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ITC — sunfeast nice biscuits

 Chirpyguy on May 12, 2019
I recently purchased a packet of sunfeast nice biscuits and gave it to my son for morning breakfast. It was only when he ate couple of biscuits and complained about it i checked and realised the packet was full of small live worms. Worms were all over the biscuits and also in the packet in huge quantity.

My son then started vomiting and felt really sick. I am really shocked with the lack of quality control at such a reputed company and brand. A quick search at google reveals it's a regular occurrence so doesn't look like the company is at all serious about quality checks.
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ITC — complain about non delivery of goods [Resolved]

 SAINATH MEDICAL STORE Bopal on May 3, 2019
My order as generate on wednesday[protected] for savlon 50ml 24pc to bharat [protected]

I was expecting to take delivery of the item on 02-05-19, but at present i have still not received the goods. Failure to deliver within a reasonable time
Time is now essential. Please deliver the item as soon as possible.
Order is not deliverd by ur delivery man due to some stupid reason
I must need savlon to complete my order of first aid box of 25pc due to which i was not able to process my order and being late
Plz reply...
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ITC — classmate notebooks

 Yashi Meemroth on May 3, 2019
I ordered some classmate notebooks and i have already paid for them and now the seller isn't replying to any of my emails. I don't even know if the seller will deliver my order. I even complained about it on the classmate complaints section but there was no reply. I even called at the office but no one picked up the call. I would like you to look in this matter....
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ITC — b natural litchi juice 1 ltr tetra pack seal not intact

 Maniagarwal on May 1, 2019
I've purchased one litre packet of b natural litchi juice having batch number b1ln141218 from flipkart.

Today when we opened it for consumption, colour of the juice was not found normal. We checked the packet and found tetrapack top seal was not intact.

Can you please look into the issue at your production end and get this checked.

Mani agarwal
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ITC — itc sunfeast, bingo, matchsticks, aashirvaad atta

 aushim on Apr 29, 2019
Dear sir/ma'am

I, aushim gupta, am the proprietor of 'superfoods co.' departmental store the address of which is 'g1, g2, plot no 5, sector-11, pocket-4, dwarka, new delhi-110075.

I generally receive stock from the itc distributor named 'faridabad marketing'.

I want to complain that i have not received any stock of itc for almost the past three months. No salesman has visited to take order for the past two months and i have almost no existing stock and am forced to turn away customers. There is no response from any itc representative in my surrounding...
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ITC — non receipt/misplaced of dividend warrant for the year 2011-12

 aparnarani mandal on Apr 23, 2019
Dear sirs,
It may kindly be noted that dividend warrant for the year ending 31st mar 2012 has not been received/misplaced.
The indemnity bond for the same along with other documents as desired has been sent to your 'investor service cent re, itc limited, 37 j. L. Nehru road. Kolkata 700071. By registered post on 01.04/2019. Kindly arrange to check from your end the status of the same so that i may receive the said unpaid dividend
Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Aparnarani mandal folio no in302105/10063897...
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ITC — m/s mahajan store order

 Yaman Mahajan on Mar 30, 2019
Please resolve these following issues has been faced by m/s mahajan store rz 46a/9 street no.2 main sagarpur new delhi-110046. It has been 2 years now your company has been taken order from shop and not delivering it on time. We have waited for some days for this to be sorted, but when i call the salesman for order everytime he said that your shop is closed when i came, but our shop has never been closed and they lied, cheated everytime. So i have called many time with your company executives that they will help but nothing goes right. I have been frustrated with your company service, after that...
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ITC — sunfeast dark fantasy choco fills

 avc2509 on Mar 21, 2019
I am shocked on finding worms in the ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills biscuit and inside the biscuit packet.
It is quite annoying and disturbing that worms are found in a eatable product from such a leading and trusted brand.
It is highly unacceptable that food safety norms are not adhered in an eatable product manufactured by such a big company....
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ITC — salesman not taking order from my shop [Resolved]

 himangshujana on Mar 18, 2019
I am a shop owner in mmm hall, indian institute of technology kharagpur. A salesman of itc (Somen) had fought with me in january. After that, mr. Panda came to me on the same day and told me he will come later after some days to solve the dispute and i had given them my order of around 25000 rupees monthly. I had not received any order till that. The salesman is taking orders from the neighbouring shop but has not yet take given me order because of his personal ego.

Kindly look into the matter as soon as possible and please give me the contact number of the branch manager.
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ITC — regarding order taking from merchant

 Navi277 on Mar 2, 2019
My name is burla rama rao, i have a shop in khammam, telangana.
In my town itc dear is not responding to our order please, try to take action. Even we are giving cash on delivery, delar is not responding properly. Our counter sale per month is around more than 50000 on itc product.

Please respond as quick as possible

My contact details

B. Rama rao
+91 [protected]
Naveenburla. [email protected]

My shop address is

Raghavendra kirana and general stores
Mamatha hospital road
Beside winfield school
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ITC — worms found in aashirvaad atta

 Shibi1976 on Feb 27, 2019
This is with reference to aashirvaad aata of 2kg that i had purchased from big bazaar vasai (West). Today to my dismay i found small worms in the aata moving around. Seeing them made me feel terrible that how can i trust a branded company like itc. I want to ask them how can you all take people for granted for such irresponsible act of yours. We consumers trust you and you all take us for a ride at the cost of our health. I want to know how itc is going to justify itself for the same. I want consumers like me all around please think twice before buying itc products. I am waiting to hear from itc...
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ITC — sunfeast dark fantasy

 Sanjeev Sureka on Feb 23, 2019
My daughter while eating a dark fantasy biscuit found that inside the biscuit was a plastic sheet type material, when i checked was confirmed that the material is plastic, how can your company be so careless as have plastic sheet like material in your biscuit manufacturing room.

What if my daughter had eaten the entire biscuit and swallowed the plastic with it. I shudder at the thought also. Im attaching images of the biscuit taken by me.

I do not have the box packing which contains 6 pcs separately wrapped in a wrapper but have kept the wrapper with me....
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ITC — payout from distributor

 vishwa deepak tripathi on Feb 7, 2019
We r supermarket named home hub in kanpur, kalyanpur panki road from 1 year.
We never rec any payout from distributor from inception, every week merchandiser comes and he promises that next week he will provide details.
Even no company executive visit the market so we can sort out our issues with them.
It seems comoany doesnt care for small retailers...
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ITC — cigarettes are sold extra price

 Joydebn on Jan 30, 2019

I want to complaint about one pan shop owner who always sell cigarettes at extra price than printed one. The shop located in our locality at south kolkata, bijoygarh near bijoygarh manimela ground. Shop name bhola paan shop.

Today i went to purchase a packet of silk cut. He told packet price is 60 rs while printed price is 50 rs. He also sell loose cigarettes more than printed price per unit. Thousand of commuters purchase cigarettes from him and he looted everyone. He used to do this whole years and looting customers.

You should take proper action...
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ITC — the taste of my madly manchurian yippee noodles [Resolved]

 Deborah Khalo on Jan 24, 2019
The "my madly manchurian yippee" noodles smells like rotten potatoes. It smells very moldy and old.. I am definitely not satisfied with it. It tastes old too. This does not seem fit to eat. I feel deeply saddened that i spent my money for this moldy-smelling packet of noodles. It is impossible to eat even a fork of this noodles. The smell is extremely repulsive and smells hazardous. It smells like an expired noodle. Although it says here that it was manufactured on 10 november 2018 and today is 24 january 2019, it does not seem edible at all. Kindly look into the matter. Thank you....
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ITC — distributor of another area sells itc products in my allotted area but no justice dispensed for more than 6 months [Resolved]

 Suresh Lanakalapalli on Jan 12, 2019
This is to say with utmost grievance that i am a distributor of itc products in visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh. I was allotted a particular area for my business to be carried but another distributor who was allotted a different area sells his products in my allotted area at a discount which is against the good-will of distributorship. It has already been more than 6-8 months but still nothing has been done against him as he got some influencial power within the company probably who favour him and are least bothered to solve this issue. This is very pathetic and my losses since i joined itc distributorship...
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ITC — display payment issue [Resolved]

 sanjaysinghsikarwar on Jan 3, 2019
Hello sir,
I am rajesh gupta owner of "gupta pan bhandar ll" l am selling your product from last 10 years and advertise your product also but i did not get any payemt of displaying your product (Display board) in the month of aug-dec 2017 & march 2018. I told to area executive ([protected]) & rohit ([protected]) mant time but they are not respond to me. I called to company also they suggested me to write an email to the company first.
Please look at my matter seriously and resolve it as possible....
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ITC — pasta [Resolved]

 Yeon on Dec 25, 2018
I bought 2 packs of sunfeast pasta. It was horrible, sticky, tasteless and whole macaroni portions were missing. Is this low quality garbage what i'm paying for? It's not even worth eating! Absolutely horrible. The macaroni pieces are way too small, incredibly low quality food and it's very sticky, like the pieces are glued to one another. Disgusting....
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ITC — cigarette/I am complaining about display money [Resolved]

 Devender amola on Dec 6, 2018
My pan shop is in south delhi shop no. 3 Gk- 1, New Delhi-110048
I want to complaint about distributer and the company again as I am not receiving the money against the product display of cigarettes. My old shop was N 10 market named Ghansyam store. It was 50 years old shop. I changed my old shop due to some problem or I'm not getting my display from my old shop its been 1 year and 10 months.
I complained so many time but their is no response. If you don't want to give me my display than why did you influenced me before? and now its to late I can't go to another company...
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ITC — food item

 gonchu on Dec 3, 2018
Sometime back i had made a complaint of non availability of sugar control atta in jyothi shopping, beach road, kalashetra colony, besant nagar chennai 600090.
You had solved the problem by sending your representative and since then there is no issue.
Once again i am not getting this item and i understand that the dealer is not supplying to them.
Can you once again look into the complaint and set right things.
Please also take steps against the dealer for not supplying.
Mob [protected]...
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