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[Resolved]  Mahindra Rodeo Two Wheeler — Poor mileage


I have bought a Mahindra Rodeo scooter some 7 months back. I liked the features of the vehicle. But to my utter disgust and dismay, I am getting a meager mileage of about 32 km as against the promised mileage of 50 km per litre by the dealer. I am at a loss to understand as to why a reputed Company like Mahindra who have established their credibility in four wheeler vehicles have come with two wheelers with such poor mileage. In the present day sky rocketing prices of petrol, owning a Mahindra two wheeler is a drain on one’s pocket. It’s a cruel injustice and a crime against the consumers who are being trapped by the Company and its dealers. I will never advise my friends to go for a Mahindra Vehicle. I have come across umpteen number of Mahindra two wheeler owners who are feeling cheated by the company. It’s high time that the Company should wake up and do something to improve the mileage of the scooters. If they are unable to do it, better they should wind up and quit two wheeler manufacturing. The existing customers should also be compensated. If the Company is not coming forward with an immediate solution, I will form a consumers’ forum and file proper complaint with the Consumer Complaints Redressal Cell besides filing case in the court. In fact, my friends suggested me to buy Activa Scooter which gives a mileage of over 50 km per litre. I chose to buy Mahindra because I trusted the Company which has a long standing in the market and I was quite sure that in the present day high prices of petrol, the company would certainly come out with fuel efficient vehicle. But my trust and belief was belied. I am giving my address and expect the Company to give a response.

Balan Raman,
Assistant General Manager (retired),
State Bank of India,
opposite Mercy College,
Palakkad 678006.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I agree with your views.I had some more complaints & that is about workmanship.I bought rodeo & within 8 days i have to go to dealer for many complaints like starting problem, brake problem & the fitting of parts.
I wonder the company like mahindra & their reputed dealer is going to fool people.
I never suggest anybody to buy rodeo. - kk
I bought a rodeo nov 2009 and the service centers are horrible and my rodeo now has oil leak, battery leak, milage of 26kmpl. The vehicle is used by my mother who is a school teacher so it is allways driven @40-50 kmh

mahindra 2 wheelers are horrible. please dont uy them
Dear Friend,

I am also having similar problems with Mahindra Rodeo... It is the worst vehicle I seen in my life...

If any of Mahindra and Mahindra - Responsible person is reading this complaint and wish to help me... please call me on [protected] my name is sunil.

Following are the list of problems i am facing.
1. It is having milage problem.. only 30 kms against promissed 50kms
2. every second month need to change haed light... shoking...
3. Digital display is not working from 3 weeks and service station is not having spare and donot know when it will come...
4. In rains vehicle we cannot use autostart... need to use Kik Start, which can be used after putting stand.

Somebody from Mahindra and Mahindra please help me.

To get fuel efficiency as described by the company minimum 5000 KM. running to be completed and 3 servicing is essential. Time has to ripe to say who is correct.
Dear All,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. I hope your issues have been resolved, if not than kindly send us your contact details on [protected] Our team will contact you at the earliest and provide you an effective resolution.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Team Mahindra.
I appreciate ur attitude shown for complaints.
After so many days & visiting ur service engineer, the problem is not solved.I am getting poor milege of 30 km.& several small problems are not solved, such as it does not start by buttonstart several times.
Secondly, after commitment of several times we still not got a coin promised by ur dealer.
I wonder about Mahindras attitude in this matter & poor response to consumer complaints. Your salesman is still commiting people the milege of 58.
Dealer tells company is responsible for commitments & company peoples tell Dealer is responsible for that. We all are poor customers both are playing with us like a footboll.
I again requesting u to solve these problems.
Dont forget customer is a king.Dont forget the history of Indian Automobile Industires.
I love the ride and the luxury feeling of Mahindra. Thank You for making it such a beauty.

Rupali Batra
I love the luxury ride and its comfort. Thank you for making the Rodeo.

Mahindra & Mahindra/Mahindra Rodeo — Mahindra Rodeo – Very Very Poor Mileage

Not knowing how to take my issue forward I am writing to this forum.

This is in regards to Mahindra Rodeo two wheeler. I have bought Mahindra Rodeo 10 months back. The issue is regarding very less mileage. When I first went to the showroom, they said they mileage under company test conditions is around 52 kmpl and on general road conditions it should be somewhere around 45 plus kmpl. I was impressed with the mileage and bought the bike. After I bought the bike I again asked about mileage they said it will come somewhere around 40-45, I had no hassles then. After using the bike, I checked the mileage myself in the first month. I was shocked to find out that the mileage is very very less, it was just 25 km per 100 rs. I went to them and asked them about this. They said after first service everything will be okay, but things did not change. After my first service also, the mileage was very less. I checked after each service and I was complaining to them again and again. Every time I complained, they used to do a test ride and then fine tuned it and gave back to me. After three services, the mileage, which I got was 28.8. I did not give up I shot a letter to the company based in Pune under the guidance of National Consumer Helpline. I called up NCH for help and they asked me to write a letter to the company describing my issue. Company representative talked to me and again took the bike for test drive for mileage. This time they changed the carburetor and the mileage went up to 34, but far less than what they promised. I again complained to them. They again tested it and said, "this is maximum mileage and we have done everything that we can do," and they left me for suffering.

I felt cheated and deceived by the company. I never thought that company like Mahindra would do such a thing to me. There is a lot of difference between the mileage they promised at the time of purchase and the real mileage. I want justice but do not know whom to approach, so I am writing here.

I hope you will take up this issue and help many people who get cheated because of false claims and promises made by companies. At least, other people don’t get cheated like me.

Ravi Shankar Patro
[protected], 6452942
Rodeo is the best 2 wheeler.I am using it from 5 months but i dont have any problem.And i am getting mileage around 47kmpl and i use normal petrol.I dont use speed petrol.I drive my rodeo at the speed of 50-78kmph but i still get the same mileage.
Not only poor milage of meager 30 kmpl, when i drive my Rodeo above 50 kmph it starts shaking and gives feeling that rear Tyre will come out, i showed to mechanic they tighten the crew and say there is no such problem, one of the mechanic said Dunlop Tyres used in Rodeo vehicles are poorly corrugated and thats why road grip is poor (he suggested to get it changed with MRF or CEAT), (slips badly during rains and smooth road), how one can drive freely with such fear, break needs tightening every now and then, Headlight has a very poor visibility and bulb got fused twice, i bought Rodeo in November, 2009 (just after launch) from Banaglore ( 4 services are done already no improvement in milage, i use Xtra premium )
I'm living with this fuel guzzler with umpteen no. of complaint, I've moved to Nagpur now and servicing done at this center is only formality they clean your bike and return back without any improvement in performance.
i totaly agree to the above. I am also a Rodeo user at Pune. I bought my vehccle from
CTS NO. 815, F.P. NO.153,
- Mob.: [protected]
Servicing is also done there(First and Second Service ). Till now they have not done any performance improvement i have requested them to do. Also they have not even checked the problems i have highlighted for rear tyre and mileage tuning. I need to change the service center. Also i wasn't expecting this from a reputed auto firm like Mahindra & Mahindra. Very poor to the brand.

Mahindra Rodeo two wheeler — Quality and Service

I've bought Rodeo from Bhandup, Mumbai and right from Day 1 I've been suffering from 1 or the other consistant problems. Average is always a problem, never given me mor than 30kpl. Batteries worn out. Took a month to replace. At many times vehicles stops functioning while riding in the middle of traffic. This RODEO is fully loaded with problems. Once petrol started leaking, whole full tank was emptied in a day. Its digital meter is just a toy like showpiece. It displays any damn reading. At times shows empty fuel inspite of the tank just filled to full. Clock on the meter is never correct. In cool wether fog dew collects and takes hours to dissappear, the readings impossible to read.
The guys at service centre are rude and arrogant. They just have deaf ears to our complaints, and do just what they feel like.
Everyone beware before buying this beast of burden, fully loaded with trouble.

I have a mahindra duro since jan last year. Each and every time I go to service my vehicle, the same problem of faulty fuel meter, left mirror etc. exists. They tell they rec...tified it but it is just to misguide me. My scooter is not working as there is some problem with the battery which again they corrected once, I have complained to customer care four times. Refernce number is - K1010004. I have spoken to Vikas Patil there @ [protected] and Nagpur service manager Ravi Joshi almost thrice, but no action.

The great story of Mahindra, s Silver Coin
I have purchased Rodeo in July, When there was a scheme of Silver Coin. From that Coin is travelling from Head Office by the great speed, But stillit is not reached upto me. After several complaint one day dealer called me to collect coin.When i went he said sorry, The coin was not yours.Today when i went for servicing again asked for coin, he said definately yu collect at the time of delivery of vehicle after servicing. When asked when i went to collect vehicle again he said sorry & told to wait beacuse coin is in the dealers home. The result is still i dont get it .There are vehicle problem, mileage problem, dealer problem, sales officers problem i think we have to change the word problem to Mahindra.The top officials of Mahindra dont only see to complaints.Is anybody looking for this. Or all are involved in Silver Coin Scam ?
Don't purchased mahindra two-wheeler Scooter. It give horrible evident . MANY PROBLEM arising. I purchased mahindra RODEO. After purchased within 5days creating Front berring damage. Then in 45 days battery problem & i reqired 1 months to replacement, in 3 months Silencer problem give 2 week for changing them, but they give another silencer for 10-15 days, then Rodeo silencer available in showroom &changed it. Till the last problem petrol cap kit ( cap directly come out in hand ).
*MOST OF THE PROBLEM MILLAGE ONLY 30-35 Km/ p.liter. some time give 23 km but dont expect moe than 40+ millage.
also arise much more problem
Service center person in ulhasnagar is mather**od..
he is not ready to do in front of me getting mileage of 25 km/l only.also stealing the items like seat cover taking 250 Rs for free service...i am fed up...
i am using mahindra rodeo which i got in november.

it really is a crap scooter. milege in 20. bad ignition . and the worst part is after servicing even the milege is as low as ever
how could mahindra do this crap scooter..

i mean milege is 20. better to go for a Kinetic Luna as comapared. i am really worried now

name- Sambeet
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
hi i m deepika & i purchased rodeo in nov. it is a very bad vehicle & i m not satisfied with it . i never see in my life like this bed scooty.
its milege only 20-30 & it always stop on road & never start again.
buttom start is not work & always i have to start with kick & its kick is too hard.

Dear Sir,
I have purchase your Mahindra Stallio 110cc bike, bike no.-DL 7S BG 36 03 dt.[protected].
I am not satisfied with your bike because its have many problems as;- Shaker, average, balance, pickup, break, Saft etc. and not realized smooth drive. i never see in my life like this bed bike. Each and every time I go to service my vehicle.
Your company does not giving good service to your clients.
But now I have decided that refund your your bike.
Now Please give me my amount as possible as sooon.
So I want to take my amount refund you your bike.

Thanks with regards
Vikas Singh

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