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 lakshmi gowda
Seeing that performance people are rushing to him, and on T V also, he talk about others negatively, as if he is the only person very accurate, pple are laughing at him, as a professior he has to maintain good reputation, there is no decency and decoram while talking, he shud talk only about his profession, i dono y he is sooooo much bothered about other tip providers, he is taking revenge on that another stupid Rudramurthy, y these media is allowing them to talk all such kind of new sense, even the media wl loose their reputation encouraging such kind of pple to talk, they are allowed only to talk about their company perforance and tips, no other business, hv u seen Mr. Krishna Roa who speak at 7.30 on janasri TV, such a nice genetle men, the way of his stratergies are also good, and also he is a senior person. whether his tips are positive are not but a positive person. at least seeing others these stupid person venkatesh and rudramurthy correct them selves. and also i request media shud not allow such kind of loose talks.
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I am rahini. I had submitted of application of Clerical Post the year 2008 through online your website on 24 May 2008. I got reciept i.e. Myself Regn ID No. 5542267 and Password : _______ . Since I have try to prinout of My application but cannot printout. The sentance is replay from your website. you requested to forward please inform for I how solve this problem.

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Whomsoever It May Concern

It is well known that "Any one can update anything in Internet" and the competitors who would not have guts to prove them self by providing accurate recommendations will always try to miss guide the Public. Our offices are open from Morning 9am to 8pm, If someone who so negative in his life can visit our office and acquire positive energy for his life and trading.

Public know very well these failed competitors just to keep up their business, they are trying these all modes & means.
2M Securities (I) P Ltd.
It is not anyone can update anything its a good forum to share our bitter experience with people kind of you, show the reality to other people if we visit your office also its the same thing no response once the registration is done think your 8.5K + daily losses till now in the last 5 trading session i have lost 15k, why you have not updated your performance report of Nov5th which caused huge loss, the thing is when we receive tip it says the target as 15-25 rs but immediately we receive one more message book 50% profit at so & so & move the SL but the share price will not at all go to the given price listening to him if we book profit we will get some 2-3rs per share in which you need to consider the brokerage, his registration fees & the losses of other calls so finally it will be total loss at the end of the month but in his performance report he shows the profit of 10-15rs & some 2k to 5k per lot to misuse the innocence of the new people.
Media should not support such kind of things i hope in coming days people will teach good lesson to the so called 90% ACCURATE loss making tips.
well said it, if they show in their performance who wl take their subscribtion, they are not fools, subscribers are fools, if he is sooo perfect y dnt he become billionare, y shud he give tips, think over, they never agree their faults, all set of sitting in their ofc, y dnt they become crorpathy, they are making people bhishadipathy, one more studip rudramurthy also misleading the pple, i dono y these media is encouraging these stock analysit[]. kw a days in all channel mrng we see this stock market studip persons telling smthg,

i request people not to belive these pple who are giving shows in media, defntly one or the other day u wl loose ur hard earned money.

above complaints are real and true
well said it
the above complaint is very true

i request all the traders plsss do not subscribe these media tip providers, i dono y media is encouraging these pple nw a days, in all the kannada channels kw a days we see such giving tips, and talking about their subscriptions,
u wl loose all ur hard earned money

if they are soo perfect y dnt they become billinare, they are making innocent traders bhishadipaties thats all, do u think that they trade for them selves, never, they are not traders, they are making money in these ways giving tips

Mr venkatesh is cheater they only show the daily there performance in there live program for 10min they don't tell about share market news like some inflation data, RBI policy, GDP, Jobless Data.They only tell about yesterday our research subscribers made that much profit, This much profit, i Will tell open challenge to Mr ventatesh show your Contract notes in your live program.
Dear Lakshmi Gowda,
I watch daily CNBC and also tv9 but I don’t know about Mr.Venkatesh. I can only tell you all innocent people to first learn the markets and understand to take decisions on your own. I follow regularly sudarshan sukhani in CNBC and last 2weeks every single day he is perfectly wrong in the markets. That doesnot mean he is not a good technical analyst. “Form is temporary but Class is Permanent”. Even Warren buffet, Rakesh or any great investor or trader are not 100% right. Worlds top 10 traders have an average of around 60%-70% and still they make money.
I don’t understand this 90% accuracy of this Venkatesh and his lie, how u people can believe. Being right or wrong is not important but being honest and ethical is important. I have never seen Rudramurthy unethical even though he may be wrong in markets in his calls. But till date his calls like ESSDEE aluminium from 130 to 310 or Wockhard from 300 to 1500 within 3-6 months are life time achievements. To be frank I have also not seen even in CNBC an analyst who gives these type of calls in their life time. To name others like SINTEX, JMFINANCIAL, SUNPHARMA, BATAINDIA, HUL, Mangalore chemicals, REC, CHOLAFIN, SUPREMEINFRA, and many more are all mind blowing. No doubt he was wrong in IVRCL, BEML, KEMROCK and few others. But if some of you had followed the discipline of stop loss which he repeatedly emphasises on, and if you would have traded all his calls and learnt markets, you would have made money like me. Also in 8minutes he cover what they cover in CNBC for the whole day that too in the way a layman can understand. Also he is a CA and CFT and with another 5 masster degrees which speaks about his knowledge levelsI Name me 1 analyst in this whole world who has this credentials all together by a single person. Let us salute his knowledge first.  My only appeal to everyone here is to get knowledge from every corner and remember “LET NOBLE THOUGHTS COME TO US FROM EVERY SIDE” and if there is something to learn from Mr.Venkatesh or any other analyst do learn.
Today[protected] he told Sell DLF and it is the top gainer in nifty and lost over 3.5% and he told to SELL SBI below 2152 with stop 2181 and stop hit. It is not 90% accuracy, it is rather 0% accuracy and it is not daily 2% but is daily -5%. He is a big lier and big cheater. He says he is so accurate and he is great techinical analyst. See this joker gave today SBI Sell call for 8-10 points of 1st target and 29 points of stoploss. Even if u make 8-10 points daily, after brokerage it is 4-5 points and like today 29 points stop plus the brokerage will wipe off all his whole month 8 point calls and 30 points stoploss. He also told markets will correct today and see what happened? Later afternoon markets recovered 30 plus points and caught all of us who shorted listening to this . He earlier told at 5350 nifty levels that nifty will not go above 5450 at any cost and it will resist there and sell on every rise and then nifty went to 5800 plus and later he says he told it will go to 5800 and then at 5800 he told KUGI KUGI heltha edine buy madi before it goes to 6000 and then markets turned down and then this says I told to sell. He is a total fool and and a big cheat. He is a mannerless human being and I don't know how he became professor being mannerless? I appeal this to refund money of people like BLORE and stop his program. Every human being will be wrong. I don't mind he being wrong as markets is bigger than anyone but his lies are something which tells he is a MANNERLESS .
today says some boat story and cheats people saying you should have a boatman to give directions after market starts and says we should take their advise. Then Why should we see your program in TV. It is just to see your advertisement and fake performance report. You say always you will update all ur previous days performance. What about DLF? Why did you not update it today? It was the top gainer in nifty yesterday and you told to sell. I lost over 15% only in it in intra day margin trade. you are a big cheat and a big lier. First become a human being and stop lying and then you can become an analyst and professor!
i am rajeshraju. doing trading with 2msecurites tips past 8 months.i am getting good calls daily but 1 or 2 Rs/- difference will get but its because of massage delivery time i think so.but i am surprised to see this kinds of comments here.Mr. blore i dnt understand how u will trade where u will make mistake in trading first learn how to trade and how to use the tips.
i have taken tips from all tips providers in blore like dream gains, vachana, capital via, but i am satisfied with 2m tips, some time fails even i lost money in 2m calls, but compared to others its much better and any clarification we can call them and ask the doubts.
Mr venkatesh and Mr prasanth chavhan what you know about prof Rudramurthi he is well knowledge person he was complited CA, CFT and 5 Master Degree you have confusion just go ti GOOGLE and Type VACHANA SECURITIES PVT LTD. and see the all certificate with Reg no with Recognised university You have still confusion Please go to vachan office and ask to stafe without fear i want see Rudramurthi certificates they will Definetly show you and if you want take one colour print out with free of cost MR ventakesh and Mr chauhan.And you know what is qualification of "PROF"according to AICT minimum 8 years teaching experience you have a that qualification? and i will ask you one simple question mr ventatesh why are you post pond your Technical and Fundmental class on Nov 10, 11, give the reason first. I know the answer because one will attend your class you agree my answer mr venkatesh why are you cheat the people shameless peoples stop this type of Nonsence thinths.
Please never regret sir this of peiple.kannadadalli ede alla "KOCHHELLI KALLU HAKI YAKE MYMELE HOKKOLODE"
sorry mr prasanth charan i misunderstanding about your post i am tell about chavhan he is a right hand of mr venkatesh.once again sorry sorry...
Mr venkatesh i tell you one thing if prof Rudramurthi was completed there CA and CFT After you saw the certificates is prove and you have to take one photo copy of CA and CFT certificate take and go frame the certificate and wear in your office and daily you have to do joopa, agarbatti and flowers.
*I will ask you Some simple questions like primary students. you must and should answer all these.
1.what is the qualification of share market analyst?
2.What is your Qualification?
3.What is mean by professor?and its Qualification of prof?
4.which college you are professor?
5.jessee died because of share market loss? you have a proof!and who told.
6.why you are not showing performance contract notes in your program?
7.why your right hand sishya mr chauhan always talking against vachana?
8.How much Research subscribers take your suggestion?
9.How many De-mat accounts have 2m?
10. What is STRADDLE AND STRANGLE?How it is work in derivative market?
simple Questions ans all questions take your own time and post your comment as soon as possible other wise i will answer all these questions ok ok BEST OF LUCH...
Mr Chauhan we will give you chance(15DAYS) if you are not stop talk against about Prof Rudramurthi you are facing one difficult problem in future and also tell your guru Mr Venkatesh to stop the talking against Rudramurthi in Janashree TV.(with proof and all related documents)
Hey i will ask one simple question what is your aim, what is your mind, why you are cheating people.

Mr Venkatesh what you are telling daily in Janashree TV Program.you tell about performance note.ok i partly agree your performance note why you are not showing your EXCHANGE CONTRACT NOTES.whats reason tell me.Please don't waste news channels times they have to delivery the lot of NEWS Within 10 minutes.

I like one statement of "JESSEE LIVERMORE"He is a worlds no1 stock operator And trader, investor,
no one will like jessee in future.
Dear friends Prof Rudramurthi is not a my friend or my family member. But like the there Knowledge, Wisdom, character, Honesty, Boldness, I am a CA final year student. Prof Rudramurthi is give fresh information about INDIAN ECONOMY, POSITION OF CABINET, RBI POLICY, MEASURES OF INDIAN ECONOMY, also tell about GOLD rates daily it is useful not only traders, investors, it also help full to Housewife's and Old age peoples.
Dear friends please watch TV9 HANA BHAVISYA @8:20 daily and also Watch JANASHREE TV @8:35daily
See the difference who is best And who is honest Person in there program.

Dear friends I am kiran gowda studying CA final year. Pro Rudramurthi is not a my friend or My family member. prof Rudramurthi is well knowledge person they WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, HONESTY PERSON, CHARACTER HIS 24 CARAT, Tell the all Economic information in 10 min live programe.

Dear friends you have to judge the give the feed back.::
Please watch TV9 HANA BHAVISHYA @8:20 daily And also Watch JANASHRRE TV @ 8:35daily see the difference who is HONEST PERSON, KNOWLEDGE PERSON,


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