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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] Customer Care
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 2%
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] Customer Care

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane Janpath
New Delhi
New Delhi District
India - 110001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

1800 180 1503  [Mobile]
1800 345 1500  [Landline]
1800 345 1504  [Broadband]
1800 425 1957  [MPLS VPN]


Additional info

Assam +91 94 3502 4365

Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) +91 94 4002 4365

Andaman & Nicobar +91 94 3402 4365

Bihar +91 94 3102 4365, +91 94 3122 4365

Bengal +91 94 3402 4365

Chhattisgarh +91 94 2520 1234, +91 94 2520 1041

Chennai +91 94 4402 4365

Goa +91 94 2202 4365

Gujarat +91 94 2602 4365

Haryana +91 94 1602 4365

Himachal Pradesh +91 94 1802 4365

Jammu & Kashmir +91 94 1902 4365

Karnataka +91 94 4802 4365

Kerala +91 94 4702 4365

Kolkata +91 94 3302 4365

Rajasthan +91 94 1402 4365

Punjab +91 94 1702 4365

Madhya Pradesh +91 94 2502 4365, +91 94 2512 4365

Maharashtra +91 94 2202 4365, +91 94 2212 4365

Orissa +91 94 3702 4365

Tamil Nadu +91 94 4302 4365, +91 94 4402 4365

Uttar Pradesh (E) +91 94 1502 4365

Uttar Pradesh (W) +91 94 1202 4365

Uttarkhand +91 94 1202 4365

BSNL Head Office

Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi

Tel: +91 94 4002 4365

BSNL Mobile Complaints Number – 198

DataOne Broadband:
1800 424 1600

Sancharnet Help Desk Service: 1957

CellOne all India Helpline: 1 800 180 1503, 1 800 180 1503

BSNL BroadBand Helpline: 1800 345 1504 1504, 1800 345 1504

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam [BSNL] Complaints & Reviews

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 Sanjay Gopinathan
The evdo scheme is a total fraud scheme atleast within the kerala circle. I purchased an evdo card on[protected], less than 10days, there is no sign of speed right within 1 kms radius.

I have tried complaining to all officers upto the GM of tiruvalla Mr. Sasidharan, the Gm has refused to entertain the complaint saying its the company which is at fault and not bsnl.
that we should file a case against the bsnl instead of complaining to him.
this is the respect he has for the company that is paying him his salary.

the investment made was 4820 as we need urgent backup.
this type people are sitting to entertain private companys
Dear Sanjay,
What is the latest of your complaint with BSNL?
I also fall under the same issue with BSNL EVDO service. I am from Kerala, hope you too. I took this connection in January 2008. Right after a week, it started showing issues. I used to get disconnected once in 3-5 minutes (but the connection indication shows active) - when we get no display of pages, I needed to reconnect. This goes on continuously... And speed goes beyond normal dial-up. I too have complained with many people in BSNL.. nobody is interested to look into the complaints.. as they are so stupid to think that they get their salary whatever they do to their customers.. forgetting the fact that it is us, the customers who help to pay their salary.. their daily bread...
tks. Raj
I'm using BSNL EVDO (Tiruvalla, PTA, Kerala) from the first week of its announcement to (jan 26) till this day. I'm experiencing the same problem. Most of the time my connection drops after first few minutes but the dialer shows its active. All I 've to do is to disconnect and reconnect. I complained in BSNL office, but nothing happened. I live less than 2km from bsnl office& tower. BSNL customer service is the worst customer service in our country. Most emplyees @ the customer service center (not all ) knows nothing except to shout. They even don't pay attention to customers or their queries.
I was a bsnl landline customer 4 years back of number [protected]. and i cancelled that connection in 2006 because of high bill. But testerday I got a bill of Rs 504. I want to know the reason.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

     Pavithra Poovaiah
    I had very bad experience with the customer care department EXECUTIVE for the fourth time in the past 3 months i called in to complaint the problem with our land line connection.

    The representative spoke with me very rudely, when i was online she was not listening to what i was saying instead she was speaking with others and once she made note of the phone number which is not working she hung up the call without informing me what was her next step to resolve the problem indeed a very bad attitude

    And when i wanted to speak with the higher official she gave an incorrect number[protected] saying that it is managers number. she dint provide her name saying they are not supposed to tell there name . so i cant point out who it is but the complaints department number that i dialled and spoke with is[protected] and i had a very bad experience.

    I request the concerned official to look into the matter and make the necessary arrangement to listen to the customers problem with the phone line and to provide a proper resolution .
    Even im facing a lot of problem with the response & behaviour of the Kengeri BSNL official.
    Im suffering with regular disconnection of my internet. Once i spoke harshly with the officials and since then those people are purposely troubling me. My net works properly till 10:30 am and suddely the net
    disconnects after 10:30 am, this drama continues till i go & complain once again later the net gets OK at around 3:30 pm without my followup. I always get the excuses for this concern.
    I request the authoritie to kindly look into this concern. However im planning to switchover to someother
    service providers.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       Debadrita Ray
      BSNL websites are vnot opening. I don't have time to go their counters to pay the bill. Now cannot pay them online as well as cannot access their portal. Please can anybody suggest any alternative.
      I have a postpaid connection bearing No. [protected]. Though I had paid the bill of 5/08 amounting to Rs. 199 even in my current bill (6/08) it has been credited as outstanding previous balance. It is very much difficult to keep the payment slip for one month. I had paid the bill within 22.06.08 to 25.06.08 in cash at Salt Lake Telephone exchange, near Lalkuthi.
      my bill problem
      I have a postpaid connection bearing No. [protected]. Though I had paid Rs.700/- against the bill of 5/08 amounting to Rs. 534.00 (just after the due date and my out going facility was provide thereafter) even in my current bill (6/08) it has been credited as outstanding previous balance. Therefore, I am getting trouble to pay the bill of current month through post office. Mahendra Kumar Nath
      I have a postpaid connection bearing No. [protected]. Though I had paid Rs.700/- against the bill of 4/09 amounting to Rs. 534.00 (just after the due date and my out going facility was provide thereafter) even in my current bill (5/09) it has been credited as outstanding previous balance. Therefore, I am getting trouble to pay the bill of current month through post office. Mahendra Kumar Nath
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        BSNL, JAIPUR — Telephone No.

         sunil kumar jhalani
        My phone Is Dead Since Last 11 Day(No.[protected]. Phone is totally dead and i am lodged complaints on 13/5/08 No. 52904...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (48)

         Mithun G N
        Consumer No. 48703314
        Telephone No. 26729884
        Plan : DataOne Home 500

        With the current broadband plan, unlimited download facility is available from 2AM to 8AM. But even downloads done during this time is ALSO billed & hence it has crossed the usage limits.

        Worst part is that if you call up Bill Enquiry nos., either its always busy or its always unattended[protected], [protected] Though this is changed to 26941458, bills don't have the changed no.!!). When finally at some point of the day, somebody attended the call, there was another no. that I need to call for such complaint & thats always unattended no., finally landing up nowhere on my complaint, I'm filing it here.

        Thanks & Regards
        Mithun GN
        Very Poor Response by BSNL on resolving issues. The net connection goes off every day for 3 to 4 hours in the afternoon. None of the complaint lines work to register a complaint. The reference number raised on 15/jun/[protected] has still not been addressed.
        hi sir our compney land line is discanected so pls let me know the problem and we paid last month bill its landline no is 28399965
        Kindly dis


        Kindly disconnect our telephone line No 26724673. I had given several times the complaint about the disconnect my telephone line. But the bill was sending every month. Please knndly disconnect it immediately. we will be surrender our phone shortly.

        Thanking you sir,
        J.Gajendra Naidu

        Even though we have paid the bill before the due date we have got the bill again with the same amount .should i have to pay the previous amount also with the current amount.
        Can you please help us to track the data usage? where exactly do i go to get it checked. Several calls to the helpline is not helping us in anyway.

        i seriously thing you should scrap the helpline or grievance numbers as they are mentioned only for namesake and are left unattended always. Such pathetic customer service. We have to run to the office even for a simple or a silly query as BSNL do not have the mail id's or phone numbers in working condition.
        HI I AM FACING LOT OF PROBLEMS IN bsnl broadband service...
        1) it becomes vey slow ..needs more than a minute to load the page
        2) if called to customer care no proper response.. people r not trained to guide consumers..
        3) always byzzy if called to complaints and grevences no...i[censored] r not intersted y should u give those nos. and waste u'r and our TIME
        4)bill ususlly dosenot come regularly..
        and no proper information passed to the consumer
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

           tanroop goyal
          i have registered to 500c pack of broadband connection. but since then i have got this pack, i m not receiving proper takes about 15min to open a single page. this is so much irritating.n to the utmost surprise, downloading speed is just 15 or 20kbps..we have complained so many times in Samrala n Ludhiana exchange but nobody responded... one cant expect such a poor service from BSNL... please pay attention to it..
          internet speed is too slow...500c is the plan rate will not increase not more than 20kbps...
          i have internet connection. but internet speed is too slow...700c is the plan rate will not increase not more than 20kbps... . please tell me of the reason.
          Mine connection is also in the same situation. I am using Home500c plan. At th beginning I used to get the download speed around 230KB-240KB ( Torrent ).

          The last two months I am getting only about 180KB ( torrent ).

          Now the torrent download speed is only 130KB. What in the hello is going on in my connection. I am paying 500Rs for nothing.

          I am from Kerala(Cochin). Now I am not happy with BSNL.

          a very unhappy customer.
          I subscribed to the 750 Unlimited plan. Though BSNL talks of 2 MBPS, what we actually get is less than 30 KBPS and this is not fair and appropriate when the advertisement talks of 2 MBPS and also boasts of the best networks and is launching the high speed 3G network.
          I am using BSNL EVDO card with the 2.4mpbs speed and unlimited download scheme, but the speed of the internet using this EVDO is worst.

          I paid 3800Rs/- for the device and purchased that BSNL will never do cheat, they said 2.4mpbs and i am not even getting 30- 40kbps speed.

          I thought they have said 2.4mpbs and at the worst case i will get 1mpbs but i am not even getting 10-20kpbs internet speed and download speed 2-4 kbps.

          Can anyone tell me where to complaint regarding this and get it fixed with the speed.

          I am paying 750Rs/- monthly, which is really a worthless.

          Please raise this issue in the BSNL head of department and get the thing fixed.

          Vivek Kumar Pandey
          Jangle Sikari, Khorabar
          P.O. Jangle Chauri
          ESN Number: FF4259B9
          I Have a telephone no.[protected] with broadband facility. Just few days ago (from 12 jan, 2012) I change my plan from BB Home UL 750 to BBG Combo ULD 1350. BSNL claims that in this plan a customer receive 4Mbps (512 kbps transfer rate) speed. but I received only 2Mbps approx. (250 kbps transfer rate approx.). I lodged so many complaints at customer care but there was no any benefit. I also complaint to a sdo at albert road BSNL office, amritsar. but there was no any action taken against my complaint. I was also lodged a complaint through E-MAIL to a NODAL OFFICER but there is no any action. I was so disappointed. then I again change my plan which was my previous plan as BB Home U L 750 (dated 13.02.2012) Because now a days BSNL upgraded this plan as 1 mbps speed upto 6 GB & then 512 beyond 6 GB. but I was surprised when I received only 512 kbps ( 64 kbps transfer rate) I lodged 3-4 complaints at customer care and take query that where is my 1Mbps speed upto 6 GB but all in vain. On dated 18.02.2011 I meet a SDO at NIB section of BSNL at Albert Road AMRITSAR and discussed about my problem but there is no any benefit till dated 21.02.2012 . So please do in my favour and oblize. I shall be very thankful to you for this.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            BSNL — Landline Telephone Bill Reimbursement Request

            Subject : Landline Telephone Bill Reimbursement Request.

            Dear Sir/Madam,

            Reference to above...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (1)

            BSNL Broadband — i can not access my data one usages

             pankaj gupta
            sir, my broadband usages shows that in april (1066mb) yahoo answer .but my bill is shows that 4.51 GB. so pls check my usages...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (17)

            BSNL Dataone — BSNL DataOne Billing

             Jatin Pal Singh
            We have a 250 rupee plan from BSNL dataone since Apr01, 2008. However, we have received an unpropotionately high bill of...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (14)

            Iam Ramakrishnan, my Mobile no [protected], postpaid (525 )plan.
            The problem is iam able to send Sms to south africa but iam unable to receive sms from south africa, complaint already lodged with Bsnl chennai, they say that there is no problem at their end.

            I wrote to vodacom the cellular service provider in south africa and told the same, they have given me a reply which is as follows

            Thank you for your query to Vodacom.

            Please be advised that SMS messages to your number from Vodacom cannot be delivered because there is no inter-network agreement between BSNL India and Vodacom South Africa for SMS messages and the message delivery is being blocked by your Network.

            Kindly contact your networks customer care and advise them that you wish to receive messages from Vodacom.

            Alternatively we do have inter-network agreements with the below listed networks in India, should you wish to use one of them for your messages to and from South Africa.






            BPL MOBILE














            Requesting you to do the needful and solve this problem at the earliest so that iam able to receive sms from South africa.

            I would appreciate if you could give me a call or mail me once the problem is rectified.

            With Warm Regards
            hello my name is ramangoyal my mob no is [protected]:recently a scheme was launched on 13th. june, that dial one no in rajasthan at 0.20 rupees and on one no. outside rajasthan, I had sent a sms but the scheme was refused, I than called the call center person who could speak in proper english attented, he said they are not aware of any such scheme and are helpless.May god help bsnl, who is educating the Indians by net have such a communicationbetween it employes.
            more ever the sites of bsnl are not updated in time, stillm they have old dated informations, this is with the agency which give broad bend to others.
            How to activate roaming in karnataka
            Dear Sir/Madam,

            My self Bhavin Patel and my cell no is [protected] my plan was monsoon masti 125 post paid and in December 2008 this plan was closed so i have transfer my plan from post paid to prepaid plan same number on December 2008 so it was done the processor but he was not refund my 500 rs deposit i pay this deposit at first time when my number was post paid.My plan change in december and today april end now why his people not refund my money?he said to me my deposit refund with in two month but already four month passed.
            I hope you understand my problem and solve earliast.

            Bsnl CellOne Mobile — Mobile no. 9422008492

            I am having plan 725 for cell one. Charges for SMS delivery are charged in recent bills. As per plan all SMS receipts are free. I donot want this facilty and also do not want charges in my bill for SMS delivery.
            Kindly reverse the charges billed so far. I have paid all my bill in time so far.
            Kindly revert your action pls.

            BSNL CellOne Mobile — Thrusting of caller Tune and Charging for the same

            Inspite o[censored]nsubscribing caller tune in August' 09, the same is being thrust on me without my consent and being charged from September' 09 onward. My complain to BSNL has yeided no result.
            hi my name is chetan n my no. is [protected].. in from pune maharashtra.. since 2weeks im facing a problem in receiving sms from particular idea 9604xxxxxx series.. and i contaced both bsnl n idea care center dey arent responding to ma problem...

            BSNL — Not receiving sms from particular no.

            Not receiving msg from particular no. [protected], after complaining 3 times from last 15 days customer care people are not giving proper response.
            sir i m bsnl customer from last two month my cell no. [protected] sir last one month i m not receiving msg from particular no. i compliant to bsnl customer care three time but every time the say it will solve in 24 hours but no moment in my compliant so i req u to do need full in my mater
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              my cell no:[protected] pre paid connection.somany complaint given to customer care & various email to respective authority during my stay in roaming from 2/4/2008 to 15/05/2008.but nothing is heard from BSNL Authority to solve my grievences.My cell working in roaoming in Gujarat but as I entered in Rajasthan for some hours it work than after signal is full but can't make or receive call.some one if call me he heard that cell is out of coverage, not switch off & I dial number than "you are not authories", while There is balance more than 2500=00.No any officer of BSNL Rajasthan & gujarat are co-operate me as My cell is from MAhastra.Maharastra BSNL tell me to go RAjasthan BSNL GAllery & asked them to call us (BSNL_Mah).For this problem I am made complaint by last year oct.2007 and again this year from 2/4/2008 (while in roaming)but no response.
              my cell no:[protected] & [protected] pre paid connection' many complaint given to customer care & various email to respective authority about the network failure. but nothing is heard from BSNL Authority to solve my grievences.
              In order to have proper network for flawless communication we have to go on the road side.
              we have a total of about 10 bsnl conections including my neighbours. hoping that the problem will be solved as soon as possible.
              Qurry /

              i wish to know about how bsnl prepaid from maharastra other than mumbai call chargres when enter in mumbai
              My cell No. [protected] and sim No.[protected]. My sim is blodked.I want PUK No. Please give me PUK No.
              Is bsnl roming free in India
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                BSNL Broadband — Poor customer care and service

                 Devadoss v

                I have plan home 900 ul Plus for my telephone connection 23651145 .internet connection is down...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (17)

                BSNL Ghaziabad — Billing detail & Old phone no.

                 shyambabu pathak
                I got new Phone onnection (phon no. 2701756) with broad band internet during Mar 2008. I face follwing difficulties:-
                Complaint comments  Comments  (10)

                 Krishna Varadharaj

                I am using the BSNL Line since July 2007 and also i have Unlimited 256 KBps internet connection with this line. Telophone no is;[protected]. It is in my name. I was living in Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore but now i heve recently moved to Bhoopasandra, Banglore and also submitted the relocation form at Basaveshwar nagar BSNL office around 3 weeks back. But i have got no updates on that and everybody keeps passing the bucks one to other. I really need this working as soon as possible for my work. Please can somebody look into this and assist me in getting the connection to my new address?

                My new address is : #81, 1st floor, 4th cross, 2 nd main, Vinayaka layout, Bhoopasandra, RMV 2nd Stage, Bangalore, 560094.

                Thanks and regards,
                Krishna Varadharaj,
                Bhoopasandra, Bangalore.
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                   Prasad G. Pophali
                  On 2nd May 2008, I applied for Shifting of my Landline phone - Inter City transfer of Ph. No[protected] From Chinchbhuwan, Khamla Exchange, Nagpur to Narendra Nagar, Sakkardara Exchange, Nagpur.
                  They told me it will take max 15 days. Till today 18 days gone, & shifting of phone is not accomplished yet.

                  Prasad Pophali
                  Sir my telephone is dead/ inactive from 27/06/08
                  Please check it early as possible.

                  Thank you.

                  LANDLINE PHONE — Delay of shifting Landline Phone

                  Dear Sir

                  I am submited a application form for Shifting Landline Phone from Shipra Suncity Indirapuram to
                  Windsor Park Indirapuram, Commercial officer given order dated 30-1-09 but SDO Indirapuram not take any action on this shifting.


                  Name -- Piyush Jain ( COO - IBN7 News Channel )
                  Old Phone No[protected]
                  New Number alloted by Commercial officer[protected]
                  Order detail SSC 6080, DWP 237 dated 30-01-09
                  New Address E-12 Windsor Park Vaibhav Khand Indirapuram Ghaziabad UP.

                  Please look into this matter

                  Thanks & Regard

                  Hemant Saxena
                  Sr. Executive Admin - IBN7
                  sir, my phone is dead/ inactive since 2 months. I had give an order for broadband connection, , I had also submitted all the documents as well as money.But no action is taken till now. please, check it out.
                  had applied for shifting of official phone No : 2450518 , at residence( Federal bank Ltd )from Ulubari to Pub Sarania, Chandmari, Guwahati on 14.05.2012.
                  Till date, the same is not done.
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    BSNL,Jaipur — Board Band Problem

                     Jai Kumar
                    BSNL Jaipur

                    Complaint comments  Comments  (104)

                     Subodh Kawadkar
                    I am the holder of the landline number[protected] in the area of Amruthalli in Bangalore. I had subimtted an application for broadband connection on the[protected] and it is very unfortunate that inspite of waiting for 1 year 5 months, I am still being deprived of the same. I see no hopes for the BSNL to ever improve in providing satisfactory services in Bangalore. This leaves me with no option but to cancel the request for the same.


                    BSNL Broadband — Not provided the connection


                    I had applied for the BSNL Brodband connection on 22/9/2009 in Kalyan, still they not provided me the connection nor any information till when I will get the connection, N no# of times I has visted there office of the Katmanavli, every time they just telling me that " we will thik to give the connection" but no resolution is given to me, I had also spoke to there manager Mr. Vadwani he also told me the same.below is detail of my application.
                    Consumer no# [protected]
                    Appln No : 46521
                    Appln Date: 22/9/2009
                    Category : 35
                    Wailtinglist no : 034KTMI000045
                    Committed period : 1

                    contact address: B/401 Laxmitower Shivaji Nagar Waldhuni Kalyan
                    contact no# [protected]
                    Ress: [protected]
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                      Delay in new telephone connection
                      Re: BSNL

                      With reference to the above subject matter I hereby bring to your notice that I had applied new telephone connection vide consumer # [protected] dt.31/01/2008

                      Inspite of repeated follow up and my personal visit to your BSNL Nalasopara office I have being told to wait. I am waiting for almost four months now.

                      Hope you could understand that how necessary this telephone connection is for me.

                      Awaiting for your prompt action.


                      Broadband — DELAY OF CONNECTION



                      BSNL — new connection with broad band

                      dear sir,
                      i have registered a new broadband connection on 12th aug.2009,vide:application no.A1056171;consumer no.52166900;work order no.47031884 in the name of VIJAYA BHASKAR K R .i am yet to receive i am an engineering student i need internet for my studies quite do the needful as soon as possible.
                      smit shah

                      BSNL/Broadband — new connection

                      I have applied for broad band connection on 22.01.2011 at kolkata,cossipore exchange,chiriamore,kolkata.My telephone No. is [protected].But unfortunately till date I have not received the connection. Sir my son is a student of B.Tech Computer science.So the broad band connection is urgently needed for my home pc.I have personaly visited the concern officer twice for the connection.But nothing happened till date.Please do the needfull and oblige.

                      Tapas Mohan Sanyal.
                      3/1,bir anantaram mondal lane.
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                        BSNL Chandigarh — NON CONNECTIVITY

                         COL MAHESH CHADHA
                        BROAD BAND ON[protected] on 24 Apr. Rent of 750 charged for May without connecdtion till 07 May. Broad band not functioning....
                        Complaint comments  Comments  (14)

                        BSNL Mobile — Unwanted SMS

                         Prahlad Das Jaiswal
                        Everyday I get unwanted SMS as product advertiesment or similer messages either from BSNL or other numbers. I want to block...
                        Complaint comments  Comments  (88)

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