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[Resolved]  P G Garodia Academy, Ghatkoper — No transparency in the admission procedure (Gujarati favoured)

I was filled admission form for my daughter at PG Garodia Academy ICSC for Jr KG in Sep/0ct 09. There were others who filled up the form as well where everyone paid 1000/- for admission form.
This school don't bother to call us for interview (interaction) for kid but I come to know that they called some parents for interview though. When I gone to inquiry they refused me & told me that you application has been cancelled. When I asked the reson behind it they simply told me that its a managment decision & They asked me to give application stating you are keen to get admission in PG Garodia.

I even asked thwo simple questions about rejecting my application, 1) Why they have rejected my application without interview 2) On what basis they have called other parents. But I have not received satisfactory answer by Mr. ABC person from the Office staff, later I come to know that he is Mr Nishant Garodia owner of the school who said its a management decision.
This person Mr ABC was so arrogant that he refused to answer my questions. After 10 minutes of verbal fight he told that managment decision is changed & they are gooing to call everyone for interview. But when I asked what are the chance of my daughter getting admission then he replied its given (means it was just for formality & he was not keep of accepting our application)

Then after 10 days they called us for interview with kid & I will say my daughter answered all the questions they asked & the teacher taking interview even praised my daughter, then we had parent interaction where Mr ABC (Nishant garodia) was present & all went fine. On 29Th Nov 09, we received letter from school that your kid was not selected.

Meanwhile I come to know there were lots of Gujratis got admission in the school. I would say anyone other that Gujratis should not apply in Garodia as they only prefer gujratis & the one who got good political hold.
I don't understand why not school declare that they will take only Gurjraties. Or specify the gujrati quota.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I Agree with all of your points and understand your anger ... only what you said Gujuraties get addmision thats wrong ! am gujurati and my application was rejected too..

its the only SO CALLED good school left in Ghatkopar parents have very few alternatives i got it done in RBK International ...
I am fully agree that the school runs on its own rule and regulations,
But congrats to you whose child din;t got admission as my son studied two yrs in jr kg and sr kg
and in the mid jan of 2010 i had to transfer him as i shiftred to US,
But the three persons including the mr ABC gave me the havoc of my lifetime,
supervisor, and his class teacher.
class teacher shouted an yelled me that personaly i din't told her earlier after my visa why iam confirming her that the child is going.
it sounda so weird that when iam telling management in advance why iam suppose to run post to pilar to announce my plan,
and above becoz of her personel she din't allow my child to celbrate his b'day although i knew what and how the rules are, , , , , , but she gave stupid reasons.
then came reliving letter which was just 4 lines describing about my son and criticising parents there was no date no stamp.
and above all they din't return his birth certificate.
the motto of garodia academy is hate parents, hate the way they bring there child and supervisor, teachers(only few rest were so sweet) that they are runing the school..
hope there should be any upper mangmt who checks the supervisor how she is runing the school
Oh God ! its shocking to read all above posts. i dont understand now what to do, my daughter is in 1st std and we are applied for 2nd std admission. interview will be held on 20/02/10. can anyone help me that what questions they are asking for an interview and what are the chances of getting admissions?

what are other options than Garodia in ghatkopar?
The increase of fees is d biggest problem dis year
school har increased the fees from 2000 to 2800 Rs
dis is getting a bit to costly n sum parents r not able 2 afford it
an increase in 800 Rs in a school of 1200(approx) can earn them a profit of 9, 60, 000 Rs
i.e 10 LAKH Rs
n wat r dey going 2 do wid this money is dat they will fill their pockets only and students wud not get any privileges
Friends ... this is our fault ... we have created these situations out of our fear ... i agree that we are being treated this way which is wrong but we let this happen and they enjoy doing this to us and make money out of it too .

First just look at the profile of great acheivers in last decade when India has grown globally ... and find out about their schooling ... you will find that the reasons behind the acheivement have been the merits of child, efforts and vision by their parents, well wishers ... u will find this accounts to 90% of part of success and 10% on school ( u may add other factors but m sure basic schooling is required which is a good school and gives basic education )

We ourself who can afford this kinda fees have passed from schools like gurukul, rashtriya shada, vidya bhavan etc and are doing great in our fields and have freinds who are excelling in US and europe too ...

How did this happen ?????????????

But we are concerned about other things than academic education and get impressed with other things which child is unaware of ...

It is we who are putting ourself in this position being insulted ( actually treated like ) because we want too, but sadly we are putting our child too being humiliated without his/her fault ...

It will not change till we dont change ... i would say that a ray of hope lies because of the person who went on to ask questions regarding the admission procedure and finally reached interview ... I would say good happened to the child and the parents tht post interview they know that its not the fault in them or the child but the with the school system and management and also saved of humiliation of 12 years ...

System or Management will not change till we give in to them ... till the time we dont discuss our problems ... we all have same problems its only question o[censored]nity, awareness, without fear we should question if anything is wrong ...and tell people about it ...write to media about it ... form parents forum / federation for problems of parents ...
they are actually more afraid as they call the person for interview who asked questions ...but that requires guts ... which we dont have and so we shall suffer ... only good part is that so many are suffering so its ok ...

All the best

I am surprized by the behaviour of the Garodia School. Increasing of fee is one way. no justification. it is just looting public money.

For the academic year, the fee was Rs. 1500/-, it has increased to Rs. Rs. 2000/- for AY 2009-10 and now they are increasing to Rs. 2800/-. there is absolutely no increase in their facilities. I believe we should teach a lesson to these people. I am seriously thinking to shift my kids from Garodia school.

I am sure the parents of most of Gujarits are not professionals however, they are rich.
no this all is not tue...P G GARODIA IS ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOLS IN THE EASRTERN SUBURBS...I[censored]r child is not capable of getting addmission u cant blame the management...As its the best school all parents in ghatkopar want their children to study in it..The school cant just take all the kids..Its a school nt a dhramshaala...
Garodia is a hopeless school . It was good way back in[protected] when aparna garodia, david sir were present at the school. But since David sir has left it has been a downward ride for the school.

The current principal, Mrs Duggal is a lady who is pretty relaxed in her approach. there is no urgency whatsoever on her part with anything. As recent as 2011, one of the papers (EVE) for 5th standard had a cross word which was completely wrong. It just so happened that parents of 5th C (ONLY :-) ) were called on 18th March (before the official results) to discuss the paper. It would appear that the school itself did not know the answers. But reached a conclusion that students who had answered a sub question correctly get full marks. Students who did not, do not get marks. (Weird).

When the principal was approached for an explanation, she said that the students need to understand and correct mistakes in questions on their own. She also seemed to suggest that cross words did not have the rule that cross and down answers need to match on letters whereever they cross :-) . The ultimate was she saying that why were the parents fighting for a mark or two. No were she seemed to sense the wrongness and correct the mistake instead.

So much for foundations to our students ... god help !!
I agree that the staff in Garodia school are very arrogant. For nursery admissions the charges are raised to Rs.1200/- and yet we donot get any response of whether the child is selected or not. The answers are given to parents of ONLY selected children. No answer of why the child is not selected whatsoever. Atleast it should be answered for the sake of application money charged from us. This is just minting money. PATHETIC!

Education board — 5th class admission

Maharashtra edu.board decided 5 th class admission thrue the lottery type but my son not select in lottery list. all other schools manegement cota requires minimum rs.20000(twenty thausand rs.) actualy my economical condition is not son passed with 94.24% in 4 th class.
After reading all the comments i am really confused what to do. My child studies in 1st standard in other which is a SSC board and i wanted him to change to ICSE board. The best option i felt was P.G.Garodia. I finally made up this year i have to try for the admission. But after the review i am confused what to do. Although my child himself does not want to change the school himself.

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