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[Resolved]  DMLT Pathology Laboratory — General Complaint in public favour

I am MD Pathology from Jalgaon, Maharashtra state. In maharashtra and few other states there are pathology labs run by dmlt/cmlt/hospital side labs though there is interium order of mumbai high court - Aurangabad Bench (PIL 28/2005) that nobody except MD or Diploma in pathology only after MBBS can run Pathology labs or if DMLT lab, then he have to approve his lab reports by MD Pathology doctor. But still without MD/Diploma pathology doctor these dmlt labs are running very well. Most hospitals are their own labs and in most dmlt labs one md pathology doctor is attached to more than 10 path labs at different places. Time taken for study for MD Path or Diploma Path is approximately 9-10 years and for DMLT/Cmlt or others is 1/2/3 years after 10th or 12th std. So their knowledge about human system is negligible. So how can they run lab. Are there any rule for punishment of these dmlt/cmlt/other people and doctors supporting them? Are there any amendments? Kindly let me know?
Who gave right to these people to play with life of paople?????????????????
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Every test in a clinical pathology lab is performed by technicians, technologists. Right from the routine to the speciality. So the question of we being frauds is nullified. Secondly a technologist is either an inter mediate with three years of certificate or 2 year diploma in medical laboratory technology, graduate, post graduate, P.hd with a 2 or 3 year DMLT, post graduate in DMLT and an additional one year internship in a government or municipal run hospital. Thirdly and most importantly there is no stay order from the honourable courts anywhere in India which has stopped the labs from functioning.

Dr. Borole you have every right to fight as an Indian citizen and a professional but only after getting your facts right and being assured that you are true to your self first and then to the world. Don't fool and mis-quide the general public at large. Tell them who are the real bench workers and who warm the benches. Tell them who runs tests in the laboratories. Tell them who are proficient in collecting blood, testing it and troubleshooting the machines and equipments in the laboratories single handedly.Im sure you wont. Because you know if this is made public by you and your kinds then people will start hating you instead of looking up to you cos you have been lying all this while and trying to snatch a professional's livelihood in crooked ways.
I don't know if everyone is aware of this, but MD in pathology as a subject is taken up mostly when all the speciality doors are closed after MBBS remaining with no option unless the candidate has an already established father or a close relative who has a lab.
It's very obvious that people like you are not doing well professionally and try to tarnish image just in the hope that you gain business. That's not how a professional operates and when the profession in question is a medico, that's very unethical.

Suggestion: Go and visit your local clinicians with a smiling face and a non egoistic attitude, introduce yourself humbly, Brief them about your expertise, give them good service, quality reports. No one, i mean no one can take away what is meant for you. Give it a try. Good luck. Hope you live peacefully and co-habitate.
i agree with u dr.please do sumthing about dis. dr pankaj tripathi [protected]

I m lab technician frm Savda. Dist- jalgaon [maharashtra] n hv run my own lab since 5 yrs. n i ll hv to tell u, every MD r appointed lab tech, n conduct all report by technician n overall der is no role for MD in der own lab, n sometimes unskilled tech r appointed in MD lab. where as DMLT tech r well skill full person n able to run der own lab on technical basis.

so u decide which report r best.

n u kw... i kw well all pathologist report in jalgaon except some qualified pathologist.

der is no quality at all...

DMLT tech can run der own lab upto certain limit n its undeniably true. bcs der no major test conduct in technician lab, they run only reading based technical report, n they deserve for dat.

sorry for something wrong by me, but its undeniably true n u can realized dat...

Hi all U pathologists,
Why r u so bothered about other laboratories run by mere technicians.I[censored]R reporting is accurate, i[censored]R service is perfect, i[censored]R charges R compitative then I do not think U will have to grumble so much.Let we patients & referal DRs decide about which laboratory they should go.And please for god sake do not pretend as i[censored] R masiha of poor public.I[censored] really want to do some good lower UR charges, stop UR cut practice.U will definately get sound sleep @ night.
Poor Patient.
These are all rubbish. As we all knows, in most of the md pathologists laboratory all work is done by technician fellows . pathologist only sign the reports. Most of the Pathologist come in their lab for 2-3 hrs daily, the remaining hours they visited to different hospitals( From where they get commition).
In between if emergency report come & pathologist is not in his lab then the report is sign by technician in their own lab. Think about it.
dear sir,

this issue was there since a long time . we heard no one saying in all these years that the reort given by DMLT is bad. if it is bad then all reports given by pathologist are also wrong since all these testing is done by technicinans. the difference from then and now is this : IMC( indian medical council) has increased the number of seats for MD pathology and also for MBBS. so all these graduates and post graduates coming out wont have any work and they can in no way compete with DMLT labs, since they provide a competitive priced, quality u r now trying to gate crash in to clinical laboratory, as you wont have any work, and future

and if you are on the side of poor people and want themto have good quality results, then come with us to the rural areas were we have labs, together we can provide better service to the poor. otherwise dont tell any thing, keep quiet
Yes . I completely agree with Dr. Bharat Borole. Over past 13 years of my practice in various institutes and different cities I have seen dangerous blunders committed by technicians running their own labs. The malpractice of giving cuts to clinicians to procure business was started by technicians who wanted to run their own labs and who had no other option but to offer heavy discounts on lab tests done in their labs in order to get business. Often technicians give 50 - 60 % cut to clinicians and compromise at all levels in sample processing. Blame lies equally on pathologists who sell their knowledge and dignity for a paltry sum of Rs.[protected] per month by either giving pre - signed reports or signing reports of tests done in technician run labs without supervising the work that is being done. I have seen blood cancers being missed 7 times, even basic diagnosis being missed by technicians leading to wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment and increased expenses to patient and trouble to his health. In a village where I have sorked in good quality hospital before, I have seen deaths taking place due to wrong reports given by technicians. Clinicians ( MBBS, BHMS, BAMS and post graduates ) have this extremely wrong notion that all one has to do in path lab is collevct sample and present it to machine and that machine will do everything else. Even world renowned hematologists agree that however good the hematology analyzer may be the pathologist has to integrate its findings with peripheral smear findings and clinical knowledge before commenting on the report. It is also a wrong notion being circulated that pathologist merely sign reports. A few pathologists may be doing so. But in good labs ( and I am talking about myself also ) pathologist do and supervise everything from sample collection to sample processing and reporting. Even they do the tests themselves. Even as an HOD I used to do so many tests myself. It makes a huge difference if a pathologist ( who has clinical training and background ) is involved at all steps from sample collection to report dispatch. And let me tell you that those doctors who compromise health of their own patients in returnb of huge cuts from technicians always take their own near an dear ones to good pathologist run labs for testing. If indeed reports generated by technician run labs are reliable why dont these clinicians take their near and dear ones to them for pathology testing ?
Dear sir, give us few examples where dmlt played with patients life we can give you tons of proof of doctors registered with mci playing not only with life but also with dead bodies .Often you raise objection that nurse can also call themselves as doctor, why not?????????? many countries and also in india nurses can prescribe medicines, .

Where it is written in your books that dmlt are only to assist you..
Dmlt is not recognised by mci .. So question of dmlt assisting md doesn't arise ..
let me tell u all the technician over here...u may have skill over the work u do...but its not legal for a technician to issue a report from n read guidelines to run a lab...what do you know about quality control...wen to u know to repeat the u have any knowledge of medical conditions that effect the values...
a pathologist may come for 2 to 3hrs...but definetly goes through the reports before sigining..
i had my own frn...who was issued a fast blood sugar of 40mg/dl was she was absolutely normal..the technician did not even care to repeat the sample nor to inform patient on top priorty...
do u even know how to analyse a peripheral smear??but still u issue reports..
u may have skill in staining ..sample collection but u are not trained to diagnose any condition which a pathologist can do...
learning art of medicine is done my rmp also...but will u go to a doctor with degree or will u to to rmp in emergency...that the difference between a technician issuing a report and a pathologist issuing...we correlate all the values...inform the clinicians...which i gues technician cant even think about

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