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Mr. Deepinder Goyal
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Pankaj Chaddah
Co-Founder and Director

Ms. Surobhi Das
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gunjan Patidar
Chief Technocrat

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Zomato — deduction of money, but order was not placed

 Abhranil Dutta on Feb 21, 2019
I live in Nalasopara, palghar district.

I ordered food through Zomato app in hotel 'Firangi Bake' with the help of debit card applying FOODIE FEBRUARY 50% off code.
A message of 'Transcation failed' appeared after filling out all the details and password. But 215 Rs was deducted, and no order was placed.
Zomato pls refund my money back.

Contact details - [protected]...
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Zomato — delivered a spoiled order and not providing a refund.

 adie on Feb 21, 2019
I Ordered a cake from Zomato and received a spoiled (rotten) cake. I contacted them on chat support but, they are not giving a refund. They are telling me that our team will solve your problem and contact you but, I have not received any mail from them. It has been three days. All they do is to repeat the same line over and over again. "We have to communicate with the restaurant. Our team will get back to you." Three days and they have not contacted the restaurant regarding the same. I want a refund Zomato. This is not the first time I am facing this issue....
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Zomato — account blocked ....suspicious activity?

 jigar morjaria on Feb 21, 2019
I ordered food and found hair in it so i just complain to zomato and they refunded but after few time they blocked my account and says i had done some suspious activity i know tgey blocked me because one of their a gent was not at all helpful so i just told him you are zero helpful i hope zomato do something and unblock my account. Really upseting from zomato side....
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Zomato — money refund needed

 Dipanwita Rudra on Feb 20, 2019
I have ordered pizza through zomato app on 19th february 2019 from dominos(order no .[protected])
Rs 252 money deducted from my payatm account(online payment) .i contacted dominos but they said order is not placed.my money deducted from my payatm wallet .Contacted zomato but refund not done from there side yet.Please solve my problem as early as possible....
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Zomato — food not delivered

 Anusarajacob on Feb 20, 2019
We placed an order from the chicken bay and it was not delivered to us. The delivery boy claims to have called few times and we were not reachable. Now they wont refund my money and when we called the restaurant the food package wasnt returned either. So in essence the delivery guy and his mates probably had a nice meal at our expense. Not to mention that this is despite giving them a nice tip. Zomato service is the worst! Its a scam and their customer service chat room might as well be run by robots because their answers to any query comes from a booklet given to them. Its a travesty....
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Zomato — refunding of money

 OmYadav41 on Feb 20, 2019

I ordered the mentioned prepaid order, order ID [protected] on 20-Feb-2019 at 12:43 PM but it was taking "60 to 75 min" to deliver which is the time I haven't seen by zomato earlier. 1 hour is too much. I was not satisfied with Zomato services. And when I wanted to cancel it Zomato charged whole the amount(₹109) of the order value.

Just tell me one thing am I bound to the delivery time by zomato after prepaying any order.which online food delivery site take one hour delivery time and if I want to to cancel it I have to pay all the amount. I canceled it within...
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Zomato — refund 15th feb 2019

 Kiran Teeparthi on Feb 20, 2019
I ordered food through zomato app on 15th feb 2019 at 7.22pm. It priced rs. 409. I have paid amount through online banking. When i was entered the otp the order was not placed but cash was debited from my account. The status is showing incomplete payment in zomoto app. Again i did the online payment, then the order was confirmed and again money is debited from the bank. I did not get any refund (1st transaction) from bank if you could please look into this. Thank you....
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Zomato — refund not provide

 brijesh sain on Feb 20, 2019
Sir i have oder on 17 feb and cancel after 1 minute i also complent zomoato chat support and mail also. But there answer not good they only feel sorry i m a good and regular custmor of zommoto i also said if you don't provide my refund i never oder from zomoato.
My oder num [protected]
Oder date 17-2-19
Please pay back my refund and amount is 350...
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Zomato — not able to get response from zomato for incorrect order

 Vidhi Mehra on Feb 19, 2019
I have ordered from zomato on sunday i.e 17 feb 2019.
The quality of order was completely inappropriate. 2 ordered food i.e super cheese garlic bread dint conatin cheese at all. Also as mentioned in the description there was no chilli in it. Further, the onion over the bread was not at all cooked.
Second item i.e oreo shake dint contain any oreo biscuits . It was a simple chocolate shake. I have been calling zomato but they are not giving me any definite answers....
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Zomato — amount was deducted

 Medidi bhavani on Feb 19, 2019
Today i have ordered the food from bawarchi, while paying the amount was deduted from my account but zomato app shows the payment was not processed, , i have done for 3 times my amount will be deducted for 3 times but the food could not be ordered and my amount will not be refunded.
Everytime i am ordering the food from zomato only, but i did not face this situation, please resolve it.....
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Zomato — chapati ordered at shri balaji bhavan

 Jack Richard Fernando on Feb 19, 2019
When i checkout the order for chapathi at shri balaji bhavan it showed 97 rs after discount and when i change the payment option to cash on delivery (Cod), the amount got increased to 131 rs, which is really ridiculous and it didn't even show the order summary before the order got placed at restaurant.. I humbly request you to provide the refund of the additional money asap....
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Zomato — no refund for rejected order-1241899603

 HarendraChauhan on Feb 19, 2019
I had placed the order from haristo cafe at zomato app & payment has been hold from my account (Paytm) at same time. But order was rejected by the restaurant so i canceled the order then amount was reversed in my account but after some time it got deduct again from my paytm account. Zomato chat support are not helping me to resolve my issue. I mailed to order@zomato.com come but they are also not providing any justified reason....
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Zomato — non resolution of issue with the placed order # 1168270247

 gs4uall on Feb 19, 2019
Have placed an order with subjected order number with zomato and i have received one item (Out of two) which was very salty and not even available in any state to eat. The same was intimated to their customer service and even after passing 48 hours they are not responding and not taken any action on the concern and wasted my money for the item and wasted the time as well and mainly the service towards the customer is very low and they always smily reply us from the documents which they might have (Every time same messages gets repeated and static, no words will be changed)...
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Zomato — bad service provided by zomato

 Paric on Feb 19, 2019
I paid the amount of 99 ₹ from my account but the curry up noww restaurant from zomato didn't delivered the food package. My phone was on silent but the address was already mentioned over the food package. The order got cancelled by their own mistake. Because was the rider was uneducated and unable to reach on my address. I need a proper explanation for this disaster. And need my money back. Kindly refund my amount.
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Zomato — bad quality of service

 Nayeem4 on Feb 18, 2019
I ordered a boneless chicken biryani from biryani miya bangalore. My order number is [protected] and i paid using paytm. I received my order very late and the quantity was very less, i mean very less. The biryani was cold and every thing about it is very bad. I told this to customer care and they are not replying me back even after multiple messages. They have completely ignored my messages. I am so pissed with the customer care, the delivery of food, and the food itself.

Kindly look into my issue. I hope any one who's reading this can contact me ([protected]) and help in doing your...
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Zomato — no refund even without service

 soumyashree sahu on Feb 18, 2019
I ordered food on zomato around 9:20 pm. Realizing immediately that i have not put promo code to avail 50 % discount, i cancelled the order within a minute. The support team reached me out in 5 minutes max and told for no refund over chat. Knowing the same, i requested the person to deliver my food so that my money does not go to waste. Still he / she communicated that neither you ll deliver nor refund. Another classic example of cheating the customer...
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Zomato — zomato order cancellation issue..

 Srishti Srishti on Feb 18, 2019

I have made an order on subway (which was done by mistake ), I have called at subway to cancel because Zomato customer care was not responding and then the delivery boy reached at the subway. So they have canceled the order, showing that they have delived. They dint even refunded the amount saying the amount was deducted as penalty. Can you say what is the policy to get the penalty as 100% amount.

Order no.: [protected]
please check the issue and get the refund....
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Zomato — not completely food delivery

 Asharam Jat on Feb 18, 2019
नमस्कार जी
मेने आज 18 फरवरी को 7 से 8 के बीच आर्डर किया था 999 रेस्टोरेंट टोंक रोड से जिसमे मुझे जो प्रोडक्ट बताये गये वी नहीं दिए गए ऐसा फ्रॉड मेरे पहले आर्डर पर किया गया तो पता नहीं रोज कितने लोगो से करते होंगे मेरा अमाउंट मेरे को वापिस...
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Zomato — customer support is unprofessional and cannot solve the issue

 PavanBallari on Feb 18, 2019
I have placed an order with Keventers on Monday with Zomato. The order came to me was half eaten or it was not prepared well. I had a chat with customer support where they don't have a little concern or respect towards customer. They are very harsh in responding to the query. As a customer we face issue but as a company should take care of such scenarios. I have payed and i have right to ask but they simply say they escalated the issue to the restaurant and they will make sure not to repeat again like this. The support i was taking to the person was very rude, they say do what ever you want to do...
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Zomato — I am complaining about my recent order with zomato

 Arti Nimje on Feb 18, 2019
I have recently placed an order with zomato ([protected]). It was a cake to be delivered at my place.
I got it confirmed and after some time checked its status and it got rejected because the delivery boy couldn't able to call me. I called the restaurant and they said they didn't got it returned. I asked the delivery boy to return it to restaurant i will pick it up from there however he didn't do it and zomato has kept all the amount as a penalty and didnt refund me a single penny.
The guy was so rude and he said that he cannot return it to restaurant coz the cake is of no use now....
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