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Swiggy Customer Care

Bundl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Tower D, 9th Floor, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore District
India - 560029

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G01 O4U Services, 890 Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001
Phone: +91 12 4600 0660

#8-2-293/82/A/728, Aditya Jayrag, Opp. Neeru’s Emporio, Jubilee Hills Road No. 36, Hyderabad – 500033
Phone: +91 80 6746 6793

701/702/703, A – Wing, Everest Chambers, Andheri Kurla Road, Marol, Mumbai – 400059
Phone: +91 22 6000 6600

2nd Floor, Dnyanesh Complex, Near Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk,
Modern College Road, Pune – 411005
Phone: +91 20 6000 6600


4th Floor, Zone B, Asyst Park, Plot No. 37, Block- GN, Sector-V,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
Phone: +91 33 6000 6600

3rd Floor, Temple Tower, Anna Salai, CIT Nagar West, Nandanam,
Chennai – 600035
Phone: +91 44 6000 6600

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Swiggy — very unhappy with swiggy support

 Piyali3007 on Jun 25, 2019
For last some days i am facing issues with Swiggy, on 21st June, i got a msg for order# [protected] as delivered which was never delivered to me and after speaking to the Swiggy Support, the have reordered the same food and it was delivered 30 mins delayed. On 23rd June, for order# [protected], the same thing happened as above and then Swiggy support again placed the order and it took almost 2 hours to get the food delivered whereas the promised time was 34 minutes. On the same day for dinner, i have placed order # [protected], and called immediately to support number to ensure that the food deliver...
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Swiggy — non veg instead of veg food

 [email protected] on Jun 25, 2019
I have ordered 3 paneer veg roll for me & for my friends for swiggy (roll mania address Shop No. 59P, Huda Market, Sector-14, Gurgaon, Haryana. Order #[protected].

It was 8 PM . We were so hungry. I have started to eating. After 2-3 bite my friend told this is a chicken roll.

I am belong to a Brahmana family . Me & my family is pure vegetarian. They hurt my religion & spoiled it.

Swiggy has not even check what i have ordered. They just delivered.

Please keep them behind the bar so they can understand.

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Swiggy — order has been cancelled after 70 minutes

 Nilanjan Gogoi on Jun 25, 2019
Dear Sir,

This to inform you that yesterday i.e, 24th June 2019, I have placed an order from swiggy. But today i have experienced the worst delivery service. Order has been cancelled after 70 minutes. Because of delivery boy not able to locate prime location, i.e, Critical Care Hospital And Research Institute, Lokhara, in Guwahati.

I have managed to talked to the delivery boy and the customer care during my busy schedule. I have also guided the delivery boy but no initiative has been taken. After taking so much of pain, my order has been cancelled by the customer care...
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Swiggy — horrible service and poor execution of orders

 Rajesh Veedu on Jun 24, 2019
Order #[protected]
Swiggy has been constantly making mistakes in their order. I use my wife's account to place orders.
I specifically instruct them to call an alternate number as she'll be sleeping and to call me when i'm at work. They always call and trouble her, this is despite me always chatting with one of their reps, and not only using the chat box.
My anger this time is with the order number mentioned where the food wasn't delivered and the delivery executive said it was. This isn't the first time. They've done this multiple times before and then say they'll give a refund....
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Swiggy — I received bad quality food

 Avneet Singh Kalsi on Jun 24, 2019
I received bad quality food and requested for a refund. Did chat and staff on other end confirmed a refund amount which was never able find. If i try to chat now the staff just reconfirms that refund has been done already. I understand that refund can take some time but when ever i try to enquire about it they again share next tat come you guys are better then this. My order amount is very less but every penny and experience counts. Looking for some help.

Many thanks
C kalsi...
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Swiggy — refund related issue and horrible and robotic customer service

 Sagark4g2 on Jun 24, 2019
I had placed an order on monday, june 16th (Order #[protected]) with swiggy. Due to unavailability of products the order had to be cancelled but the payment had already been done. I called and i was told the order will be cancelled and i will get my money (I paid rs 1002) in 24 hours. It has been more than 7 days and i didnt get a refund. Their customer service is pathetic. They dont even bother to update you on your refund status which is a serious issue and their contact numbers and online chat is useless. I finally got to chat and was told that i will get my refund in another 4-7 days. I went...
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Swiggy — refund - already been more than 2 weeks

 simsjoseph on Jun 23, 2019
On the 7th of june i placed an order through swiggy (Order no - [protected]) to have 4 food items (Total amount paid - rs. 961) delivered from freshmenu (Malad). 30-35 mins into placing my order i recieve a call from the assigned delivery man that 3/4 items that i ordered was not available, after that i receive a phone call from swiggy's customer care telling me that i will be refunded for the remaining 3 items. The total amount that needs to be refunded to my account is rs. 798, it has been more than 2 weeks and after following up with them 4 times alreday i feel ridiculous to follow up once again...
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Swiggy — unfair in providing food

 Shiva Arnav on Jun 23, 2019
Swiggy order no. [protected] the issue is regarding unfair response by sasnatheason: unwanted ingredients
I got one good n one bad item because it was running unlucky day for me i got unwanted i explained but the sasnath who is ur customer provide me literally annoying response
It laste for an hour he is copy pasting the things n left to me as a clown. This is so unfair.
Please do respond as quickly as possible...
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Swiggy — no order delivered after 2 hours at patna

 saket kishore on Jun 23, 2019
Please never order from this. I order at 7:00 but still till 9:30, i didn't get it.
In service they are just consoling with predefined dialogue. Just wait we are checking. No action being taken from swiggy.
Swiggy should pay penalty and do not harass people for food if they are charging for delivery too. Or ban such app if they can not assist.
Very pathetic service. Even after 2 hours no delivery happened. Such service is not acceptable
It very pathetic service. I cannot bear such activities.
What about the wastage of time i waited for....
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Swiggy — different food received

 Ankit Sarawagi on Jun 22, 2019
My order no. #[protected], order date : 22nd june 2019, time : 3.46 pm,
Total order value : rs. 527/-, restaurant name : the dug out
I ordered 1pcs. Schezwan noodles & 1 pcs. Chilli garlic noodles, but i received rice instead of schezwan noodles.

I asked the customer care executive to take back rice as it will not be useful.
The person was adamant not to do so. Instead offered me for replacement, but it was not possible as i was required to go somewhere else, and didn't have time to wait. I explained him this, but he was just repeating himself and was not at...
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Swiggy — stale food delivered, no refund.

 stingwave on Jun 22, 2019
I had ordered "egg biriyani" worth rs.101 after discounts from restaurant "badmash biriyani" on swiggy (Order no. #[protected]) on 22nd june 2019. The rice in the order was stale and obviously uneatable. Although i had complained to swiggy's customer service regarding the bad quality food received, they could not offer me an adequate and suitable resolution. They simply said, swiggy is not responsible for any quality issue and cannot provide me any refund, the same is mentioned in the terms and conditions which i can read if i want. I don't understand such callous attitude in such cases which might...
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Swiggy — service issue with food and customer care

 kamakshi pavani on Jun 22, 2019
I placed an order and one item was not available, instead of calling and informing me they just never bothered to do anything. When i called to check why my order hasnt reached, the swiggy guy says that one item is not available and if i want i can call teh restaurant and change my order. It is not his concern that items are not available. When i contact customer care, instead of resolving the issue they just say why don't you cancel the order and place a new one. Last week the delivery guy ate my order and lied that he delivered the order. Fraud company swiggy. I hate swiggy and i am an inch short...
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Swiggy — refund of my money for non delivered order

 vermapv on Jun 22, 2019
Dear sir/mam, i have placed an order to swiggy on 3 june, payment was deducted from my account. When i asked to swiggy they told order was not placed. And when i ask to bnk customer care they told amount will return in 10 days. Now it is about more than 10 days completed but amount was not return to me and they closed my complaint with out resolution. Pls look into this matter. Hoping for speedy action.
Thanks in advance...
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Swiggy — order cancelled by swiggy still no refund received

 pg_gauri on Jun 22, 2019
On 14th june i ordered from mcd via swiggy account and swiggy executive informed me that its food item is damaged and we are cancelling your order and will reorder on your behalf. Then second reorder food item was cancelled by swiggy rider.
I initiated call for my refund status which was done via paytm. He told me that its initiated from our end and will be updated in 24 hrs.

Today i got to know that money not yet initiated and swiggy executive told me that it was cash payment. Seriously!!

Already mailed to swiggy team with all attachments and proofs.
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Swiggy — amount debited from account not refund yet

 vermapv on Jun 22, 2019
I have made payment on 3june my sbi ac debited msg received to me for payment to swiggy but no order shown on swiggy history i again made payment again amount debited and order placed now i want my first order money back since 3 june i was mentally harrased bcoz no one listen to my problem and gave my refund it's my mistake that i order from swiggy such very very bad experience i have. I have complained on sbi they close complain. Please refund my money as i m facing problem since 3 june it's too time taking....
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Swiggy — charged more and given less

 Meetaa Desai on Jun 22, 2019
We were charged for 2 sevpuri but received only one, no one was ready to help out, plus the Sevpuri we got was stale and was smelling horrible. 4th time experience with swiggy so here I write today

You guys really know how to get on someones nerves, when i submit the complaint it tells me to write more cause of less words my complain is not likely to be resolved, you havent done a great job for me to write an essay on you to make it 350 words, but as you really want me to, you guys are just looters....
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Swiggy — can't create account

 Pavv on Jun 22, 2019
My number's changed and someone else is using it. However, since swiggy clearly isn't savvy enough to have seen these issues come up, i tried to register with a new number. But it won't let me do that. Apparently, because my e-mail id is already registered.

So i don't get this. Can't log in, without the old mobile number. But can't create an account without a new email-id. And i don't think i'd want to create a new id just for swiggy, cause of your incapacity to work around this.
I really think you guys need to work something out for this. Asap. Please....
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Swiggy — change in phone number

 Pavv on Jun 22, 2019
So my previous phone number is registered with Swiggy. However, it's deactivated and now being used by someone else. However, my email id is still linked to that phone number and so are my credit card and paypal details. I'm not able to login with my email-id and change my registered number because there's no option for that.
Extremely worried about transactions being made from my account because of this Swiggy glitch....
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Swiggy — incorrect order delivered status

 Abhilash Vattem on Jun 21, 2019
Order#[protected], your delivery executive has incorrectly marked that he has delivered the product to me, not one phone call attempt was made and neither was I communicated with any information. Your chat is a waste of everyone's time and are just useless. Your CUSTOMER CARE sucks and don't have the courtesy to compensate for the same. Shame on you swiggy, I shall never order in swiggy again. It was never about the money, it was the respect I had for swiggy which I have lost today. You have lost a valuable customer today because of ### up delivery executives...
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Swiggy — wrong delivery status and no refund initiated

 Sudhanshu132 on Jun 21, 2019
Order id #[protected]

I have placed order dominos using swiggy. Dominos cancelled order due to delivery range. I got message from dominos order is cancelled . But on swiggy it is showing delivered. On asking Dominos they told me we have canceled your order and refund will be done by Swiggy as you have paid to swiggy for this. On calling swiggy they are call dominos.

Its been 3 days no resolution is done by them....
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