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Dear Sir, , Your customer case staff who is dealing with Serena B clusater of Casa Bella Project namely Mr. Pawan and his subordinate are use less characater you have not right to keep them in your group, The nerve response to your customer and spoiling lodha's name. 2. They don't reponse to frustrated customers. First of all your position is delaayed almost 3 years and your telephonic contract system is very very bad. Some time the customer may loose his all ;pocket money in waiting on phone but finally it will get diconnecated. I want to tell u what happens : (a) Firstly there is...
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Lodha Developers — Delay in Position date

I have booked one flat in Palava city in the year of 2011, But still could not get the position of the flat, Many time position date extended by the builder side with many reason, If builder is not capable to give the position in a specific time period then either builder should pay a certain amount to flat owner as a rent of flat or do not do false promises to buyer,...
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Lodha Group — Delay in possession of flat

 aseem pratap
I bough a flat with Lodha hoping one of the best builder in town. But to my utter surprise the possession of flat is extended two times with 1 year gap. so now in total there will be 3 yrs. The possession was promised in April'2015 after extension now when followed come to know today i.e. 8th Jan. That the possession will be now in April'2016. There is no committment from Lodha the CRN sitting there do not have any answers and do not have how the customer is crying despite of all delays am paying rent and emi both. But it seems it will be difficult as again they are not even sure for next year as...
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Lodha Group — Unauthorised banking of Cheque

  Nikhil K
i recently met with a Lodha sales person in Dubai, Mr. Gagan Choubey, who was selling the project Lodha Belmondo in Pune. On seeing the project I was interested, however I clearly indicated that I would book on visiting the site in the coming week. The sales guy asked for an intent to buy cheque to block the apartment, with assurance that the cheque will not be banked until I receive a welcome call from Lodha and I confirm over the phone that the booking is confirmed from my end. As planned I visited the site and did not see much prospects for the place, however the cheque was banked immediately...
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Lodha Group — casa lagoona c 1602

Hi I booked flat in Feb with the condition of parallel funding been introduced to us as the mode of payment for the Application Money iii instalment, what was to be there earlier in the month of Mar'14...At the first the registration process got delayed for 6 months, during the time the lodha team already asked me for the registration and challan money to be ready ...what i did ...the money amounting Rs 3.5 Lakh got blocked as was of no use for this 6 month duration...several attempts been made and escalations done but of no use...ultimately i lost in monetary terms. The parallel funding been...
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Lodha Group — Lodha Splendora

 Ashish Arun Deshpande
Do not buy properties with Lodha Splendora. The building lacks basic amenities such as TMC water supply. Lots of promises remain unfulfilled & the builder is least bothered once they have taken the money. Inspite of many collective & individual efforts there is no result. What is shown on the brochure is the longest swimming pool... before thinking of buying ...pl go and see the longest swimming pool...you may be shocked to find a pool little bigger than your bath tub. DONT BUY !...
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Lodha Group — Inordinate delay in handing over possession of flat in Lodha Aurum Grande, Kanjurmarg - Mumbai

I have been amongst first few buyers into Aurum Grande Augusta way back in Oct '10. While booking, Lodhas had promised possession by Dec '13. After 20% value was paid-in & locked, they changed it unilaterally to May '14. While contracting, they put April '14. In Oct '13, their first letter landed informing delay in possession to Dec '14 - cleverly keeping it within 9 months grace period contract allows Lodhas (again, no negotiation on this one-sided provision). In July '14 landed another letter ... now delaying 'handing over for fit-outs' (still no confirmation of occupation) to April '15. Predictable...
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Lodha Group — constuction and maintenance defects

FROM I M RAO UTOPIA C303 DEFECTS 1 The wall of the bed room adjucent to the common bath room got damp with seepage of water and blisters are formed on the wall. This is due to leakage of pipes joint of the bath room and bed room.Hence the joint of pipes and damaged wall are to be repaired . 2 This bed room door is defective as the bleeder on the top was not pasted . 3 A similar flaw also is existing to the adjucent bed room with attached bath room, and the wall is in damp with seepage of water due to leakage of pipes joint inside the wall.Here also the joint and wall are to be repaired...
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Lodha Builders — Lodha builders not giving flat booked in 2001 at Kalachowki

in 2003 we had booked flat at om shanti building near deepak jyoti towers at kalachowkie.the building was fully ready and fitting accessories work was going on.after some years they informed that due to some land dispute, they brought down the two wings and in between the building ownership changed hands 3 to 4 times and they kept on changing agreement. but suddenly we discovered that we were given a plot adjacent to our plot on originally where we had booked. this is breaching by the new builder lodha. we are also running a case against lodha in high court mumbai. but now it seems we are loosing...
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Lodha Builders — Crappy customer support

Hi, I’m currently based in USA and booked a flat in close to my home in India. The customer relationship manager assigned for the booking was a completely useless . They do not know a single word for relationship management. The relationship manager Santosh Shetty was a disgusting guy who would not answer any phone calls and we never got any replies to emails. The power of attorney format was shared with us after the deadline and they charged us with interest for the delay mentioning it was our fault. When you try reaching out asking for manager information for escalation there are no replies....
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Lodha Builders — Casa Rio Dombivali

 Prakash Kapade
I booked an Optima Flat ( 11/2 BHK ) with this builder and since I booked couple of my friends and relatives booked their flat with me. I wanted to pay them after visiting and seeing the progress of construction. I was told that it will be a safety issue for us to visit site hence they dont allow any of their customers to visit the site. In spite of this reservation at back of mind I wanted to pay them, but they informed me that my allotment is cancelled. I had paid the booking amount and had paid first few instalments and also stamp suty & registration charges to the government. I had...
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Lodha Builders & Developers — Casa Rio

 Prakash Kapade
I had booked a flat in Lodha Casa Rio project Dombivali and this is my first bad experience with a builder. Never thought that the builder which shows a corporate image of himself could behave in such a way. I booked my flat and also paid stamp duty and registration charges. I have following complaints against them : - Dont allow you to visit site - Initially pushed me to go for loan only with HDFC bank and bank was possibly hand in glove with them - Bank did not sanction loan and delayed tremendously - Lodha started charging interest on the delayed payment - When I made my own arrangements...
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Lodha Group — Delay in Possession by two years

Lodha Group Review - Avoid them LODHA Group is a well known Builder in Mumbai and is expanding it’s business around the country. Lodha made news recently for purchasing a 22.5 acre plot of land in Wadala suburb of Mumbai for Rs 4053 crore. I wish to enumerate the reasons for my disenchantment and disillusionment with Lodha's services here:- 1. I booked my flat CASA RIO VIVA E/404 in May 2HCy01 SA 2RIO, 01 Dom4bivili, Mumbai, and completed all the payment including a loan of full payment of Rs 25 Lakh by Oct 11. 2. The Sale Agent in the initial days was prompt with his services and promised...
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Lodha Builder / Casa Rio Gold — Interest Slapped

I booked a flat in CASA RIO GOLD at Domvibli in Navi Mumbai on 22 Dec, 2011. I started getting demands for disbursement from Lodha starting October, 2012. At that moment Lodha had not provided me the Commencement Certificate [CC], which required by the Bank to make the disbursement to the Builder. I raised my concern with my Relationsship Manager at Lodha and updated him that as Lodha has not provided me the Commencement Certificate[CC], as a result I am not able to get the disbursement done to Lodha. I even requested my relationship manager stating that as long as I do not get CC from...
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Lodha Developers — Delay in handing over the possession of the flat

Name: Opher M Bhastekar Current Address: 11/B 1st floor Nivedan CHS Dr. Ambedkar Road Thane West Contact No.: [protected] Complaint Against: Lodha Group Flat Details: Magniferra C Wing 104, Casa Bella Gold Dombivali East Date of Booking: 05/03/2010 Date of possession promised verbally during sale: End of 2011 Date of possession as per Allotment Letter Issued on 16/12/2010: May 2012 Date of possession as per Agreement dated 11/05/2011: May 2013 (with a grace period of 12 months) Now the builder has conveniently extended the possession date to December 2014. This is completely uncalled...
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Lodha Group — Delayed Flat Possession for AdriaticaE304

Possession delay and no interest payment is paid or committed by builder, even as it is delayed for 1.5 yr now. They had introduced clause of NOC after possession only. Posession mentioned in agreement is only fitouts, where as let out or renting can be only done after actual posession, for which no date is mentioned in agreement. they have charged for parking also against the law....
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Lodha Builder — Lodha Belmondo blue print issue

I am here to seek an opinion rather than complaining. I booked 2 BHK in Belmondo tower 8 and the blue print is not matching for which SBI has put loan on hold. Lodha gave me and bank incorrect blue print. Initially they delayed documents by a month and then gave me incorrect blue print twice. Due to this loan has got delayed by two months and still there is no correct blue print. Now Lodha is forcing me to go to PNB as PNB is disbursing with whatever blue print is there. On top of this Lodha is charging interest @ 18% pa for even a single day delay in payment. The fault is theirs but still they...
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Lodha Builder — Lodah Builder doing Fraud with Homebuyers

For Lodha Splendora -- Tierra Wing A, B and Cielo Wing C,D

After investing money for more than 4yrs in Lodha Splendora (Casa Univis / Codename: Dawn), the home buyers are getting this letter from Lodha providing option for cancellation or to further wait for 2 years after TMC approval date (which nobody knows and Lodha could not get it for last 4 years)
This seems to be a perfect cheating with homebuyers in pretext of buying back the property at low cost and selling it to other customers at 300% high rates. This issue had affected more than 200 buyers of Lodha Splendora. Just...
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Lodha Group — Demanding Interest when they are not having commencement certificate for the flat

I have booked a flat in CASA BELA GOLD project in Dombivili in Jan2010. the registration of the flat has been made in FEB2012. and there after they are demanding the installments . my flat is in 10 th floor, and the Commencement Certificate has been received upto 7 the floor. due to non availability of commence certificate upto 10 th floor, the SBI is not sanctioning ( disbursing )the loan for the flat., but the LODHA group has adjusted Rs.18000 as interest for late payment , as in the absence of bank loan, I have arranged the loan from relatives.
Now also they asked for 3rd slab initiated...
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Lodha Developers, Mumbai — One Sided Agreements of Builders

 Mera India
I have booked the flat with lodha dwellers. I paid the entire 19.90% amount due on timely basis as per the their demand letter. I also paid for stamp duty and other charges for registration at the required time.
But now, before registration, when I asked them to show me the draft of all the documents/Agreements to be signed by me at the time of registration, they totally denied for giving the same. They said that as per lodha company policy, they cannot give me the draft/Documents for review to customer before signing. After many mails/Calls they said that I can see a copy of the draft agreement...
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