[Resolved]  Reliance Netconnect — Reliance USB CDMA Modem worst performance

I brought an USB ZTE CDMA 1X MODEM 10 days before from Reliance Mobile in Brigade Road, Bangalore. This is a post paid connection that came with my HP Pavilion Note, thinking about the mobility and net connection speeds up to 144 kbps I paid Rs.3180 for this pathetic internet connection.

The average connection speed I get is less than 15 kbps. Worst case is some times I get connection speed less than 5kbps. At these speeds even simple home page of fails to load. I have done all the basic trouble shooting steps to increase the internet connection. When I called Reliance Customer Care I was transferred to their technical team, which is even worst.

The tower signal shows as full strength but the connection speed is very slow this is because reliance does not offer its customers what its promise. Reliance is company that can’t be trusted. The BSNL Dial-Up connection that I have is far better than the high speed USB modem from Reliance.

To check the internet connection further I even took my note book where there was a reliance tower. It did not make any difference.

Reliance Technical Support is worst. So, I think Anil Ambani should be held responsible for all these.

My advice is, don’t buy Reliance USB modem.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I brought an USB ZTE CDMA 1X MODEM from Reliance Mobile 5 days before from Reliance Mobile in R.T.Nagar (PRATHAM COMMUNICATIONS), Bangalore. This is a post paid connection and they said that the net connection speeds up from 40 kbps To 144 kbps I paid Rs.3180 for this useless and junk internet connection.

The average connection speed I get is less than 30 kbps. At these speeds even simple home page of Reliance fails to load. I have done all the basic trouble shooting steps to increase the performance by disabling other modems installed, but no use. When I called Reliance Customer Care I was transferred to their technical team, which is even worst.

The tower signal shows as full strength but the connection speed is very slow this is because reliance does not offer its customers what its promise.

How to take action aganist them ?. They are cheating the public.
I own a LG 340 Reliance Landline. The connection shows 115 Kbps while talking about the speed it is really pathetic. The signal strength shows full, rather excellent, but the speed that I get is so poor that when I try a site / portal like, which is supposed to be fastest, using all various browsers, with no other activities, it takes too long, and then try loging into mail... I have to repeatedly retry the session so that I could see my Inbox, forget checking mails... It is so painful that any task which should not take much time, ends up into me wasting couple of hours with very less productivity or no productivity. The latency on tracing from my PC is unpredictable. I think Reliance should hire some good network guyz around.
its just not pathetic in speed, service or call center... they have pathetic business concept too!!!
I purchased this huwaei netconnect for my laptop on 25th july 07.. 1. they made false promises to made us purchase this useless usb box for 3000 rs.
2. call charges and other charges we were told weare all false.
3. I was asked for only three docs thati submitted on counter. but I was forced to submit my docs 3 times in a week.
4. within a week my services were disconnected on the base of complain done by the shop from where did i purchase it without presenting a reasont to relianace head office mumbai!!!
5. wen i asked mumbai call center they ask me for sorry again n again taking my complain against the shop which was nevr intialised till yet..
6. this is postpaid connection and the credit limit is 500 while its monthly rental is RS 650+12.24% +2% itselves. they disconnected the service twice a month for this reason.
7. i[censored] call up the customer care.. """"""""""they will not listen to ur single alphabet and ask u for sorry , sorry for the inconvience and they cant help u at that moment, cant transfer ur call, sorry for the problem, they can understand but cant do anything"""""" sort dialogues which irritates futher more!!!!!
8. the usd silver cord provided by them with the instrument is useless after a week.
9. every month the bill generate later and ur connectively is lost for next 2 days even after u make payement , u will get it conenct after 72 hrs...
10. even i[censored] get this done before hand... n give money to them in advance the credit limit remains ther AT 500.
11. usage is more than expected.....more tahnn 1gn per month.. even for normal sites....likes yahoo and google and chat messgnger. so u have to pay 2 rs per mb in additon to that...
so monthly u pay around 1200 rs for this dumb box.
12. as no other option to get connected, u badly need this poor service... ur outlook doesnt work for months... wen u as k for the reason of low speed which is always MIND ALWAYS FOR TWO MONTH S....., 0 KBPSSSSS O PKBPS AL THE TIME...... which make ur full system closed, noo outlook not even google, and even forget ur messenger.....
13. that is the last attack on ur heart wen u callup the customer care continously for two months to know that there is SO CALLED CONJUSTION TRAFFIC in the route or area.. which will be perfect by the evening or a day! thanku and sorry for the inconvienece!
14... at the end u take bybacks like sify broadband and other in order to make ur outlook and other things work.....still upay monthly 1200 rs.. this not enough ... ur instrument get dead...
15... now finally my instrument is dea adn not working fro last 6 day s for no reason its dead . wen i put it on usb to my laptop doesnt blink, my laptop doesnt detect that rubbish box...
16. and the rest irritation is done by servixce center.. last 6 day ssearching for the service center dodnt get one..... EVEN ONE TO WHOM WE CAN SHOW THIS USELESS RELIANCE NETCONNECT USB DAT CARD FROM HUWAEI WHICH WOULD GIVEN U 240 KBPS SPEED IN JUST 650 RS WITH UNLIMITED USAGE WITH SRTRONG CONNECTION....


I took Unlimited Platinum connection on DEC 1st.... According to the plan I can have unlimitted access to internet...On 15th December they disconnected the connection saying that i have exceeded my credit limit that is 1200. When I called up customer care one group of people say there is no credit limit for unlimited plan...another set of people say there is credit limit...I also called up Technical support and again the story was same...Even the people in the customer care and Technical support have no knowledge about the can they solve the customers problem....

Mr. Anil Ambani is a business man...He must have logical reasoning...I would like to ask him the following simple logical question....

1. If a person is taking unlimited plan...that means his usage is can u limit for only Rs.1200.

2. The connection is a post paid....Then why are u restricting the usage for Rs.1200. Is that a post paid or pre paid....

3. One of the customer care fellow told me that if I pay a deposit of 2500 then i can increase my credit limit to 3000... This is the most ridiculous one...because the monthly rentel is 1500...Even if i dont pay the bill it will be a loss of 1500 to the company...then why they are asking me to pay Rs.2500...also it is not documented...Without having sound knowledge about the product how can these fellows advicing its customers....

It is a shame to call Anil Ambani a business man if he disagrees to any of my 3 questions....
I'm also a victim of these products......Reliance Netconnect is WORST!!! Do not buy this product. The speed depends upon the network availability & varies as per area. Even then you won’t get good speed. Mail gets diconnected all the time.
i got a reliance data card number [protected] with the purchase of lenovo laptop on 3rd of november. At that time the company assures that you will have free unlimited internet access for two months but on 21st of nov i got an sms according to which I have 1740 ruppee due... now the company should settle the bill as per commitment
respected Sir,
we have problem with your modem([protected]).then we are surrendered that to my nearest dealer at visakhapatnam at last month.but they don't have any response till today.we are consulting more times to that dealer's executives they did n't say correct reason.that's why we are compliant to you.actually i need net connection verymuch.but your staff are not responceble about your company.soory to say this .please take an action soon and put my connection back.thank you
I have the ZTE CDMA1X CARD. It is the worst thing I had ever seen. It can be used only during early morning and sometime during noon. All the rest of time it will show connected but we cannot do any thing. I agree they reliance is not trustworthy.

reliance usb zte modem — worst internet connection and it will never connect

This is the worst thing.i Dont have any other words to explain.Please dont buy this and become a fool
I acquired lask week ZTE CDMA1X Mg880 Modem. Despite 100% signal strength, the speed is abysmally low, as much as 2 to 3 kbps. The connection disappears every minute and the modem is practically useless even for mail, leave alone downloads. Doubly worse is the technical team of Reliance who do not understand the basics of wireless technology - they claim that signals from various other towers are getting mixed up. This should set the ribs of CDMA Technolody inventors tickling - they will have a good laugh at this contention. Unless you want to experiment or waste money, dont touch the product even with a barge pole!
i think Reliance Net Connect is the worst net connection i have ever used.I took it by getting greedy due to the mobility factor.
The connection just gets disconnected in between and when i call the customer care people they just keep beating around the bush and it sucks.
Is there anything that can be done about it.
I think Anil should change his punch line to "Ek tha sapna sabka paisa apna"

Reliance Netconnect — Very bad Customer care

Hi all,

I am experiencing the worst customer care from Reliance Netconnect people. I got frustrated with the connection they are providing with USB Netconnect. I faced connection as low as 2KBPS and net disconnects every few minutes. When I asked for a termination (on 15th Jan 2008), customer care representative gave me a reference number and said that we will call you for the reason of termination and close the reference number, after which I need to fill the termination form at any reliance outlet and get free from the worst network.

Till today (29th Jan 2008) I did not recieve any call from Reliance for the termination and every alternate day I keep calling the customer care and recieve an answer - 'We have forwarded your request to the concerned department. Youo will recieve a call ASAP'. Other than forwarding a request to the concerned department I have no idea what the customer care people are doing sitting there.

This is worst customer care center I have ever experinced in my life till today. Somebody, please help me to get rid of this connection. BTW, I am getting billed for all these 15 days and the time Reliance gave to attend the call is 7-10 days. I am not sure how many more days I need to pay reliance without using thier great Internet connection. Some one please help me.

Raghavendra Vydyula
Thanks for the information.!!!
I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!!! I watsed 3180 bucks in a single day.... I purchased ZTE Data card from Relainace web world two days back.... Only thing I can say it is a wastage of money.... Very frequent disconnection... Page does not loads many time. Need to refresh twice or thrice to get it loaded. Many time it does not even create a connection. Tried to contact customer service but there is no response... There should be some law in India to prevent these type of frauds activities by these big companies.. No wonder why Ambani's are getting richer day by day.

Reliance USB CDMA Modem — Reliance USB CDMA Modem worst performance

I bought this internet connection modem last month.But I m sorry to comment abt it. It is worst deal,waste to money.I can not even browse my account.We talk abt towards development but our renowned companies like Relince making fool of people .
So please kindly help us out.
This is worst internet network i have seen till postpaid plan they said that unlimited free browisng and 1gb free download and even though they have charging me very more bill.
So my sincere advice is not buy this device.

HP Pavilion Note B0ok — Cheating

I Purchased the HP Pavillion DV2214 Notebook in March 2007 (S.No.2CE7070R9C, Ref.01/116540/14.03.07) at Supreme Computers India Private Limited, Chennai. Last week when I switched on the system after sleep mode 70% of bottom display showed some white lines. When I took the system to the Chennai HP Service Centre they informed me the display unit has a crack hence it has to be replaced. They also informed, to my shocking, it is not covered under warranty. When I enquired further they said it may be due to physical damage. However they are not able to explain me how it could be due to physical damage when there is not even a hairline scratch or any trace of damage in either side of the laptop, which they themselves acknowledged. When I insisted it is only due to manufacturing defects, they refused to speak to me further, they are not even ready to explain me properly. In fact they do not have the expertise to explain the problem; in fact one of the assistant casually remarked that it may be due to battery etc., initially they wrote "Physical Damage" in the “Problem Reported” however they changed it to "Cracks found in LCD". Then came the shock of my life, now they sent me a quote for INR 35772.56, where as the cost for whole unit is around INR 45000/- It is nothing but "cheating" and “Day light robbery" I am not able to talk to them as they are not willing to help or they do not have any intention of helping except for making money by way of cheating. I have been cheated. I am pretty sure that there exists some serious manufacturing defect, which I could see from many of similar complaints in the internet. Kindly verify the facts from the following link

I am making this complaint hoping to get some real assistance from HP before going to proper legal forum.

Kumar Vaidyanathan
5 Unique Apartments
2 I Street, Nehru Nagar
Chennai 600 020

Phone : [protected]
Mail : [protected]
I have a data card of ZTE and is not working from last two months, as intially i have deined the payment due to reason that i have not used the same for above said time bcz of it was not working it get connected for two to 12 sec and get disconnected so how is it feasible topay for these peroid of time rent and when i complain for the same they were saying first pay the bill then we will listen your complain other wise throw this data card in HOLY GANGES and purchase an new n e this of JULY month purchase data card suggest me what i do. I offered one thing that if i pay the rental then is it refundable or not for the unused peroid if the data card has the problem in genuine which not from card from network end.Whether this money will refundable if i pay the same if data card does not works then.
We have already given an application for cancellation of mob. no. [protected], [protected]. one month back. At the time of verfication we have already informed your excecutive not to process the form for allotment of no. still he has process the form.
We have already submitted letter to your main office at lower parel, but still we are recieving the bills regularly.Please confirm after cancelling the above connection.

Reliance Netconnect — Never buy reliance connection

My advice is, don’t buy Reliance net communication or prepaid or post paid connection.

I had one connection in 2002 (Post Paid) . Due to unknown expenses or charges added on my bill I have converted it to prepaid.

The problem again started when automatically these reliance people started sucking my balances...

I 'v converted it to life time prepaid so that i can maintain the mobile number... and kept on recharging with min. 100 or 50 Rs. / Month... again its parasite activity started.

After charging immediately RIL has started deducting the amount and when asked to customer care they said its due and they cant provide the details... but its due... god knows purchasing the phone from them means be ready to b .......

Now trying to get internet connected from that old system but not getting the site to download R connect software for my RD 5340 Mobile.

God help these dirty RIL fellows they dont know what they are doing please forgive them...

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