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Bombay Hospital Customer Care
Bombay Hospital
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Bombay Hospital Customer Care

Bombay Hospital

Marine Lines, 12, Bombay Hospital Marg
Mumbai City District
India - 400020

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+91 73 1426 6571  

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Some of the doctors here are very careless. They don't follow their own time table. I waited for about 3 hours to meet a doctor. His time was 12 afternoon but he came at 2:30 pm. This is very disgusting. Being a doctor they should be punctual. People come from all over the country just to get a good treatment here and they are just interested in money. If they are giving a appointment, they should be particular about it.

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[Sep 07, 2016] Bombay Hospital customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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    Bombay Hospital is providing general ward to patients, but general ward staffs is not proper communicate between patients relatives, If we anything ask with any staff, they will feel us General ward is not for a luxury service, staffs is insulting the relatives, no one giving proper reply and proper answer... This is my 4th experience, and i m facing harassment from hospital... Pls do something, i don't won't to do complaints, i just want to pass the feedback against birla's hospital and his reputation...
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       ruchit poo
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        Bombay Hospital — Repayment of deposit

        Rs. 15, 000/= (5000 + 10, 000/=) paid as admission deposit for cashless knee replacement surgery on Dec. 9, 2014.. In-patient...
        Complaint category Hospitals

         vaishali s bundela
        To, Whomsoever it may concern Bombay Hospital 6th April 2015 Sub: Misbehaviour with patient’s Family member Sir/Madam, This is to bring to your notice, an unfortunate incident that took place in Bombay Hospital, Indore(m.p). I vaishali Bundela was in the Hospital with my Mother on 2/4/15 for her dialysis, there was a mayhem in the unit amidst her dialysis. I needed some help and thus went to call the Nurse, when I reached there to ask for help an employee Mr.Avinash misbehaved with me. He rudely insulted me in front of many patients, other helpers and visitors. I was aghast and pointed out that his way was not appropriate, to this he said that what he had said to cause disrespect. At that moment though I could not inform the authorities but after coming home I called back at the hospital and inquired about the employee. Coincidently the man on the phone was the employee who had ill treated me, I lost my temper when instead of apologising he threatened and challenged me to go do whatever I wished to. This has caused distress to me and I have been mentally disturbed. We trust Bombay hospital and have always recommended it to people as the best hospital, but after this distasteful incident I have been in serious doubts about your services at hospital. I hope you understand that we with the patient at hospital are too distressed and if your employees instead of being cordial will misbehave and impolitely treat us we would have to take an action. Kindly take an action against Mr. Avinash or I would have to personally take legal action against Bombay hospital Indore for misbehaving and public shaming me. Do respond to my mail as soon as possible as my course of action depends on your action. Regards, Vaishali Bundela [protected]
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          Bombay Hospital — Re: regarding to charge surcharge @ 20 % - Reminder-2

          Bombay Hospital is charging a surcharge - 20%!!! Is such high surcharge justifiable? I have enquired with other renowned Hospitals...
          Complaint category Hospitals

          Bombay Hospital — Surcharge related

          Bombay hospital has charged me a surcharge which was not reimbursed by the insurance company. First I thought its a normal...
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          Bombay Hospital — Surcharge

          Bombay Hospital is charging a surcharge - 20%!!! Is such high surcharge justifiable? (I am not sure about the surcharges prevailing...
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          This complain is with regard to Sayush Hospital Pvt Ltd. Indore and Bombay Hospital, Indore
          My Contact Email: [protected]
          I will be happy to provide you with the invoices for the below mentioned medicines taken.

          If you do get a chance to read the whole complain, feel free to make your own opinion. On a personal note, I wish I could notify Mr. Birla and the other owners of hospitals mentioned of bad services rendered.

          Hello Everyone,

          This complain is with regard to Bombay Hospital.

          Hello Everyone,

          I am originally from Mumbai and was visiting a friend in Indore.

          I suffered a major asthama attach on December 30th, 2010 @ 2.15 a.m. I took all medicines but having no positive results, I asked my friend to take me to a hospital.

          By the time we left, I was dying for each single breath I inhaled and realized I was in desperate need for help.

          He first took me to Suyash Hosdpital Private Ltd. We walked in and straight asked for the Emergency Ward, We got to learn that the Emergency cases are handled by the ICU itself (which is to the right side of the main reception desk). We entered the ICU, there was NO person present at the desk to help/attend us.

          I, in my deep breathlessness state had to walk around the place to look for a doctor. Upon finding the doctor, I immediately walked upto him and asked him to help me.

          To my shock, he shouts at the watchman standing inside the ICU, standing besides me, He asks tells him, “why did you get this patient here, I’m busy, take him to the Doctor on the floor.” I humbly requested him to please check me and give me some immediate medication as I was in no condition to move around, only somehow managing to (Out of desperate need of HELP).

          Upon visiting the floor doctor, Guess what, He’s sleeping and so is his staff. Instead of getting immediate attention, We were asked to wait while the doctor arrived.

          Upon arrival, he checked my breathing levels and gives me a basic nebulizer. In all my past experiences
          with Asthama attacks, I have always been put onto Oxygen Cylinders immediately and that very moment given at least or two medicinal injections depending on the seriousness.

          The Doctor is asking me instead, as to whether I need an injection or not. How ridiculous. Is the doctor supposed to decide that or ME?

          I requested and pleaded him to give me anything to reduce my suffering and asked for an injection. The nurse on call, he injected the syringe on my wrist, to his surprise he wasn’t able to find my vein, which is quite normal in some cases the first time. However, most surprising was, he was looking/moving the needle left and right looking for my vein (WHILE THE NEEDLE WAS STILL INSIDE MY WRIST). I was scared looking at him, it felt like we had asked a local guard to find my vein instead of a nurse.

          May be I am mistaken, but I felt the correct way/professional way to check for someone’s vein again, is by removing the needle from my wrist and re-looking for it. NOT LOOKING FOR IT WHILE ONE’S SYRINGE NEEDLE IS STILL INSIDE THE PATIENT’S WRIST.

          The doctor later me on the nebulizer which took another 5 minutes to setup and Injected me with a Mix of Budecort + Duolin. I felt a little better however, seeing the service being so POOR, I had to take a decision, whether I should leave my life in the hands of people who are so Irresponsible with their work OR should I choose another option, since I was feeling a little better, Wheezing had calmed down or Should I move to another Hospital for Better Services. I immediately asked my friend to take me to a Supposedly better and One of the best Hospitals I have known in Mumbai – Bombay Hospital.

          In the meanwhile, one more friend to help us out joined us.
          We arrived at Bombay Hospital, AND GUESS what !!, people at the Reception are Sleeping. Everyone is sleeping. We woke up Mr. Sushil and showed him me, the patient deep breathing. We asked him for the Emergency/Casualty Services. He asked us to go to the 4TH FLOOR, ICU.

          Can you imagine this, I am a serious patient needing immediate attention and this receptionist is directing me to a lift and asking me to go up and meet someone. What did he do, He went back to sleep.
          Once we reached the fourth floor, again to our dismay, everyone was sleeping on the floor. We somehow managed to find some nurses working on their computer screens. I went to them, heavy breathing and in desperate need of medicines, they look at me and tell me, “sir, please go out and remove your shoes. The doctor is asleep, we cannot wake him.”

          So basically, I am getting seriously breathless, heavy breathing, head spinning and these nurses are bothered about the doctor being disturbed from his sleep.
          We somehow convinced her to wake the doctor.

          Doctor – Mr. Arpan Jain arrived.

          He looks at me, BY THE WAY, I WAS STILL STANDING, tells me, that he cannot do anything unless some paperwork is complete. My friends speak to him and go to finish the paper work.
          He calmly looks at me, and tells me, What do you usually take when you get an asthama attack? Can you beat this question? I burst into slight laughter as I was wondering who had I just come to? Doctor or a Receptionist.

          I asked him to put me on a Nebulizer immediately. Showed him my prescriptions from the previous hospital, asked him to please give me some injections.
          After all this explaining is done, HE CALLS THE Casualty ward on the ground floor and asks them again what to do?

          Seriously ?? !!! What was he thinking asking me what I do in such situations.

          I had to be a little stern, and asked him to please attend to me quickly.

          He sent me with his nurse to the ICU rooms inside. Unbelievably, these nurses had the same problem as I faced earlier with Suyash Hospital with the syringe needle and finding the vein. To my surprise, instead of being serious about their work, they were giggling every time they missed finding my vein. Finally, they were successful and injected me with 5 different medicines. I have the BILLS with me and available upon Request.

          He started the nebulizer with the required medicines and they left. I was left UNATTENDED. My Nebulizer pipe which was connected to a machine – disconnected on its own. There was no Bell to call someone NOR was there anyone I could ask for help. I could not shout/yell/call for someone as I would have disturbed someone so I sms’ed my friend in the lobby.
          Within a few seconds, he got the doctor as well as the nurses inside. Mr. Arpan Jain checked my wheezing and confirmed that my wheezing has calmed down and I was back to normal and He also suggested that I could either go back home or get admitted for the night. It was 4 a.m.

          I asked him a simple question on being suggested to get admitted, “if this is the experience I have faced of being Unattended to when I need a nurse or a doctor the MOST, my nebulizer pipe has disconnected, there is no Bell to call for Help, What if the same repeated when I got admitted? Would I need to walk with the machine in my hand to the doctors cabin Outside and ask for help”
          He was speechless.

          I thanked him for his services, thanked the nurse for their kind help and left the hospital.
          Mr. Sushil at the reception was still sleeping when we left the hospital.

          I hope we take some serious steps to improve quality of service @ these hospitals and also Hope that doctors take a patients life more seriously than giving importance to their sleep. Words might sound very childish and immature but this is a true experience
          Dear friend i am relay agree with you same problem i have faced 2 days back when i have to admitted my father in an accident case at night 10:00 PM they people take more than 3 hrs. to take admission and start pre treatment after 3 hrs. Around 1:30 AM,
          the nursing staff are totally fresher they don't have experience to handle the customer, duty was not available, we have taken semiprivate room and there is one more female patient she was affected from swine-flow and we don't have any precaution information for same, and there is so many hilarious things faced there.

          i request to people don't refer there anyone.
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