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139-P, Sector 44
Gurgaon District
India - 122002

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United States
+1 844 896 6286 

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+44 20 3095 4951


+61 450 266 295

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+27 871 352 196 

Key Executives

Mr. Deepinder Goyal
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Pankaj Chaddah
Co-Founder and Director

Ms. Surobhi Das
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gunjan Patidar
Chief Technocrat

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Zomato — zomato driver driving very rash

 anishnanda on Aug 19, 2019
I want to report an ugly incident by one of your Zomato drivers. He drove his bike very fast at 9:00 p.m. on Monday, 19th August outside Maple Building in Hiranandani Gardens Powai Mumbai 400076. He drove so fast that he almost hit my 20 month old daughter. I want the name and address of this employee as I want to lodge a police complaint against him for almost killing my daughter.

Please treat this matter as very urgent!!!

Anish Nanda...
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Zomato — refund for the order which was not delivered

 Supriya18 on Aug 19, 2019
I have been complaining through email and over chat since long, but zomato is non-responsive. They dont reply over emails/chat. This is one of the worst customer service provider.

I ordered a cake on zomato app and my order id is [protected], which cost me 860/-.
Unfortunately, the delivery boy didn't deliver it and declined the order.
I am writing in this regard after chatting with the customer care agent, receiving assurance that 100% amount will be refunded.

The issue was 'while doing online order for cake, I gave the delivery address of Gurgaon Sector...
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Zomato — zomato delivery boy manhandled and filed a police fir case against him

 Sathish Mar on Aug 19, 2019
One of your zomato delivery boy manhandled me and stolen gold ring from me. A police fir case has been filed against him and investigation is in process.. His name is akash, residing in mysore gayathripuram.. Kindly terminate him or else i am going to escalate and publish on this in social medias and also in media channels..

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Zomato — zomato poor service

 Harkirat2424 on Aug 19, 2019
Zomato riders eats my orders and cancel my order by Zomato but I don’t know how to long trust on Zomato by coustmers that is a fake company from Muktsar punjab all riders are fake they all are eat all orders and I’m waiting for order for my guest and faimlys but they cannot understand so please stop order on Zomato I’m order on 18/08/2019 on 10:40 pm and I’m calling a rider after 11:15 pm but that guy don’t pik my call and I have a message ur don’t response and canceled ur order I’m very shocked I’m trying calling to Zomato rider and they take reason I’m dont reply his call wow...
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Zomato — customer support executive

 Sushant141194 on Aug 18, 2019
I have faced this issue so many times with Zomato, not only with the order but also with the customer support.
I keep on explaining my issue to them and they just don't understand and are very unprofessional and lack a sense of their work.
I want to raise a complaint against one of your customer support executive who disconnected my chat 4 times in a row without resolving my issue.
I was facing issue with my order number [protected] and before resolving the issue he disconnected my chat 4 times in a row and was also getting me confused with my previous order. He was sometimes...
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Zomato — cold food

 Sukhi007 on Aug 18, 2019
Food was cold when arrived... Shop is actually 5 minutes away from my home... I order on zomato today 18/09/2019 at 03:35 pm.. But rider arrived at 04:15 pm... Food was cold when i open.. Rider takes 40 minutes in 5 minutes way
.. I talk to support chat they said next time it wont happen... But what for now i lose 200 rs and get cold food 😕...
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Zomato — order cancellation and no refund

 Purva joshi on Aug 18, 2019
I have ordered sweets on 14 aug 2019 (Order id: [protected]). Firstly delivery person called me and i explained him address and he agreed to deliver. After some time he called and informed that location is 3km away and i cannot come and he cancelled the order. My address was perfect as i had received previously many orders on this address. Now customer service denied to give refund as their policy is changed and their argument is of food wastage. Actually i ordered sweets so there is no question of food wastage. Secondly customer care person believed delivery boy statement that address was incorrect...
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Zomato — failed delivery and amount refund

 Khushboo sss on Aug 18, 2019
My order i'd is [protected], my order is failed, i was ordered some item from mithaiwala thr' zomato at 14august2019but zomato not refunded yet they told me delivery boy was called thrice, but actually there was no incoming call by delivery boy, i called to delivery boy but he said, order is cancelled, & u talked more about it from zomato. But zomato said 24-48 hr it problem is resolved but no resolution yet...
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Zomato — fraud!! less quantity no customer support

 affan mohammed on Aug 18, 2019
I have ordered king fries and crispy chicken burger. But delivered fries was less quantity. It was a regular fries. Please check and refund my amount!!! Order id [protected]. Worst experience!! Your chat support sucks!! No proper customer care!! I myself had to call burger king and they routed me asking to get in touch with zomato. And thanks for the bizzare customer support chat...
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Zomato — refund for 3 "payment fail" transactions [Resolved]

 Harshit Dulari on Aug 18, 2019
I have still not received my refund of the amount deducted from my account for the orders which were not completed because of payment failure due to network error at your site.
Three consecutive transactions failed and amount was debited from my account. Transactions were made on 10/08/2019
First transaction which failed, rs 1564.30.
For second transaction which also failed rs 1564.30.
For third time same amount transaction which failed rs 1564.30 which was debited from my account.

And i can't see the history of failed transactions in my zomato account...
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Zomato — refund against cancellation

 kiranrajgopal49 on Aug 18, 2019
After ordering, the delivery agent requested me to cancel because he wanted to eat dinnner, which i did and now zomato is saying their new polices don't refund. Their response is so arrogant they think we (Customers & restaurants) can't survive without them, the chat agent had the audacity to tell me that 'nothing is going from his pocket ' if i complain. Please let's show the power o[censored]s consumers. Just in case zomato even reads this.. Today your ceo came out in the open urgung restaurants to stop #loggingout.. Days are not far away when customers will log out.....
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Zomato.com — irresponsible behaviour

 deepak_bharti0049 on Aug 17, 2019
Today at 17 august 2019 at 8 pm i have placed an order via zomato. After placing my order we all are waiting for the food, because we all are too hungry. After 30 minutes i have checked through app about order status, it has shown that your order is being prepared and will reach you in 30 minutes. Then after 15 minutes it's again shown that food is being prepared and will reach you in 30 minutes. So i made a call to the rider which zomato had aligned for my order. He said that i am at the restaurant and your food is still not ready they are also wasting my time. So after that i made a call to the...
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Zomato — gold member denied benefits

 Monica Jaswal on Aug 17, 2019
I had with my family to jamies italian restaurant at ambience mall vasant kunj on 15 aug 19. Being zomato gold cardholder we received the coupon code and booked a table, but on the table, we were denied all the benefits. Zomato should not have confirmed if they are not sure. It is fleecing the customers. No action till date, no accountability. It becomes very embarrassing to get up after you are sitting with your family....
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Zomato — delivery boy fraud

 Arun Banerji on Aug 17, 2019
I have ordered chicken kabab butter masala worth ₹117/- from zomato, kohinoor hotel, durgapur west bengal on 17th august. Delivery boy name was indranil alias samrat, phone number [protected]. He was not having chance of ₹500/-. He took the ₹500 and absconded. Initially when i called him, he has not responded. Then i have lodge an complaint to local police station, duty officer called him, he picked up the call and accepted his intentionally fault and said that i came back to home and asked customer to come to his house and collect the refund. This is not acceptable at all. Every business should...
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Zomato — refund policy fraud

 Shailendra Ghevde on Aug 17, 2019
I placed an order on 15 aug and literally with 30 seconds cancelled my order [protected]. As i wanted to order more.. They deducted entire amount of 355 and no refund.. Chat robot stated that as hotel had prepared the order they will not refund... Oh my god.. 30 sec main the hotel accepted and also prepared the order, gr8 super sonic speed i must say.. But zomato are such a frauds... I am a regular customer of the hotel and after all this fassso i when there directly in 5 mins of the order cancellation and check with them. They said.. They received the order and within seconds it was cancelled so...
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Zomato — cancellation fees charged

 Karanpre on Aug 17, 2019
By mistake order was being placed and even it was cancelled within seconds of order due to direct paytm option which had money in it. So after i cancelled whole money was charged as cancellation fees of whole amount which is i think not appropriate also it was being cancelled within minutes, so zomato could not give my money back for small thing ànd even i so many orders in past....
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Zomato — suffered heavy loss in processing partnership with zomato

 manish0201 on Aug 17, 2019
I am running a take away restaurant located a gorakhpur, uttar pradesh. A zomato representative visited me and asked to tie up my restaurant with zomato and told me the benefits of the same. I readily agreed for the same and did all the necessary formalities. After few days i got a mail from zomato that my documents has been approved. The same day the representative visited my restaurant and installed the zomato software on my mobile and gave me the demo as how to use and illustrated about the software functionality. The very second day i ordered extra perishable food items that includes vegetables...
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Zomato — not delivered food and even amount was not refunded

 fkhtn4 on Aug 17, 2019
I was waiting for the food i ordered but i got a message that "you were not present at the given address and due to wastage of food you are charged by amount you have paid". But i was present at home and was waiting for my order. I didn't get food and even my money was not refunded.
I registered complaint twice. But they replied me only once. There resonce is as below:

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the order id-[protected].

We would like to inform you that according to new policies of zomato if the order gets cancelled because of the customer being...
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Zomato — cancellation amount

 KinjalDarshil on Aug 17, 2019
I had placed an order from zomato, due to some reasons i wanted to cancel and replace it so i immediately cancelled it within maximum 1 minute despite of the fact that the order wasn't confirmed from the restaurant. So, zomato levied the full order charges to my cancellation penalty amount. Hoping to get justice here after repeatedly talking to zomato customer care....
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Zomato — refund money & no compensation

 [email protected] on Aug 16, 2019
I placed an order with dominos. My order got declined by their end after my money being deducted. Their automated chat service helps in no way! And they never bother to sweat about their customers. I have been writing to them but they don't budge. Lately, zomato has been very disrespectful & opposite of customer friendly. I read about the other complaints & the people are raged. I know this is not going to bother them at all but i hope they get attentive....
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