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ICICI Bank Ltd — Complaint against the ICICI Collection agency harassment

Sub: Complaint against the ICICI Collection agent harassment- Mr.Vijender Singh (Vicky)

Dear Sir/Maam,
As per my conversation with you I need to bring to your attention my experience as an ICICI Bank customer.

My name is Ms.Sonia Mazumdar residing at B-3/139, 2nd Floor, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-1100063 had availed of an ICICI Bank Personal loan just 1 year ago. My loan number is LPDEL[protected]. I have been paying for the past one year and now in the month of Feb'09 I decided to close the loan and interested to make necessary payments as I am out of Job in this current economic slowdown. I have written letters to state the same.

I somehow missed one instalment. That's when my trauma started. My aged parents were subjected to unending calls asking for the money.

Please note that right through this process that started in the last of Jan'09, my parents were subjected to an endless barrage of calls asking them to deposit the money 'immediately'. Even after informing the caller of the situation, the calls did not end and at times were threatening in nature.

These recovery henchmen calls anytime on phone, mobile, irrespective you are sleeping in early morning or late night. They came in group anytime, gave several personal visits insulting her in my home, society and also followed her. The lady (My Mother) in her forties was trembling and today is suffering from, permanent incurable phobia due to ICICI Bank recovery agents. My mother had ruined her mental and physical health both because of horror of ICICI Bank recovery agents. Today she is suffering from much health related tensions including insomnia because of ICICI Bank torture for the agony caused to her.

This is a serious concern, I and my aged mother has been harassed by these people of ICICI bank (Profin Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd -Patel Nagar-New Delhi - A collection Agency of ICICI Bank). The Name of the executive is Mr.Vijender Singh (Vicky). His fraudulent mobile number is [protected]/08. Infact he refused to show his identity proof and any contact information related to him. One of the numbers that he gave is an incorrect number-[protected].He also refused to give his supervisor's number.
Some illegal acts done by Mr.Vijender Singh.

1.Shouted at my mother and gave her mental torture.
2.Used foul and raw languages
3.Gave threats and was very abusive.
4.Taunted and tried to humiliate.
5.Done some indecent act –snatched my mother's mobile to talk to me.
6.He was adamant and said that he will come in the night time to disturb till the time we do not pay him.
7.He was very rude and harsh and kept on shouting- even though she (my mother) said him that she is a heart patient.
My mother gave him a date to come and collect the payment but he was shouting and saying that he would sit at my place all day till the time we don't pay him.
And to mention a few words that he used, have a glance at the following utterances of that person –

1. "Jab tumhari paise wapas karne ki aukaat nahi hai to fir loan kyun lete ho"
2. "Ya to payment kar de, warna bahut tarike hain bank ke paas paise lene ke"
3. "Ek o tu payment nahi kar raha hai, aur upar se pooch rahi hai ki identity card dikha".

These are not the only statements that the bank executive used, but were also accompanied by an offensive and abusive behaviour and language, which is legally and ethically against the Human Rights and Indian Penal Code.

I am filing a case in this Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum Delhi and had appealed this court to make ICICI Bank and their recovery officer (collection agency- Profin Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd Patel Nagar-New Delhi - Mr.Vijender Singh (Vicky-The recovery agent) mentioned above and agents involved compensating her for peace and happiness. I am also filing a case in Banking Ombudsman site

I am attaching a said rules released from RBI so that consumers can get awareness where to go if they are facing same traumatic tensions or experiences due to financial institutes. An appeal is also be made to President of India and PIL should also be filed in Supreme Court about the Financial Institutes or Banks like ICICI (collection agency- Profin Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd Patel Nagar-New Delhi - Mr.Vijender Singh (Vicky-The recovery agent) who misuses power of Section 138, 420, 406 on innocent clients. As because loans are taken by peoples to improve self quality of life and not to spoil own career. Circumstances at all time do never remain the same.

However during the course of loans, paying EMI - Business, health, and services can cease or pause, Natural disasters, casualties, diseases, accident, incidents, profit and losses are beyond human controls and bank should understand it. Wise bankers should not consider every client as cheat or slave. During such situation if the client fells, Bank should cooperate and not traumatize and humiliate their customers. During such destiny laid stages, if the bank could not support the hospitalized client (loan taker) on ventilators at least it should also not try to pull the tubes of oxygen.

In all fairness, ICICI Bank should have at least checked our credit worthiness before going on this harassment and hounding 'rampage' till we had no option but to carry out our own investigation and point out the problem your Bank.

I want a written statement stating the action taken against Mr.Vijender Singh (Vicky-The recovery agent) and strong action against all the people involved ICICI bank (Profin Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd Patel Nagar-New Delhi - A collection Agency of ICICI Bank). The Name of the executive is Mr.Vijender Singh (Vicky). His so called mobile number is [protected]/08 otherwise I will go to the court of law/consumer forum, circulate the message to the news groups, and caution all my friends about the incident.

We hope that you take note of this experience and prevent the same from occurring again.
A copy of his letter is being sent to following people/email ID's –
[protected] - for necessary coverage
[protected] - for necessary coverage
[protected] - for necessary coverage
Some actions taken by RBI
Note: Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Allahabad High Court verdict against use of Gundaas by ICICI

Here's a verdict by Allahabad High court against ICICI Bank's illegal methods to use gundas to manhandle consumers for recovery of loans
Pl read this link
Note- Pl find the attached RBI Guidelines for the recovery agents.

Yours faithfully,
Sonia Mazumdar
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icici/personnel loans — personnel loan - cheats by banks

dear friends
a)icici - bank provides the personnel loan max 10 lac within short period time.
b)less documents
c)when we take loan bank hide so many other matters
d)in hurry as the person require such loan always in hurry
they takes signature on so many pages
e)after that during yr emi period and you hv ECS auto debit
f)later before yr loan compltes you cannot change yr personnel saving accounts without paying a sum of amount reasons changing bank - NO MATTER YOU PROVIDE POST DATED CHEQUE OR NEXT BANK ECS AUTO DEBIT

NRE Fixed Deposit — Mentally Herrassment

Respected Sir/Madam,
My self Chirangini Desai my Brother is having an NRI account in your bank in Nadiad Branch.He is basically from Kenya so in his absence I am handeling his account.He gave two cheques for fix deposit on 22.02.2006.One FD is been made and another is Been credited in other customers account.That we came to know in 21 Dec 2007. And we had a long discussion with the manager we took in written that one FD which is not been made will be credited in your account on 24.12.2007 and we got the credit. Now on 22.02.2008 I gave another application to the Operation Manager Mr.Willson to credit the second matured Fixdeposit amount in my account then he said that we will not give u credit till you dont give that origional letter,and the Branch Manager Mr.Sandeep also said the same thing.And we gave an application for address change on 22.12.2007 but till today the address is not been changed we have given the NRI Account Statment Of AXIS Bank,PIO Card copy,Passport Copy but still the address is not been changed copies given to Mr.Willson and Mr.Sandeep
So, this kind of haressment is been done with us please take a legal action on this both person.Manager is not having that much sence that how to talk with customer and how to behave with customer. I want feedback of this complain against Mr.Sandeep and Mr.Willson.

Chirangini Desai

I was sent to Nigeria by an agent in Mumbai.I was not given monthly salary in India as promised.The MD (NRI) kept my passport with him as soon as I landed a Nigera.

They have harrased me & given me the return tkt whtn I deposited lot of money.
I returned back to India & now also they are threatning me for not to complain any where other wise they can do any thing.
The agent had switched off his mobile phone when I complained to her for not getting my salary.
Please let me know where should I complain & how to get the salary i worked there.
Fatima3's reply, Mar 26, 2017
Maybe this helps;

ICICIBANK — against collection department

Dear Manager,

I would like to inform you that I am having SB a/c no.[protected] in the name of Abhinandan Sharma in your bank.

I have an issue with your Amex credit card complaint no.SR65104848 for your reference. I cant expect things happen with me, could you please explain
me why your collection manager Contact no is swithched oFF from the last 7 days when i am in big troulble i need to withdraw my own money but helpless
because the action has been taken from your collection department without informing me.

I know it will not affecting your bank if i closes my services and i will do that immedietely but my suggestion dont called people defaulter without knowing
the fact or realty. Please change your collection manager if possible or you will lose 10 customer daily.

I hope you never mind it, if possible pl go through my complaint and take immediate action.


Abhinandan Sharma

ICICI Bank Ltd. — Misuse of Documents & Payment Received from A/C Forcefully


Icici bank has misused my documents in March 2007 & til date they are unable to retrieve the copy of the same documents to show me but inspite of them i paid many bills on time & after some time i stop using that card.

After levying Late payment & intrest charges the amt come to Rs 22000 approx & today the bank has debited my account with Rs 22000 aprox that & that money is deposited by my parents in my account bcoz i am residing 1000 km from Delhi & i am in need of that payment.

If today by evening i dont get the payment & it will hurt my good will in the market & then it will be a case of defermation of character.

Please resolve

HSBC — pan card not received

Dear sir,

My name is Mr. Manohar Ponnaganti i have submitted the form in UTI in 14may2008 and thr coupen no is[protected] and till today i have not yet received the pan card and my add is

H NO 3-44
MOBILE NO [protected]

please check and do the needful asp and if required u can contact on the above no, awating for ur reply.


loan — Harrashment by Bank

Dear Sir/Madan
I am Shiv Kumar from Khanna. (Punjab). I have taken a Loan of Amount 30, 000 (Thirty Thousand) In September 2007 from Citi Financial, Khanna Branch. I am being totally harrashed from your Khanna Branch regarding payment. I keep minimun 15, 000 to 20, 000 in my HDFC Bank account, but I got so many calls from your bank regarding my payment, they told me that Sir your cheque has been bounched from bank. When I contact to HDFC Khanna Branch I they told me Sir you have sufficient balance in your account and no cheque has been bounnced. Two month back I got one more call from bank that time they were saying to me sir Your Loan has been cleared please take back your cheque from bank, then I said man I have just paid 7 Instalments how It is possible. When I reached at the branch nobody was caring about me, after a 2-3 hour discussion they came to know that my loan has not been cleared, Such Kind of so many incident has been happend with me regarding my loan case. I am 5 year old customer of HDFC Bank, I am having Credit Card of HDFC from 3 year I havent got even a single miscommunication from HDFC Bank. I am also customer of ICICI Bank, Allahabad Bank, Punjab National Bank they are also perfect their Field. Again I am requesting to you sir please please contact to ur Khanna (Punjab) Branch and teach them how to run business. Please once contact me over my mobile [protected]. If I never got any satisfactory result I would go to court and File a Case against your Branch cause of harrashment

Company — Collection agent sent through account closed

Dear Sir,

I am Pranesh Mathur . I had a Airtel connection ([protected]) which closed and paid the balance as advised by the Collection Manager Anirudh Rathore who is posted in Udaipur.
I made a payment of Rs 1000/- by cheque and was assured that the account is closed two months ago.
After that just two days back a collection guy came to my brother's place asking for money for the same connection though it was already closed as told by your collection Manager.

When i called him ...he again confirmed that account is closed and did give assurance and said that he would also send a mail on my personal ID saying that account is closed.

I have still not recvd any such mail from him though called him up and spoke regarding this.

Would request to take care of it immediately by sending a confirmation that the account is closed or else i wont give it a second thought and would right a mail directly to MD of Airtel.

(personal loan) — harresment calls from recovery agency

Dear Reader,

I have availed a personal loan from HSBC bank, i am unable to pay back the monthly EMI due to financial issues. I had requested the bank for time to repay the money. But i have been getting calls from the recovery agency, which talk non sense, and have to giving calls in spite of taking it to the bank asking the bank to stop this but still it continues till date. The calls uses abusive language and talks bad about the character of me and my family.


ICICI Bank Ltd — Not received voter Id card

Applied for voter Id through online and concern officers came to my house and verified but still I havn't received any information or card.
i have one field collection executive job(my previous experience saravana agency form icici)
i want one field collection executive job(my previous experience saravana agency form icici)
strict action to be taken

ICICI Bank — Harrasement

Under extremely unfortunate circumstances, for no fault of mine, one of my Home Loan Cheque has bounced and this triggered off another set of my hardship and ordeal with this useless bank called ICICI.

First of all I received a call (three months back) stating the fact of bouncing the cheque to me. I asked them to represent the cheque to which they replied that as per their new policy (????) they cannot do this. I asked them to give me back the cheque so that I can issue a fresh cheque to them. They said this will be done only after my complete Home Loan is settled.

Very Well, then I need to issue a stop payment request to my Bank and I told them that I will issue them a fresh cheque. I took all the details and dutifully filled in the cheque and kept it ready. This cheque is now ready with me since 3rd January.

The ordeal started. An appointment for picking up the cheque was scheduled. Dutifully, so very characteristic of ICICI, nobody turned up. Ok I waited.

From then on I started receiving calls at weird hours and every 4th day as to why I am not making the payment. I am since then trying to reason out with them that your person is not turning up to pick up the cheque so what can I do.

After 2-3 weeks and giving at least 20 calls to me and still dutifully not sending anybody to pickup the cheque, they started to misbehave with me and started threatning to malign my credit history.

Fed up of all the non-sense, last week I asked them about an address where I could courier the cheque. The address given to me was as follows
Collection Branch,
Near MG Road,

Now people who are not aware of Bangalore topography must understand that MG Road is an 8 KM stretch in the heart of the city and nobody in the world can deliver a courier on address like this. This I also tried to reason out with them but these dumbos will just not understand.

However they fixed up another appointment for picking up the cheque today and I was waiting for the collection guy to come.I wanted to do a Pooja and Offer some Prasad to him since like Lord Ganesh, I was waiting for his Darshan for long.

The most Funny part starts now - I received a call from this collection guy today. At last some action from a dumbo bank I thought. This guy tells me that he has to come for collecting the cheque but he is now in Shimla and he asked me to post the Cheque tto Shimla,

"But where? At what address?" I asked
"Address to nahin hain, Aap kahan se bol rahen hai" asks Lord Ganesha
"Aap Kahan hain", I asked
"Main to Shimla main hoon", Lord Ganesha tells me
"Shimla Matlab Himachal Pradesh Main", I queried
"Han Han Himachal Pradesh main", Lord Ganesha replies
"Mausam Kaisa Hain", I asked
"Bahut Acha", Lord Ganesh is very Happy now
"Aap kab Bangalore Aa Rahe Hain", I asked
"Bangalore ?????????", Lord Ganesha was Surprised
"Haan Bangalore se hi to Cheque collect karna hain", I explained
"Oh Tere Ki !!!, Aap Bangalore main hain" Lord Ganesha was surprised
"Haan Ji, Aapko Nahin Pata Kya", I asked
"Sorry Ji, Main Apne Bangalore Ke Aadmi Ko kahunga aapse cheque collect karne ke liye", Lord Ganesha is in a corner now
"Bangalore Main Kaun hain, Mujhe number dijiye", I asked
"Nahin, Hamari Madam hain, Kal aapse collection ho jayegi", Lord Ganesha replies

What I have done to go thru this ordeal, can somebody help me out. I am really fed up of this bank and appeal to everybody, Please do not listen to Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan, they are paid up for what they say.

Use your judgement, do not bank with ICICI

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Statement notreceiving at home as well as mental harasment from the local branch

Respected Sir / Madam,

I have a credit card of ICICI bank ([protected]). I have used 25000 Rs/-from it and made a installment at 0% interest. At strating i regurly got the statemtn from the said bank. but after 4 installmenti haven't receive any statement from the bank. I complained so many times to bank regarding not receiving the statement. I complained on phone banking as well as the credit card department. They are telling me that you will receive the statement within 15 days but till date i haven't receive any thing from their side. I am receiving the Saving account statement at regular basis from thier side and this credit card has been recieved on the same address.

I just want that I will receive the statement on regular basis.

Pls do the needful and revert me back on my e-mail.

Thanking You,
Bhavik Panwala.
My son opened salary account in a branch of ICICI BANK LIMITED in Bangalore. He was asked to put some signatures in different forms. Young one relied on the bank's agent. He was issued a credit card. After some a phone was received from ICICI Lambard. Recording the conversation an insurance- medical was issued in his for about Rs. 12000 ( converted into a monthly instalment of Rs. 500/). Credit facility has been squeezed or reduced for Rs. 12000/ from his credit card. In March 2009 Rs, 10000/ was charged by the bank official from his credit card for ICICI Prudential. On being challenged the bank sent an e-mail with a scanned of a signed form authorising the bank to do the same. While opening the bank account the official / agent got some signatures in the blank forms, which the filled in the later for their own business promotion.

Young generation has no time to spare for getting the remedial measures against such fraudulent activity of a reputed bank.

I read the news paper about the mode of recovery of loan by using the service of muscle men.

But my own experience with the ICICI Bank is quite different. I have purchased so many tax saving Infra Structure Bonds from the ICICI. They are Very prompt in giving service at least to me. I have still maintaining a ICICI Prudential Life Insurance . They are very prompt in giving service.

So, unless my son has experienced such fraudulent behaviour from this bank, I hardly believe this painful facts.

With regards.

Personal — agency complaint

sir, your agency for collecting personal loan in faridabad, haryana, is running in name of vision max-green field colony faridabad, agency owner and manager of your bank deals in with this agency, all together running this agency on fake basis as per the employees in this agency are below 18 years of old, they give them rs.[protected]p.m.and rest bill adjusted in between the managers of icici bank and agency owner.and they also submit fake cheques to met their targets for extra bill paid by the bank.
so, take quick bold and hard action against them, such managers and agency making bank go in loss as they also take money from clients and show them shift case.
you are requested to pleaase keep my name and id secret. jai hind

Personal Loan — harrasement & fraud recovery agent

dear sir,
i had talen a personal loan from icici bank . i use to handle my business but unfortunately due to financial problems i had to shut down my business ... i m still struggeling for my job ... which is very very difficult to achieve after shutting the business ... i had visited to bank many a times for making them understand my problem ... after that despite of requesting to bank by personal visit in andheri east office, i and my family was litterally been harrased by the loan recovary agents . the lewid language & bad words used by the agents are really horrible. they come and shout in front of my house and parrents in case of my absense .. even though they are intimated that i m not at home they still come home and start with nussense . also one of the agent offered me to pay 25000 cash to him .. he promissed me that he will settel my loan for that amount and that too with full proof from the bank . In my absense he came at my residense and promissed my parents to believe him so that all such harrasement will be stopped and their son will also be relived from bank tensions and tooked rs.5000.00 cash as advance to solve the matter ... and ... i m still in search for him, as i just know that he was from jogeshwari ...
Dear Mr. Hasmukh,

Kindly write to us at [protected] with ‘Customer Service - Personal Loan’ as the subject line. Request you to provide your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer

abn loan/pl — harrassment of late payment dues recovery

i get acall from a collection agent at around 2:22 pm today.Inspite of me telling him that he is calling me unnecessarily for this month.As i have already made my payment of this month's dues.Is their no updation of late payment charges that are deposited by the customer through cheque payment?Have you guys deployed goons in your bank to recover the money?I would appreciate that if you could use proper means to collect the same.Who is this tauseef khan?Can you confirm if he is your authorised agent/The Phone no used is 66211629and 40784947.Please address this problem.Thanks.

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