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 info4kjhkj on Mar 30, 2012
dis is froud company dont join in dis,no salary since 2 months no placements no trainer so pls dont think abt dis i think u good people will think abt it50549

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I am ex employee of instance soft tech, can some one please conform.. is instance soft-tech still open? or else closed the compnay...

dis — knowing the truth

i am sujata chatterjee, i got a email that you have won $1000000. and they demand some charges . what i can do ?
wat u r telling above is true?because I got a call from this company.can you please provide your inputs.
Sorry friends i had misunderstood about Instance Softec Pvt Ltd, they r having good clients and placed nearly 300 employees from past 5 years,
so we can believe 99%.

I am sorry Mr.Prabhakar.
Hi Guys,

i just want to clarify your doubts about Instance Softech, its good compnay running from last 5 years,

i had gone to USA from Instance Softech for their client which is there in Bangalore, first time i have gone to USA, thanks to Instance Softech

i was an employee of Instance Softech from 2008 to 2009 its almost more than a year

but some times salary will be delay to pay their consultants other than that nothing they are doing like above people posted

salary delay is common for any consultant for your reference kindly search in google like how other consultants are paying salaries to their employees even big consultancy also does the same the main problem is sometime their bills will get delay and some times we send our time sheets late...these are the reasons to get salaries paid delay

i request dont spoil the image of our own company which spoils our career tooo and i request if you have any issues you can directly talk with Prabhakar he is very nice person you can tell me honestly how he speak and respond he is very nice person only think they do salary little delay other than that nothing they do

Salary delay will be there for all the upcomming consultancy not only Instance Softech for other consultancy also i request not to kill their business by posting like this it kills their business so guys let you go and speak Mr Prabhakar if you have anything i am sure he is very nice person he will solve your problem if you have

Ex Employee of Instance Softech
I heard Both are correct... +ve and -ve Feedback for Instance soft tech pvt ltd @clients...Regarding Salaries... Ask yourself... I am employee in HP.. HP know this...It irritates employees and Clients in very bad manner... I hope All clients of instance knows this...

Think before post... Tell the truth to public to know abt the truth.
sorry Mr Ex Employee of Instance Softech..

Thanks in advance.
Hai friends, i am recently selected for one of MNC COMPANY through instance soft tech.i feel proud to say that i am going to work under instance soft tech payroll. it already running from past 6 is very good and they will provide excellent training.

salary delay is common for any consultant. the simple reason is sometimes their bills will get delay other than everything is perfect.everybody know that already so many people are working for different clients.if u have any droughts call me on 91-[protected].Thanks to Mr.Prabhakar for supporting us.
Hi Guys,

What you people get if u lie about prabhakar like this??? The employees who has suffered & suffering because of prabhakar knows the reality and how he is cheating and playing games with the employees without paying salaries properly...

I accept bills get delay. But it may get delay for 15 days or 30 days ..But he is not transferring salaries of 3 months 4 months. What he is doing with the money?.U guys tel me where we should get money..How to take care of family? If suddenly something happens to our family member how to take care of them? Cant you guys understand all these? Cant you guys post or say truth to the public?

None of the employees are happy who is working for instance..What he get if he cheat the employees like this? Its sure that he is froud...froud...froud...

My intention is other employees should nt suffer like us from the froud People like prabhakar..

Those who have Posted so lengthy what u people get? Are u people getting any share from him?

Save public from this Froud or Cheaters.. So that Many peoples life can be saved...
Dear Infouser,

this is prabhakar from Instance Softech Pvt Ltd

why cant you use your realname when he didnt give your salary from last 4 months
why are you hiding your actual name
what you get by taking so much time and writing nagative about instance softech
i hope you have rights to ask your salary when you worked for Instance Softech
when you have worked for Instance softech why cant you come and discuss with us
undersand that you are also one of the ex employee of instance softech and its not fare to post comments like this

if really i didnt paid your salary come to me i will see whether i have done your final settlement or not

what you get by commenting on employees like Giridhar, he is just employee here what ever it is i am the responsible not the employees of the company anything you didnt get from Instance Softech which you suppose to get then reach me on [protected],[protected]my direct number) my mail id -

i would like to clear your dues so please reach me or else just leave one sms i will get back to you

Thanks & Regards
Hi Friends

Hurryyyyyyyyyyy !!!

Prabhakar will come or nt dont know..If he come So get ready to take our salary or our Amount. .

If he Dosent give let him get it from his WIFE and give us..Other wise Let him give his WIFE to us..Thats Fine

Now we will start that with his NEW WIFE and will enjoy as much as possible..

When he is cheating so much for poor people by looting lakhs and crores together & giving to his NEW WIFE why we should not enjoy his WIFE??? let him loot poor freshers and let us loot his WIFE...

Ha Ha Ha Nice NA?.

Who will get this oppurtunity? Then next if giridhar is married will call his wife also..Bcoz he is also playing double role in this company, supporting and collecting money and putting on PRABHKARS NEW WIFE..

So why to be calm with giridhar..If he want money let him bring his Wife and hand over to us..Will generate few more frehsers with money...

Then that BALD GOPI...We ourself dont know what we do to him..Even he joined like us for 8k salary and now he is getting 20k..Why?

Bcoz He is also helping in generating money from poor people to enjoy PRABHKARS WIFE ? If people give money he is ready to give his WIFE to all...

Other wise he would have nt runned behind a family who has crores together being as company M.D.. He dosent have Guts to earn from his Own? Oh Forgot...True when he cant pay 8k salary to employees hw can he earn 2 crores??????

Either he should cheat public or he should cheat GIRLS family by showing his M.D position in his company... DONGA

NOw Again he is generating freshers by charging security deposite...May be he is generating new people new freshers for his NEW WIFE as present people are not enough for PRABHAKAR'S WIFE..

Thanks for providing Chance for up coming freshers...
Hi All,

Lastly like to say that what ever seen & noticed from our eyes..

When ever that Senoir Mam goes to M.D cabin She was coming out from cabin with full of TEARS in EYES and with SAD & DULL face. When we joined she was very active in work..But from past few months we never seen her in office with so much active or Happiness on her face like Before..What this M.D done her to lose her Happiness? From past 2 months always her face was looking like CRIED..

After few days we came to know that Mam has resigned..Dont know whether she resigned or this Fraud M.D sent Her out to hide his Personal things...

We understood & we got confirmed that there was some matter / Link /Issues between Sr.MAM & M.D.. To hide that FRAUD(Prabhakar) sent her out by cheating HER..

And main thing what we noticed is that she stopped coming to office when his marriage days are near.

Why He sent her out when his marriage days are near by??? We are sure when he has FOOLED so many people like us then to CHEAT a MAM kind of GIRL is not Big Deal to this FRAUD.(Prabhakar)

When she worked for 5 years wat strong reason made her to resign the job when this M.D or Fraud Maarige is near by?

We have Noticed sitting in office many things...We are sure he has CHEATED & PALYED in her LIFE also.

Its 100% nt 1000% true based on our observation.. If he has really cheated Such a Good MAM then in life he comes to Begger Stage One Day where he has to Just BEG..BEG...& BEG...

As we noticed she is very good.. We have nt seen that good behavioured girl in our family also...Let she be happy...That much Understand & Maturiuty level we saw in HER for few days till she was in this FRAUD company INSTANCE...

We also felt very bad when we came to know that she has resigned...But here also in company they didnt relive that she has resigned...Just they said some stories...But finally we all came to know and got shocked...

we all wish her that Sr Mam come up in life and prove this DOG, FRAUD that she can also Survive without this FRAUD person or FRAUD company.
hi all !!!
i am working in instance softech.Its a good company.First off all you have to trust on.If without knowledge u come and think for your better can this be possible??? And about salary it delays but gives that is pakka. The company is 6 years old.Dont ruin the company's fame.It is having good clients.And one fact is that my friends from instance only are working in winwire from july 2012.
Salaries and placements its the risk of the company, i agree payments are delayed, if any such issues please talk to the company MD and set right the problem, do not comment on their family, before commenting on their wife and talking bad about their family, first see wheather your mom and sisters are correct.
hey mister Software engineer,
and u call your self a software engineer, shame on you.
How dare you to speak about a women like that.
If u r in trouble do you make ur mother or sister insecure.
how cheap.
u r spoiling the name of all software engineers.
And speaking abt That company, if u really had a talent then you to would have got placed from the same company, you just have no stuff and give money to somebody to get a job u the foolest person in the world.

Am one of them who got placed from Instance soft
Hi Prabhakara, I am a ex-employee of your company, I suffered a lot to get placement from your company, ilage ganuka nuvvu that langada na kodudu bald gopi, thalalu patte na koduku gopigadi maatalu vintunte nuvvu sanka naaki povadam kaayam, already ippudu nuvvu students ku cheat chesi roaduna paddav, that bevars na koduku gopi matalu vini nuvvu ila madlo neelu thaagi pooyav, prabhakara first nuvvu pookula picchi vadilesi work meeda concentrate chey, students andariki placements ipichi valaki nyayam chey.dont listen that langada na kodu gopigadi matalu, vaadu nannu cheat chesi ee companylo cherela chesadu.
Atomicka Softech Pvt Ltd complaints, Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd Iam Kandan Web Designer, I say This Company is very very Worst, Salary was Not Given to Properly, To cheat Person, All Employess are Very sad, Company Unfavourables, Pressure on targets and . Lot of Problems To Give this Company

Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd — Salary was Not Given Properly

Atomicka Softtech Pvt Ltd I am Kandan Web Designer ,I say This is very very Worst,Salary was Not Given to Properly ,To cheat Person,All Employes are Very sad Company Un favourables,Pressure on targets and . Lot of Problems In the Company Hr was Very Worst

He is the MD, he cheated us by taking money he not given us placements

At last that fool Mr.Gopi is not their in ISPL Because of that stupid fellow the ISPL is in this stage He don't Know The meaning of Manager and he started saying I'm the manager of ISPL What a joke and joker of ISPL but he is fit for sweeping bathrooms bloody bug he don't know "M" in Manager Blacky he used to play many mind games n thieft all equipment like Hard-disks, Rams, Projector and Spoiled Every ones life every ones curse wont make him cum up in his life Bloody Impotent (GANDU) Lastly After all collapse Mr .Prabhaker had did one good thing in his life by removing him from ISPL other wise Mr .Prabhaker was no more as Directer...

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