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KFC India Customer Care

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12th Floor, Tower-D, Global Business Park
Gurgaon District
India - 122002

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KFC Delivery Number For Central Delhi: +91 11 4350 4848
KFC Delivery Number For East Delhi: +91 120 410 0444
KFC Delivery Number For North Delhi: +91 11 4745 4444
KFC Delivery Number For South Delhi: +91 11 4100 5509 / +91 11 4100 4550 / +91 11 4600 0567
KFC Delivery Number For Noida: +91 120 406 6333 / +91 120 4690 333
KFC Delivery Number For Gurgaon: +91 124 467 4444
KFC Delivery Number For Bengaluru: +91 80 4151 9900
KFC Delivery Number For Bengaluru: +91 80 4169 7177 / +91 80 4211 1515
KFC Delivery Number For South Bengaluru: +91 80 2860 7900 / +91 80 4219 8198 / +91 80 4120 8887 / +91 80 417 58292
KFC Delivery Number For West Bengaluru: +91 80 4210 2115
KFC Delivery Number For Andheri, Mumbai: +91 22 6741 5050
KFC Delivery Number For Bandra, Mumbai: +91 22 6710 1010
KFC Delivery Number For Goregaon, Mumbai: +91 22 4238 5050

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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KFC India — refund money

 Ozair Ahmed on Oct 23, 2017
19-Oct-2017 (19-Oct-2017) TO TRANSFER
INB Yum Restaurants India Pri YUMRIND Payments JSBI5750694101IGACFKQLV8 310.34
i ordered my food and the transaction was successful bt ma food was not confirmed then i called the customer executive he told to reorder the food nd ur previous amount will be get refund in few days .
till nw the refund is not initiated .
plz refund my money i will be very thankful to you
my email id - zairozg@gmail.com...
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KFC India — bill exaggeration and mis-selling

 Thomas Shah on Oct 22, 2017
Pfa the invoice of kfc - pal heights mall, bhubaneswar, odisha.

I was falsely charged for 1000 island dip for both the burger in my order. When i received my order no dips were provided and when i approached the staff they said the dip is already provided inside burger. I demanded an explanation as to why did they charge without asking for dip and nothing extra was provided with or within burger. The staff said it was provided in burger. Please take appropriate action against this and refund the falsely collected money to customers....
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KFC India — change in ordered item and double payment

 Shemy bs on Oct 21, 2017
Mr irshad taken order for 2 med popcorn chickn 1 small chicken fried roll 4 piece hotwing collected 520 rs packed 1 small popcorn against 2 when questioned collected 129rs extra and again delivered the same order.. Wastage of time and energy and settled by giving 129 rs back insult in front of public wastage of time previous experience of order change many times...
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KFC India — regarding using bad/stale/old chicken in wings

 samarjeethsingh on Oct 21, 2017
I took hot wings from kfc drivethrough address: sector 142, noida, uttar pradesh 201305, and the chicken was smelling bad and was very old so i had to throw it as it was not in a state to eat, one of my friend had it as i discovered late and he is having loose motion next day. I am really concerned about the quality of chicken please expedite this and let me know how can i get back money back. Drivethrough are for having something on drive and if i have to come back and return chicken this is really sad. And i will not do it.

Samarjeet singh...
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KFC India — very late delivery for eating at the outlet

 samyak patnaik on Oct 21, 2017
Today i had been to kfc outlet at total mall, near kemfort temple, banglore. I was made to wait for my order for 30 min and no update was provided while i was waiting. This was not expected from a brand like kfc. Order no and other details can be found in attached bills and a certificate upload of good food for kfc. But it's a shame.
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KFC India — regarding not properly prepared order given to the employer

 Gaggi Grewal on Oct 20, 2017
Sir i was shocked to see the order given by me after reaching home. It was very much cold not properly prepared as per the status of kfc. I think that ur preparation is much much lower than the preparation of the man standing in the streets selling the food. So now i decided to get food from streets rather than ur restaurants because it was very much worst i cannot even eat it....
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KFC India — zinger burger betrayal

 Uja on Oct 20, 2017
I had ordered from nico park kfc salt lake city, kolkata. The food was already cold due to bad weather but they put a thin strip of chicken in the zinger burger patty.. As i am a huge fan of zinger burgers because of how filling they are. Today it took me by surprise when the food arrived at my doorsteps and i took a bite into it to find a hollow sham. I feel totally deceived by kfc today. And the patty was just a thin strip if chicken with hollowed edges...
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KFC India — cash back not transferred

 Sumanth Sunny on Oct 20, 2017
I have recently visited kfc in trichy, and there i have seen that by paying through the paytm wallet i would be refunded my money back and i have ordered my meal and paid my bill through paytm and it’s been like 4days and i still have not been refunded whereas the kfc official has said me that the transfer would be done within 24hours. So, i request you to initiate my transfer to my paytm account.
Thank you!...
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KFC India — complaint about faulty order

 jay kulkarni on Oct 13, 2017
Dear sir / madam,
Today i bought mighty variety bucket from kfc outlet in growels mall, kandivali east. Mumbai. The bucket has 4 hot & crispy, 4 hot wings, 3 boneless strips and a pepsi as per zomato menu as well as the person i spoke to on the phone named shubhangi. But i only got 3 hot wings instead. I hereby attach the photo of the reciept, the zomato menu and the order that i recieved. (3 hot wings and 3 boneless strips). I received one short. I would like the refund for the short order. Waiting for your reply.

Jay kulkarni...
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KFC — tasteless food

 Anish keshan on Oct 13, 2017
Had cheesy crunchy meal in domestic airport t1 delhi.. The burger was so pathetic in taste there was only mayonnaise inside instead of cheese that too less in quantity..in meal fries was tasteless.. Thankgod i have not askd to add ice in pepsi or else pepsi would hav been diluted water.. Morning breakfast we opt for kfc after rejecting 3 to 4 other eatable stores in airport we paid 389 and it was worthless... Quality served was so poor cant even recommend someone morning mood was totally spoiled by having cheesy crunchy meal...
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KFC India — order no-3681, bill exaggeration & mis selling

 Varun sobti on Oct 11, 2017
This is a complain against staff nozira - kolkata howrah station, we ordered 2 meals as per menu at the counter however
Your staff gave us medium meal instead of the small meal plus she didn't care to ask which drink would you prefer, moreover she did not provide the bill after card payment despite asking her for bill as she had billed 1000 island dip without our knowledge & even after returning the dip she nonchalantly said it is billed for one layer sauce in the meal which i had not asked & she was adamant.
When i assertively told her senior abt exaggeration of bill and concealment...
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KFC India — manager arrogance and wrong attitude

 Arpita Khandelwal Agrawal on Oct 10, 2017
Manager named alam at kfc at r-city food court, mumbai behaviour was highly arrogant and with wrong attitude when he said other customer who came after us to give order at other counter while me and my friends were standing since long before that. When i said me excuse i am standing before the other customer if you can see. Than he rudely replied no i cannot see. How can he reply like that to any customer. Why you people hirer such arrogant staff. Plus take strict action against him....
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KFC India — online order

 Yeteendra Dinesh on Oct 7, 2017
My name is yeteendra dinesh. I have placed an order of 1274.89 on 7th june but the transaction is failed due to technical issue after deducting the amount from my account. That amount has not been refunded till date. I am prioviding you the details of the transaction as per my banker.

Name: yeteendra dinesh
Mobile no. : 8277494368
Email id: yeteendrak5@gmail.com
Transaction number: jsbi5416380668igabkzult6
Transaction date: 07/06/2017
Settlement date: 08/06/2017

So far i am getting negative responses from your company representative...
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KFC India — payment

 mahirenu85 on Oct 7, 2017
Dear sir\madam

On dt.02nd oct, we had shopped on your kfc (Yeshwanthpur, bangalore) for rs.722 (Order id yri258-01c2207d21017131822), against which we had made the payment through phone pe & got the cash back of rs.150, whereas we had been informed by the person of kfc that they haven't receieved this a mount in kfc account and asked for make the payment again, which we had made through the cash same time but we had taken up this matter with phone pe customer care and they have informed us that the amount of rs.722 has leardy been credit in kfc account, pls see the below message reieved...
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KFC India — bad behavior from manager manish

 Sunnyhanss on Oct 4, 2017
Today 04/10/17 me and my friend visit to faridabad kfc sector 12 and we are waiting for our chinese clients cause we have lunch and meeting planning so they get late for one hour but in mean time ur manager mr. Manish came and said very roughly this is not your meeting place if you want sit so order now or leave.
So i just want to know this is the respect which kfc give to his customer after his bad behave we didn’t fight or argue with him cause he is not match at my standards after this we go to mc donald and we spent almost 20000/-

Now pls let me know what you...
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KFC India — foreign particle in kfc food product

 bapisahil on Oct 2, 2017
Date of incident-1st oct 2017
Yesterday (1st oct 2017) i purchased a bucket of (5 pcs) hot and crispy chicken from devyani international ltd. Yatri niwas, ground floor, howrah satation, howrah, west bengal. Ph no.8336967711
Gstin no.19aabcd5534a1z2. Inv no 36817g46081 ord no 36817g46295 date 10/01/2017.
Description:it was a parcel order and while consuming at home found a hard flat circular substance (5 mm dia. Approx). One side of the particle was deep red and other side whitethis was quite disgusting.
It was not expected to find such an foreign particle in an highly...
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KFC India — non delivery to madhusudan nagar from kfc at pal height, bhubaneswar

 Rita Behera on Oct 2, 2017
Today in this evening we have booked one order from madhusudan nagar, bhubaneswar, odisha 751001. The order flows to automatically to kfc at pal height bhubaneswar. But that kfc fails to delivery the product on plea that this area does not come under their jurisdiction. So why in every order that kfc is mentioned as nearest booked which is failing to delivery....
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KFC India — issue related to refund of the paid amount due to cancellation of order by kfc [Resolved]

 Saurabh Deb on Oct 2, 2017
On 19.09.2017 i had placed an online order in kfc of rs 554.60 but due to rain they had cancelled the order and its more that 2 weeks and still they had not refunded the amount i. E 554.60 which is deducted from our account. Also we had called them many time but the response from customer care and store is very venerable as they are not having any details regarding the refund.
Request please look into this matter and make them to refund our amount which is 554.60. Also my number used for this order is 07039055450....
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KFC India — found a insect in hot wings

 Sumant Sudhanshu on Sep 30, 2017
Dear sir

I am inform to you today 30/9/17 came your kfc udaipur city (Legs city mall) i ordered one hot wings, hot n crispy and one coke when i got my items all i see that a one insect is there inside the hot wings and u asked her kfc staff he said that it is a part of bone but i know very well it's not a part of bone then i said give me some samples but i see that see what is this so he threw the insect and said that it's not a insect i 'll take a picture and i said that i complained to consumer court so she is not agree wide me and not give me any written complaint i'll show you...
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KFC India — phonepe transaction at kfc issue.

 abhimuralidharan on Sep 29, 2017
I just made a transaction at kfc outlet, hsr layout, banglore, karnataka, 560102. I had a wallet balance of around 100rs in phonepe app (I don't remember correctly). The bill amount was 264 rs. The phonepe app asked me to pay 153rs through upi. I paid using my sbi bank account through phonepe and the transaction was successful and the money was deducted (153rs from bank and remaining from wallet) from the bank and from my phonepe wallet. But the kfc guys are saying that the transaction failed and i have to pay again. They initiated a payment again and when i said that i have already...
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