Airpost India Courier — Investment fraud - owner of rama krishna reddy

DHL india courier . This company is a fraud company, please beware of this company. They are into courier and cargo logistics service provider. This company is regularly giving in the leading and leading for their franchise network on pan India basis for last few days back. The company is charging the huge amounts to appoint state franchisee, district franchisee, block franchisee, and small counters. After taking the booking amount like 10000 from there franchisees the locking period is 3, month for which they promise to develop the franchisee’s surrounding defined area by making the block franchisee and counters under the state and district franchisee. Also they committed for an assured return of investment within the three months so that the each and every franchisee will start earning handsome amount. Also the company promised there franchisee’s to fetch the courier business from local market and the corporate clients with the help of there business manager and team. But the company fails to keep any of its promises and commitments. The company is only interested in collecting the booking amount from its franchisees. The company is not providing the courier service to any of franchisee business partners, in starting they did but later on the company start neglecting their franchisees. Also the company (DHL india courier ) is not reliable to its employees. The company is appointing the employees as a designation of branch manager, area sales manager, channel sales manager, business development manager and etc and offered them the good salary packages and after one or two months of their working company fired them without intimating and without paying a single penny or salary to their employees by saying that they are not working properly.
Fedex express courier & cargo ltd

Rama krishana reddy courier and cargo ltd

Blue Dart express courier and cargo ltd

SRSC express courier and cargo ltd
gati express courier and cargo
pobc express courier and cargo
dtdc express courier and cargo ltd

Now DHL INDIA courier (CMS courier and cargo ltd)

Please beware of this company, this company (DHL india courier ltd) is a fraud company. This company is blacklisted now. This blacklisted and a criminal background. Please beware of the company and their employees.


rama krishna reddy

South India
Investment fraud - owner of rama krishna reddy
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Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
Reliance Netconnect+ A/C [protected] Cust a/c[protected] migration to 4G 1.My Dongle [protected] of Reliance Communication was recharged for 2999 for 45gb valid for 6 months on 11/7/2016. PaymentIdDate&TimeAmountStatusSource [protected]/07/2016 19:50:472999SUCCESS PACE Account Status: DetailsAmountExpiry Date Main Balance (in MB)1.[protected] Netconnect+ Balance (in MB)*46180.[protected] Netconnect+ Fair Usage Balance (in MB)*0.[protected] Netconnect Balance (in MB)**[protected].When internet did not work contacted customercare who told that CDMA services are being withdrawn I should migrate to their 4G so accordingly taken 4G Sim from Reliance & applied online migration paying Order Summary Order ID:158139 Date: 08.02.16 Total: Rs. Rs.2699.0 Status: Succes 3.My account was transferred to 4G but showing 0 data balance. On contacting Reliance customer care today I was told that company will not credit data I should pay another 3199 to recharge 4G data on migrated 4G 4.Had I been told that CDMA is being discontinued don’t recharge it, and I will have to buy WiPod paying 2699 and data balance will not be transferred to 4G migrated account I would have not gone for the payment http://5.Now I feel cheated by Reliance communication that had taken recharge that I could not use even for single day and in addition made me pay 2699 for WiPod and additional recharge amt of 3199 on migrated Please either refund 2999 taken for recharge that did not work even for single day or credit equivalent data too my account to enable 4G Sim in WiPod work for balance of data in my account before migration initiated at behest of Reliance communication Jairaj Yadav
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
This is an escalation mail to Samsung India office as customer who has been cheated by the company to whom we trusted.
I purchased Samsung microwave on 02-Jan-2017 from authorized dealer (sound and vision, udaipur) and paid full amount of Rs. 15, 000 (refer bill details – S1/47948, dated 02-Jan-2017), with commitment of delivery of sealed piece by 03-Jan-2017, but to my surprise the authorized dealer sent me the display piece instead of sealed pack, which was confirmed by samsung agent, justifying that they did not had any fresh piece in stock.
Since then we are following up everyday for rightful delivery of sealed product, to which authorized dealer is giving deaf ears and lingering the matter. I am feeling helpless and harassed by samsung authorized dealer. I have attached the bill for your reference. Looking forward for quick resolution and support from organization who believes in customer values.
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
i placed order with jabong and under return policy i shipped two watches through trackon courier partner . trackon even verified the item as watch and mentioned in courier receipt but still my item lost. jabong informed that they received one empty box of watch and second stone present in watch box. docket no.[protected] and[protected]
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
My upi transection from syndicate bank to union bank of transection 10000
by union bank upi application is fail but amount deduct on date 2 jan 2017 but 10000 money not refund in my account
Upi mobile number registered [protected] on union bank upi
Already i make complian on date 3 jan by upi application but no reply from union bank upi
Union bank say make a complain on upi and wait but i already make complain by union bank upi app but no response from 10 days
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has its office at Upbhokta Naya Bhawan, ‘F’ Block, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi-110 023. The Registry of the National Commission is at the Ground Floor, Upbhokta Nyay Bhawan, ‘F’ Block, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi-110 023 which remains open on all working days. For any enquiry with the Registry of the National Commission, one can contact on Telephone Nos.[protected], 24608802, 24608803, 24608804 and Fax No. 24651505. The filing timings are from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Every matter filed with the Registry is listed on the 7th day of its filing for admission before the National Commission.
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
I purchased dish tv connection on[protected] through comparedth/vserve at 1599.00 rupess. after receiving payment product not delivered.
Vendor Details:
Name: Vserve
Email: [protected], [protected]
Phone:[protected] AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday )
Address: 27/2, LIC Colony wali road, Jhimil Industrial Area, Dilshad Garden, Delhi -110095.
Order Details:
Order ID: CDT-SHOE-[protected]
Order Date/Time:[protected]:52:14
Order Status: Pending
Payment Status: Paid
Payment ID:
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
I had ordered an item from on 19/3/13 which was supposed to be delivered on 2-3 days but with continuous follow up they finally shipped the product via fedex on 26/04/13.
Fedex delivery time is 2-3 working days but it remained in transit state till 5th June 2013 i.e. around 40 days.
I did multiple follow up with them in these 40 days but they never provided me an explanation that what is stopping them to deliver this product.
Then on 7th June i received a notification stating that my order is delivered to my address while it never was. I complaint them again regarding this on the same day but i have not received any response from them yet. As per the receipt which i fetched from online it was delivered at 1:30 PM by my father Rakesh chawla while he was in office at that time.
Bhaap order no. –[protected]
Fedex tracking no –[protected]
I want my order amount which is INR 499 and internet bill which i paid (used to follow up with them) which is INR 600 for 45 days.
Due to some error i am unable to attach the copy of all communication and delivery receipt but i have it with me.
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
Dear Sharmayne, Debbie D Mello, Joseph.
There is no reply of my email.
Request Number –[protected]
My parcel no (tracking) is[protected]. which was send on 6-may-2014 by Switzerland.
to INDIA. by the David Feldman.
There is a Stamp Custom Tariff no 97040010 and 97040020.
It is a duty free.
And Pls give me ur correct Moblie number or correct contact number.
When i will get the shipment?
C-G-1 Kedarnath App.,
Veer Bhaghat Singh Marg,
Adajan, Surat 395009
Mob. no (INDIA)+91 – [protected], +91- [protected], [protected]
Mob. no (UNITED KINGDOM) +[protected], +[protected]
Residence No. +91 – 261 – 2766365
WEBSITE MYSite Address:
Reply Me
Ramawatar Jain
“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
Contact Details
1 – Person Name – Joseph – Customer Support
2 – Debbie DMello – Fedex Custom Clearence
3 – Sharmayne – Fedex Custom Clearence
4 – Company Fedex General
Custom Clearence Office Number –[protected] /63 /64 /65
FedEx Express Transportation and Supply Chain Services India Pvt. Ltd
Attn: Debbie D’mello
C/o Express Industry Council of India (EICI) Terminal
Room # F8
Next to Sahar Cargo Complex,
Sahar, andheri
Mumbai 400 099
For any further assistance, please call our customer service helpline #[protected] or Landline[protected]Mumbai).
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
TRACKING ID: [protected]
Within 20 minutes of receiving the message from amazon that my package is going to be delivered today, your delivery person called up and said that he is standing in the lane of my home.I was busy with patients in hospital and no one else was there is the house as there was no prior intimation.i asked him to wait at a convenient place where my father will come to pick it up.He said very rudely that it is not possible for him to wait for more than 5 minutes.When I asked him why he did not call me up before hand he said that it is not his company’s policy to call up customers beforehand.He said that i will show your place as closed.When I asked him to deliver it next day or at later point of day he said that he will deliver it only as per his convenience.I cancelled the package because I did not want to deal with him anymore.He did not give his name but he called from a number [protected]
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
I had bought s mobile from Amazon on 10th Oct. Details of thr shipment as given in fedex site is as below.
27/10/2014 – Monday
At local FedEx facility
Delivery exception
Refused by recipient
On FedEx vehicle for delivery
16/10/2014 – Thursday
In transit
In transit
15/10/2014 – Wednesday
In transit
Left FedEx origin facility
13/10/2014 – Monday
Picked up
Future delivery requested
Shipment information sent to FedEx
I had been following fedex for the delivery since 20th October. On the first call they said that they would be delivering thr shipment the same day. I waited for two days and called them up again on 24th Oct, again the same thing was told to me that the delivery would happen on the same day. When nothing was moving I had simultaneously complained in amazon twice and on 27th they updated a fake message stating that the delivery was rejected by the recipient, when nobody called or tried to deliver. I called Fedex up again to inform the wrong update and their reply was that it was a result of wrong scanning and I would get the delivery in next 48hrs. I again called them up when the delivery was not done and told them that I would be complaining to consumers forum. They simply asked me to wait for a day and then make the complain, as they would make the delivery within that time. I was surprised that they didn’t even bother to call me up even once when they failed that TAT too. It seems like they dont even bother that a complain against them is raised in this forum. I had called Fedex up 5 times now since they missed the expected delivery date of 25th for a shipment which they have received on 16th. All they do is to lie that they will deliver the shipment same day or max by next 48 hrs and no further communication or progress happens. what security do I have as a consumer ? How can I ensure that a package for which I have already paid is delivered to me ? Now I don’t even know that whether I will get the delivery at all or not. Hope writing to you can help me in some way because the courier concerned is least bothered.
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
1. Sent goods through Fedex
> > 2. Website shows received
> > 3. I as a seller asked for the payment from the consignee, (as it was
> > COD), not just the person refused to pay, also my company got bad online
> > reviews for promising and not delivering.
> > 4. Started investigating with Fedex, still hopeful.
> > 5. Got to know that there is an indirect signature required, hence the POD
> > has no signature.
> > 6. On further request, Fedex told that there was a note for dog food to
> > be dropped in the front Porch so they also dropped the courier in the front
> > Porch and went, so it says delivered.
> >
> > Understand the loopholes in the system for the cause of loss of delivery
> > even if some driver of delivery vehicle have just dropped it at the Front
> > porch:
> >
> > 1. Indirect Signatures- Who told Fedex to get an indirect signature for
> > an International shipment.
> > 2. How to ask for Direct Signature: How do a sender know that we have to
> > deliberately ask for Direct Signature, Please see that the receipt at the
> > time of sending the goods have NO Column for ticking that “Need Direct
> > Signature”
> > 3. Delivered goods for note of dog food:- Why did Fedex deliver for a
> > note not meant for them, until and unless specifically mentioned for.
> > 4. Notification: Still I say though fedex overtly assumed everything and
> > dropped the package at the Porch, Where is the notification system, (a)
> > There was the mobile number of the consignee and the sender, why wasn’t
> > anyone called that the package has arrived, please collect. (b) Forget
> > calling, why wasn’t a system generated message/or otherwise dropped to the
> > consignee that the goods are delivered at Front Porch. The person may not
> > step out of the house for whole day and the package is not collected, hence
> > lost.
Jan 26, 2017
Updated by ramakrishnaa91
I had ordered an item from on 26/08/2014 which was supposed to be delivered on 28/08/2104.Tracking No of Shipment is[protected].But Fedex failed to deliver the parcel.It is already been 2 weeks over.The package is still at Local Hyderabad Fedex Service.I am keep on calling Costumer care for the past 2 weeks.Every time they assured me that we updated the status and parcel would be delivered soon.But nothing is happen all these days.Can any one tell me what’s happening in fedex for god sake.
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इस का फ़ोन No [protected]
Hello All,
My Name is Manoj Sharma & I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

In 2016 I took franchise in which I invested 15 lakhs as security deposit and I was supposed to get return in 2 years.
After this I took franchise on 20th jan 2016 and office gave me Agreement and asked me to open one office, after office got opened company provided me number of staffs who were suppose to develop franchisee for them under my supervision, For this I started getting 5-6 lakhs per month profit amount as an income.
This process continued for 13 months and after all sudden company shut down the operation and employee stopped working too. Whenever I visit the Head Office complaining about the issue every time they answer its closed due to some issues & will get started within few days .
From back 3 months I am paying my offices rent with no return and I am getting no response from the company. I am in loss now. And whichever courier companies avail in the market are being operated from same origin, parcels are delivered from the same vehicle and they transfer parcel through same
co-loader either its roadways or Airways.
With all these information’s I would like to inform all the readers that not to get trapped by these kind of companies .I am not disclosing detail information ‘s about company as am scared of losing my investment amount doing so.
They can also file case to me for this.
They all are frauds, they took money in the sake of giving franchisee. BE AWARE

Fedex express courier & cargo
DHL express courier and cargo
Airpost France
Blue express courier and cargo
Blue Dart express courier and cargo
SRRM express courier and cargo
first flight courier
overnight express courier
Forun express courier and cargo
Gati Cargo
Safexpress ltd

Manoj sharam
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