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Sector – 38
Gurgaon District
India - 122001

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

+91 12 4414 1414  [Medicity]
+91 11 4411 4411  [Corp Office]
+91 12 4441 1441  [Medicity]

+91 11 2433 1433  [Corp Office]

Additional info
Sector–38, Gurgaon, Haryana 122 001, India
+91 12 4414 1414
+91 12 4441 1441
Fax: +91 12 4483 4111

Corporate Office
E–18 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Tel: +91 11 4411 4411
Fax: +91 11 2433 1433

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Medanta The Medicity — appointment booked but not taken

 subant kumar on Mar 23, 2019
Patient no mm01421466 booked appointment on 23/03/2019. But when I reached to hospital opd charges asked more amount 1500 and in waiting. Doctor pratibha singhi called the patient on 18/3 during discharge from hospital but not available . next time date is given 23/3 but not attended saying that this was not date for cghs patient.and next date is given 27/3/19

I have been harassed by hospital...
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Medanta The Medicity — behaviour of support staff of doctor

 Azhar J Haider on Mar 9, 2019
Today on 9th march at the orthopaedics opd, we experienced a horrific behaviour from one of the lady support staffs present on the opd floor at around 11 am. This lady in question (Ms leena), who was one of the support staff of dr. Chandeep, misbehaved and raised her voice to the patient and her attendent who is a senior doctor of rims ranchi and had come to get her knees and leg joint pain checked up by dr. Chandeep.
Issue came when the patient attendant asked the reason why even after having a valid appointment to see dr. Chandeep, another junior doctor was attending to the patient. She...
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Medanta The Medicity — fraud staff in pharmacy.

 Md Faiz Ali on Feb 13, 2019
One staff named mr. Deepak who is a bit disable from his leg, work in pharmacy of medanta the medicity gurgaon. As i am not from gurgaon. I have called several times in the hospital for the prescribed medicine by there doctor. But they refused to courier me the medicine. One of the staff name deepak had told me that he will sent the medicine. He told me that for two month medicine will be rs 12000. Which i have to transfer in his account. He provide me the account number and i have sent him the money via bank transfer. Which i have all the details with me. After the money that have been transferred...
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Medanta The Medicity — cghs patients. discriminated and not treated.

 Arjunsingh1201 on Jan 22, 2019
Recently i visited medanta hopital for treatment of my mother under cghs health scheme.
Treatment procedure took around 2 months including both indoor adimissions and opd visit.
But i had a worst experience of my life.
1 hospital provides opd appointment next day to paying patients but for cghs patients these appointments are provided after 3 or 4 days.
2 billing counters are saperate for cghs patients and every time cghs pts have to go to the counter for billing whereas this can be done in respective departments as done for paying patients.
3 medanta hospital...
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Medanta The Medicity — denying to admit

 sakshi sabharwal on Jan 16, 2019
My mother is having pnemonia. After knowing her condition they denied to admit in ward as they dont have bed under chgs panel. She is getting treatment from 3 yrs under dr bornoli dutta. I visited 3 times to hospital but they denied now her condition is going worse after admitted to other hospital because they told me to take your mother to another hospital....
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Medanta The Medicity — regarding negligence of piles surgery of my brother

 Thakur atulsingh on Dec 31, 2018
My brother ankit singh is admitted in medanta hospital for his surgery of hemorrhoids on 21 dec they get his surgery done on the same day but after the operation there was a intense bleeding from his rectum we thought that it was a routine activity after that surgery. But sooner or later he also has the complaint of pain in the lower stomach we ask the doctors about the same then they are in ambiguity and each and every doctor told us about different circumstances they are not clear about this then one senior doctor advised us for his ct scan and after the ct scan they comes to the conclusion that...
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Medanta The Medicity — discriminatory behaviour between cash and cghs patients

 Smitadutta19 on Dec 7, 2018
This is to note that medanta has turned into a cash minting unit. My doctor has a time slot of 4 hours out of which cash patients can choose their time out of the 3 hours while cghs patients have to wait longer than due in to fit in a slot of 1 hour. What sort of discrimination is this? Patients are patients! Whether they cash or are covered under some medical facility prescribed by the government. A cghs patient is subject to all the waiting and suffering while the cash ones will be attended on the spot! Bizzare and unaceptable....
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Medanta The Medicity — they not treated patient as human being

 sandy007169 on Nov 10, 2018
My mother admit there in 8th of november but they not start treatment after the all reports come. They want only money. If patient is not critical then medanta doctors and staff work for do a patient critical and it's a big crime. Now i discharge my mother without treatment. God give you some thing you do with patient. Give some action against these type of activities done by any medical hospital...
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Medanta The Medicity — complaint regarding reports

 Monique Sheoran Beniwal on Jul 11, 2018
I have contacted to your customer care no for my reports which I am requiring urgently because my original reports were lost.Your executive told me to contact Mr Manoj Gupta for the help.i requested him to mail my reports but he told me to come to hospital says we can not provide reports on mail as I requested again to send mail bcs I was not in Gurgaon. Then he told me to provide UHID no. I provided my registered mobile no my complete name to search m to record As already discussed that I lost all reports how I can provide UHID no.then he mailed me we can not provide reports without UHID no.but...
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Medanta The Medicity — irresponsible staff, harassment of the patients

 Vaishnavi Kumari on Jul 2, 2018
We came for treatment nd we were highly harrased by your staff. Firstly we had an appointment in the rheumatology department and we got the message but when we came to the counter they refused to register us excusing that there is no appointment. And further we were informed that this confusion was created since the appot was given online. Then in the end we were informed that the doctor doesn't attends echs patients on any day other than "Friday".
Secondly, we had an appointment of neurologist and our bill was sanctioned nd we were told to go to the doctor's cabinon the 6tu floor, but later,...
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Medanta The Medicity — denying of sleep study test after referral from echs

 Driver Trainer Rajkumar Yadav on Jul 2, 2018
Mr. Sandeep dawar and admission counter refused to conduct sleep study test whereas echs have referred for admission for the above test without any sufficient reason.

Admission counter and mr. Sandeep dawar who is looking after admission have made their own ruling and create problems for the patients. It can be noticed regularly.

Totally harassing patients.
Patients must seek other option rather than the medanta for the treatment

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Medanta Medicity — 1 wrong decision by doctor made the patient lose his life

 Poojapranav on Jun 20, 2018
Hi everyone please spare 3 minutes and read this:

It's a humble request to all the doctors across the world that please do your job very carefully. It's not just a regular desk job but you have the life of someone in your hands. He/she might not be related to you but they mean everything to some people. So please take a very good care of your patients! A humble request again!

Wondering why am i saying this?

Let me tell you what happened with one of my relatives yesterday at medanta gurgaon.

Mr. Prem nath arora, on friday 8th june 2018,...
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Medanta The Medicity — treatment given to patient at the hospital

 rahulj20 on Jun 19, 2018
Hi team,
Please find below, problem which we faced during our stay at the hospital.
1) on 16th june, 2018 - sister on the floor forgot to give medicine to the patient & in the morning, she told me that she forgot because she had to much work load.
2) no one was there to give the proper information on the tpa as i wasted one whole day to get the information. No information was provided during the time of admission.
3) on 15th june, my patients was calling the sister as she rang the bell at least 5 times, then also no one came & when i went outside all the sisters were...
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Medanta The Medicity — reg. non providing of appointment on daily basis in opd/ipd patient of echs referral by artemis/medanta hospital gurgaon (haryana)

 JITUsavi on Jun 16, 2018
I no. 14467479w ex hav (Dmt) kehar singh s/o late sh. Sawal ram, 78 med regt. Arty, date of birth-08/01/1962, date of enlistment -20/06/1980, village+po-batori, ps-khol, district & tehsil-rewari (Haryana)-123101 was retired from 78 med regiment (Artillary), army wef 01/04/2001 and after retirement i am availing the echs facility wef 21/11/2009 vide echs card reg no. Jp0065819 sl no. 97ff28a8a7012128 (Patient id medanta hospital is-mm[protected]. Sir on 12/05/2018, my wife was referred from echs dispensary gurgaon to medanta hospital sector - 38 gurgaon for treatment in rheumatologist...
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Medanta The Medicity — hospital ignorance and greediness

 Trasady2q on Jun 4, 2018
Hi team,

It will be very helpful if you take a strict action against this hospital 'medanta, irba ranchi. This is one of the ugliest and very disappointing hospital i say. My father was admitted in its neuro department for a month in icu. He was unconscious totally and they keep saying it will take time.
And suddenly when we planned to move him to riims they informed us in morning that he had a cardiac arrest which is totally unacceptable as in between in these days they said that his heart is fine and he is improving.

Suddenly dr ganesh kumar (Who is such a...
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Medanta The Medicity — not do treatment properly, nursing staff very bad

 bobby luthra on May 21, 2018
I hv patient in room no-4952, name mrs neena luthra 45y, patient id-mm1245037,
As follow your treatment planned inject reditux injection cost 50ml rs-37675.41/ which is very costly.
But your staff /nurse inject this costly injection in a wrong glucose bottle & leaked very much.
No one care here.
Please do right. For our patient sake.
Rakesh luthra) ([protected])
Husband neena luthra
Patient i'd mm[protected]...
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Medanta The Medicity — regarding hospitality and behaviours

 Nitesh.rai2 on Apr 22, 2018
Patient admit at ranchi medanata.
No bed sheet and pilliw cover changes since last 2 days, no paitents clothes changes in last 2 days.
Charges are too much.
Staffs and nurses are very rude and misbehaves with us. Especially the guards, they even dnt knw how to talk with the peoples. We r here and paying you not we r here in govt hospitals. The nurses dnt take about the patients they only doing their formalities of work....
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Medanta The Medicity — non submission of bulk invoice in respect of patient id mm01136748

 Rakesh Kumar Sinha Apr18 on Apr 19, 2018
My wife mrs. Saraswati sinha was admitted in your hospital on 28 dec 17 and expired on 11 jan 18 during treatment. Total bill amount for the treatment was rs. 333301.23 and the same was paid by me. Being an echs member, i claimed for the amount with the bill of supply which was issued to me by your hospital. Echs in its observation dated 17 apr 18 further asked to submit bulk invoice of above mentioned bill of supply (Copy attached) as the bill was not matching with its validator amount. I approached medical superintendent office (Upper ground floor, in front of room no. 3) of your...
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Medanta The Medicity — worst patient management at medanta at dr naresh trehan opd

 No Name Given on Mar 17, 2018
Its very worst patient management at medanta at dr naresh trehan opd. There are some ladies managing the patient sequence. I visited them around 10 am and i was 8th in the sequence and till 1 pm they did not call my name. I check with them why there is a delay and they told me that doctor is yet to come till 12.30 pm but some patient were going inside and coming outside. I got surprised why patient is going inside if doctor is not available. Then i asked with the person who was responsible to open glass door and he shouted on me and said "wait outside, do not come inside, we will call you". I heard...
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Medanta The Medicity — defective system in stress echo lab.

 akkaul on Mar 7, 2018
I am a sugar patient and had gone for coronary stenting in the month of december 2017. As per the instructions i was supposed to visit my dr. After three months that is to day. Dr advised me to have echo stress test done to day. I took an appointment at 11:53 in the morning and it is 3 p. M i have been told to wait for one hour more. The staff in the lab is not cooperative and it is beyond my understanding that for stress echo test a patient has to wait for 3 to 4 hours. I have noticed that some influncial patients get their turn without waiting for such a long period. This needs to be looked into...
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