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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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DLF Dt City Centre, Shalimar Bagh — mis-behaviour of manager-should be fired

 Sambhav Jain
TO President, CEO, Secretary<Chief Officers of DLF

You would be shocked to know that I was embarassed by the manager at DLF Dt city centre Mall, shalimar Bagh, New Delhi when i was shopping at lakshita .

Mrs. Diamond Peter is such a ruthless and out of senses lady with no brains and use abusive langauge and does not know how to treat customers, her behaviour would soon lead to failure of the mall.
What happened was i went to Lakshita International, they were not aware of certain offer, also there internet was not working, so i went to various shops but no...
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DLF Gardencity, Chennai — Cheating

DLF is a big cheater in real estate. DLF Garden city venture in chennai has been launched in Dec' 2006 and the Advance booking amount has been collected from the people booked in Jan' 2007, but till date the progress at site is almost zero.

Further, till date, DLF has not got the floor plan approvals, and people who are willing to with draw from the project are being told that the entire booking amount will be forfieted, eventhough the buyers agreement has not been signed.

DLF has been continuously telling lies and not coming out with the exact reasons as...
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DLF — delay in startup of project

 ashok mahindra
dear sir,
I have bought 3bhk flat in dlf gurgaon, nine months have passed and paid 50 percent of flat cost as such they have not even started work.pls advice how should i proceed on this.i am nri based in dubai....
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DLF Infinity Tower Security Guards — Misbehavior

This is to bring to your notice the very rude and irritating behavior by the DLF guards in front of the Infinity Tower, Gurgaon.

The wrath of these guards seems to be directed especially to lesser mortals like us who have to commute by rickshaws to office.

These guards seem to be taking their duties to seriously in that they create a ruckus whenever a passenger takes an interval time of 2-3 mintues to get down from the rickshaw and hand over the fare to the rickshaw-waala.

While their effort of not allowing rickshaws to block the entrance is commendable,...
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DLF Belaire — Cheating the Customers

 Sanjay Tyagi
DLF through their brokers made us apply for an apartment in Belaire. The form was not filled-in and was taken saying that DLF would call us and discuss the options with a cheque for 20 Lakhs.
The building was suppose to be of 20 floors. The land is on Freehold basis to be equally divided among the allottees.

Thereafter they alloted us 2nd floor with "Preferential" charges. When we disagreed they told us that we will loose all the booking money, if we do not sign the agreement within 30 days.

We started to pay the money than they informed us that they...
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DLF Home Developers Ltd. — Delay in delivery of Imp. documents

 Anil Dhomne
Your service in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra is extremly poor. We have to wait for 5 days just to receive the documents.
Also the track on courier is of no use since it does'nt give exact location during the transit of courier....
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DLF New Town Heights Gurgaon — ALLOTMENT OF WRONG FLAT

 Bajrang Lal Gupta
I applied for 1760 sq ft flat and paid advance money of 5 lacs along with the application form. I was alloted a flat of 2125 sq ft without my consent or my the broker's consent. when the company was contacted in this context, it was imposed on me that he should purchase the alloted flat or else the advance money would be forfieted. now this shows the formidability of the company. let us move to the ministry of urban development and ask them under the right to information act that which law of the country allows this....
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DLF New Town Heights Gurgaon — Extornist DLF

DLF Started Selling New Town Heights Gurgaon through agents across the country instead of advertizing it on their website . They called in Pre Launch. They did sell it through agents starting february. When the money was taken by wire transfer by them, they advertized this sale in the Web site by March middle and Increase the price by 20% with Some thing Called Preferential Location charges. This was universally applied to all the Big appartments.

Later the Agents in Collusion with DLF assigned appartment numbers to all the gullible persons who has paid up money in the prelaunch and...
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DLF — DLF Ipo Refund Order not receive

 Suhas Gajanan Salokhe
Dear Sir,
On Jan 2008 you were send me remind letter for DLF IPO Refund Letter. I does not receive refund order of Ipo. My details are as follows
Application No. : 67814180
Shares Applied : 30
Amount Paid : 16500.00
Shares Alloted : 30
Refund Order No. : 262536
Refund Amount : 750.00

For new issu of refund order I had send you IDEMNITY BOND on Rs 20 non judicial stamp paper in Feb 2008. But yet I dont receive any responce from you. So please send me the status.

Suhas Gajanan Salokhe....
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