for the booking till afternoon. Then I had to call Mr.Anil multiple times. Then at last in the evening he promised that one sales executive would reach my home late in the evening.

At last at 8 PM one Sales Executive from RNS Motors Bomanhalli reaches my home, gives me a price and tells me that there are no discounts and any freebees. I agree to the same and fill the booking form. After filling the form when I was giving him a cheque of Rs.25, 000/- as the booking amount, he refused to take it and said that the Booking amount for the Swift Dezire is Rs.1, 00, 000/-, which is fixed by Maruti. I asked him to show me documentation to this effect, he was unable to show any documentation. After that I spoke to the Sales Manager, of RNS Motors Bommanhalli and also with Mr. Anil from RNS Motors Yeshwantpur the accept Rs.25, 000/- as the booking amount, but they FLATLY REFUSED.

After that I also called the Maurti call center again and spoke to Mr. Danish, and asked him if Maruti had fixed the booking amount of Rs.1, 00, 000/- for the Swift Dezire. He told me that Maruti had not fixed any thing of this kind and he would take it up with the concerned authorities. I asked him for the phone nos. of the Regional Manager at Bangalore of his mail id. He refused to give them to me and just gave a email id [protected]

At end of all this experiences I feel very disturbed with the way I was treated by the Maruti dealers. The attitude they have is like they have a monopoly and can take the customers for a ride. My not buying a Maruti car will not make any difference to a big company like Maruti. I just wanted to check with Maruti if this the way the want their dealers to treat customers and claim to be the Winner of J.D.Power Customer Satisfaction awards, year after year.

I had sent the entire above details to the email id provided by the call center and also put in the details in their web site. I got a reply mentioning that the complaint has been sent to the concerned department and they would get back to me. 5 days had passed and there was no reply. So I sent a reminder mail.

Some body then called from the call center and was taking the details when the line got disconnected. He did not bother to call me again after that. This is kind of service we get from the leading Car Manufacturer in India.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Dear Maruti please don't loose your good will in the market due to your Dealers they are unable to give the date of delivery even full payment being made. Is it the right way of selling the cars?

Maruti Swift — No timely delivery

Swift Lxi registered on 17th Jan 2008 at Vipul Motors Faridabad. Vipul Motors promised delivery on 1st Feb 2008. Invoice value was deposited on 17th Jan itself. When reached for delivery, Vipul Motors said that no cars are coming from Maruti hence can not deliver. Next delivey date also can not be confirmed. It was shocking and surprising to know at 11th hour that we can not get the car. We needed it for our personal function, which is scheduled for 5th Feb but are in a fix due to this last minute change. I have not seen such unprofessional business working environment at any dealership where they are just helpless & raise their hands in front of customers by giving simple justification that product is not available. This is simply pathatic.
I fully agree with your views Mr. Navin. I really dont know on what basis they are winning the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award year after year. The only way is that all other manufacturers are still worser than Maruti. But i dont think so. Maruti will be gone if they continue to show this attitude towards the customer for some more time.
I agree with you Navin. I am not getting the car delivery even after loan sanction and balance amount full payment.
I think Maruti will soon be in trouble if it dosent change his attitude towards its customers. Now the customers have lot more options and if i dont get the delivery within one week i am going to take some legal action towards Maruti & its dealer.
I agree with you. I booked Dzire VXi from Anand Motors Lucknow. MR. Alok committed the same shall be delivered in flat 2 weeks. Now when I call him he says the same will take another 25 days. ITS been a harrowing experience with Maruti and their dealers.
I complete agree. I booked Swift Dezire ZDi with Vipul Motors, Gurgaon. They took 25K Advance and promised to deliver the car in 1 month now. Its c.20 days and now they are seeing it may take c.6 month for delivery of car. I feel like take some legal action against them. If someone could help with numbers of senior Maruti officials that would be really great.
This is same thing happening with me.I booked the car on 6th April with Spectra Motors and they told me that the car will be delivered in a months time.Today when I called them they are saying they will deliver in Nov or Dec. This is ridiculous!!!Let us all form a forum and make a complaint againt Maruti and its dealers.
Please reply on this forum and let us take some strict action against them.
Dear All,
Your concerns are valid and the reasons behind them, even more.
I would like to reassure you all on behalf of Maruti, that Customer Satisfaction is our prime motive and will always be.
Swift Dzire is a classic case of high demand and lean supply. There are capacity constraints we face at our Manesar plant where the Swifts, Dzires and SX4s are made. Ironically, for all models, the supply is lesser than demand. (The petrol Dzire is made lesser than the diesel one, due to greater demand for diesel variant.) The capacity will be increased shortly.

When Dzire was introduced, we stocked the car to flood the market. Thats why customers who booked their cars in the first few days got them quickly. And not because of any market sentiment fabricated by Maruti Suzuki.

I apologize to you all for the incovenience faced. I will do the neseccary at my end, but give us some time. We value each and every customer of ours.

Count on us.

Nitish Kaul,
Zonal Office - North.
Same in my case the dealer has taken the booking amount of Rs.50, 000/- from me from the last month .
If Maruti has not fixed any booking advance then why such variance at their ealer locations . Secondly why do the customer suffer because of lean supply . Every Company have their back up plans ready & always provide for contingencies . So it does not suit nor is acceptable from such a reputed & winners of various awards Company to take the lame excuse of No Production capacity. Commitments are to be met otherwise the Company needs to pay interest @ 18% p.a. for the dealyed period . Our money also has equal worth & it is hard earned too.
I agree with you all and really surprised that Maruti didn't anticipate this amount booking even after their learning from Swift.There are less booking for Zen, Wagon R due to Swift and these cars started piling up in their stock and to push them out Maruti is following this strategy.Even the dealers when you ask for Swift they start convincing you for Wagon R or Zen.
I wanted to book Dzire but after this kind of experience with the Bangalore dealers I may not got for this car.It may be a great car and thought 3 to 4 months is worth waiting but this kind of attitude from dealer and Maruti is not acceptable.
Hi All,

I am from Bangalore, me too facing the same problem. I booked Swift Dzire Vxi one month back in Bimal motors, White field. They are not even saying the waiting period, atleast some of your people talking about the waiting, I am little bit happy to hear about it. I am really angry about what Maruti is doing for its customers. If they could not produce enough vehicles, then why do they release the model. They could have done it after producing enough vehicles(Dzires especially Vxi) and one thing when we booked Vxi, they told if you choose to take a diesel version then no waiting period. There one of the team leader said that Maruti is planning to promote diesel more than petrol(Dzire). I think there is very less demand for diesel, so they are doing this. Anyway I am very much frustrated listning to the same reasons(low production). If possible the person from Maruti can give us some date instead of telling some reasons.
If the same continues for another 1 or 2 weeks, I have planned to opt for Hundai Verna or Accent.

Just got back from Varun Motors in Hyderabad. The sales guys out there told me that due to problems in the Ventilation system, dzire production has been stopped. And they are not taking any more bookings for the same. Quite shocking, can someone verify this info? They are saying it could be stalled for a couple of months.

Thanks for your reply. However, it does not solve problem and I think Maruti has obligation to give its customer a right (conservative) time frame so that customer don't feel being cheated and they should refund the booking amount with interest and adequate compensation for grievance its caused to customers.

Deal All,
It seems problem would not be solved like this and lets do whatever we can do ((thinking of creating a blog to sustain efforts and bring more people, going to press, filing court case). Pradeep, Hitesh and I are already interacting on email about possible next steps. Please send us email (included all three id [protected], [protected], pradeep.[protected] so that we can take collective efforts.

Please loop me in, I am also facing same problem. I am sure maruti is monitoring this theard.

It really not acceptable, capacity problem. Maruti analyst must give heads up before launching this car. When you analyze the your competitors market they how can you miss the volume of orders.

It is simple polished way of saying capacity problem, if that is the case, Maruti has announced price hike in May 1st week on Dzire

Is this a profit making trick to keep up the stock price.

I being a exisiting Maruti customer, I would like to continue being a maruti customer. Spending 6 years in customer facing industry, I understand what is a impact of maruti loosing 1 maruti loyal customer.

Understanding the craze on Dzire I belive dealers are taking the customer for ride.

very basic questions from customer angle ?

When customer books the Car, why they are not confirmed with date of delivery ?

Why customers are not provided with Maruti's allotment number ?

WHy customers are forced to pay a fixed amount by the dealers?

For swift diesel, customer are paid interest on waiting period, why not on all the new models?

Today "Maruti Udyoug" has become "Maruti Suzuki" is all because of my fellow indians, who has not know the customer rights and belive what ever dealer say ...

Nitesh, I have done lot of customer recovery from very disatisfied to very satisfied, so be honest and please be in Customer shoes... and educate so called Maruti Dealers.

Without repeating what already said I want to join hands with you guys to take action agianst misleading delears and so called Maruti.
I use to feel proud of thinking of such a company but what I can see now company is filled with corrupted delears charging extra money from people who like to bribe them.. to get the early car ( for marriage ... gift car etc )..

Additionally dealers say Maruti have a policy of not asking the Dealer which model+color they want but sends car based upon the production .. even if dealers dont have cutsomers for that model + color...
Does that make sense ..??? Nitish ??? for me not at ALL ! ...

I booked my car Dzire VXI with Karnal Motors, Haryana on 6th April and was told that I wil get getting a surprise call of delivery within 15 days . Foget about it ! .. Till now its me who is making calls and what i hear is 2 months waiting . nothing else ... money blocked .. inconvinience caused .. no charm to get new car ... and just getting a bad topic to discuss everyday with frnds ... taht alll we get from Prizing winning company ... all crap ...

I feel helpless to log my concern to right members of Maruti so called management. Anybody have any information please share ...

HCL Noida

This is a gov website please log your compliants at this also.
Hi All, Devendra here.

I have created a blog so that efforts can be taken collectively.

Email of senior Maruti officials:


Phone number of Delhi Regional office:

Other details regarding Maruti can be found at

I am a very old customer of maruti.
I was planning to book Dzire ZDI and came to know that waiting period is 6 months in bangalore. Only Bimal, Indiranagar asked for a booking amount of 50K and rest other asked for 1 lac. So 1 lac is blocked for 6 months.
Pratham motors outer ring road, bangalore asked me to buy accessories (mandatory) worth 40K incase i buy the car. What a crap man... Dzire is not a great car. Its just a VFM. Still quality levels are down.
Kalyani motors said may be 9 months. I was so angry over him that i literally blasted the sales guy.
He was talking as if he is selling a Mercedes Benz for a paltry 8 lacs.

One good news is that you can get Dzire(any trim) delivered in 1 month if you know some NRI. You will have to give a cheque(dealer dependent) of the NRI account.

Finally i said good bye to Maruti and welcome to Hyundai. Booked a Getz Crdi for 6.53 lacs on road and waiting period is 6 weeks.

Hi All,
I booked a Swift Dezire VDi model on 7th of April. The dealer agreed to deliver it in one month. But now he jus dont have any idea of wen it will be delivered. From wat he says now, i could mak out tat it will take another 4 to 5 months..
Also he mentioned tat there vil be a price hike for all the models. In tat case, i have to give the revised price..
But, wen i booked the car, i accepted for the price at that time. Its not my fault, the delivery got delayed. Then why should i pay the revised price..
Can someone pls comment on this. I dono if this is the general practice or is the dealer trying to cheat me..
Its my first car, and already had lot of frustations ...
hi all,

really its very upsetting that maruti is not doing anything ...even i, m facing the same problem booke and paid the down payment of 100000 on 7 apr 08 was told will get it on 22 apr but now they are saying you have to wait for 1-2 months more ...i waited more than six months to get this car launched now three months get delivery ...

surender singh
more to say they dont even bother to telll the exact date that we can plan something if we have to go somewhere ... now i had to go to take my wife for my in laws she was comin 0n 25apr i thought i will get the car will go oand bring her ... even the trains where full ... cozed i had not booked the tickets ... so i had to take rental car and went to take my wife ...i, m thinkin of cancelling the booking and opt for hyundai ...they are giving ready deliverys and color also ...


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