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Lodha Group — lodha upper thane/casa green ville

 Lanczanu on Jul 8, 2018
Dear sir,
My name is Anitha Menezes and I had visit upper Thane site of lodha group, upcoming building casa green ville in the month of February dated 4th 2018.though I liked sample flat and as sales representative Mr Nilabh and Ms Nishita also provided and negotiate on flat amount I did inform I would like to discuss with my husband and come along next visit to site for final decision but they insisted for token amount to pay and gave assurances of refund if cancelled, so I paid Rs 10, 000 token by post dated cheque and inform not to deposit cheque until final confirmation and your sales...
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Lodha Group — poor quality work done

 tiwi on Jun 29, 2018
I had purchased flat in lodha splendora tirra a/p0004. Since the i had purchased this flat no one from lodha is resolving several design flaws that exit in this flat.
In last one year i had complained no than 100 times, phone record indicates same some important issues are
A-uneven sink hence water logging and hence unhygienic
B-poor quality bathroom tiles
C-poor wood work in bedroom/kitchen door
D - no drainage system for garden
E - smell from bathroom
F - different color tiles over kitchen platform...
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Lodha Group — customer care

 Nihat on Jun 24, 2018
I inquired about the project lodha urban thane over the phone and also informed them that i will be visiting the site over weekend. Due to personal commitments, i could not visit the site for 3 weekends.

They kept calling me every week and one fine day when i said its not possible for me to visit the site this week as well, the customer service got pissed and informed, "if you are not interested why did you inquire".

Pathetic attitude towards customer even before sales.
Don't waste time behind them. Look for other better projects...
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Lodha Group — kept waiting for an hour to collect id cards

 balaasif on Jun 16, 2018
We went to collect id cards from the palava easy lease office in riverdale building f wing in dombivali mumbai. However, the person from whom we were to collect the cards was not there. We were made to wait for 1 hour. The person had gone for lunch. Should'nt palava have a backup employee when one employee is unavailable. This is completely unprofessional. Is this the kind of service palava gives its customers once we have bought the house. Pathetic...
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Lodha Group — I am complaining about the security and safety issues

 Saurabh Mali on Jun 13, 2018
Dear Sir,

There is a problem regarding security issues and safety as I don't want to discuss this issue publically coz I don't want to spoil the name. Security guard Sandip Chavan was really very harsh (SEC.SUPERVISOR) instead of solving the issue he said don't involve us this is the problem of whole palava and the brand is responsible for all this. Everyone is careless noone cares for nobody and palava brand is just a bubble and nothing else. No service no safety and no security. Management is itself a mistake. These were the words told by the security supervisor.

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Lodha Group — wrong information given at the time of booking

 dhanesh0912 on Jun 2, 2018
During booking it was informed that the property is in taloja today when the address was given we came to know the property is in khoni village in taluka kalyan.

1. Poor service.

2. No site visit before booking as informed its company policy.

3. Infact the sale person can't fill company name properly in customer chq. Due to which my both chqs get wasted.

4. During the site visit the sale person on booking was not available nor he had given any detail to the person who was taking us in the site.

5. Our milano actual site...
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Lodha Group — payment not updated, possession delayed

 Vijay yashpal kumar on May 30, 2018
I made the final payment on 10th of may 2018 for my jodi flat at lodha amara. Two cheques were given at lodha office (Thana) both got cleared on 11th from my bank. I got a call around 15th that one cheque of 2 lakh odd is cleared and the second one of 8 lakh odd is not traceable in system. I was travelling out so have send one of my colleagues to lodha office where he was given confirmation that the payment is received and there was some technical error. I also got the mail for possession some 10 days ago. Now today again one akshita calls me up that the payment is not traceable??? In the past it...
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Lodha Group — request for refund due to service issue salesperson

 Sudarshan Rasam on May 29, 2018
On 13th april, i went to lodha sales office thane majiwada for enquiry of casa viva. Deal was done at 76.35lacs for 1 bhk & confirmed by sales officer that i cancel the deal & get refund with in one month for service related issue. I was asked to swap the card as booking amount 1 for the flat booked. I requested the sales person akahaya borani to provide the payment receipt, form & working price sheet officially., so that i can check with my home loan team for loan eligibility. But she said she will share the same shortly as systems were not working. I was continuosly doing follow up with her. After...
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Lodha Group — crn and welcome email not received

 Na P on May 26, 2018
I have given 2lakh as token amount for lodha casa royale grande - thane on 10th may 2018 and as per communication received from sales team crn supposed to be generated and welcome email to be received by 17th may. Not received anything till date. I also spoke with back end team and they told me they haven’t received any file from sales team. As per terms n conditions next payment is due in 2nd week of jun. When i spoke with sales team they told me they have released file to back end team and back end team is saying they haven’t received anything. They are giving me assurance that i will get...
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Lodha Group — change in flat layout plan

 Sanjay7682 on May 26, 2018
I have booked flat at lodha palava lakeshore greens casa uno k room number 005 on 18th march 2018.

At a time of booking sales team shown me 2bhk flat with separate wc and bath (Ref. Colourfull plan)
When i went for registration on 3rd may 2018 plan got changed to common wc and bath (Ref. Red colour marking plan)
After raising complaint to lodha they gave me 3rd plan where wc and bath area got interchange. (Ref. Orange colour plan)

When i requested to them for flat visit but they denied by saying they don't have policy to show the flat to the customer...
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Lodha Group — refund of flat cancellation [Resolved]

 Archana Kamaal on May 19, 2018
We booked two flats in lodha upper thane and have already paid around 15 lakhs. At the time of booking these over smart sales people depicted a fake impression telling us our flat will be facing a football ground as we needed open space in front of the building. After some months they are informing the position of the building has changed. Hence we cancelled it. Now these fraudsters are not refunding the money back which will force us to report the case with rera....
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Lodha Group — wrong information and misguidance by lodha rep - i need a refund of the booking amount paid

 janerenisa1234 on May 15, 2018
My parents along with my brother and myself was attended by one of your representative in january when i came down to enquire about the flat everyone seemed to be so cooperative. Everything was sorted and then you bank representative checked all my documents, my pay slip and said “oh maam, don’t worry app ka case strong hai aur loan 45 lac aaramse hoga aur 20 saal ka”. At this time only my documents were accessed and i trusted your representative, went ahead with this and paid the booking amount. This was paid only because i took your words as you guys so strongly said that you are eligible...
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Lodha Group — after sales service is zero

 Sarimhuma on May 13, 2018
As i booked a flat in palava city 10 days back,
I tried to enquire about my booking cheque has not been cleared yet and no sales person is entertained me. Why it happened, is there is so much selling pressure on marketing guys or other reasons, why selling guys don't have time to talk to customer after sales.

And here i suggest, this could harm the right image of lodha group.

Mohammad sarim
Royal. Sarim@gmail.com...
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Lodha Group — mis selling of property and charging late fees

 ashishrdubey1 on May 12, 2018
I booked an apartment at lodha palava aquaville series and clearly told the sales person i would only be able to start further payments and registration process 2 month later. The sales team agreed and initiated booking. Only with in 15 days they started sending me emails and called me for registration. After few days they sent me payment letter for future schedules and called me saying delay in payment will incur late fees. When i approached sales team they said we will take necessary approvals and share with payments team. While sales have been saying they have shared approvals i keep getting...
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Lodha Group — about the policy

 Pk Gounder on May 8, 2018
Yesterday i had visited in pahava sales office along with my family. Mr. Sandesh chavan (Sales executive) was attend us. One thing is really i can't understand he didn't gave us any plane copy, or per sq. Ft. Rates, or even shown whether that building is going to be constructed. He totally refused all those things. And he said you have to all these in laptop only. We believe in ladha. Afterwardsi didn't booked flat. If some one wants to book a flat it means he is going to give their hard earned money. Nobody (Genuine people/not jolar) can't book flat blindly... Give me reply whether it's your policy.....
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Lodha Group — lakeshore green palava dombivali kalyan shilphata

 rmandarsmail on Apr 19, 2018
I have booked flat with lodha group just because i was thought it is professional developer but my experience is very bad as below point...
1. No one is interested to resolve customer problems.. All the level their staff is just divert issue to another staff and who are pick up call..

2. Very poor communication and followup done by lodha staff and they have never pick up call and neither do the call back... They have not interested in customer after flat booking...
Staff are like
Jayul sony
Chandan jaiswal
Ruchi das...

3. There...
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Lodha Group — wrong information given at the time of booking and i was misguided (its a clear fraud)

 Lovely_patwa on Apr 12, 2018
When i went to the lodha palava dombivali site on 4th march 2018, the very first thing i asked about home loan process as i had some documents issue and as per lodha fincorp team they assured me that we will manage there will be no issues also i was given lot of wrong information like 1) i will not have to pay city maintenance charges after 5 years, which later was told to me that i will have to pay. 2) they said bank will pay 10 percent after 18 months.
After asking several times about any extra charges that i have to pay they did not tell me anything and now every stage i see there are...
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Lodha Group — poor responses from sales/customer service team

 Lodha-flatowner on Apr 10, 2018
We had booked a flat in lodha amara in 2015 - 1bhk. However last month we had visited lodha office to check for possibilities to upgrade our requirement to 2 bhk. We were given a lot of promises regarding documentation work, help, assistance will be provided by the sales team etc to complete all the formalities. We went by their word and booked 2 bhk on 15th mar. However, we regret falling prey to the false promises now. We are getting absolutely poor response from the sales team. Almost one month has passed and our crn no too is yet not generated. There is no one who has complete knowledge of the...
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Lodha Group — regarding refund of booking payment

 vijaykumar sawant on Mar 31, 2018
We have booked a flat at upper thane casa greenville, unit d-804 on 15th october 2017, for which i had paid a booking amount of rupees 90, 000. later, within a month, we notified them about the cancellation of our deal (due to some personal issues) through multiple emails and telephonic calls to the sales manager who briefed us about project and stuff.

We have already started to work on this issue in a legal way. we are also waiting for response from lodha team for almost couple of months.

A reminder legal letter has been sent by my advocate to lodha excelus office,...
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Lodha Group — booking amount return

 tushark14 on Mar 31, 2018
I have paid the booking amount of 108000 for lodha amara project on dated[protected]. On dated[protected] is send mail to cancel my booking due to some finical and personal reason but there is no response of mail till date. When i spoke relation manager he told me total amount is forfeited
The lodha group, being a healthy corporate house, i cannot expect such treatment of a consumer.

Please guide me how take my booking amount return...
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