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Swiggy Customer Care

Bundl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Tower D, 9th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore District
India - 560029

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G01 O4U Services, 890 Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001
Phone: +91 12 4600 0660

#8-2-293/82/A/728, Aditya Jayrag, Opp. Neeru’s Emporio, Jubilee Hills Road No. 36, Hyderabad – 500033
Phone: +91 80 6746 6793

701/702/703, A – Wing, Everest Chambers, Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Mumbai – 400059
Phone: +91 22 6000 6600

2nd Floor, Dnyanesh Complex, Near Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk,
Modern College Road, Pune – 411005
Phone: +91 20 6000 6600


4th Floor, Zone B, Asyst Park, Plot No. 37, Block- GN, Sector-V,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
Phone: +91 33 6000 6600

3rd Floor, Temple Tower, Anna Salai, CIT Nagar West, Nandanam,
Chennai – 600035
Phone: +91 44 6000 6600

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Swiggy — multiple payment for same order denied to refund

 Susanta Paikaray on May 27, 2018
1. two time payments were made to swiggy on 13/05/2018 for the same order through amazon pay with reference no. #P[protected] and #P[protected]
2. Upon not receiving the refund, I contacted swiggy on 15/05/2018 and I was assured the excess amount will be refunded within 24-48 h.
3. No refund made made yet even after repeated assurance- sometime swiggy dd not receive the amount, sometimes we have initiated the refund.
4. This is a case of consumer harashment and charging multiple times for the same product. Hence, this complaint for necessary action please....
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Swiggy — worst service with swiggy

 Supriya Krishnamurthy on May 27, 2018
I had placed an order in swiggy this Sunday afternoon as i had guests at home. But their service was so pathetic that im writing it here so that someone from their firm will action it. I had clearly mentioned and ordered for 2 mutton boneless itseems from empire church street but they ended up sending both dishes with bone and was very very bad. I raised this issue with this swiggy customer care people and 1 female was sweet enough to listen and assured me that she would replace both the dishes. The 2nd time again i get 2 dishes which i have not even ordered for. So the replacement attempt was also...
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Swiggy — I need to wait for 12 working days for refund

 mhk161192 on May 27, 2018
Hi I have given order in swiggy on may 9 from Astoria restaurant
RTC Cross road to
Street 10, Nehru Nagar, Aswini Colony, West Marredpally, Secunderabad, Telangana 500026
Delivered on Wed, May 9, 10:16 PM .Due to quantity issue i contacted Customer care they promised to get a refund 5-7 day .May 15 that is After 7 days i contacted swiggy they told refund was not initiated. On may 17 again i enquired about refund they informed to wait more 5-7 workings days . On 23rd may i asked them they told to wait till 25 i said ok and now on 27th May when i asked about refund they are now...
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Swiggy — missing item [Resolved]

 Siddharth Rohan on May 27, 2018
Hi i ordered from swiggy .I got cheated by swiggy. My order#[protected] . item name mini thali . i received no subji while ordering i was shown subji . the food prepration was very bad.i contacted support for refund . they denied my request & just to avoid they say we will pass feedback.i paid rs 116.kindly take strict action & help me to get refund.Thank you....
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Swiggy — rude behavior of a delivery idiot

 ChiranjeeviDileep on May 26, 2018
I was on the roadside near pistha house with my family at KPHB hyderabad, delivery ### came at my back of the two wheeler and hit me, and I have asked what are u doing. he just rushed at me and used very bad words and started abusing me with out any reason and he was searching for something to hit my head that he said..his vehicle no:TS07ET1875...
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Swiggy — delivery incompetence.

 abha_k on May 23, 2018
I had ordered paneer butter masala from paratha junction btm. The delivery boy was not able to find my location for half hour, he was standing at a 2 min distance from my place. I am a regular user of swiggy and no other delivery person had any problem. When he reached my location after many instructions, he did not have any change with him (As it was a cod order - rs 114, i had rs 200), which i can understand. But he also said he does not have paytm or bhim app, which usually the delivery people have on their phones. He gave me rs 50 and went. The taste of the food was very spicy. I had to order...
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Swiggy — billing

 sheel.gupta on May 22, 2018
Swiggy is charging packing charges from the customer on the name of the restaurant where the restaurant doesnt charges anything for packing, secondly they are charging GST on packing charges also. GST is only applicable on the food and not the packing charges. Thirdly they rounding off the order amount to the nearest number when as a customer i should be only liable to pay what is the exact amount....
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Swiggy — order cancelled after waiting for more than 1 hr

 monica varshney on May 20, 2018
Worst service from swiggy... Firstly they had delivered prepaid order at my old address where i was not present... I do not know to whom the order was delivered... Secondly i had wait for at least 1 hr and then i need to cancel the order... These type of issue are happening with prepaid order... Order was also cancelled when raised complaint to swiggy... There customer care people are not sure of sharing resolution with customer... I was informed in between that order will be delivered in 15-20 mins...
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Swiggy — order not delivered but website shows delivered.

 Rupal Durgule on May 20, 2018
Swiggy on line and sms says order delivered even though there has been no delivery. My order# [protected].

The delivery boy called saying he was at another location and i gave him directions, after this the delivery boy hasnt responded.

I got call from swiggy office asking if order was delivered, i informed it is not and he said he will inform the delivery boy.

Upon calling the customer service they are unable to give sms of delivery boy.

My family had to wait hungry for 90min.+ for the food delivery. Finally they didnt deliver the order....
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Swiggy — order got canceled after two and half hour

 Diptyajit Mitra on May 20, 2018
Today on 19th of may on 9:14 pm i made a order on the swiggy app and in 2 minutes of time my order got conformed from the restaurant. It was shown that i will receive my order in 56 minutes. After waiting for around 2 hours of time i made a call to swiggy customer support and they told me that they have assigned a delivery executive and my food will be delivered to me. Then after 20 minutes i made a call to the delivery boy and he told me that no such order has been assigned to him. Then again i made a call to swiggy customer support and they told me that there has been a fault from there end and...
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Swiggy — delay & poor customer service

 Srinivasan Lakshmanan on May 19, 2018
Mob. No. [protected]

I ordered lunch at 1.15 pm on 19-may-2018.
I was assured that the order will be delivered in 24 minutes.

However the order was delivered at 2.03 pm!

The swiggy representative did not have the courtesy to say sorry but was complaining that he had difficulty reaching my home!

To add problem, the packing was torn, food all over the place, papad completely broken to pieces...

It was a very poor service that the delivery boy did.

Request you to please check & provide feedback to the delivery...
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Swiggy — invalid cancellation charge

 Gauravjaiswal on May 19, 2018
I ordered food from swiggy paid them in advance delivery boy came and just called me once.
I was in office so was a bit late in checking the phone they cancelled the order and also charged me cancellation fees of 75 rs.
It happened for the first time i have placed a lot of order from swiggy in past but this is the first time it happened.
Got no help from customer service they said no straight away and was rude to someone who order regularly with them even didnt connected to supervisor.

Now i will make sure that i escalate it too higher level till your ceo mr bajati,...
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Swiggy — order cancelled 40 minutes after placing it, without customer consent

 Kunaal Geraa on May 18, 2018
I placed an order with Swiggy for 3 donuts to be delivered at my place. The order was placed at 9:39 PM. While waiting for the order, at 10:03 PM I was informed by an SMS that the order was cancelled. The reason given by the customer care executive Mustafa was that the items were not available. It took swiggy 24 minutes to realise the items weren't available and then cancelled the order at a time wherein the restaurant closed and I had to place another order at 10:10 PM from a different restaurant, with no confirmation whatsoever that I will get that order....
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Swiggy — pathetic type of service

 alif charania on May 18, 2018
Its silly chilly thane (Kolbad) team here,
We have signed an exclusive offer with your company which says we will only take orders from swiggy and none other company 2 weeks before through your relationship manager mr. Nikhil (‭[protected]‬).
And from last 1 week our store is on offline from your end, without keeping us in the loop for the reason of this act by your company. And we only have one poc i. E nikhil himself who is not at all receiving our calls and not even replying to our messages. So whome should we contact to. To know what the matter is???
Consider this...
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Swiggy — different item [Resolved]

 #TheRahul sharma on May 15, 2018
मैने ऑनलाइन swiggy app से yahoo berger से 6 coke order किया था 300 ml का। 360 का जो मेरा डिस्काउंट कूपन लगा के मुजे पड़ा 89 का लेकिन मूझे जो coke मिली वो coke नही थी 6 glass में coke 1% with 90%water एंड ice each ग्लास ।
जब हमने copmlaits दर्ज कराई तो हमे बोला 24 hrs में प्रॉब्लम solve हों जाएगी लेकिन अभी तक...
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Swiggy — order delivery and customer service

 Ramit Bhattacharya on May 15, 2018
An order was placed on swiggy, order number #[protected]. I ordered for 3 items. I waited for about 1hour and 30 minutes for the order to arrive. Then as i was very hungry and tired, i made a call to swiggy customer care and was told that my food will be delivered within 7minutes. Again the long wait started. Called them after 20mins and was informed that the delivery person was not allot for the order. But there were someone assigned for the order and for some reason he rejected it. The person who was speaking over the phone was not at all regretful about the experience that i had and kept on defending...
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Swiggy — refunds for cancelled order via sodexo

 Aananth Abhirami on May 13, 2018

I used to trust swiggy on their refunds for order cancelled due to various reasons. But for the past couple of weeks i was noticing i was not getting the money back, there were 3 different orders for which there was no refunds and when contacted swiggy cc, they hadn't initiated the refund till i contacted, 2 order refund initiated, 3rd order no help and swiggy says they cannot do anything abt it.
I used to not keep a track of the refunds, i noticed this behaviour only after i starting using my sodexo card....
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Swiggy — pathetic service

 Bhanwi on May 13, 2018
There is always a problem with swiggy delivery. I ordered an hour and 10 mins ago and it still is cooking. Also the customer care person was so relaxed about it even though it far beyond given time. It’s night and i was hungry and sleepy. Now i’m stuck waiting for the food. The customer are people are just looking to end the chat, one moment you are not there and they end. Usually. Not this time. This time hey were plain unapologetic....
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Swiggy — offered 33% discount but did not have

 mehtadivya008 on May 12, 2018
Date: 11th may 2018
Order number: [protected]

I received sms and mails to get 33% discount by using the code jaipur33

When i placed the order, the coupon window didnot show. When had a chat with swiggy representative, they said the rs. 100 discount is pplicable for first three orders in jaipur and will be calculated automatically.

However no discount was given on bill....
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Swiggy — only half of the product was delivered

 mehtadivya008 on May 12, 2018
Order date: 12th may 2018
Order number: [protected]

I had ordered 4 bottles of shakes from ccd, however, only two bottles were delivered. The same is confirmed by swiggy invoice also.
I have the screen-shots where the first screen shot is bout duo offer where 2 milk shakes for rs. 149 are showing and the second screen-shot where swiggy has delivered one shake from each order only....
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