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Lodha Builder — Lodha Belmondo blue print issue

I am here to seek an opinion rather than complaining. I booked 2 BHK in Belmondo tower 8 and the blue print is not matching for which SBI has put loan on hold. Lodha gave me and bank incorrect blue print. Initially they delayed documents by a month and then gave me incorrect blue print twice. Due to this loan has got delayed by two months and still there is no correct blue print. Now Lodha is forcing me to go to PNB as PNB is disbursing with whatever blue print is there. On top of this Lodha is charging interest @ 18% pa for even a single day delay in payment. The fault is theirs but still they...
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Lodha Builder — Lodah Builder doing Fraud with Homebuyers

For Lodha Splendora -- Tierra Wing A, B and Cielo Wing C,D

After investing money for more than 4yrs in Lodha Splendora (Casa Univis / Codename: Dawn), the home buyers are getting this letter from Lodha providing option for cancellation or to further wait for 2 years after TMC approval date (which nobody knows and Lodha could not get it for last 4 years)
This seems to be a perfect cheating with homebuyers in pretext of buying back the property at low cost and selling it to other customers at 300% high rates. This issue had affected more than 200 buyers of Lodha Splendora. Just...
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Lodha Group — Demanding Interest when they are not having commencement certificate for the flat

I have booked a flat in CASA BELA GOLD project in Dombivili in Jan2010. the registration of the flat has been made in FEB2012. and there after they are demanding the installments . my flat is in 10 th floor, and the Commencement Certificate has been received upto 7 the floor. due to non availability of commence certificate upto 10 th floor, the SBI is not sanctioning ( disbursing )the loan for the flat., but the LODHA group has adjusted Rs.18000 as interest for late payment , as in the absence of bank loan, I have arranged the loan from relatives.
Now also they asked for 3rd slab initiated...
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Lodha Developers, Mumbai — One Sided Agreements of Builders

 Mera India
I have booked the flat with lodha dwellers. I paid the entire 19.90% amount due on timely basis as per the their demand letter. I also paid for stamp duty and other charges for registration at the required time.
But now, before registration, when I asked them to show me the draft of all the documents/Agreements to be signed by me at the time of registration, they totally denied for giving the same. They said that as per lodha company policy, they cannot give me the draft/Documents for review to customer before signing. After many mails/Calls they said that I can see a copy of the draft agreement...
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Lodha Developers — Cheating with customer by Lodha builders

 Anil Lachhwani
Dear Sir/ Madam

Myself Anil Lachhwani, want the help of Pehredar for my genuine issue with Lodha Developers.

I and my wife booked a flat in their CASA PARADISO project in Hyderabad on JANUARY 14 2011 on 6th floor of their EDEN C wing , flat NO. 610. At the time of booking we told the executive that we will take loan from SBI. He said the project is approved by SBI and referred the branch name & contact person . As the agreement was construction linked we paid our 20 % in 42 days as required by the builder. For further release of funds we approached the bank and...
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Lodha Builders — service Tax + gift promised

Dear Sir/madam

1)On the 07th Jun`2010, Booked an under construction flat for Rs. 26,23,374/- at the Casa Rio with Lodha developers, Dombivali Project. The builder was suppose to give us possession in 2012 end. However now he has sent a letter that he will give possession in Jan` 2014 . If the project time taken is more than 3 yrs by the builder, then do i have to pay service tax

2) How is service tax derived. no proper working or answer bye lodhas service tax department. No axcess to them

3) Do we take 33% of the Agreement Value to be taxable...
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Casa Paradiso, Lodha Group, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh — Casa paradiso, Lodha Group, Hyderabad - charging interest illegally! So Brutal behavior!!!


This so called Lodha group started marketing their new venture in Hyderabad, without even getting approvals.
I booked the flat in Nov 2010.
Paid the 20% downpayment by June 2011.

APplied for Home loan in June 2011, but since they haven't got approvals, bank holded on my application and there was improper documentation from Lodha to the bank as well. Bank demanded proper documentation and asked me to hold on to it.

1. They got approvals on Jan 30 2012
2. I've reinstructed the bank to reprocess my home loan aplication...
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Casa Rio, Lodha Group / Booking Of Flat — Not accepting payment on past Due Date and cancelling of flat and not refunding booking amount also

Dear Dir,
I am Raman Chawathe, staying in Dombivli.
I booked one Residential flat No. D-702 in Atlantica Building at Casa Rio _ Dombivli,
on dated. 24 March 2012. with payment of Rs. 45000/- by cheque.against which you have issued receipt (receipt No.[protected]) dated 04/04/2012
Later on due to an unavoidable circumstances I could not pay first installment in due time on or before 14th April 2012. The situation was informed by e-mail dated 18th April 2012 as below .
Dear Sir,
As per we discussed I decides to continue...
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Lodha Group — Unethical dealings and cheating

If you ever think of buying a property in India, never ever consider any offer from Lodha Group. If you ever get into the trap laid down by Lodha group, you will regret through out your life. From day one of dealings with them you will lose peace of mind and remain under tremendous pressure.

My son fell into their trap and the sweet talk of the Sales representative. Before launching a new project, the first thing that they do is to print attractive brochure, build a posh office, employ some attractive girls and employ some of their Sales persons who are experts in trapping the customers...
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Brick Work demand note UNJUST AND UNCONVENTIONAL :
Lodha Builders have raised the demand note for "Initiation of Brick Work" for their Cielo-C building from all 28 floor-buyers at the time of laying slab on 7th floor in a building which is supposed to be 28 floors. Having booked a flat on 23 rd floor and seeing slab only up to 6th floor, I took up the matter with my Relationship Mnager Mr Manoj at Lodha HO who refused to listen to any logic and kept telling me that the demand is as per the agreement signed and registered.
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Lodha Builders — Interest charges & No Possession

I have booked a flat in Lodha Builder’s Thane project, Casa Royale -Majestica- in January 2011, by paying deposit amount of Rs. 54000/-. i HAVE BOOKED FLAT ON 24TH LOOR, I was told u will have to start Bank loan & get Registration & Stamp duty only once CC for 24th Floor will be recieved.
But by June they started harrasing me, to do registration & stamp duty !!!! Bank refused to release the Money without CC !!!! On top of that they started charging me interest on the amount saying I have defaulted !!!
I mailed every one oin authority but no one helped !!! It was so frustrating...
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I booked a 2BHK flat for a newly launched project by Lodha builders in Thane called “Casa Univis” in December 2008.I kept paying then in the stages they had set out. The agreement was also signed with the builder in June 2009 stating possession date as December 2010 with a 6 months grace period, failing which the builder is liable to pay penalty @ 12% per annum after the grace period, until physical possession takes place...Since this project was self funded, I was told by the builders customer care that the Stamp duty & registration can be done close to possession date. I have already paid...
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Lodha Group — Mental harassment , unjust penelties

Dear Sir,
I have purchased a flat from the lodha group, i wasn't receiving the demand draft letters in time and when i manage to do the payment
they don't send you the receipt in time and ask for the next demand. i have a loan and the bank don't pay if you do not give them the
receipt. and so on many such times it s the same thing happening and then a penalty charge is added to your next demand from Lodha.
customer service is very bad and relation ship managers says we are just following the rules from the company.
previously they charged a penalty...
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Lodha Group — Unwanted Charges

I have booked a Flat in Lodha Casbella Dombavili in September 2009 . I was garrented allotment of My Flat in March 2011. As per the Letter of Allotement issued by the Builder. Now there has been a delay for more then a year .Now I have received the Demand Letter from the Builder regarding the allotement of the Flat. Where to my Surprise Lodha is demanding me some addational amount ie Civice governase Charges of Rs 45k
This amount was not mention in any of the document issued to me at the time of Sales or in the Letter of Allotement . As per the Lodha group these charges are for 5 years regarding...
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Lodha Builder — unwanted charges charged without advance information

1) explanation on interest charged.

2) I have paid extra amount towards taxes on civic goverenance charges i.e rs.3254/- because civic govertence charges of 31590/- under dispute.
if u r saying better ment charges and civic goverenance charges are same as per u r aggrement page number 18 and point number 31.

3) so I also wanted to bring it to your notice that possession has been delayed more then 12 months and as per your aggrement page number 15 and point number 23 says beyond the grace period of 6 months builder / developer/pramoter should also pay the interest...
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Lodha Constructions - Dombivali — Lodha constructions - Dombivali

I have booked new flat at Lodha constructions - Dombivali, at 14th August 2010 now the said flat is ready for position all dues have been cleared.... As per builder rate chart if i pay 2,32,000/- within 15 days and registration is done then Modular Kicten and Security System will be provided free... i paid him 2,32, 000/- in 10th day of my booking date but the aggrement was registered at 16th day by builder now Builder " Mr. Deepak Lodha " claims the fault is from my side... i want to question him agreement is made and registered from their side so how the fauly is mine what were they...
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Lodha Group — mental harrasment and legal threat

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have booked a 2BHK Apartment in August 2010 - Lodha Groups Project in Dombivali called CASA RIO, the problem is that I had proper communication and customer address al till the property get registered that was in June 2011 but after that there was delay in the process and there was no proper communication and every now and then the relationship officer get changed or they create confusion, In my agreement i have clearly told them that i am opting for bank loan and which they had accepted, now my bank HDFC says that they can only disburse the payment when they get...
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Lodha Developers — Cheating with incorrect interest on payments

 Ashish Deshpande
Hi. I am Ashish Deshpande ([protected]).
Sadly I have invested in Lodha Builders - Casa Univis project.
Lodha Builders have delayed the registration of my flat for over 08 months (Dec' 10 to July'11). During this period inspite of repeated follow-up, they withheld the fact that the scheme does not have full clearance and thus Sale agreements cannot be registered.

In July, along with their intimation of registration of agreement, they sent a claim for interest payment inspite of all payments having been made on time. Since July'11 the claim stands contested,...
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Lodha Group — demanding money more than 20%

We have purchased 3 flats with Lodha CASA RIO last year in Sept i.e. Nyasia D101, Nyasia D 104 and Nyasia C101. The payment towards the down payment was completed in one go for Nyasia D104 and C 101 but for D101 we paid them in installments as the construction was suppose to start only in 2011 September. Payments were made through cheque numbers are 000825, 000834, 000836, 002561, 002564. The interest as communicated by them was 18% pa. Which we agreed to as that would give us some time to make the payments. The agreement value of the flat earlier was 1755000/- exclusive of Car Parking charges,...
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Lodha Builder — not providing amenities which he has committed.And unnecessary taken the Service Charges to all the flat owners which is not applicable.

Respected Sir / Madam
This is to complaint u that We had buy a flat Last Year In the month of April 2010, in Lodha Regency, Manpada, Dombivali (E). That time our Builder Mr.Deepak Lodha had commited to all the flat owners that he is providing the following amenities in lodha regency- that - Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Yoga center but he didn't gave us. Whenever we gone to ask him regarding the amenities he ignore us.
Second thing he has started taking service tax forcefully from us under the name of Government service tax. We all are ask him the Govt.circular regarding Service...
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