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This is a complaint again Medall Precision Diagnostics in Chennai. I am a senior citizen and I had taken my daughter who is suffering from a serious ailment for a scan to Precision Diagnostic Center in Chennai.
The center is crowded and these people do not have a facility where serious or ciritcal patients can be immediately treated or diagnosed. I saw a few instances of pregnant women fainting after waiting for hours on end .. .since all these precision centers do not have adequate number of diagnostic machines, all the patients have to wait endlessly. On some days you can see patients with critical ailments who pass out in the waiting area. Waiting areas resemble railway platforms with no one to chaperon waiting patients. The administrative staff are very rude and unhelpful. There is no canteen inside unlike other diagnostic centres. We pay more for sub-standard quality at Precision Diagnostics.

Inadequate number of toilets in most of the centers, are another problem for women and children.
The people who run this diagnostic business are trying to have very less machines and infrastructure and trying to earn crores. They charge exorbitantly. It is high time that the government started diagnostic centers, just like the recent government run dental clinics.

I only hope the government of India, depute a body to look into greedy intentions of certain companies in the healthcare industry.
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The Worst Diagnostic Centre! Totally unprofessional. Poor administration and patient handling. All the above reviews are correct. Nothing more to say. VERY POOR.
Yes, these diagnostic centers are very expensive for the low quality of service they provide. The true spirit of Healthcare is no longer there in our society. Its all about Healthcare industry becoming Vultures preying on the sick and the dying.
They charge us in many thousands of rupees for each usage of their machines, while actually the making 300 times profit on operating these machines. If we compare diagnostics rates
If we compare rates around the world, the cost in Indian Private Diagnostic centers is still about equal to rates in Europe or US. Although we live in the third world, we still end up paying first world prices, all because of faulty governmental regulation and lack of regulation on prices and costs of these essential life saving medical services.

Furthermore these guys are also moving into rural india to fool the gullible rural folk and part them of their monies.
I Have come across a similar case, where I have been charged high rates for the MRI and CT scans including a Biopsy wherein they had asked us to collect the reports once they give us a call. And, after we got a call from Precision Diagnostics and had gone there to collect the reports, we finally end up getting a Negative response stating "SORRY, we had wrongly confirmed about your reports, it belongs to somebody else"...after traveling about 25-30 kms to collect the same we get this response!!! This is complete ignorance and carelessness!!!

I would respectfully request the Seniors/ Sr Doctors at Precision diagnostics to look into this matter on high priority and urgent basis so that this would not affect any other patient like us in the future".
ennama neenga ipdi pandreengale ma...
Very bad experience. Went to medall for 3rd trisemester scan. All the readings given were only rough values. Baby weight was stated as 3.2 kg +/- 200gms. Who gives this Kind of values..! After which I went to mediscan diagnostic center which started my baby weight as 2.973 kg.
Please don't trust the medall values when it comes to your or your loved ones health.
I went for recent scan in medall besant nagar, i had very bad experience in my life time. one lady was there who was so hard to every one & doing too much .

I dnt knw whether my report details are true or simply she gave.

My sincere request to Management people who are not interested to do work please dnt indulge them in work & dnt waste our time.

Always she showing her face & continuously saying that she was the only lady to perform all scan infront of the patients & shouting to the assitants present in the room.


Medall Precision Diagnostics in besant Nagar. I will never forget this incident & i wont suggest to anyone..
Doctor Ashu of kipauk branch was very very very harsh to the patients.Never seen such a person.She doesnt even know how to behave to the patients .And ofcourse we dont come there for free of cost.I had the worst experience.She diagnoised only half and told me to come the other day.I told her that I cannot come and for that she told me to stop troubling her.I request the management to please take action against doctor Ashu of kilpauk branch.
Very very poor customer service at kumbakonam medall. When I called the receptionist for an appointment she said that there is no need of appointments and asked me to come straight to the center but when we reached there she is lying that she never said anything like that and they are not ready to hear anything from us and I brought my pregnant wife for taking scan. And above another stupid guy from that center is saying that we are in need of them and if you want to do checkup come the next day or else get away. Is this a way to treat a patient who is a pregnant woman and we traveled a period of two hours to reach that stupid center. As a request to medall, please don't hire these kind of guys in handling customers and teach them to behave properly and don't treat them like you are God to them. You're not
Very poor customer service with high costs... The rest rooms are not clean.. they say severs are slow when you go there to collect hard copy of the report even after week. They give appointments and when you go there, they say no more appointments and will redirect you a different branch..Seems like they are taking advantage of customers by having tye ups with doctors.
yes very worst experience i had faced today . the doctor name mr.suresh _MD. mr. suresh thinking they legedn for their field. ( note : mr.suresh you are also a normal person man ok. mind it.). at the time of councelling i am appearing with may i come in sir and good morning. and their no more space for chair movement and that chair has not good and my shirt got struck up. so they produce noise and suddenly mr.suresh sought me why you are make nosie. ( mr.suresh mind it - words are important and you are not good. i am not a person to talk with your professionalism, because your profession are compare to god sir. ) please be keep calm and give respect to all age of peoples ok.then only you are taking good name.. ( and one more thing you are noticed my shirt pocket phone and said please take phone out and rest some where. -, id it. it's mine property ok.. where ever i kept it;s belong to mine ) . mr.suresh be a professionalism ok. money will come and go. N number of points are good in your hospital, really. but please erase in your mind you are not a legend ok. understand and serve the nation .. jai hind. love you india. Regards, common people.xx/08/2017

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