IIAE Dehradun — College is not to the standard put on their website

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 Luiza Monteiro on Oct 2, 2011
IIAE Dehradun, is not upto the standard it states on their website many overseas Indians get fooled and as they do not get anyone coming for admissions they come for admission to Mumbai and Mumbai there is so much competition for admission that people get carried away that they are getting admissions so easily. We too were one of them, got fooled did not see the college in Dehradun and when they came to Mumbai paid Rs. 1 Lac for part admission confirmation. Actually when we went there and saw the condition it is really bad and could not send our son there therefore chose to withdraw and asked them to take cancellation charges but they refused to return our 1 lac or even part of it. I am not sure how many of the people in India, Mumbai or NRI's have got cheated tryingt o put their children in this college. After paying such a large amount not many would risk taking their kids out. I risked and lost and would like to know if anyone else did too and let the education authorities know of this, so that no more people get into this trap.
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I visited the place and director shows me the real copy of Visa Letters from various Universities abroad. Most of IIAE students are either studying abroad or doing jobs in international companies.
I am sure there are many more out there who faced the same problem with IIAE Dehradun, please post your comments to help others and let the proper authorities or checking authorities go and check the college. 1 Lakh is not a small money and they should return monies taken from people.
There is nothing fraud about that institute! As these people state most probably they have been rejected because they did not pay the fees. Most of the students are studying abroad, it is just a matter of fact these people could not go so that is why they are complaining. The authorities before taking admission clears out what the fees are and how the college is still in the process of development. If it woud have been fraud then till now it would not have been working. It is a prestigious college which have been started in 1991 and have been still continuing with such a passion, fraud don't work this way. I would like to say to the people who are reading this to judge themselves and not to get fooled by the negative comments by those people who say something on face and then hide themselves behind the curtains and blame others.

There is no such fees taken as 1 lac just to confirm admission, he/she must have been the student who would have taken the admission paid the fees and then did not appear for next semester or year!

I have been a student over there, and I am studying abroad because of this college, so I must say I owe to the college than to anyone apart from my parents.
r u sure i m taking admission or say a risk PLEASE HELP IF ANY ONE KNOWS ANY THING !!!
best college...it can take you to new stairs...
whats ur complete name"mr judgeyourself"?
and plz help me and guide me if any one knowes properly about the collage or is there any who is or wsa the student of that collage bcz i m going to admission at iiam.
and i really cannot afford sucg a high amount to be got fraud bcz i m from poor family background.
so plz help me...
IIAE dehradun is not a fraud college, , , but the quality of education is very poor, , college is not up to the expectation of student, , the chair person of IIAE is the one of the corrupt person he takes bribes to give you distinctions and merits for your academic performance. If you belong to poor or mid class family please don't join this institute. Here in this college you lose one year cause after completion of 2 year Vocational degree you get admitted in 2nd year of UK universities. only those students who decide to do pilot course they are send to USA and rest of the students are send to UK in 2nd year, which is the major demerit for the students. If you think to join universities of Canada then forget to join this college, , apply directly.please don't think to join IIAE dehradun
IIAE is not DGCA approved so can not provide you aeronautical or aerospace degree, they only provide you vocational course i.e training for two years and than they may send you to foreign where you will get admitted in 2st or 3nd year according to your performance in assignment. you will be send to foreign for sure but that man Mahinder Kumar ( Current M.D of IIAE Dehradun) will definitely rob you. I advice to not to join iiae for three reasons.

1st money
we all got admission in assciate degree in aerospace 2 years in india and 2 years in uk/canada/usa (Paid about 3 lacs free 15, 000 registration fee and 60, 000 hostel fee) but we were delibrately failed in our first semester (trust me i am realy good at studies got 93% in board exams )and transfered to HND (higher national diploma ) we had to pay extra 40, 000 rupees in name registration after paying registration fee he told us pay our remaining fee in mid of our second semester or we will be forced out of our hostel (as you know hostel is located in a remote location any thing could happen to you there). he also told us that he will charge extra 3 lacs to 4 lacs for getting associate degree (from which we were originally struck off from) for our seniors he made it compulsory as well since american college does not accept HND except NMC and few other universities. Our second year hostel fee has also been increased to 1 lac ( no installment ) however we are only allowed to stay there for only 6 to 7 months. He also took bribe to increase your grade ie.45, 000 for distinction per subject you will need minimum 6 distinction to get into good universities with scholarship and yes, second year fee 3 lac is has to be paid immediately at start of second yearso around 11 lacs for two years.

2nd bad infrastructure, mess and other facilities
MD claims to provide non-veg thrice a week, evening snacks and boiled eggs every moring but we only got menu fro first 4 months that it was non-veg once a week (if he is in good mood), only five biiscuits per student for snack and no boiled egg his only excuse is there is no sufficient funding and if we want proper food we must pay 80, 000 extra (for a year). i only got chapati, rice, dal and potatoes and peas for lunch and dinner, paratas every morning (very oily) and chola bahtra sunday morning. Building are in very bad situation one of four toilets is completely blocked for months and other three doesnot have any flush. washbasin are also blocked and do not expect mess to be any cleaner. there are even mice in kitchen.rooms are not properly cleaned, walls are not white washed and first floor rooms have leaking during
heavy rain. and its is a lie when they say they will provide bus and other facilities for transportation they dont have any bus just an omni. ehich is only used to pick grosseries and girls from hostel ( even that only laste dfor half a year now they are autos) there is no shop nearby you have to spend atleast 100 rupees to buy a chips packet od 20 rupees and not to forget the water from unclean tank we are all suffering from severe hair loss

3rd bad faculty
For starters they only have 2 permanent staff (one of them is stuck due to some money issue and other is trying to leave he checks out for job daily) one freshly out of college who and 1 guest lecturer. None of the instruments are functioning and none of the faculties know anything about aeroplane. they wont teach you properly and machines kept in machine shop is only for show if you go for admission notice how rusty the metal parts are and notice the gauges heve mud sediment in them. and most importantly the fighter jet (one of two reasons anyone wants to join this institute other being their website) they got it as donation.

4th tension
they wont even let you breathe peacefully you college application which and certificated which is required to be signed by the director you will receive them without his sign and you have go to his office and home daily to get it signed and trust me you wont get it in first time. he only signs it when he is in a good mood and obvioulsy you will have to bribe him with sweet and dry fruits to make up his mood. No matter how much you work hard you will never get through your exam without paying him money all you assignments will be rejected and that man will change college rules daily and he will suspend anyone according to his mood no one can complain to their parents if they did he will tell them about their children's narcotic habits (which includes alcohol, smoking, ghanja etc) and these are easily available nearby. even if you are ill Rahul kumar one of four faculty will drag you out of your room and tell you to go to nearby hospital (on your own) and bring medical report
or go to class. for girls you wont get lunch if you are not in class during working day. he will blackmail you to do whatever wants for instance our senior were blackmailed to convince juniors to join college trip or he will cancel they assignments and they will have to sit back for a whole year. Another student was called on 6 at morning and was told to bring 2 lacs ( associate fee ) or he will be kicked off hostel immediately. Mahinder kumar M.D. of this institute has all power in his hand there is no administrating body and obviously it is not goverment approved so you wont get any government support.

finally it is illegal to get both associate and HND in same academic year it is like having MBBS and BDS together so you will have to hide one of the certificate while getting admission in any universities. and some of the universities like briston they claim to have affiliation is a lie. when my friend called Briston they refused to be affiliated by IIAE.if you want to confirm mail all the universities about IIAE.

Yes it is fake university. They only try to fool people
It is a fraud college. I studied here for one year in 2003. It is not a authorised college.
please check the history of that college.. He has doomed soo many students career. I was a student there too.. His college was shut down. Many students lost their money. Most importantly their faith to become something and achieve their goal. Kind request make this institute famous.
Mr skumar1342 plz call me [protected]becausee i want to join in iiae
Any institute has some negative points even IITs have some -Ve Points. For judging the institute Visit the Institute and Enquire in detail about affiliation and Placements.
plz anyone who is well known about this iiae college plz tell me about this college as m going
to take admission in this college . i want to become a pilot is this college is a ryt choice for my future or not. it will help me or not . becoz my family fancial condition is not so gud that they will not able to take fraud and cheated by this

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